Ashish R's Stories

Shattered dream

The barren land has not seen the life form since ages. It had accepted the solitudinous. But today it had a dream of life form giving it a visit. It was excited that its prayer got accepted after a very long time and a living thing will come which will help it escape from its loneliness. For humans this land was dead. They knew this land had nothing to offer. Finally, the land saw something approaching. A plane crashed and was burning. Everything was lost for that land. To humans, it was always dead and for it, humans were dead..

The first step

The first day for both the model and the artist. He liked it when someone would call him an artist. She always wanted to enter this creative industry. All the arrangements were done and now it was the time for execution. she entered the tub and was trying hard to pose by giving numerous facial expression of which she read and saw on the internet. He clicked many poses of her but something was missing. He tried and tested every angle when finally he came to know that entirety is not always an answer. .

Wilderness and her

She searched silence in crowd, darkness in light, herself in others and all this happened here, in this wilderness.She had answers and not questions here.No boundaries to define her. She was accompanied by fear. Fear of being herself,the very her, the truth that may consume her and could make her a totally different person. She was amazed by the fact that this wilderness had nothing to offer but she took everything from it. It was time for her to leave this.she wasn't sad though. She just cherished the last moments in that unknown familiar territory..

A gentle reminder

She waved at him as he started from home to work. His pregnant wife was waiting for a wave back from him. But he was engrossed in his own thoughts. He was praying to God to bless him with a son. Post noon, he felt hungry. He spotted a tree and sat in its shade to have his lunch. He saw two beautiful flowers on the ground. Don't know why but those flowers reminded him of his wife's last two abortions..

One Picture, many stories

One local, many passengers, and each with different stories, During this journey, I try to imagine the life of a person standing in front of me. Each day I do this. Today, a bizarre thought came across my mind. What if I try to imagine all these people in front of me in one single story? So, I clicked them in a picture. They say a picture's worth a thousand words. I say, it's worth a thousand stories too..

The last tea

It was time for tea break. Like everyday, my friend and I went to the canteen to have some tea. During this break, we used to discuss random topics .But, today, something was different. He started talking about the day we first met, how we drank cups of tea and knowing each other. He sipped the last drop and remained silent. Even I was numb as today was his last day in office.So, as a farewell gift, I said "Bhaiyya, 2 chai aur dena". Sometimes you're one cup tea away from solution..