Alex's Stories

Candles and incense stciks

Troubled mind and shuffled thoughts, myriad of kaledescopical dreams being shattered as fast as cells dying inside his body. He believed in uparalled love, the infinite power of it which he read about in all the old poems. The inside of those books still holding the dried flowers waiting to see the sunset and smelling of warmth and all things pure and serene . But he was wrong when she pointed her finger to the ohm around his chest and went to light candles.

The same path

He was surrounded by life, yet his heart is a barren desert his mind void, stagnant and numb. This same path which led him to his house, which tickled his heart, filled it with love for his 1-year-old son. The same path which bought him sadness and now the numbness. He parted with the happiness when he lost his little one; he parted with the pain that followed. All that he is left with in this life is the inability to feel anything. The smile vanished, the tears vanished. The numbness continues!.