Akshay Nigam's Stories

The more you crave

Him: "Late fulfillment of desires of middle class has totally different meaning." Her: "Like" Him: "In teenage I started noticing designer cycles. Guys used to come school on bike but I am so middle class that I wished to have a cycle only." Her: "Yeah go on." Him: "Dad bought a bike, not to mention I got it 3-4 years later than the others." Him: "Though dad always bought enough crackers, on Diwali I recall how I always thought to spend thousands from my salary." Him: "Now I ride Bullet but lately I have started falling for Harley." .


Passenger: Bhaiyya fast, I have interview, can't miss the flight. Him: Don't worry sir, we will make it, in Delhi there are more cars than the people. Him: Sir, have you done engineering? Passenger: Yes, mechanical. Him: My son did well in class 12th but he couldn't clear IIT, this year he is writing it again. Passenger: Great, has he joined any coaching? Him: Yes, he got scholarship, otherwise it would have been difficult for me. Passenger: What will you do, after your son becomes an engineer and starts earning good money? Him: Sir, I will continue driving this auto..