Ashu's Stories


Ulfat was the actually the opposite of her name. She was my release, my listener, my guide. We adopted her on a day of our journey through the forest looking for some meat. She was running to save her life from a tiger, her eyes contained fear, legs numb and body shivered. That day we all decided to stop eating something which comes at the cost of a life. As you can rightly see from the lens behind, how protective I have become of her. Nothing can ruin our relationship and realization. I love you, Ulfat. .

Two Words to Death

I am talking to you, yes you who is reading this. Do you know it takes just two words to ask for death? They are given in the picture above. Can you find them? NO? How can you not? Imagine? Guess? This might be a copyright symbol, but if you see death, you can read K(ill) M(e). Over and out..


It’s the 25th year and I still love her in my mind. Celebrating her existence in my heart as I tend to grow old. She loved all things gold. These beads remind me of the pearl necklace I bought for our marriage. In my mind, she is married and sort of happy as she had told me. I still miss her because every end of the year is the date when we began seeing each other. I can never forget her. Though I have forgiven her. For the betrayal. .


How long does it take to feel depressed? A life time maybe. Alay used to think of getting rid of himself every single day. Yes, it meant freedom, release and peace to him. He didn’t think even once about anyone else. Sometimes reflection help us see the reality, precise and clear. Alay made a decision but as soon as he took a few steps, he saw his happy family with him. And without him, it was all ripples. He unlocked the reason. Why, to not. .