Abilekha rane's Stories

Tender string

From couple to be the parents, thank You for giving me the honour of being the mother. I am Glad that you have come out of the guilt which you kept in your heart when I had my miscarriage and the pain i went through, and agreed to my decision. It was never you, it was just the time which was cursed and took us so long . I know the fear of losing me is more than the love which you have for kids. But see this time I will make it happen..

She World

Hi I am Sharada and this is my new friend, Meenu. She is two days old; there is so much of joy in the family on the birth of Meenu. You know she is a girl. Mother says when Meenu will grow, she will give lots of milk and we will make good money , But last year when my liitle sister was born everyone was sad and granny started crying. She is also so cute!.

Absconding guy

To people I was an absconding guy, but I was killed for organ business and left to die. I tried so hard to lead my life and it took few minutes for to take away my life. My kidneys have made someone alive and have left my soul to wounder for life near this lonely road. Beneath I lie where I am visible to death and invisible to life..

Santa on the way

It was Christmas and we decorated the Christmas tree. Alone on the street was I left to die after getting hit by the car which did not stop. I was lying in the pool of blood and prayer of my mother came true. Came the Santa taking me away and cured my wounds and went away. Believing in Santa opened my way to life; that day..

waiting pesssenger

Wow! I always prefer passengers like this, who pay for the waiting time as well. I can get a quick nap too. Hope this lovely couple have a long conversation so I relax for an hour or so. Hundreds of horses running on the battle field dust around as the air made it impossible to breathe. "Oh I am going down!" "Peep! Peep!" "Let's go Bhaiya, it's getting late.".

Teacher Vs Us

Year 1993 "Mission Bicycle" is been planned. Post lunch we kept the cracker bomb inside the seat of the Mr. Nagganan Roa's bicycle. Attached a tread to it, we ran we ran past the tree, lit the tread and waited for the blast. Boom! Boom! the cracker burst. Leaving the bicycle seat less, next day a high-school student were punished for the crime and we, the 7th standard students had accomplished the "Mission Bicycle" and the victory was celebrated! .

my bride

"Supriya the color of mehendi shows my deep love for you." "Oh Sanjay, my dear, I am sorry, I will not be able to make it. "No No No" "Don't say that." "This mehendi belongs to someone else" "Oh lord not again", I screamed in deep pain, I found myself on my bed and a Whatsapp message read "o my love I am so exited just can't wait! For our wedding tomorrow." .

Roars in Me

Inside he roars, sometimes in the dark, sometimes in the day, hurting deep within. Yes, it is the animal which roars finding its way to be free, making me the unwanted frustrating air, suppressing anger, I have been always tied in so tight. Why wouldn't I let it go? But devil in me holds my mind! Each day I try so hard to keep the pious soul and the effort will pay me one day & find a way to send him away..

A click of Freedom

Smile was like lost until this picture came our way.It had been buried under the dust of fabrication work ,gun powder of cracker factory , smoke of tiles chimney , excess fragrance of incense sticks, dye of non-fading colors ,husk of the ply, gum of the lubricant . Mirror was like a dream, but came this camera with sunshine & took away the dark. One day Ngo working for child labour rescued us, Let the flowers blossom “Stop child trafficking & child labour “.

Invisible wings

Dance which gave me my wings, when I dance in the nectar of devotion I unite my soul with the super soul the supreme. Forgetting the body, the world of Maya, I float in the air of purity and peace. With my Bhakti Dance, I conquer my fear.of failure and have control over my all emotions, I am glad who have found these invisible wings to fly and rejoice. .