The Librarian

Fairy Dharawat

Sourubh brought to his hotel a book named ‘Libraries’ from the local library he visited. He opened it to find quirky libraries and beautiful librarians. In there he found the picture of the young librarian he met earlier that day.  The pretty one had insisted he reads the 'Libraries.' That book was dated 1961. But she looked exactly the same. Then his vision distorted. He found himself in the same library, sitting opposite a bench with vintage books all around him. The new librarian was assigned.  For someone it was a perfect heaven, but for Sourubh it wasn't.

Hold On

Reema Sharma

As I am holding our child's have today.. I wish you could be there with me as you were yesterday! My another hand is still searching for the happiness you gave me.. Today I am living our dream, our child.. I am trying to wive new memories with our dream (our child) with the threads of your memories..
Still remembering the thought you said once..
"Appreciate what you have before what you had!!!"

The Sense of Freedom

Sexy Sam

Dusty legs, teary eyes and a weak smile. Chotti was the youngest amongst the group of the unfortunate begging on the streets of the porsche Mumbai city. Sunanda daily watched her beg on her way back home. She gave her a rupee to which Chotti passed a small smile. It was the independence day when it hit the conscious of Sunanda what was it that she could give back to the society. The answer was a sense of freedom and a sense of happiness from slavery.

The Rebel


She was married to an Army Officer immediately after her graduation. Her in-laws were based in their native village and she stayed with them as her husband was posted at a non-family station.
After a few months when it became apparent that she was in the family way, her mother in law insisted to go for a sex determination test. She immediately contacted her husband who could not take a firm stand. She left home the very next day.
Now she is leading an independent life in a big city with her little princess.

The New Recruit

Payal Phayde

"Sir, there is a family on the shore: father, mother and approximately 5 year old kid" Man 1 from the end of the binoculars. He remembered his baby girl back home.
"Anybody else?" asks Man 2 in a shrewd voice.
"Sir, the kid is no threat. We can use her as a hostage if she survives the wave" Man 1 hesitates.
At that there are 4 constant shots.
Man 2, clears his throat "He was new. He didn't know the rules. Everyone clear?"
And they head to the bay.


Saket Ranjan

“Ma, Why are we here?”
“I’m sorry. I just want to go very far away from everything.”
“It’s so simple for you. Hold my hand. Now lift it in this way.”
“What will that do?”
“Ma, you’ll fly. To any place you want to go.”
She managed a smile at her innocence.
“Where did you learn this?”
“Oh! You know nothing. If superman can do this, why can’t you? You have a dupatta and my teacher calls you a superwoman. Maybe you can go to Pa and tell him…”
“I’m not going to him, ever.”
The grip had tightened

A Matter Of Ethics

Madhavi Pujari

Saloni tugged at her mom's wrist; wide eyed and beaming,
"Amma, what's that lone cruiser, moored here for?".
Mrs. Kuckian  snapped with derision,
"It's probably shipwrecked, as no one's to be seen".
Just then in a twinkling of an eye, a slew of people stormed in, villagers mostly, scrambling away with all the loot. Several Gold biscuits and other Luxury items were wiped clean off the deck. The only person of the lot who didn't claim his share of plunder was Saloni's dad. He was of the opinion that ill gotten wealth is of no use.

Picture Perfect

Pratishtha Sharma

Never had she seen  the sun set in the sea standing at the shore, what a beauty it carries, and the calmness it gives, but i was proved wrong, rather a smile on the infants face whom i had just adopted, gave me more than the sunset could give. That smile, had put the world at halt, the waves, even the sunset like a perfect painting in the Picture for which, i wouldn't mind standing there forever and ever.

Censor OverBoard


"You can't show actress wearing bikini in publicity poster. This is against Indian Culture."
"Sir, but the movie is based in Goa and the actress is playing Supermodel."
"Not allowed, and no Mini Skirts or Jeans either.
Also photoshop that sun from the background. Hindus worship it. It may hurt minority sentiments."
Few Weeks Later....
"Sir, our promo?"
"Yes,it came back from the Chairman Sir with one minor observation.
<'Can't show unmarried girl alone on the beach. Show her with Mangalsutra and a Kid.'>
Make it a Girl child. Our PM is promoting that cause."

Where the Heart Is

Matilda Briggs

"As the sun set on that fateful day.."
"I know, ma! Nana, a marine biologist, found Nani sprawled out on this very beach."
"Yes. There had been an oil spill at Bombay High."
"Don't mermaids abandon their terrestrial families and return to the sea, eventually?"
"Nani was a selkie. She survived because selkies can grow legs. Oil exploration continued unabated, so she decided to stay back. I won't."
Spontaneously, she grew seal fins and the ocean swallowed her. The wind seemed to whisper in little Myra's ears, "When the ocean calls on you, come back, young pup. Come back."

Home is where family is

Shoumik De

Only man survived the shipwreck was Raghu. He repeatedly requested the authority to look for his wife and daughter who were never found with other 300 people on the ship. He would go to the beach every day to sit and stare at the unrelenting sea. One day his wife and daughter appeared in the sea and walked up to him. He hugged them tight and said “I knew you’ll come back, lets go home.” As he turned his wife said, “Not that way, home is back there.”
An eyewitness said he saw him walk into the sea… alone.

Picture Perfect

Akshit Patel

Looking at the naval ship' departure from its base, the girl standing by the sea broke into tears. Tons of memory occupied her mind.
Meanwhile, her friend intrudes, ‘Are you alright ?'
Pointing at the picture in her phone she said, “it would have been a perfect picture, if dad would have held my other hand."

The Plight of Might!


Standing amidst the enormous ocean every day,
A little girl longed to see her father somewhere,
The silhouettes of the dark ships that bore the weight,
It somehow moored her optimism within,
She beamed with joy and adulation,
When she thought she saw a footprint,
But then her worst fears bolstered,
When her mother pointed towards the right direction,
A promise made she recalled,
The voice she wanted to hear now,
Waiting for the day when he will come home,
She knew mastering the sea was his job,
Little did she know,
She was the anchor to his soul.



"Mom, look....that must be bringing Papa back!!" said Devi and spluttered in the sea towards a far sailing boat.
"Maybe" is all a teary eyed Radha could say to her daughter before joining her to hold her hand and wave till the ship vanished out of sight.
One more evening of waiting, one more hour in the water, one more drop of tear in the sea. Sometimes, hope is all we have.

A vision let-down by sight

Gokhul MG

"Look at those tall beautiful sea-facing apartments, one day we'll buy one and you can wake up looking at the sun rise from the sea." Brinda's mom told her excitedly. Brinda loved the sea and always persisted her mom to take her to the beach to feel the waves and bury her hand in the sand.
"The beach doesn't look like what I imagined it to be mom." Brinda sounded dejected. For a girl who saw the world through her ears until yesterday, the reality was bitter. The world sounded more beautiful when her mother explained it in words.

Freak Waves

Tanvi Nagwekar

The sun shined bright above their heads as they got off their cars. Youngsters coming to this beach was not a new thing. The beach was deserted like always.
Jay screamed out to his friends “and you all were scared of the ghosts that haunted this beach…. Such fools.” The waves lured him. He began walking farther into the sea. But stopped midway seeing a lady and a kid. “Go back. You don’t know what it is to drown here.”
He looked back to find his friends. But he had already come too far.

The tide turns

Sheil S

This was the last time I saw them.
My childhood friend and her newly adopted daughter.
Haven't seen you  in ages, drop us to the beach, she said.
Happy to , I replied, as I worried about missing that meeting.
Stay, please take our photo, we need memories. Her eyes looked strange, she hugged me and wouldn't let go. I made excuses and fled.
At night, the police called and said both walked into the sea and drowned.
My tears have not stopped. My heart is broken.

Life goes on


Decisions were taken
Paths were chosen
Fog was thick
Yet i decided to stick
Movement was slow
Steps were small
It took a while
For that kid to grow
It rained all the time
And storms hit too
I still laughed and smiled
hanging there as wind chime
Events became past
Memories faded
relationships were lost
It all happened so fast
Life only goes forward
No U-turns allowed
So take that moment
to sit, ponder and show gratitude

Perplexed Propinquity


"I have a question in mind, Didi!"
 She said while holding my hand, giving me a wonderful kind of smile, as we stepped into the waves. She continued in her husky voice, "Can you name the relationship between the sea and these small tides? And yours and mine?"
The more I thought, the more I got aghast. Relationship of high and low tides with the bottomless sea? And comparing it with eccentric human-bondings?
The answer to this another 'what', I did not know too.
The world knew her as my abecedarian, but we connected as soulmates.


Joy Vishal Britto

The little girl was scared. She kept her back to the ships sailing in the distance, afraid of evoking the painful memory associated with them. It was on a ship like this that her father had died, his ship had sunk, with his body buried somewhere at sea. She wanted to go back but her mother wouldn't let her.  "What if we drown like father", the girl asked, with fear in her voice. "We will face this waters together as we will the rest of this life. Without fear and with faith in each other", her mother spoke.


Lata Sunil

Where do we go from being in the middle of the sea?  All we can hope for is some ship to help us out!  The twirling, raging waters are rising, rising.
Sheela closes her eyes.  Her parents do not want her back in the house.   There is nobody who wants her back.
The sound of the sea was more peaceful than continuing in the abusive sham of a marriage.
But, Sheela wouldn’t leave her daughter to suffer.  They will die together.  The child is terrified of the waters.  Hold on little girl, it’s now just a matter of time.

The Wave

Sumaiya Hossain Lia

“Whoa!!! Mom!!”
“Here comes the another. Jump!”
“Yaaay!! I did!! But mom, why I have to jump when the wave comes?”
“Hahaha. Because if you don’t, the wave will hurt u, daughter”
“Mom, is it the reson why I have to jump when the wave comes?”
“Ummmm…Yeap honey!!”
“MOM!! Here the wave comes!!! Yeah!”
“Yes! You learned dear.”  Her mother smiled. As she can live her rest of life without any doubt. Because she taught her how to fight with difficulties.
“Yaay!”  she jumped properly and able to escape another wave.

A Photograph

Deepankar Goyal

Aditya took the necessary photographs of the storming sea he needed for his project and left. Just after a while the great tsunami occured. He thanked god that he is alive.
A few days later he was pasting the photos on his project and saw that in one of his clicks he had captured a woman and her daughter and contemplated that how we become part of different people's memories unknowingly. Seconds later his stomach felt hollow thinking whether they are still alive or not. Fate!

Saved by A Whisker

Ullhas B Kulkarni

Harassed by the urchin for alms and Shreya’s tantrums to go into the sea, Shruti warily ventured into the water.

Soon losing her fear, she kept going farther into the sea not missing a small raft lying close by.

Suddenly a pair of hands yanked both, not stopping till they reached the shore.

Shruti angrily turned on the urchin but he quietly pointed to a small speck faraway on the waves.

Shruti froze, they had been saved by a whisker.

She turned to reward the urchin, but he had now become a speck in the distance pestering another picnicker.



The sky had a graduated orange merging with the wavy waters along the horizon. He watched as the kid enjoyed his moments with his mother. He didn't know how long it was as he watched them indulge in happiness...
The screensaver changed.
This one was a picture of his family.
He picked up his phone and finally made the call.
He was going home to them, again.

Poetry in Motion

Eshita Dey

"As the tides hit the shore,
I find myself drifting away.
In the ripples...."
Stopping her poem midway, she was drawn by the cries of a child being pulled away from the sea by his mother. Déjà vu. 25 years ago, it was her mother. She had vowed to come back and she had. Smiling, she looked back at the sea. Her poem could wait. She dived headlong into the sea. Felt the same warm welcome. The page flew away somewhere in the air. It was no longer needed. She was poetry in motion; in herself.

Smithsonian Acquisition


It had been years since he woke up from the dreaded coma. He had grown to graduate from the best university.

Smithsons now had a new CEO. The Company was performing like never before.

After all these years, he still couldn't place those rare glimpses; of sun setting over the beach, the waves lashing against his feet, the warm grip of a loving hand...

Mrs. Smith was happy to have found the son she always wanted.

Rest in Peace Maa


"Two ice creams please", said Aarti. The vendor gave her the order strangely staring at her. "Let's play chhapak chhai.", she grabbed Suhani's hand and entered the waves. The spectators gave her a queer look. She continued to play. "I want to go home ma, please." said Suhani. Aarti waved at her husband.
"Let's go home", she shouted. Alok came wiping his tears. "Come Suhani", she said. "Suhani?" "Suhani?" "SUHANI!" Aarti broke down. Alok hugged her, "It has been 8 months. She must be tired. Let her rest Aarti." That day, three souls finally rested in peace.

Her Oblivion

Ankita Chauhan

Suddenly a wind rustled and her concentration returned, she looked up at the bluish-orange horizon. The hundred of waves were being mashed into a dreamy music. Her eyes clinging to the big iron bodies amidst the ocean and her high-flying heart paused to absorb what she had just felt.
She dusted off wet coarse sand from the pages of her diary and turned around. “There was a fervent little girl, raising her radiant dreams into this world and her mother wrapping her arm protectively.”
She felt the traces of her surrendered dreams. Ocean was her oblivion now.

Because he is on a secret mission


It’s my family pic. Me, my mom and my dad - thought Rohan the nth time.
Mom tells dad is in one of those ships on a secret mission for country. He is there that's why we are safe here. Rohan never met him but he believes her.
Mom had to go to school to explain why father's name column is empty...because he is on secret mission. She doesn't wear mangalsutra. There is no photo of him...because he's on secret mission.
Dad is mysterious and so is the uncle coming daily to his school to just see him.

A Whammed Mind

Rohan Tomar

-Mahesh rowing his boat - (Surprisingly!) What are they doing here! (Reaches there) Why did you come here Sarita? And why u brought Roobi? (Enters the boat) You should not come like this here, here everybody praises my tokenism and if they will see you with me then I will loose my job.
Anyways you bought a really nice frock for Roobi, it really suites her!
Inspector Bakshi (to fellow inspector): This fisherman is really an enigma! He drowned his family in the lake he was working and now in frustration hallucinates his family, his working companions!