Aai's Stories

Freedom Of Choice

Boss: chotu which religion do you belong to? chotu: why? Boss: Since we are in this market, I can buy you symbol of your religion. chotu: But I don’t know which religion I belong. boss: So your parents never told you about religion. chotu: Grew up on streets begging and doing odd jobs being orphan. boss : Which religion would u like to follow. chotu: Is it necessary to follow religion? Boss: Yes, Because religion gives us identity in society. chotu:I would prefer that religion symbol which will provide me food for life under any circumstances. .


There was a time when people visited this place which represented peace, tranquility and spirituality, to acquire and gain high level of sanity. But today when I walk around this place wearing the colour of purity, I feel the absence of sanity, absence of people who believed in sanity. Today the air is filled with doubts at this place, whether peace and spirituality has any virtue. Today these white and black tiles remind me that in this war of good and bad, the essence of place is demeaned by the greed to have materialistic happiness rather than spiritual..