The Butterfly Effect

Matilda Briggs

Under the moonlit sky, the caterpillar trudged on trying to hide from a bird who would peck him to death. Out of nowhere, a bat swooped in and saved him. "You haven't rescued me, to feed on me..right?", the caterpillar asked anxiously. The bat replied, "Relax. I am a fruit bat! We are fruitarians." "Thanks buddy. I wish, I could fly like you.", the caterpillar moaned. The wily old bat who was presumed to be clairvoyant, smiled back at the whining kid. Within two weeks, he would morph into the great monarch butterfly.


Sravan Iyer

"Ammi, See, I had told you, batman would come to save us" Farooq exclaimed, jumping with joy. His mother remained quiet. She had not seen him this happy since long.

She said " Yes son, Batman will soon kill all the bad people in the skies and will rescue us to safety. But now, its time for u to sleep." She gazed at the Bat flying over the moon.

"The drones would soon be flying across these skies, bombing their settlement without any thought or reason. I hope you come down and save us soon Batman" she hoped.

Just another session

Monica Serban

"Please continue your story."
"After I published my book about night creatures, and I became famous, they kidnapped me."
"The Otherworld fairies."
"And what happened?"
"They said I needed to be punished for nosing around their affairs, so they cursed me and turned me into a bat, while they sent my wife on the moon."
"And how did you feel about this?"
"I was very upset, as I can talk to her only when Super Moon pushes her into space for five minutes."<
The psychiatrist scribbled down: Four years after the death of his wife, patient still delusional.


The Oddfather

The moon was beautiful that night. Perched on the edge of the cliff, looking down at the sea, fluorescent in the moonlight, she thought about her marriage. When did it go so wrong? The humiliating put-downs, the mental and physical torture, what had she done to deserve this? She had tried so hard to make it work, had harboured a glimmer of hope. With grim determination to end this once and for all, she stood, tall and stoic, took a step forward. The bat that skittered across the moon was grim witness to her plunge into the rocks below.

Dinner Time

Ashwin Mushran

Vlaad was concerned. This wasn't exactly how it was supposed to be. He was the supreme silent hunter as he shape shifted, flying into the dark night, the scent of human blood calling out to him. The anonymous predator seeking to sink his teeth into a soft fresh neck. "Ah Dinner Time" he thought as he streaked across the sky. "Damn! That's Bright" He exclaimed as he flew across the giant moon. Was that a glint of a silver bullet coming towards him? Was it? Vlaad was definitely concerned. He should have stayed in tonight!

Set Free

Shruti Gupta

There she was, annoyed by the fact that everyone praised the boss, though the work was done by her, she felt like a bat fighting the dark and stared at the moon with anger. It was a full moon shinning brightly, people always admire the beauty of the moon though it has no light of its own. So is the law of nature one who shines is praised, all we can do is set ourselves free. To this she smiled leaving behind the agony and then a message popped in " you are promoted".

Not In Gotham City

Pallavi Shastry

The city was dark again. She needed help more than anyone else. At least, that is what she believed. There was a blackout. She had no candles, her phone was almost out of juice, and she needed to make that one phone call. Just one. She was desperate. She had no choice, but to do it. Her stomach rumbled, her heart raced. She picked her phone and made that call.

Batman Delivers. One pizza. Pepperoni.

How she saw it

Hepsiba Raj

by ‘Look Sumitha, I finally managed to capture a great shot of the moon’ Ashok proudly announced to his wife and kids.
‘Ashok, it looks wonderful’ Sumitha congratulated him.
“Show mummy, show” 6 year old Neetu jumped as she tried to snatch the camera away.
She looked at the photo and exclaimed “Ah, now I know why everybody calls our Moon 'Chandamama'”
“Because it is a man.”
‘Oh, but how?’
‘Look, it has a moustache no?’ Neetu smiled as she pointed at the majestic bat.

An Excursion Gone Wrong

Madhavi Pujari

She hastily wiped off, the beads of sweat streaking her face. The day was drawing to a close and her teammates were nowhere to be seen. Faltering at each step, given the muddy patch of cavern floor. After spotting a cleft, which let in the moonlit, she made a headway towards it. There they were, pitching up their tents.Something was amiss; just then a webbed creature swooped in and tore their flesh apart. Shell shocked at the whole scene unfolding before her eyes, the fair maiden's body went limp. Needles to say death was horrid, help afar.

The Stranger

Green Monk

Me and my friend were walking home from the pub. I said, 'What a beautiful evening, look at the moon.'
My friend stopped, looked at me and said 'You are wrong, that's not the moon, that's the sun.'
While we’re arguing on this we saw a stranger walking towards us.
We asked that stranger
'Sir, could you please help settle our argument?
Tell us what that thing is up in the sky that's shining. Is it the moon or the sun?'
The stranger looked at the sky and then looked at us, and said, 'Sorry, I don't live around here.'

My Mirage

Sejal Waghmare

As per the register, Shri will be six next week but he was sad. It was on the same that Seema Didi, the matron of orphanage, was retiring. She consoled Shri by saying 'look at that big moon. He will always be there with you whenever you’ll get scared at night'.
He believed her.
That day onwards he never felt alone. Till one night, when the moon failed to rise he stayed up the whole night and even the next day until the dusk; when he saw a lovely crescent shining in the sky.


Priyanka Dey

Yesterday's was a sleepless night. As the minutes rolled into hours, I thought of the men I've loved in my life so far-some who walked away, from whom I broke ties, and those who were around, here and there. The night lay still; the crackers had left only fumes behind. The noise had rattled into the hiss of the nocturnal.
There seemed to be a storm setting within me. I smiled nervously as I coursed through my reminiscences and stumbled upon an abrupt message on my phone from ah, a friend’s girlfriend-

“He’s no more. Car accident. I’m sorry”

Bat out of hell

Shoumik De

As the warm days of spring led to summer, a baby bat was born. He had a tiny, furry body and below all the fur he had a pinkish skin. One could hear his chirping all day long, echo through the hollow bat lair. He was named Loaf. “Meet Loaf” her mother would proudly introduce him to everyone. Jealous of her beautiful baby other bats killed his mother and started tormenting him. As he grew up, he broke all the fetters and flew away. He was ‘bat out of hell. ’He flew into the ‘dark side of the moon.’

The Seeker

Anshul Akhoury

He wanders in the pale moonlight, in the glimmering darkness to find the path that he constantly seeks. His questions are still unanswered that burdens his mind, heart and soul and he cannot stop until he finds them. Until then he has to seek the path that he once set himself on but there is no destination and no home to return to. He wonders if he is lost or already found himself.

Shadow of the Moon


The wind blew, the full moon cased frightening shadows. The dead leaves on the ground crunched under my feet as I began to walk, I was being watched. In the shadows were eyes, red as the rose glowing, staring at me. Starting to walk to it I felt followed, all there was, were the strange shadows the moon light made. Emerging from the darkness were the black wolves with the red eyes. The biggest was walking up, crouched down and lunged. Just before he got me, my alarm clock went off. I woke up with a gasp.



He hadn't moved from his spot since he returned a month ago. There were his mates who would go out every night. He didn't need that, not when it didn't satisfy his thirst. As he slowly felt the celestial force through his body, his blood warmed. His time had come again. He released himself, felt giddy and was losing control. He quickly regained his self and off he went into the dark. He fed himself of the dim moonlight but that wasn't enough. His thirst grew stronger and he had come out to kill. He needed his elixir. Blood.

Extra Dark Knight


The cops tone down the alarm. Sirens rage nonchalantly. Flashlights get lost as the giant moonbeam stares down at hapless jurisdiction. No one pulls over.
The Knight's shoulders droop. Gotham gasps at the spectacle in the sky that has left behind a trail of crashed cars, swearing uniforms and useless GPS.
"Get them here NOW Bruce. You have permission to engage."
"Am sorry Gordon. But even Batman is no match for a kid on a flying bicycle. Fighting for his friend"

Predator and Prey

Febin Mathew

Fear propelled her through the thick woods. Blinded by the dark of night, she tripped over roots and smacked into low branches, but couldn’t stop. Her predator was unshakeable. The flap-flap of leathery wings followed her, persistent, menacing. She could almost feel the grazing of fangs on her soft neck.

She burst through into a clearing. The creature flew out straight behind her, bathed suddenly in the light of the full moon. As was she.

She felt her skin ripple and her own fangs protrude; her claws emerged, as she smelled the creature’s fear, the predator turning to prey.

The Vigilante


He opened his eyes. He could see the lifeless form of his old nemesis. His black cape kept soaking blood seeping from his cut, he was hurting. He unclenched his fist and found a blood stained Joker card. His limbs felt like rubber, his head dizzy. He was rich in other’s eyes but an orphan in his own for most part of his life. It was a deafening silence. After a life of fighting demons- social and his own, he was ready to let go. He gazed up to the serene beauty of the moon. A bat passed by.

Space, Time and Melanin

Shakti Shetty

As a five-year-old idiot, his grandma told him that the moon was inhabited by white rabbits. Over the course of following two decades, this kid grew up to become an astronaut with a long-cherished dream to land on our natural satellite. But he’s fast realizing that it’s not going to happen. He might walk in the space upside down like a bat someday soon although that’s not the original plan. He wants to spread his wings and fly towards her. However, only white-skinned people have managed to leave behind a lunar footprint—so far. Perhaps his grandma was right.

Dreams vs Reality

Prasad B. Kulkarni

He saw a bat flying across the figure of the Moon. He earnestly wished the bat did bite him and him to turn into a vampire. Not for sucking blood, but for the charm and power they possess.
He was tired of living life like a minnow, incompetent and ignored. He wanted attention, importance.
He walked up to the window, as if to attract the bat. He felt a sudden sting on his shoulder. He rubbed it and next morning he was hospitalised for Malaria.
He realised, keeping the neighbourhood clean is as important as dreaming.

An Omen


Gasping for breath and screaming, Neela woke up in the night. Trembling with fear and sweating, she draped the blanket around her tucking in the loose ends as an armor against the nightmare.

Life has changed for Neela after she lost Mohan in a flight crash the month before. Nightmares are her constant companion. Only this time, it is the same dream she had the night before Mohan flew that fateful day. The dream of a full moon eclipsed by a bat in flight. She considers it a bad omen now. If only she knew this before, somehow.


One Lonely Night

Yogesh Bhargav

I paused to recollect my thoughts.
While the blank page was staring back, I looked outside the window, at the sky, and the distant moon.
The moon reminded me of someone, with that someone came rushing back those memories. Yes memories responsible for getting me through lonely nights ,memories that I play with every night.

But, tonight I needed solitude, not the heavy burden of memories.
I took the last sip of coffee, last drag of my cigarette, and resolved not to be me.
I closed my eyes and then decided to take a flight across the sky.

Of God, Mother and Angel

Roshan Dsouza

"Dad, if mommy loved me so much why’d she leave me and go to God?”
“Because sweetheart, she was very sick and God wished to give her eternal peace”
“If God is so good, why did he give her the cancer and take her away? I miss her.”
“Look Angeline, you can see a bat against the moon.”
I changed the topic with a lump in my throat. How could I tell my angel that I have asked Him these questions a million times already and I am yet to receive a reply which I can understand?

The Dark Night

Hemant Jain

Suresh stormed out of his house after a fight with his wife. His mind was so full of dark murderous thoughts for his wife that he did not see the black shape staring at him on the deserted road. He was startled at his sudden question “Maachis Hain?”

Suresh struck a match which was immediately extinguished by a gush of wind originating from a flutter of wings. The man was nowhere and when Suresh looked up, all he saw was the silhouette of a big bat against the ominous full moon. Was it a sign?

Price of Success

Sriram Sripada

Harish was happy to see the full moon from the balcony of his house on 101st floor. He felt he was closer to moon than it was to the world. After all, it took a lot of effort, discipline and sacrifice to rise as a boy from middle class family to be an owner of this house on 101st floor.
But his sacrifice was not just of hobbies, relationships but that of his values and integrity. Suddenly the dirty secrets and unwanted memories rushed back – making him realize how unbeknownst to himself his transformation from a dove to a bat.

The Face

Avinash Shenoy

Sri was always fascinated by the sky, every full moon was marked out for bringing out her telescope and gazing at the sky. She was waiting eagerly for the moon to rise, not bothered by the nightmare she had.
'A rather large bat with its spread out wings circling the moon, when she zooms it with her telescope she found a frightening face', she had got up startled and shaken.
She went up, started the ritual of setting up her telescope. She eagerly, zoomed her telescope, the moon was beautiful and rather bright and a scary large bat circling it !



Akshay’s heart soared at the sight of the bird flying towards the moon. Nights made him happy. The moon was his friend. Fiona hated the same sight. She liked the moon to be spotless. Pristine. Impeccable. She waited for the bird to fly away. To not ruin her night.
And then there were the lovers. Enticed by the moon; they lay naked, spent and breathless.

Moon – an hour back:
The dark soul of the moon wanted freedom. The claustrophobia was murderous. It opened its wings and sliced through it. The moon had a hole. A beauty spot.

Not Tonight!

Sumi Thomas

She stared out the window at the full moon. Was that a bat? She hated waiting up for her husband to make it home for dinner every night. The young one was whimpering. She quickly crossed to the dinner table and looked at the golden-haired, blue-eyed girl. She stroked the girl’s hair before yanking her head back and sinking her fangs into that tender skin. Just as the first hint of young blood hit her palate, she heard the door slam. “Well, he can just make do with what’s left over,” she thought, as she bit in deeper.


Chandini Roy

I am a bat.Light blinds me but not night.I stalk darkness and befriend the Moon.I fly across it,basking in it's soothing light.I traverse the hushed sky and hear the heart of the night break in silence as it's darkness, though partially, surrenders to the Moon.But I rejoice....for who better than I can see the Earth in her full glory bathed in the silver light of a full Moon?

I return every night to get drunk on this intoxicating beauty and not on blood.Why can't you see the beauty stored in me?You aren't blind....or are you?

No Glitter

Cristina Sasu

The little girl kept watching the moon again and again, while her mommy was cooking her favorite: chicken breast and mashed potatoes. “Mommy! Mommy! Look! Look at the moon, see?”
“See what, pumpkin?” asks mommy without taking her eyes off the chicken.
“Look! There’s no glitter, mommy!”
“What?! What are you saying honey? What glitter?”
“I want my skin to sparkle, you know how, like glitter. Will it sparkle, mommy?”
Mommy looks at her and hollers terrified. Something was sparkling, yes: her daughter’s tiny canines and a deep red splotch on her white dress.

Debt of the moon

Agnivo Niyogi

“Earth is prosaic in a world of hunger,
The full moon's like a piece of roasted bread !”
Ajit murmured the poet's immortal lines as he closed the door, his eyes transfixed on the moon...
A bat flew past, his comrade of night. The lifeless body of Bimala was lying in a pool of blood inside the house.
Ajit stared at the calm water of the pond as he held the pistol close to his forehead. The amount of his debt was unbearably high now to reconsider...
The bat kept flying, ignoring the roar of the gun.

The Fairytale Love Story

Dr. Priyanka

It was nearly midnight,a full moon shining bright. Cinderella's heart fought to jump out of the ribcage. She'd pleaded to the Prince to not meet tonight but to no avail. Her darkest secret would finally open tonight.They were in an act of uninhibited passion in the forest behind the castle,when the clock struck 12. The Prince's mouth still nibbling on her neck,she changed. There was a frightening werewolf in the Prince's arms. Just as she was about to attack him, the Prince turned into a bat and flew away into the moon. The Vampire Prince's trap failed this time.

Midnight Wanderer

Dr Riti

Lying on his bed next to the window, Sudhir* who has been left crippled & paralyzed over months because of a slow growing Glioma spent almost all of his nights wide awake. With thoughts so serene & dreams out of reach, his insomniac soul felt trapped in the crystal maze of life. Every night he pictured himself flying in the dark sky, free from the trap of sufferings, agony & helplessness.
Eagerly he waits for 'never grantable' euthanasia or slow killing death that his cancer shall offer.
Till then this midnight wanderer chooses to fly high on thoughts.

I didn't ask for the Moon


I love this crunchy sound. The sound of my knife piercing through this man's ribcage while I stomp his eye sockets with my stilettos.
Moon looks bigger than ever. Obviously. Among all those apocalyptic theories, who'd have thought our beloved Moon will be the reason? Physicist are now silent about their "Expanding Universe" theory. Now they say everything's going to collapse because Mercury's orbit chaos resonated with Jupiter. Or something like that. Science don't matter anymore. Moon will collapse on Earth tonight. I look around. Every single person is busy looting, killing or f***ing. Me?
I like making crunchy sounds.

White gown, blood all around!


You can’t really describe her. Her beauty would perhaps surpass all the adjectives in the world; across all languages. Her tender, silky body had the melody of a thousand sea. Her eyes had more depth than the deepest ocean. Her white gown swayed in trance, as the wind playfully moved it one side to another. Her face was up as she looked at the full moon; a bat flew right through it. Her face had a peculiar sadness, as little droplets of blood, dropped in uniformity from her lips. Blood; her lifeline.

Illuminated Coexistence


From the back verandah, she could see a beautifully shaped moon. Its scars gleaming back as though they'd managed to lose the dirt of the world on the outside surface. There a padding cloud, here the drizzles on her mascara. When the droplets danced with open wings for love of gentle moonlight, it seemed as if heaps of gems sparkled and the richness of the light was spread in her bosom.
She was his story. His full moon through the scars, and the birds' flight through darkness.
She was once blind, and now he. The operation was successful.

Never Again

Rahul Saraf

A lot was left. A lot was left to be done. A lot would be waiting to be done when she arrives, after she left. All of that was irrelevant then. Solitary existence of humanity was waiting to be healed . But could she waste time in helping others? Could she? Or, more significantly, should she? Less than a night was left for the day. This is when she resolved, she would never help again. Never again. Even if she could or should. Never again.

The Nightcrawler

Harshad Mokashi

It was almost midnight, but the full moon was shining bright in the clear sky. General Edmund marched his troops relentlessly through the forest.
"We crush the enemy under our feet whom shall we fear?" sang the men in unison on the beat of their horses' hooves; Tlot-tlot-tlot!
From the trees high above, he watched them, but all he could feel was the itching in his throat. By the time the General realized the singing getting quiet behind him, he felt the deadly teeth sink deep into his throat.
The Nightcrawler had quenched his thirst.

The Passing


The night lights have stilled into diaphanous pillars, vertical tentacles exhuming the warm remains of the day. Vignetted at various ends by the undulating lips of darkness, they seem to pulse with a silent eagerness to transform. May be into my words, she thought. A poem grew within as she disrobed. She could feel its embryonic scream; the ink surging, thick and slow, through her veins. Later. Her sisters were waiting for some time now. She flew out of the window riding the north wind, an intense shadow passing across the erotic glare of the full moon.

Wake up!


1..2..3! Sold
He was a magician who couldn't make the moon disappear. F**k yeah! He bought it. They call him Mr. Eclipse.

1..2..3! Stolen
He was a beast who wanted to be a werewolf forever. No surprises! He stole it. They call him Mr. Draugluin.

1..2..3! Dhadaam...
Wake up! You idiots! Moon is lying in my bed, still panting and sweating. I'm not selling and you can't steal.

Metamorphosis: full-of-the-moon


Damn mosquitoes! won't let me enjoy this night. What shall I do to get rid of these sodding bastards? I wish I'd wings so that I could fly high above where these parasites wouldn't bother me.* "TATHAASTU!" a voice echoed in the sky*
Waah! These wings are really Strong and Soft. The moon looks humungous and utterly gorgeous from here. Now I can enjoy it uninterruptedly.
But why am I feeling weak? God! Am I falling?
*he fell a 1000 stories. That night a bat's ultrasonic sound was recorded and interpreted as "be careful what you wish for" *

The Muse


He lay in the dingy little room staring at the ceiling. Twilight was swallowing the day slowly. He could hear voices saying goodbye, shop doors being shut, people moving, vehicles blaring, dogs howling, lights shutting off one by one.....the night being welcomed. Finally everything was quiet. He slowly made his way to the terrace. Breathing deeply he gulped the cool night air and watched the dark sleeping world. Even the nocturnal creatures were silent .Finally he felt at peace with himself and his world. Joy sprung in his heart, poetry swirled in his mind. He started writing.......

Context is Everything

King Procrastin

“The moon looks so beautiful”, the whole world said. The bat looked at the moon and saw the smuggest of looks ever. He said, “Hey Moony! Don’t be so cocky! Beauty is nothing but context!” Both repelled and surprised she ignored the bat and went back to her smug ways. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the bat flying across her. He kept flying across and soon she heard the world saying in unison, “Look at that Bat! What a magical sight!” The bat flew one final time across and said slyly “Everything is just context!”

One Last Time


The moon looked bigger from the window. It was, what they call horrifyingly beautiful, with all its wounds laid out like a well thrown high tea. She stood still beside the window. Sweat ran down her goose-bumped back. After eleven years, she saw his face; as real, true and beautiful as she could remember. The last time she saw that face, laid out inside a long wooden box. He looked asleep. It took her eleven years to accept death. And then....She did not know whether to be scared or ecstatic. She just wanted to see him, just once more.

An Unshakeable Belief


As day fades outside,I slightly open the window. The moon is brimming with your angelic smile. In spite of this deadening silence, echoes of your last spoken words spilling around its edges. The moonlit leaks in and fills up the room with unending memories. I am not able to absorb what they are saying “She is dead.” While I still can sense your existence, no hand in mine though.

Why do they force me to face that atrocious reality which only enhances flavour of my pain?
An unshakeable belief shields me more than anything. I curl up in my lap with unavoidable tears.

Hovering Around

Ashwini Dodani

Chasing the light, that desperate addiction for more and more, I reached the moon. There was so much of it but no one to share it with me, no one to listen to my stories, no one to understand my dearth and no one who I could cry myself on. Flew back to the land of disappointments, yet a place where I could have someone to listen, found happiness in letting everything sad leave my heart and filled my mind with contentment. Today, I am back here just for a stroll & to experience solitude.

The Radiant Fire

Rohan Kachalia

He mooned over her like a migratory bird seen silhouetting at night as it transits the moon. Her friction fell short over his magnetism creating sexual tension to arise. Hearts started thumping as he pulled her closer. Her radiant face, a doppelgänger to that of moon, flushed as he played along her contours. She moaned. He sustained. Naked, they rolled over the sheets burning the bed with their intense desire. Moon! He snapped, waking up abruptly to her moving silhouette. Gulping a glass of water he sat upright. She still set his desires, memories and soul on fire.


Srujna Adhikari

It was already 11pm and he was still sitting at edge of the hill. It’s been 6 hours since he came here but still couldn't decide on what to do. He looked down and saw only darkness. He looked up, and saw a bat flying towards moon. He too wanted to be free like that. He stood up and took a deep breath, saw the bat flying, smiled and jumped from the cliff.

Bonne Nuit

Priyanka Roy Banerjee

Shibaprasad Dutta hurried towards home through the narrow lanes of North Kolkata. His bride of four months, Sulekha would be waiting for him. Trying to revive his ancestral pawn and antique business, he had visited Jaago Baba. Baba said his union with Sulekha on this full moon night would fetch their worthy heir. Ten years later, his daughter Shibani began attending the fading business. One by one, their customers started dying. Families of dead customers claimed having glimpsed a little girl leave their place. At midnight. On the day of death.



Night crawled in, silently as a snake, everybody seemed to notice the darkness it brought & ignored its calmness. I was alone on a night of my own, just ended a relationship that I thought was going to bring a thousand sunshines. Unlike the usual norm, there were no tears or goodbyes or fight, just a sense of independence & relief. It gave me a sense of peace, just like the one the night unleashes. For it is the night that gives you the strength to bear another sunny morning.

Spectacle by the Moon


In the middle of the night, I just woke up, It was around 2 am. Had some water, couldn’t sleep again. Went out into the balcony to look at the night sky. What a spectacular view, the Moon shimmered brightly, everything looks different in moonlight and then it happened.

Something flew past.. Was it a bird?, A plane?, No it was superman -- the thought made me smile. It was a bat, on its nocturnal prowl. Nature always makes an effort to wash away all your worldly worries... Crawled back into my bed, slept soundly...


Chitttira Chennat

I see the grandeur, and the overwhelming beauty
Being drawn to what is nothing but an eternity away
The ache to be engulfed in the fire of your love
and to know of existence only with you it eats into me.
The sheer wait of you gets to me,
not being able to comprehend the destination that is "Us".I soar heights with you
In this moment with all my soul.
But for how long, I do not know.

A Girl She Was


“I am cursed” the moon thought bitterly as it hanged in the sky, helpless as ever. After all, most of the crimes happen at night. Then, the moon looked at her. She was just a child, around four years old. There was nothing sensuous or provocative about her except the fact that she was a girl. Heavens trembled and thunders rumbled. The amorous men ran to the shade nearby. They didn’t want to get drenched in rain. And, the little girl took her final breath as she laid spread-eagled, soaked and surrounded by a pool of blood.


Ravi Pande

Tonight the moon looked bigger, brighter and SCARIER. Actually not scarier than the evil minds of humans. After having 5 girls in succession, Iftiqar wanted a boy. An Aghori had asked for a sacrifice of a female child on a full moon night. Tonight was the fateful night. Rituals were followed. The time arrived. As Aghori raised the Axe, out of nowhere a tigress jumped on him and smashed 3 ribs out of his body in a single blow. Aghori had lived in that jungle for 10 years. The leap marks of the tigress had a strange pattern.