Aishwarya Fadnavis's Stories


“Have you heard of life-giving opportunities to the poor? Drama with our lives and empowers the verdicts, parting us with no options? Everyday fish and roof are the basics and survival’s demand now. We need to do this else...” Interrupted thoughts ahead of his dialogue. Though he joined him, he had made his decision. Life does not offer you options but it always gives a chance to recover the erroneous. Little did the other one know that smuggling drugs with fish was never a chosen option. The export with fish and drugs was filled and set. .


Given another chance, we would have chased the same local train, gone for work and approached home with a fish for dinner. The future was against the routine and came with a tremble, left holding the handles and heavy breaths. We still demand to survive just to complete our incomplete chase of the parallel rails, long queues and the untold faces as no journey ends before a station, but our journey of life did. Our extremity is to travel again in these and for these local trains, unobtainable after a long last, Blast. .


The chamber felt warmer, as if a presence. Visions came streaming and so came a hard gash on my abdomen. The chamber began to quake, leaving my soul with shiver. In the silhouette of my blood I saw her dramatizing and tendering with her pet in the lush woods. Though she looked fatigued but still eyes, charismatic. I prayed for her invulnerability and that was all. The present outside the chamber was unpredictable and so was the past. I ended up crying at my fate, praying for the destined, hating myself for the sins which I was unaware of..


Recollecting the place he told where there is vein in the rain, unheeded tars, chirping greens, windy rackets and a glass of tea. Prolong years are never a malady. The fortune hauled her to relive her bunch even after scant years. The far-off meet allied to the evanescence of tea came back like a dip in the rains. The cloud thundered warning her about presence; shivers all over again but loneliness with a glass of tea and an assent were her companions, “If tea could have cured cancer, rains and the glass would not be her only aide”..