Bajarbattu's Stories


The three priests poked fun at the congregation, In apparent state of uninhibited intoxication. The Bishop though could not see the funny side, Mother Superior had a few secrets to hide. The confession box is where the grapevine started, And the altar boy stole jewellery of the departed. As Father sat with eyes closed in peaceful meditation, Someone stole offerings from plate of donation. The choir chose to do away with the church organ, Heard they got some chorus in good bargain. Wonder why the humour is so full of pretense, Religiously laugh dear friends this is nun sense..

Die Damn Anika

Ina: Just could not get one task done. She is such a loser. Meena: How difficult was it? She was in great position. Deeka: Just had to time it well. Ina: Been 2 hours since lunch. She had all the payload. Meena: The constipation bit is such a lame excuse. Deeka: We have a lot of fiber in our diet. Ina: Very few bald humans are stupid enough to stand below birds perched on electric cables. Meena: Can’t time a dump. Now he’s gone. Deeka: Lot of shit wasted. Get rid of her. Ina, Meena, Deeka: Die Damn Anika.

He's Taken

Photo 1: What poise and pose? Life is missing in my structural subjects. I want him in me. Photo 2: He’s mine. I need to show a wise guy amongst my human subjects. Photo 3: Lay off. My space subjects need an earthly touch. Photo 4: The girl in me needs a mature companion. Photo 5: Look at the light. It reflects well from his bald head. The composition is just perfect due to his bottle shaped body. I need him in me. Photo 6: Guys, realise the context. He is in the frame with us. He’s taken. .

The fifth citizen

Oh!! now, what will four citizens say, To judge others, is their only game play. Hung from the same string of life, They mock other people's strife. Though measuring it all in money, Green will say it’s not about it honey. Lighter green will be about culture, Every action, it will eye like a vulture. The blue will talk all about the law, You can’t hide, he has a long claw. The orange is all about who rules, In lust of power his tongue drools. These are the proverbial four citizens, On fifth who pile miseries by the dozens..