One Last Fight


No rooster had ever managed to match Rayden’s swaps in the first leap. Chasing a record 10th win, he entered the cock-fighting arena for one last time; his opponent - Kyller. With the arena buzzing, both roosters and their handlers took center stage. Kyller sported long, sharp metal gaffs while Rayden settled for his trademark short ones. (Freed by their handlers) the birds took an instant leap, a ferocious swap it was! To everyone’s surprise, Rayden laid down cold. His gaffs had made way, resulting in a futile swap at Kyller.
Today, a ‘9-1’ memorial stands outside the arena.

Loving A Nobody


This is what heartbreak feels like, he thought. Now that he has come to know that she is not real. She was never real.
He fought back angry tears remembering how she had told him that she was not one of them. That she had no control over herself. That she had been created to serve a purpose and she will die serving the purpose. She had no choice.
He stormed off, taking a last glimpse at the place where his sweetheart had been created, created only to be devoured by the monsters.
The sign read:'KFC. So good'.

The Cruel World That We Are

Vidyashree Mutteppagol

"Momma, why can't we fly like the other birds?"
"Ummm... I guess, God just wanted us to be this way dear."
"But momma, I wanna fly free too, I wanna see the world, I don't wanna be roasted and served on someone's plate!"
"Oh dear! I would never let that happen to you, never ever!” says his momma holding him tight in her arms.
His momma kept her promise, for Chick Jr. found the next day
his momma was no more.
Now, he wanted to fly away like never before.
I just wish he finds his wings!

The Debate!


“No Way! We are not getting into that debate again!”
“Eh? I haven’t said anything yet.”
“You needn’t. Save the “you non-veggies are being cruel to animals” sermon for another day.”
“Ah! Would that be the guilt speaking?”
“Why should I be guilty???”
“Aren’t you Tambrahms the epitome of veggie-ness??”
“Veggie-ness! That isn’t even a word! And stop sounding like my Grandmother”
“Ha. It IS the Guilt. Anyway, that wasn’t the debate I had in mind!”
“Awesome. What is the new useless topic now???”
“Naa. It’s another age old one - Who came first, the chicken or the egg??”



'Why worry? Be happy that your son got selected for IIT' said Jaya. 'How is he going to get proper food?' lamented Veena.'Everything is available in the hostel mess and restaurants’. ‘Nowadays all these eateries display the dead birds. Our religion is based on Ahimsa. We don't even kill an insect, leave alone consuming non-veg food.
‘But.''What But? I can't imagine my son going against the ethos of our religion. You know, how much I suffered to get him? He was born seven years after my two daughters, that too after undergoing five abortions.'

Same Emotion, Different Ages

Eshita Dey

"Watch out for the snake!” shouted Nabendu. Esh screamed and clasped him, hard. Hearing his bellowing laugh, she dared to open her eyes and found nothing. She smacked him on his shoulder, much to his amusement. "You'll remain a Murgi (Hen)!" So saying, he ruffled his sister's hair lovingly.
"You still pee on your bed?" Nabendu smirked. Widening her eyes, she stuttered. "You did NOT just say that in front of my grand-children!" She seethed. Giving a toothless smile, the bed-ridden Nabendu weakly hugged his 70 year old Esh, sighing, "My Murgi."

A Hideous Abberation

Madhavi Poojari

A slew of plumage, fluttered in the air, the metal spurs cut through the opponent gamecock, leaving it immobilized. It was a fight, unto death.
Soon word spread about the illegal cockfight, going on in a remote village.
"You two are under police custody, for placing bets on your respective rooster", bellowed the senior inspector to the two delinquents. The other day, their uncle, an aggressive supporter of animal rights, had made his displeasure known regarding the ghastly sport. Having fallen into bad company, gambling was a routine for his nephews. That put an end to their privileged lifestyle.

Why The Chicken Crossed The Road!

Shoumik De

He was very regal, with neck craned high, and bright plumes of wonderful hues of red, violet and orange on his head. As he was The Rooster, he would stand high on the fence and give his call of the day every morning. But one day the Rooster decided to quit and explore new things in life. Everyone called him fearless for taking such bold step. But he was very scared. Scared of living the same mediocre life and dying one day doing the same. He bid goodbye to his chicks and then he crossed the road.

Love Of Swan


Ananya stood there watching the swans. Her past flashed in front of her eyes.
Rishi was calling her, "Ananya see those swans, did you know they choose their life partners and stayed with them for life. We will be like them".
Forever Ananya Rishi.
Reality stuck her, she had tears in her eyes. Rishi was no more.



The little boy was crying.
The Rooster came along: Cock a doodle do. Why are you crying?
The boy answered: Lakhs n Lakhs of Maggi around, but not one pack to eat.
The Rooster asked: Did you cry when they culled Lakhs n Lakhs of my chicken friends in the Chicken Flu?
The Boy said: NO! I am a vegetarian.

Look Out


Shssssh, be quite. Be very quite
the coast isn't clear yet. We might need to wait a little longer.
And while u get bored waiting right behind me, just remember those be my feathers not your chew toy.



He was the best of his generation. Grown up in the lab, groomed all day long by a team of doctors, and trainers, he had become stronger than a dog, in spite of his fluffy appearance. He had won so far all the “fighting till death” contests, the ultimate humankind leisure activity.
One day before, a huge bull terrier managed to bite him and he bled for the first time. Weird memories came back to him: pecking food, guarding nests, waking up humans with his 5 o’clock cock-a-doodle-doo-ing”.
The blood bath would end today. All he wanted was heaven.

Curriculum Vitae

Ankita Chauhan

Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
Family: My hen, my pullets, my cockerels, my omelets oh! Whatever!
Species: G.gallus
About Me –
My common name is chicken, no! Not a roasted one just ‘Domestic Chicken’. What? Is your mouth watering? Feeling hungry? That’s what often sensed people. Either you take me as a food or source for cracking jokes, that mirchi murga with Naved, Stupid fellows and brutal too. You slaughtered my freedom. You striped my soul. By caging me into suffocating metal-bars, you’re actually killing your race, humanity. 99-words?
Wait! I’m not done yet. I’m not born for your abattoirs.

Chicken Faux Pas


“Once upon a time, all the animals decided to have a grand food party in the jungle. Everyone was thrilled. The Lion king sent royal invitations to the neighboring kingdoms. Folks arrived cheerfully for this was going to be the biggest extravaganza of recent times. Those locals and foreigners got along easily. Everybody enjoyed the party except the Hen. When the Hen arrived at the venue, she wasn’t permitted the entry. Organizers said it was a fasting feast. ‘Chicken isn’t allowed during fasting.’” Everyone laughed at Raju’s joke, including the teacher. The hen playing outside walked away in embarrassment.

The Ban

Tanvi Nagwekar

It was a day after they banned the holy lady from being consumed by humans. He prayed for the butcher to pick up his friends first, and to spare him. Slowly he watched them being slaughtered ruthlessly by the brawny butcher. He hoped for the day they ban from their kind being consumed too. But for now his only escape from watching the bloody massacre was flapping his wings and crowing loudly to grab attention. He sipped his last drop, maybe a teardrop, as the butcher ran his knife over his neck.

Cockalorum Files

Matilda Briggs

"We can never distinguish right from wrong.", Nandhini sighed, while toying with her dinner.
"Yes. But, people do have shared perspectives. Tonight we are at a barn in North Malabar. So, let's talk about roosters. Across Eurasia, a rooster is accorded a special place astrologically because it heralds the beginning of a new day."
"I hear a rooster's crow wards off evil spirits."
"It is fatal for the humanoid spawns of the mythical cockatrice and, round here; they organize cock-fights to appease their deities."
"How convenient, father!” the little monster chuckled, as she devoured the remaining human broth.


Akshat Rathor

Kumar: Hey! Aslam thank you for last night man if you were not there I would have been in hospital for sure.
Aslam: Not to brag but True, That guy was huge by the way, who started it.
Kumar: Me.
Aslam: You, why?
Kumar: You don't know man what pleasure you get when you fight with a stranger, you tell me did you ever have a fight with someone.
Aslam: No bro I am a sort of kind-hearted person. I never think to harm someone.
Kumar: Sorry to say bro but I don't have fifty slaughterhouses.



Alone in the room away from the rest of folks, she knew her special powers were being respected. She soon built a reputation amongst her fellow inmates for her superficial knowledge on a wide array of subjects. The only one who dared speak against her was the, "wise old one", who she had mockingly nicknamed as such, for taking objection of her words of wisdom.
Post a scheduled meeting with death, in an afterlife conversation, the wise old one asked, "Were you tested for intelligence before being consumed?"

Funny Frame

Chandana C Nair

"Hey! Can you check what this week’s frame is?" Asked Kabir as he pulled out two bottles of beer from the fridge.
"One frame stories? Oh ya! Let me check. Hmm. It’s a cock." Ayesha replied.
"It’s a what?"
"A cock! But I can only make out the head though."
"Wait a second-" Kabir turned the laptop around, "Oh my! It’s a cock. As in a hen. Seriously Ayesha..What am I to do with you!"
"What did I do?" She asked innocently before she understood the matter and looked down at her feet sheepishly.



It was a Material Reality where Something Strange had been woven into the physical and mathematical Laws.
Had the creature belonged to the authors reality (blessed be the name of the fallen beauties AmenoNamo). Well then it would have been in pain.
But it was used to the strange placement of beak and gullet and feathers and it was at peace. And this reality all the strange things that were still imbued with life. All these living things believed in Supreme Sentience.
so Strange beak lifted his head to the coming morning. And silently let mind caress the Supreme Sublimity. Maybe the Prayer creates a God to Witness such an act.