Arnab Chakraborty's Stories

Who Am I

"Who Am I" ask me not, for I do not know that what is known by my soul. . I have seen what my eyes have shown, and heard what my ears whispered. . And only when I rise above my senses, looking around, gazing inwards silencing the mind, listening closer, can I seek what I've known all along. . "Who Am I" isn't a question to be asked, but an answer to be sought, these inner battles be fought, in moments to live and die, while passionate wars of laughter and tears fly by the passing years. .

The Songbird

There is a songbird I have known A familiar song I have heard. The seasons have passed, the eyes have dried, the winds have died and you have not returned. And I still see the songbird sitting across the swinging wire, gaily gazing at the western sky, for the rain While I wait and I wait, for her songs to pour out in vain. .


"Can you let go yourself far enough to discover your self? Can silence grip you loud enough to hear your inner calling? I lay here in solitude, transfixed heaven wards. Distant clouds dancing, melted into divine fractals. Wilderness embracing me with open arms, whispered sacred revelations. Nature casting a magic spell, bestowed scintillating visuals. A lifetime’s experience! If escapism were a need, can any other escape compare with that of omnipresence? If not here, where would I be at this magical moment?" An hour had passed before the enchanting mushrooms conquered my wildest imagination. I am re-born! .