On His Last Leg


As Lt. Singh walked out the station, joyous to be back in his native land, a beggar approached him. He was a frail man, broken by age, leaning on crutches, his right leg ending at the knee.
Singh dropped a few coins into his outstretched bowl, muttering, "Men like me guard our borders with our lives, while scum like you feed off us".
The beggar looked into his eyes, and said, almost mockingly, "When you go back, watch your step, lieutenant saab. You don't want to end up like me".

Ordeal In Oblivion


I always wondered who owns the sunset more, night or the day. Fine, I don't want to know. I kept walking.
"Am I lost again," I wondered. "I don't know where I am but that doesn't mean I am lost," I told myself.
I owned these sunsets as a kid. I can't jump across it anymore. The river is too wide now.
"You don't need a nice pair of shoes to be a good traveller," Mother once told me. She was right.
I kept walking. No better way to abide by the most important rule of life: 'Who Cares'


Ankita Chauhan

The sun was already up in the sky, a breeze began to blow as if to celebrate with his success and trail of golden rays touched his skin with reverence.
He squeezed his eyes but unable to suppress the fervent scream. Withholding grim silence since last eight years was a battle itself. But he refused to surrender in front of destiny and past night he was choked on his words when he received that call, he is awarded with Padma Shri for uplifting the life of specially-abled children. Strangely, suffering couldn’t make him burst into helpless tears but recognition.

In Search Of Light

Bhargav Purohit

I come at this hill at Sunrise and Sunset. I come here in search of light. In search of answers. No enemies here. Not a thought. Not even my shadow follows. But I see a devil. Devil inside me. People regale my heroics. I too was so sure then. Now I have doubts. I hear screams. I can’t close my eyes, I see red. My fingers shudder. Was I correct in what I did in nation’s service or a bull led astray in the name of bravery? I feel my walk-stick digging cemeteries. I am in search of light.

Murder Of Dreams

Womania Neverborn

Saw him for first time in many years.
His height reduced a bit but broad and muscular shoulder is still same.
I shudder when I remember that fateful day. His bike collided with a car and his leg stuck below the vehicle.
Doctors told his bone is badly broken and he needs to get it cut to save his life.
But it was his dream of becoming a Police which got fractured. His love amputated from his life and people called it "life saving. He is surviving each day still trying to find that life people saved for him.

The Enemy Within

Y. Padmanabhan

'Subedar sahab! What happened in yesterday's rally at Delhi regarding pension issue?' Ex-soldiers assembled at the village tea-stall asked even before he placed his crutches by the wall.
'It was easy fighting enemies on the border than dealing with our foxy politicians and bureaucrats.'
'What about the assurances given during elections?'
'I didn't feel cheated on losing my limb due to substandard boots provided in the Siachin Glacier but now feel cheated.'
'MPs panel recommend 100% increase on their own salary, allowances and pension' the headlines in the newspaper lying on the table seemed to mock at them.

Lack Of Attitude Is Disability

Chiranjeevi Malli

Arun suffered from polio and lost one of his leg. But he never wanted anyone to feel pity on him. He was running an auto rickshaw to earn his daily wages. On day while he was on duty hours, a person came begging. Passenger gave him the money and advised Arun to help the disabled. At the destination point when Arun walked out limping to collect his service charge, the passenger was speechless.

Jumbled Up

Madhavi Poojari

"One more word and then you are done for", howled the crafty woman to her meek better half.
He lay immobile on the floor, feeling defended, incapacitated holding onto his crutches.
Transitioning to playing international cricket was such a career high for a small town guy like him. Leading his team to victory now and then, his popularity soared; then he met her. Paying dearly for marrying against his mother's wishes. After having lost a limb in the accident, the endorsement deal was off for her. She was a cheat.

High In The Sky


As i look down upon my life, the mistakes my father made by ignoring the basic medication (like polio drops)required by a new born child, his ignorance upon everything made me write this today.
I can hide the sun,
I can hide its ray,
I can protect you still,
So what if I am this way?
I will never let you down,
I will never hold your wings,
I want you to fly my darling daughter,
I will make sure you aren't this way,
And You Fly High In The Sky.

The Regretted Bravery

Vidyashree Mutteppagol

“Why didn’t you just let me die that day?” cried his heart everyday while throwing abuses to God.
What he did to save that kid from the rail tracks was of course heroic but there were consequences he had to suffer.
All that praise about his bravery, awards, respect he got, failed to fill the void caused from the amputation of his leg.
For my dear friends, sometimes the things we do to avoid being haunted by our consciences, trap us into deeper pits of regrets! What could be worse than to save a life and die inside yourself?



Life strikes hard. It did for Dinu. Lost a limb in a freak accident and his house in the Tsunami. Yet people like Dinu rise above the strikes and fight and teach us to regard each sunrise as a new beginning. Every sunset regardless of the circumstance, brings with it another sunrise. Dinu wandered around hopping a bit, singing aloud, and going about selling livestock. He had never enjoyed living as much as he did now. The fact that he did see the sun go down, rise again in all its glory gave him courage and took him further.

Aikla Cholo? (Walk Alone?)

Abhijeet Chatterji

If the Sun is gone and darkness triumphs, taube aikla cholo re.
If there's no hope; evil is all around, taube aikla cholo re.
When no one's around, but you suffocate, taube aikla cholo re.
If you win, yet you are downed, taube aikla cholo re.
When marching to the rhythm of war,
When hurdling bodies on the ground,
When cost of a leg is none,
As lay near me, my comrade's head, I found.
For He said "who is alone when he falls,
has not another to lift him up.. taube, aikla cholo, aikla cholo, aikla cholo re."

A False Alarm

Vishakha Bhosale

Ketan was sitting by the seashore. Tears stream down his face as he stared at his report card which proclaimed ‘failed’. ‘I want to end my life’, his mind said. His eyes were searching for an ideal jumping-off place so that he could sink out of sight. Just then he saw a monopede, enjoying the last showers of the setting sun. His silhouette conveyed his old age. Amused by his happiness in spite of his impairment made Ketan pondered over his decision. A smile appeared on his face telling him about the false suicide alarm.


Sanjay Singh

He took a deep breath, and launched the shot. The ball went through like a cannon discharge, and stopped only when it had hit the back of the net. He had done it. The trophy for the inter-collegiate soccer championship now belonged to his team.
He often climbed the ridge just to watch the kids play soccer in the fields. Life may have been different if he had pursued his passion rather than joining the army. But, he had no regrets. He only wished he had 100 more limbs to sacrifice for the nation.

The Vigilante

Shoumik De

Stories of a vigilante flooded the local newspaper in a small town in MP.
Everybody seems to be talking about the bravery of a man who single-handedly drove the bandits away from the town and most of the small villages nearby.
Not many have seen him and he would always decline any invitation to felicitation.
One day he was caught by a journalist and to his shock our hero was with a crutch and one leg missing.
Upon asking how he does all this without his leg he replied, “One doesn’t need legs to fight injustice, just the courage.”

The Voices In Him

Vidyashree Mutteppagol

“For the greater purpose, eh?!” he groaned.
“Greater purpose my foot! They’re just suckers waiting to take pity at you and make themselves feel better.” said the devil in him.
“No. I don’t want to be pitied upon. I don’t want my handicap to portray my mediocre life a success! I don’t need their accolades to believe in myself.”
Then speaks the angel in him with the brightest smile in world – “It’s not pity that they feel for you my dear, it’s honour, it’s a salute to your brave soul. Embrace it, for it’ll inspire you for greater heights!”

Enduring Scars

Kanu Geete

"Yeah I mean who is not going through a war. Worst are those who are fighting against themselves."
"When that bastard chopped my leg off, I was not fighting against myself dear."
"But you are now. Uncle, I know you are a national hero. Your pride is important, but please come home."
"We will see. Happy Birthday again. Take Care."
"My birthday should come every month and your call to wish me."
"Haha, both are important only because they don't come every month. You will understand someday."
"I wish I don't have to", He said before hanging up.

Rise Of The Dawn

Naveen Rane

It was at the advice of church's father that I took up social service. For me serving people was like command given by the church. Life was good and peaceful. But my social service became a thorn for some community members who were against my cause of educating the underprivileged. I made many of them stand on their feet and fight for their rights against the powerful people. What a punishment I got, now I don't have my own leg to stand which was unfortunately chopped by evil mongers. But I still hope for the new dawn to rise.

Thank you!

Debasmita Guha

Kumardubi, a small village in Jharkhand has been Suren's vacation home, where he spent every summer playing with his cousins and essentially stealing mangoes.
It was one of those ill-fated summers when Suren tumbled down the hill and lost his leg forever. Today he has gathered the courage to revisit Kumardubi, and to everybody's surprise the first thing he endeavours on, is to climb that hill top again.
On his way back, amidst his joy of triumph and pride of accomplishment he could just murmur "Thank you God for keeping me capable to be where I want to be."


Matilda Briggs

Samson sighed and trudged on, as the church appeared in his field of vision. The local parish had deemed it imperative for all the citizens to be present in the weekly Sabbath. They were to pray together for the people who were disappearing, without leaving a trace, in their county. He would relieve himself by going into the confession chamber. Soon after, he would bury the priest in the cemetery behind the church. He planned to keep the nimble priest’s leg as his thirtieth souvenir. But, his limp was impeding his nefarious plans. He wouldn't make it in time.

Still A Mystery


When its sunset he is there, the man with one leg. My friends and I have thought of many theories how he lost his leg. Many crazy theories like he lost his legs while he was on a secret mission saving the world. But there is a reason behind it. He is really mysterious and does not react at all. I being a photographer took his picture standing. We still don’t know who or from where he is or what happened to him. He is still a mystery and I still think about him.