Rassie was given a chance to interview a girl who had topped in the board exams. He had been informed that the girl was active, cheerful and leaves an impact on everyone.
They reached the place; saw the girl in simple dress working in the field. He asked for few minutes and interview started.
He asked only one question "what do you want to be? Doctor, engineer or IAS officer?" and answer made him realize she was unique.
Her reply was "Come after 20 years to parliament to see me as the prime minister of India".

A Wonderful Twist Of Fate

Vishakha Bhosale

Vasudha was lost in her thoughts. Few monsoons before, she was getting ready for her wedding. The guy was fairly rich. Poor farmer father thus, couldn’t deny the dowry demand. But due to rain scantiness that year, he couldn’t keep the promise & Vasudha was sent back home the very next morning. She challenged the fate & continued her education. There was no looking back for her. She applied her learnings to invent a technique to get better yield with less water utilization. She now owns a huge tissue-culture setup, where her ex-husband, a commoner refers her as, ‘Ma’am

Hope And Not Blame.


Neither I go to school nor am I privileged. Amazed to see me smile? I am proud of myself, have missed out only on school lessons but have gained the rest. Unlike the rest who get too old to learn the lessons of life. I am proud to help my amma and appa in the farms, if I don’t work what would you eat my young educated man? I feel proud when my father Calls me “Beta", loved when asked to join him for meals.
"Living In a hope, every father would love his daughter like I am loved."

Coming Of Age

Debasmita Guha

Sarosh like everyday gets her baba's lunch, but it's his favourite menu after a long time. Inspite of the scorching sun and back breaking field work, the menu is a true delight to Parsuram. Surprisingly Sarosh's aai (mother) is accompanying her today, outnumbering all her hardships, she has this gleam of happiness on her face. Gayatri murmurs "We are celebrating today!"
Although Sarosh's reticence, anxiety and awkwardness has been evident through out, these rather contradicting expressions are pushing Parsuram into a world of anticipation. Just then half grinning Gayatri confides "Sarosh cannot serve you the pickle today".


Sexy Sam

They pretended to be dead for 2 nights and escaped from the attacks coming from both sides of the border. They were starving and shivering as the rain continued for the entire week. The entire village was uprooted by militant groups. When asked which state they were in favor of the father said, “We are in favor of the group who can bring back my 12 year old son who was killed in cold blood" as a tiny drop of tear fell under his wrinkled eyes and he smiled out of disgust.


Ankita Chauhan

“What’s wrong?”
“Wrong? She urged to work in field.”
“She has athletic ability! You should be proud of her.”
“Your daughter has become a trouble for me. MasterJi had convinced me if I admitted her to school, then she will get a suitor easily. Now tell me what would we offer? ‘Our daughter doesn’t know how to prepare chapatti but she can throw bhaala whole day.”
“It’s called javelin throw”
“Whatever! I won’t face those cameras this time.”
“She is well-versed enough to handle journalist’s questions.”
He circled her strained face with palms and pressed lips on her forehead.

Theme Park!

Shoumik De

Quivered with fear as the screams of terror filled the murky air. Bursts of wind rushed through the hair, making them yelp with fright. Yet so much fun and so much enthusiasm to ride the water slide.
Avni’s father saw it in her eyes, how much she longed to ride on of those rides, which as a watchman of the theme park, he couldn’t afford.
One day he took his family to a paddy field behind the park. Sat on the drain lines and let the high forced water pump open.
It was the best day of their lives.

Mission Girlchild


'Our government's committed mission is to eradicate the shameful 'Devadasi' tradition in the area'.
The young civil servant, in charge of the social welfare minister's programmes on the 'Girl Child Day' felt highly motivated hearing his minister's speech.
In the evening, coming out of the Circuit House after leaving the minister there, he noticed a couple sitting with a young girl inside the compound.
'Who are they?' he asked the watchman.
'They have come to meet the minister.'
'Sir, this is the tradition here. Sahib will be staying overnight and needs company. You are new, will learn gradually.'

Black Is Beauty

Chiranjeevi Malli

Snehal was black and beautiful. She wanted a boy who loves her and not her colour. He was little lost and struggling but wanted to love and live. When there eyes met. Boy down on knees. Dear your smile is your beauty and your happiness is your richness. Will you please be mother to my kids?

Just Like That

Deepankar Goyal

"I am scared of the camera; I rather hide behind the bushes like I used to behind the curtains" said the mother.
"My daughter will not be like her mother" said the father.
"I am thankful to my father for making me study. I graduated top of my class. That lady taught me cooking and cleaning well. I hope my EMPLOYER (husband) will be happy" said the girl.

The Turning Point


Their faces were glowing with happiness. They were farm labourers. Their daughter had topped the class 12 exams and also secured a seat in the IIT by clearing the entrance examination. And the Press and the Media had been flocking their little village ever since the news was out. Every one wanted to click their pics and wanted to talk to them. Their wise and sad eyes reflected their predicament. Nothing succeeds like success, they told their daughter. They knew she wouldn't rest till she achieved her goal. Their child would have a good life.

Love Lost

Madhavi Poojari

Scurrying through the platform, she met a policeman who promised to free her of affliction.
Those afternoons of furtive rendezvous was still fresh in her mind, which lead to her being sold to an agency which hired domestic help. The agent got paid handsomely, he being the very guy who promised her marriage. She went hungry living on leftovers from the household, where she worked. Helping out her parents in the fields wasn't such a tough job, she mused.
Seeing her vulnerability, the cop instead of bringing the guilty to book sided with the wrongdoers.

His Only Dream

Vidyashree Mutteppagol

She was Giri’s only child.
Every now and then, he read stories of girls from villages break the stereotypes and make it big.
No, he didn’t want his daughter to be a collector, or a doctor or an engineer.
He had a different dream for her.
In a world obsessed with fancy careers, she went on to become one of those who fed the world.
She was a ‘Farmer’.
She was a ‘Green Revolutionist’.
She was her father’s ‘Only Dream’.

Déjà Vu

Venkatesh G

It took him only three swipes to finish the family of three.
As he turned back, he saw the same family again. Alive. Smiling. On the fields. He stood paralysed in complete shock. He had just killed them. He started running and ran and ran as far as he could go.
And then he was suddenly jolted back to life on his bed ‘What a nightmare’ he thought.
He noticed gift by his side. It was from his daughter. Happily, he unwrapped the cover and saw a drawing. It was of a smiling family of three on the fields.

The Attic


Dear diary,
Today I found a picture when I was cleaning the attic. The people in the picture looked familiar but I didn’t know them. So I started to check the whole attic for more photos of them but that was the only one. I even checked all my photo albums but nothing at all. I should know them right? It’s me sitting in between them!
Okay diary got to go bye.
(After sometime)
she came running down the attic took the picture, fell on her knees and stared at it with tears rolling down her cheeks.

The Ugly Hare

Brahmesh S

"Did they find traces of Dioxin or not? "
"It's the company's top selling herbicide!” exclaimed Claire, as she shoved the extra set of safety coat into her green bag getting increasingly annoyed at Paul's biting questions.
Her PR Company wasn't covering her expenses into the agrarian terrains of interior Odisha. She had to pay for the poor family herself, who posed happily in front of her for the PR exercise, unwary.
"Is it ethical?” asked Paul again.
Her guilt, like an ugly rabid hare, scurried to hide in her thinning shadows of integrity as she retorted "What ethics?"

Complete Family With Kid

Manish Kumar

Back Side tree of father and mother is looking dull without kids, which means showing incomplete family. After coming kids, front side tree of father and mother is looking green, which means showing complete or happy family.

The Rape Victims

Hemant Jain

It had gone so well. The girl hardly offered resistance but right when he reached climax, the parents appeared. He had to kill them all and now had to dig the big grave for all three. Too much work. He hated when his ‘rape victims’ multiplied.
Finally, after shoveling in the last of the mud heaps and leveling it off, he gave a satisfied smile thinking of the time he had with the little girl. AS he turned around to leave, he stopped dead in his tracks. The 3 of them were smiling at him from across the field.

Million dollar smile

Rajesh kumar

70% of Indian families are living in villages. They have very less income. Our living standard is low but we find happiness in every moment of life. This happiness is with the help of family members. They will always support each other and take care of the future of the children. If children needs are fulfilled then they will have a bright future. At this time the girl child must also be important. They also deserve same facilities in the family like a boy. For growth of any family it is important to provide same facilities to girl also.

Garden of Hope


Whenever she feels helpless and hopeless, whenever hardships engulf her gravely, whenever she faces absolute nadir in life, she just cuts herself from this repulsive world. She opens the old suitcase profoundly searching for something. Something absorbing. Something poignant. A photograph. Framed, like good old days. And lively. She’s sitting in between her father and mother. Eyes sparkling with dreams of glorious tomorrow and face gleaming with joyous present. It gives her strength, compassion, hope and belief to carry on fighting her demons silently, boldly and sanguinely. Because somewhere her parents are still watching her. Lovingly. Confidently. Proudly.

Game of Mimes

Matilda Briggs

They had dug up the trench for the irrigation of their fields in record time. Revati’s husband got up to take a picture to commemorate this moment, one last time. He hated the close proximity of his wife with Shyam. He read the same anguish in the eyes of Shyam’s wife, Vyjanthi. Suddenly, Vyjanthi moaned, “winter is coming.” That was his cue. He hit them with his spade. Soon darkness engulfed Raghu too. He had been stabbed from behind. The farm belonged to Vyjanthi now. She could do as she pleased. She would begin by burying them all, alive.

Eyes only


“I have one request to make of you”, the lady said. “I know you will write about us, all I ask is, when you do so, please don’t portray us a symbol of poverty. Let us convey a little more.”
The subtle suggestion coupled with sufficient blandness, made the request sound very generic at the time. A hint of smile crossed his face as he signed off the defection report and sealed the file.



He wasn't attracted to women and she wasn't attracted to men, but neither of them could explain their sexuality, for the fear of being banished in the name of religion, being classified as queer, society had it's way. Life has cruel ways of getting back at us even after a decades, their teenage girl was as queer as they were. Should they subject her to the same society that hadn't provided them voice and only distress. "No, our child shouldn't go through the hell that we had to go through. We'll not let them decide for her"