anushree goenka's Stories


Five of them perched atop dry dying tree holding position firm and looked down on the young one. She was sitting alone on a tree, oblivious of the surroundings, gazing at the sky. Aloofness suits her. She does not follow norms, chirped one. Objection and desire to stoop her independence was visible in their gaze. This new breed, they don't know how to respect the experienced, 'One day her ego will be torn apart. ' Venting their frustration they became quiet, still observing her 'gather more discourages'. She by then content with her gazing flew to the only river in the desert for heart full swim..

Lost Identity

What do you want Kahi ? exclaimed Rishi. Anger and frustration were visible on both. Kahi was tired of explaining herself again. She was independent,knew how to take care of herself and family. She does not need millions, but just organized few. Rishi, on the other hand,was not able to understand her need for independence. He grew up to live for himself and that is what he cared. Choose one, shouted Rishi,she glanced at him long,she loved both, but at this point of life,cannot live with a lost identity. So she chose one,walked silently on her new path. Heartbreak followed..

The Incomplete Drink

Why did you leave me that night? Questioned Shweta, fiddling with the sprite bottle admiring Rahul’s looks. Why didn’t you stop me? Rahul had been always and still awestruck with her beauty. He could not take his eye off her. Even after four years of marriage Shweta looked the same, gorgeous and mind-blowing he thought. Life never moved for him after that night. For an orphan with a meagre salary job, he had no guts to ask for her hand compared with the one chosen by her father. Have you seen the movie ‘Murder’? He casually asked. .

Screwed Fate

There is ‘no country for old man‘, cried Ishtar Devi, Come with me where your life will have more value. Sunita was already so devastated, She did not know where to go, Sunil and Reeta had thrown her out of the house, Evening was drawing close and feeling lost she started walking with Ishtar Devi. Another man joined them, Ishtar Devi told her, your body will give you solace. The newspaper read next day: Body of elderly lady found near garbage, her vital body parts missing! .

tiny ray Hope

Riya just wanted to pour her heart out when she saw this frame. A drop of water resting silently at the end of her eyelid. All her anger made her so sick, her heart choked today. The helplessness of not being able to sort it out and speak out has been killing her every day. She recalled the poem she read in her school "Courage Brother, do not stumble, though thy path be dark as night; there's a star to guide the humble, Trust in God and do the right." And that is how life goes. .

Holy' day

"Our families will not accept us" Fatima retorted, Rohit, not in mood for all this, said "you have to come tomorrow, we will break the news in front of all that we want to get married." His eyes twinkled when he saw her, face smeared with colour to hide her identity. It was a ‘holy ‘day. Everyone was on streets playing colours. Rohit came forward and embraced her. The eyes widened at both sides of family, the religious gurus pounced on them to save culture. Rohit and Fatima lying in a pool of colour, the colour was red. .

Still Waiting

When Neeru kissed her father goodbye, told him that he will be fine, that he can relax and go, in her heart she was not ready to let him go. She kept the brave façade to make things easy for him and to keep him strong. Life has always been harsh to them but they still kept on going just because they were together. There was something magical about him, he had become her strength. Everyday she used to stand and gaze at the tracks waiting for his return, silently enacting how would she react if he came back. .

Beyond the Barriers

It was of course not the most romantic courtship Tina had always dreamt of. She had liked him for his simplicity, attractive features but yet they were always at the war zone of courtship ready to explode. Marriage happened in a jiffy, she hardly recalled anything. They were now 'husband and wife'. She was realizing his inability to express yet there was this genuine person in his eyes which she was falling in love with every passing day. The First kiss despite all hatred was like they have known each other for several births.They had crossed the barriers..

Papa & me!

Standing in the corridor, my thoughts went back to time when we were playing together, eating food from his hand once he was back from office while watching TV or just hanging out in his presence in the garden. It was just a part of growing up and expectations always got higher every passing day. I was so secure and happy, he was everything to me. Then the doctor came out, to tell me that he needs a one long year to recover and I was left alone!.