Lurking Click


The snapshot of her silhouette facing the rough see was such a Facebook hit 3 years ago. It was their honeymoon and everybody congratulated the happiness in her posture and the obvious love coming from the photographer.
Now their divorce was final and she came once again to meet her oldest friend: the beach. Nobody around to capture this dark fleeting moment when she bathed in the dusk shadows.
Except her stalker who had been patiently waiting for such a moment. She would be his now. Once she trails back to the city.
Her vanity would finally be crowned.

Sea and Me - A Sonnet

Sambit Dash

My world was both within and outside me,
Its tribulations and trials my thoughts.
The pettiness all appeared important,
Genuine seemed all the bigots.
The four walls of home four in office,
Confined the flight of thoughts.
Arguments and debates all insipid,
All hurt stored in mind as clots.
Under the heap of expectations,
The near and dear estranged.
Material turned relations by the day,
Nothing fitting the bill pre ordained.
Only at the sea I lost myself and my thoughts,
It's vastness endlessness made aware my futile debilitating ego.

The Scientist

Matilda Briggs

"It is always night.” he mumbled, as playful waves curled around his toes. He had spent countless nights studying the tidal movement and observing quaint celestial bodies with his hand-made telescope. Wasn't it only coincidental that Earth happened to revolve around a star which created an illusion of day? His scientific exploits had led him to publicize the controversial theory of Heliocentrism. Tomorrow a tribunal assembled by the Roman Catholic Church would seal his faith. "Earth is not the centre of the Universe. Their beliefs cannot alter the truth.” a lonely Galileo mused, while an empathetic sea listened.

Mr Perfect

The Storyteller

Diya took a walk daily along the shore after her nightly duties, of a prostitute. After all, her day job of bank clerk wasn’t paying enough. Things got awkward when one of her bank customers, Ravi, was assigned Diya for his bodily pleasure. Shocked, Ravi and Diya stared at each other. However, they kept quiet about the rendezvous’; as exposing the other would reveal the dirty truth about themselves.
It is this strange truth that brought them closer and made them fall in love.
Today was the last day of her night job. She found her Mr. Perfect.


Nazneen Ahmed

She ran till her legs ached and heart pounded. She won’t stop, no. Not till the roaring sea drowns her pain, the pain of having been betrayed by the man she loved. Not till it drowns her very existence....
"You're winning!!"said a voice.
Startled, she turned around.
A lanky kid was staring at her.
"You're fast!" he shouted.
"See my friends" he pointed backwards
"I am faster than them but I can’t beat you!"
"You can win any race" he grinned and sped off.
She stood there, panting, the kid's words ringing in her ears.

Tears Of Joy

Sameer Shetty

She started crying with a smile,
and just stood there as the wave touched her leg and the breeze brought in water and hit her face,
and the smile just became bigger but tears rolled on.
It was the first time she felt the beautiful sand slipping under her feet and the waves, hitting on her.
This experience just made her emotional, well even tough rhea was born blind but she could feel so much, hear the awesome sea and so much more

Black & White

The Uninventive

Staring at it, I can't help but wonder how an accidental picture could change my life.
Little did I know or ponder over when I clicked it.
I tweaked it, black & white and posted it. Things changed after that, I no longer was...!
I wonder if I would ever, from this life of solitude.
Realize what I am now.
Forever broken, shackled in chains of despair.

An Eye For The Night

Venkatesh G

She loved the shore, especially at night-time. The luminescent creatures on night waters, granules of sand shining like tiny diamonds, moonlight creating ripples of small lightening on waves; everything enamoured her. She danced in merriment and unabridged happiness.
He loved seeing, herself in complete bliss. His eyes captured her every moment. It lasted till the time, moon kissed the waters and sea swallowed the light. Then he had his dog for company and his stick. Though his vision was lost, he found his sight through the black glasses. And happy was he, for he could always see her happy.

Footprints In The Sand

Akshata Shenvi

Saltwater, tears, sweat or the sea can cure anything he said, his hand warm against hers. She loved the way his fingers intertwined in hers like pieces of a puzzle. She smiled as she mindlessly watched his feet as they made perfect footprints in the sand besides her own. His voice had a way of calming her down. The waves crashing against the shore pulled her out of her reverie. She doubled over as the knot slowly started to form in the pit of her stomach.... It'd been a month since the car crash that had taken him away.


Abhijeet Floyd Chatterji

Like most of the times I found myself running away. I stopped and spoke to me. I am not on drugs. I don't steal. I looked into the water. Tears meet the ocean. I don't even miss you anymore. Then what is this force that drives me away from life. I stop running along the beach. I walk deeper into the water. Every heart beat fades away with an anguish laden tear. I have education. I have a job. But the society calls me a retard. And so I keep walking further. I meet eternity.


Himani Chhabra

"One day they will understand that i do not have goals like other children"
"But everyone is expected to get married and have a family"
"I think, I’ll find myself first, then maybe I’ll find a family for me"
"What if you never find what you are looking for"
"Sea never keeps anything with it, it gives away whatever it has. I am sure this is the right place to ask all those unanswered questions"

Within A Liberated Moment


It had been a long journey to finally awaken enough to feel that the Regime of the Church of Psychology was not entirely beneficial but maybe that was not quite it rather she had been subdued for a purpose, so it had to be wicked riddle of the unbodied who bound light of souls in flesh, blood and bone. But how nice to be within a moment of respite from aching, just a lost beach to walk on with liberated toes, washing self and wishing for self while washing. Surely there are little quests playing themselves out all over the world, hidden.



When the Sun sets on the sea and the water kisses my feet, I go back in the time search for the marks which we created together. The marks we thought are engraved and could never be rubbed off.

Beach Walk

Meenu Joshi

She was crying and walking at darkest end of beach feeling the waves touching her feet. A boy came and said,” Ma'am don't walk here, walk other side of beach” and went ahead. She didn't give a damn why he said that. After few minutes he returned and again said,” Many prostitutes walk this part of beach at this hour to look for business. But you don’t look one of them.” He escorted her to other side while talking. She smiled. Her believe on people returned and so her wish to live. A stranger brought her back to life.

Unchartered Territory

Madhavi Pujari

They made it to the much deserted shoreline, just in time. Young love was shaping by. A faint light shone over Leena's face, impulsively following it, she noticed a sand sculpture. As she was busy taking in the sight of it, a blood curdling shriek escaped her mouth. The eyes of the demon faced mold shone, animating it. Legend has it, that a young Brahmin boy's ghost was still in search of his bride. The old woman at the homestead addressing her, as if she were her would be daughter-in-law. Signalling a ship, she sailed away from his shadows.

Good Bye

Raj Ahluwalia

She banged the cabin door and walked out in a huff. It was the third time; she had asked if he would marry her. He had hummed n hawed. She was angry, sad, upset; a curt goodbye n she stormed out.
He sat in the canvas chair for long: He hadn’t wanted to lose her.
He walked out on the beach. The surf was not yet in. Debris of the earlier high tide lay there. He walked towards the Jetty. He could see a silhouette.
His heart missed a beat; is that her?



Like the Loch Ness monster, Big Foot and Yeti, this picture from a beach near Iran, has probably made people wonder about the mermaid possibility and many other fictional conspiracy of legendary creatures. If they are real or not, that’s a thing to ponder.

You Can Have / You Can't

Chetna Jha

Too many thoughts clouded up her head as she walked on water bear foot
Hey, ocean why did the mermaid want to give up her fins for legs.
'This world is a crude place
Ocean smirked and replied ' don't we all want things we can't have.

Ocean of Chaos.


Chaotic thoughts flashed across her nimble mind as she gazed into the distant skyline. Each stroke of white cloud communicated with her inner consciousness. She had always longed to be here – away from her dark past.
She could feel the ocean's warmth, inviting her with open arms. It had been a long battle for her. Slowly walking across the shoreline, her lips moved into a silent prayer for the gang of unruly men who were hanged to death for raping her. A drop of tear submerged into the vast ocean of chaos.

Plain salted


Lost; I wandered along the shores until last light.
I felt like blank. The scene in front of me was somehow mesmerizing. So much that I couldn't think anything. There was a strange connection that could not be explained in words. It made me think, why not pen this journal entry as one.
Sometimes there is no drama, no thrill. It is just plain salted life.

The Right Thing

Payal phayde

We were sitting at arm’s length distance, hearing the waves. It was dark and nobody was talking. My clock was ticking and I was going to leave soon, was the news I just broke. We knew we didn't have long and I told him I want him to be happy and to stop waiting for me. It would help. That was how it was supposed to be.
The waves continued its symphony, to find me here, again; alone this time.

Like The Waves

Mehula Prasad

She was weighed - down. Weighed down with pain and mostly with negligence. Her own kind made her feel out of place. Nothing could be worse. Years passed by as she tried to fit in. But there were good days too.
One day a certain someone came along. He offered her a new life. The offer was mesmeric.
"What do I have to sacrifice?"
"Your kind." He stated.
It was challenging. But she moved along with him.
Now she bounds along the shore.
Free, happy.

Science Who?


“Ha! I was right. My son thinks being a scientist at Meteorological department; he can fool us illiterates with some scholarly theories and bizarre forecasts. Idiot! 60 years of living here has made me a scientist nonetheless. A storm surge can’t happen here. Our place is clean, environment friendly and hotbed for fishing. The sea gods are kind to us fishermen. And my son is trying to defy gods by forecasting a never-seen-before cyclone thing. Leave it! I’ll go inside one last time. It’ll be fun. Wait! Water’s raised a bit, high wind, clouds, huge tide. It’s Ohhhh HELP!!!”

Don’t Try.... Just Be Happy


I was standing on the seashore, sad and depressed.
I came here after my girlfriend dumped me and i got rejected in a job interview.
I wanted to die, but I was very scared to do so. So I decided to stay depressed and curse the whole universe for being so unfair.
I saw an old man who was looking very poor but still he was laughing and he looked like a guy with full of life.
I asked him why you are so happy.
He said: because that’s the purpose of life.
You should try it also.

Shared dreams


To the world, it was the place to be. A firm that inked more deals than any firm managed in its initial days.
The interiors weren’t as pretty. There was chaos. They were staring at defaults. Infringement would mean death of the Company. The inflows were on a drought. The bridge financed wasn’t going to last.
The waters looked inviting. She jumped. The water soothed her senses. She gave up on her dreams.
Then, she gasped for air.
She made it to the headlines next day.
The start-up had a new partner on board. Dreams could be shared.

Infinitesimal World

Sudhanshu Ladsawangikar

Clueless! I'm doomed; perhaps lost in the labyrinth of streets, wandering in search of my people. How would I make it home back?
They reawakened me from a lump of ice; I remember the weird sensation after long sleep. Penetrating inside epithelium, my ichor was sucked; torturous! This wasn't the way I lived. I was an ambassador of Cosmos, a freelance explorer, traversed countless worlds, I knew no boundaries.
Today, I could run away from these people who call me ‘Alien’, having learnt the fact that this world doesn't like what it finds unfamiliar.

Spilling The Beans

Tanvi Nagwekar

“How are you?”
“I am okay.” My shrink sure wants me to spill my guts.
“Today we are going to a different game.” A mind game perhaps. He wants to trick me into talking about it. “You have interpreted this picture for me?”
A picture? “Sure.”
“What do you see?”
“A man.” Let’s be vague.
“What else?”
“He is in motion. Walking on a beach. Beaches remind me of him. It was where he proposed me. Where we got married. Maybe he still lives there.”
The doctor’s report said ‘Patient is in denial.’

Out of the Closet

Lata Sunil

The sky is a deeper orange and tinged with pink clouds today. The beautiful sunset mesmerized Rita. It’s the most peaceful moment of the day, so far. What happens now, she doesn’t know. She doesn’t care. Her parents were shocked initially. Mother even fainted. But they will get used to it. At least, she was now at peace. She turned back and her eyes met Mitali’s. Mitali had insisted, she tells her parents about them. Only then, they can live peacefully. They will soon live together. Rita was finally out of the closet. The world was achingly beautiful and serene.

A Dreamy Dream


A perfectly beautiful evening
Walking with my hand in yours on the beachside
Wishing that this evening never ends
Listening to the soothing music of the waves coupled with your romantic talks
The feel of my life being complete when you say that you love me
I wish this moment never ceases to be
Just when I was about to hug you like its end of the world,
I woke up and realised YOU are still a dream ..
The most beautiful dream ever!!!


Shoumik De

The old fisherman thought, “I don’t know if I was more frightened or thrilled?”
Earlier that evening, during dusk he found a mermaid on the beach. Human from top and fish from the waist down. She was covered in sand and blood.
He went close and turned her over, his face grew pale. It was his daughter, fell from the boat and got swallowed by a giant catfish during a fishing trip. She not only survived but also outgrown the fish to rip out of it. While he was soaked in his thoughts and emotions, she opened her eyes…



When for the first time she got to go to the beach with her family, the little kid wondered how breathtaking must be the amalgamation of the ocean and the vast blue sky. How their love was forever. How they will be together always. Just like them.
When she returned to the same beach after 20 years, she realised how the illusions of life eluded her. How naive she was for she thought certain things were forever, when they were barely there. And how she wished her parents were together.

One Last Time


She waited for him as he had promised to meet her for the last time. They had decided to meet at the same place where he had first proposed her. Little did she know how things would change so drastically a year later? A flashback went across her mind as she walked through the waves that gave her a feeling of hope. A hope to meet him, to tell him why she left him half way through, to make him understand that this wasn't a usual love story. Cancer had set the expiry date of their relationship.

Love Lost In The Sea

Prabhakar K Mishra

The enormity of the sea and the sky is not mightier than her conviction. Her man, the one she loved from all her soul, went to sail, promising he would come back soon and marry her. But he never came. Every evening she waits for him, on the same shore, where he left, and her eyes gazing beyond the horizon. She pleads the sea and the sky to give back her only love. Some fear he is dead, others say he ditched her. But deep down her heart, she believes he would come. Oh Sky, bestow her with her love.

The Best I Ever Had

Rohan Kachalia

The wind sailed smoothly. She gazed around in this heavily painted gray horizon and wailed. “When will my wounds sail just like these cool winds?” She thought. A feeling of being trapped in this ugly gray gripped her from within. Just then, a tender thought of running away and hiding behind the ‘pallu’ of her mother occurred to her. A beacon of hope rose inside her, to be a cloud that would stand up to any storm as she recollected her mother’s teachings.
If only she was there to see her daughter rise and fight her battles.

Of Soul And Frame

Ankita Chauhan

“A favourite image mostly captured on the dusky horizon.” He whispered while trying to frame that girl who was dancing on sounding waves, feeling silken zephyrs on her bare skin, as a bird that got her wings back after ages. Though she was enchanting some blissful tunes yet spilling pain from her heavenly voice. It seemed that cloudy sky and endless sea were compelling her to loosen the entire storm, she might be dragging since decades.
All of a sudden, that lovely silhouette evaporated and I was left with a blinking message “After 42 years, she finally at peace...”

They Must Use Good Cameras

Akshat Rathorte

Hey Kanu, this time I going to win this one frame thing
but it’s so hard it seems all the math paper again.
Ok. Akshat, think, you are not that bad Kanu.
They must use good cameras I got nothing even after zooming it.
He is a man, he is holding something what thing
God knows. Wait, he might be a fisher man with his net ok.
Now we are going somewhere last part, think a story about fisher man and his net, easy.
Kanu, can you please turn off your whatsapp notification? Your girl friends are disturbing me.

A Colourless World

Vidyashree Mutteppagol

She was a girl who loved all colours equally. Every single one of them!
When people asked her to pick a favourite colour, she would say, "The world wouldn't be the same place if, even a single colour missed!" So yes, she couldn't pick a favourite.
Today, tears run down her pale cheeks as she looks at that black and white picture, the one with her and her daddy at the beach.
Those colours seemed lifeless to her since the day her daddy passed away. For it was her daddy who taught her, "Darling, the world wouldn't be ..."



“Why should I live?” Robert thought as he walked, undeterred by the waves.
The rising water made it difficult for him to maintain balance.
He dived.
He had expected to drown instantly, instead he felt something in his hands.
“A guitar?” he wondered, “It’s a sign. Thank you almighty!”
By the time he was out of the sea, the guitar had dried and shone like new.
In another country, a guitar case lay empty with a note stuck inside. “The Council of Almighties” thanks you for the billion chords. Well, almost!” Bewildered, Arthur stared at the note.