Woe Betide The Fallen Angel

Madhavi Poojari

The exorcism ritual began at it's earnest. A thousand flies swept past the Rabbi, knocking him unconscious.
It was only yesterday, that Anne a student of cultural studies chanced upon an ancient literary work, with no known title. A stray fly lay squished between its pages, only to be animated. Next the Lord of the Flies, took possession of her body and soul.
He won't rest till he took away her life.
He spoke, "No force can harm me!", letting out an unsettling scream.
Her mother silenced him, by giving up her own life, that being the only panacea.

Our Story So Far


Tzara Tzeung has been transformed into a tiny insect. The sorceress Mangadama had caught her rummaging through the inner sanctum of the Pristine Plum temple. With a little smile Mangadama had sounded her Celestial Cymbals. Instant change from human to mosquito. What now? Tzara buzzed. Now that was satisfying. The obvious solution when metamorphosed was to find a magician who could reverse the process. Maybe Zing Tibetheus who owned the very potent Triangle of Transformation?
Life in the Age of Magic was surely not boring. Especially when you were born without mystic blood. But with a certain ability to get into trouble.

In Your Sleep


'Mom, is it true that mosquitoes need blood meals to develop eggs?’ he asked, as he stared at the mosquito making futile attempts to invade the net. 'Yes’, she said, ‘don’t you worry. It can’t come inside.' And then they fell asleep.
"SO ignorant!!" said Alice.
"True. What happened next, Alice?"
"The usual." she grinned “I sucked her blood and then his. And I whispered in his ears 'There is nothing called mosquitoes darling. It’s just us, vampires, and we change forms. You are just too stupid to find out!' she laughed, as her fangs gleamed in the moonlight.

A Lead Victim


"I don't want any glitches to foil my plans."
"Yes boss! Everything is ready as planned. Wheels will be set in motion, the moment you give the go-ahead."
"I have a few crucial agreements to make before we can execute it. The timing has to be perfect. Any miscalculation could lead it to backfire!"
The placement of the bug had served its purpose. It only took an open window in the area to get the mastermind infected on his holiday. The epidemic botched the timing.
Elsewhere, people continued sating their hunger in two minutes. Nothing had changed there.

Acquired Taste

Vinit K

The grays had begun to set in the sky as she perched on a twig overlooking the couple's home. It would just be a few minutes before the windows came alive with golden light, and let her in along with the fresh air. She contemplated what they might have had for lunch. "He likes to eat well." And she could always tell what, when she feasted. The peculiar gift made here unique, but extremely picky. Life's short, eat well," she'd say. Alas, the couple, out for the weekend, never came. But she didn't mind starving for them.



Janaki was very disturbed as Rohit had suggested a very indecent proposal to her for increasing their earnings.
Sitting in a dark corner, she recollected how as a young banker she married Rohit, impressed by his looks and flashy lifestyle. Soon after marriage she realized that all Rohit had, was borrowed. He started fleecing her for even his day to day needs. And today he crossed all the limits.
Suddenly a mosquito sat on her arm. She hit it with her palm. It fell down dead.
She murmured ' No other way to get rid of this parasite'.

In An Alternate Reality

Shoumik De

The buzzing sound kept irritating her at the middle of the night. It’s infuriating, the sound and the itch.
She tried to hide under the sheet and blankets, but she could still hear it. Then something worse happened, the sound stops. She worried that it has found some uncovered part of the body or a hole in the sheet or blanket.
Sweating and all covered in mosquito bites Mary Jane Parker woke up in her bed, gave Peter Parker a dirty look and said “I wish, that day in the lab, a spider bit you instead of a mosquito.”

The Last Mosquito


"Why are they keeping this mosquito in the zoo mom?"
"It has become endangered species now, Son. After super successful 'Swatch Bharat Abhiyan', there aren't any breeding places left for them so this species is now on the verge of eradication."
"But Mom our playground is infested with them and we still use mosquito net at home."
"Don't argue. Do you want gag order issued against yourself? When our government says it is extinguished then it is extinguished. Hail the Government."
"Hail the Government."

Art Attack!


"OK, what about this one? Give it your best shot, I am all ears?"
"Ha! This one is a cakewalk!"
"Oh really?!? Go On."
"Umm. Biology Class, standard 6 or 7. Malaria is caused only on being bitten by the female anopheles mosquito. Must be a clean place, just one mosquito!"
"Sheesh! That's what you get reminded of?! You really have no appreciation for the art of photography!"
"You dragged me to this exhibition!"
"And you are going to stay, till we can find the one you can't make smartass comments about!"



Kanimol was returning home after working as a nurse for fifteen years at Doha. Whenever she planned to return earlier, her mother dissuaded her citing financial problems at home and requested for more money.
Her mother was standing at the gate. She hugged her.
'Where are my younger sisters?'
'All four are living in the city with their families.'
'What? When did they get married?'
'Forgive me my child. I wouldn't have been able to settle them without your earnings. You know your drunkard father.'
'Sucker' cried Kanimol and sank down on the chair.

Blood Sucker

Krishnamurthy Iyer

Proudly it sat on the wall, looking down at the humans in the room below with disdain.
Proudly, it recalled the disaster its tribe had caused to humankind over the centuries.
Proudly, it remembered the variants of malaria, its tribe successfully carried, despite the best of human effort to eradicate the same.
Proudly as it continued, a slimy slithering form engulfed it into darkness and even that ended with a blip.

The Challenge


"Is it true, mom?"
"That I'm very harmful and cause numerous diseases among humans. And is that the reason they try to kill me?"
"No baby, that is not true. These diseases are not caused by you! These are a consequence of their unhygienic activities, you are just a mode and that is not your fault at all!"
"But they will kill me anyways!"
"Yes, they will and that is the challenge- the challenge is to never stop fighting, no matter what happens!"



Staring at the roof top I was thinking, what can be the reason behind the ugly thing which has happened to me. What I did? Where I went? I used a protection when I did? From where it got transferred into my blood? Random thoughts falling between survivals to death came into my mind. I was all wet with sweat. Suddenly something bit me on my right arm, then I came to my senses, I was just thinking that how can a mosquito bite make a person HIV Positive.

Mosquito Man


One day, Rohan went to his chemistry lab for some work.
He saw a mosquito on a cobweb
for no reason he kept looking at it
after sometime mosquito fell on a jar.
Then that mosquito sat on Rohan's arm but instead of beating it
he let it suck his blood.
He went to his home feeling
happy, thinking he will be a superhero tomorrow.
At 6 am he woke up with body ache and he was shivering.
He said: Mosquito man is here!!
At 10 am,
He was laying on a hospital bed
in a dengue ward.

The Spider's Web

Rohan Tomar

-Creaking sound of a wooden door-
Ahh! I am Gonna Starve -Sobs-
Who Was I? A serf! A Goddamn Serf!
And Now I am Nothing!
I am trapped in the web of life! There's no turning back now, No More sufferings! -Looks at ceiling and sees a spider web and the mosquito coming out of it -
"Sir. What are you looking at in this lonely cottage? Why did you stop the car here? “Says Inspector Patil
" -Astonished- Hmm Nothing. Nothing. "

No Regrets

Hardik Kapadia

He cried again. Wife," my turn". “I will go. I've been awake since last time" I grumped to the night-lighted nursery & leaned over the crib to change his diaper. Then held him to my chest, resting in a rocker. I promised to protect him from cold attacking his body if only he'd let me sleep. DEAL. Peace filled the room. We both slept on rocker that night. Next morning, I was the one with the cold & "NO REGRETS"

Web Of Love

Ankita Chauhan

An alertness of dark and silent night,
She sensed the glimmer of images,
Hidden in the scent of dampened pages and
Her determination to undrape
The preface of veiled voices,
She closed her eyes and envisaged the reflections,
Expressions, and kaleidoscope of echoes,
Suddenly a spinning figure
Trapped in her constellation of silence,
It came with a promise that
She has to empty her heart, first!
She did so, struggling with each falling teardrop,
Those past interactions flashed in her dusky eyes.
It’s time to light up the candle and,
Burn that paper, his lurid web of love.

The Closed Hand!!!

Chandana C Nair

I look down on the room, I see that old man sitting by the window. He is the only person who opens the window in this house, the rest all prefer closed room and AC’s. What am I going to do when this old man passes away and by the looks of it, it won’t take long.
I fly to the open window sill and prepare to take a leap. Suddenly, I hear a commotion and look around. Last, I remember seeing an old hand close in on me before I hit the floor with the dullest thud possible.


Tanvi Nagwekar

I sneak into your room. You are asleep. Dreaming maybe. For you I am just a character from the fiction novels. Or the movies you’ve watched. You won’t believe it if I tell you my fangs are my identity. Or that, it’s not your beauty but maybe your blood that drives me crazy.
You look beautiful like this. I want you to be eternally cold like me. All I can do now is wait. The wait is tantalizing, after seeing the bloodsucker suck the life out of you.

Existential Crisis


It was one of those hot summer nights. Bodies were melting away into the mattresses. Thoughts liquefied with no chance to follow the straight processes of logic. No wonder the mosquito buzz sounded like a desperate crying.
“Hey, little guy, what’s up with you?”
More tears.
“Oh, come on. Now it’s your time. Plenty of blood around. Take it!”
More terrifying sobs.
“Oh, for God’s sake. Stop it and suck it!”
The mosquito looked into my eyes.
“Just because we are blood addicted, it doesn’t mean we cannot be depressed!”
“But why?”
“Shakti Shetty no longer writes about us.”

The Mask She Wore

Vidyashree Mutteppagol

Struck at a land unknown, all he could see were spiders.
An evil laugh that sounded familiar.
He couldn't make out who she was in that darkness.
As scared as he was though, he thought, this was too surreal to be true.
And then she starts walking towards him. Only a matter of seconds before he saw her.
A peck on his cheek wakes him up.
"Baby, was it that witch dream again?" teases his wife.
He moves out of the bed grinning.
Little did he know that his wife was the wicked witch who fed on his fears.

Child Soldier

Akshata Shenvi

John smacked his cheek as he waited silently in the dense bushes. The jungle was humid and infested with mosquitoes. His camouflage was flawless but failed to keep those bloodsuckers away.
John stiffened as he saw movement. A boy of not more than thirteen emerged twenty meters away from John's location. He had a machine gun strapped to his back. John knew about these children trained in combat.
'Please don't see me, you're too young.' John begged silently.
The boy suddenly stopped in his tracks. And before he could reach around for his gun, John pulled the trigger

Fumigation Drive All Gas, Low On Pesticide

Madhavi Poojari

Two medical technicians stood at the doorway; "She's running high fever", one of them said unthinkingly.
"You are supposed to collect the blood sample, not comment on my health, that's better left to the medical practitioner", snapped Sarita.
She lay on the clinic bed, unable to move, labored breathing being a marked occurrence.
Neighbor had stocked empty cold drinks bottle harboring malarial protozoa vivax. Anopheles mosquito had a special liking for O+ve blood group, she had read somewhere.
Good that, an extract from the bark of Cinchona tree came to her rescue

The Sting

Venkatesh G

The old man had died. His son was heard saying to a neighbor ‘He succumbed to malaria. The mosquito menace has increased in the area’
after the last rites, the advocate gathered the house members for reading the will.
I have been a house guest for nearly a week now. But this was not my doing. I and the old man never bothered each other.
I have seen a poison bottle in the toilet and know who has done it. So much for money and property.
Its now time to make my presence felt. Time to taste some blood.

The Webbed Affair of Roger Ackroyd

Matilda Briggs

"I found a mosquito, enmeshed in a spider web, near Roger Ackroyd's body."
"I don't have time for your banter, Monsieur Poirot."
"Dr. Sheppard, it is possible to extract, amplify and fingerprint DNA from bloodmeals of a female anopheles mosquito. The DNA report indicates that you weren't really out of town."
"I shall plead guilty."
"So you will, especially since Papa Poirot trapped you by extrapolating the nuances of Forensic entomology.", Hercule Poirot exclaimed, as he turned his round little head towards the door. The Inspector general had heard enough to issue an arrest warrant against Dr. Sheppard.

Proboscis Injects Memories

Womania Neverborn

After a long day when I lie down, my mind wanders in an unknown world.
When I roam in my thoughts, I'm not alone. Lizards, spiders and mosquitoes accompany me.
Then my thoughts go to that mosquito.
It reminds me of you. Intentions behind its innocent look are lethal. Stabbing vital areas while singing sweet tunes was your expertise, and so is his.
You never turned back after leaving me pauper.
But this mosquito comes back every night. And I let him. As I let you.
You could not have fooled me without my consent.



It was the way the sunlight had gleamed off the silken webs of her hair that had first caught his attention. He had wanted to touch her and make sure she wasn't just a trick the light was playing on his eyes.
Eventually, he did touch her, that beautiful, innocuous-looking thing. And now here he was. Trapped, with no chance of escape. The darkness grew deeper with each passing minute. Struggling against it only got him more tangled than ever, until he finally gave up and waited for love to come and devour him.

Another One Bites The Dust


The place was her favorite. She’d feast upon unwrapped, warm and occasionally dead blood of gangsters finding refuge in there at night.
Today she waited at her base, a spider’s web, for someone to open the door. Suddenly she saw a man dragging a woman inside, hitting her like an animal. Her loud cries indicated her disapproval of everything. After a while, silence loomed. The man went out leaving woman on the floor, motionless.
She flew down. Fresh, unwrapped blood lay before her. She couldn’t touch it. Returning to the base, she cried out of guilt, anger and helplessness.