Symptoms of Madness

Shakti Shetty

Every time that small spot of light flashed, this shark took it as a sign. He didn’t realise that it’s a man-made invention. In his pointed head, it was a star that had fallen from above and trapped on top of that phallic thing. So, what our hero tried to do was get as close as possible. But none of his feisty endeavours managed to fruition. Either he got severely washed off by waves or damaged his jaws at the rocky base. Regardless, he refused to give up.
Moral: Stars are best left to sky and morons, to sea.

God's postcard

Anand Halve

It was a postcard created by God. The turquoise blue sea. The cotton-clouds in the sky. And the lighthouse.
But an invisible darkness cloaked it. People spoke of a sailor who had committed suicide there and haunted it. Others said they’d heard inhuman sounds at night. Whatever the truth be, what was sure is that no one who went there returned.
The old sailor looked up from his dinghy almost sadly. He added a knot to the stone and threw the body over the side. He added another notch to his oar and stared rowing back towards the lighthouse.

The Land


Thirteen days after the wreck, he sighted a piece of earth rising out of the horizon. It was lined with plants ten times taller than him. What amazed him was the mammoth structure that seemed to serpentine into the skies. He couldn't make sense of anything.
"Zack!" It couldn't be. He must be hallucinating.
"Zack!" He woke up with a start.
When he narrated the events to his father he said, "It is time you heard about the myth that is around for as long as I have known, the land!".



Lost in the boat of dreams,
Sails, falling apart at the seams,
Threatened by the roaring waves of yesterday,
Rocked by the high tides of today,
Surging ahead into the realm of storm,
Being swept away from home.
The gathered clouds crying gloom,
The howling winds screaming doom.
Through parched, trembling lips,
A prayer, fervent slips.
A gleam peeks far in the horizon,
A lighthouse, a hope, beacons.
Leading the adrift in safer waters,
Guiding the homeless in anchored shelters.
A safe passage is illuminated,
To the one, by His light graced.

What lurks beyond deep waters

Madhavi Pujari

The beach always worked its magnetic pull over her. One such fine day, she went along with her kin. She loved the sight of basaltic rocks and couldn't wait any longer to play hotchpotch on them.
"Come over here, there's something moving", she gasped.
A whale cast upon by the seas, breathed it's last on the shore.
"Dunderheads!!!!!, won't you let an old man sleep peacefully; what's with all the oil slick?".
She had no idea where the voices were coming from.
Far below, unbeknownst to her, Captain Nemo was aghast at the blatant plundering of his waters.



She didn't understand much of what was happening to her. All she knew was that every day, right before dusk, she couldn't move anymore. Waiting for him to appear on the shore.
Today he came accompanied by his future wife. The woman broke the awkward silence that had installed between them.
“Is this the place?”
“Yes, this is where Acquaria would swim, while I was taking pictures from the top of the lighthouse. One evening she simply disappeared from my sight. Police has never found her body.”
None of them saw the liquid shape trembling and trying to speak.

Ocean in Her heart

Anik Das Dipta

Two months left for Reena's Birthdays.
Ratul asked Reena what is the wish that she wants to make true
-You know what is my wish?My wish is to see the beauty of an ocean but I can't.I can see only darkness.
Hearing this Ratul was hurt but he didn't lose his heart. He donated his eyes for his love Reena. After operation Ratul took Reena to a beautiful island. Reena saw the beauty but Ratul couldn't. Ratul just wanted to feel the beauty of Reena's Happiness. Ratul found the Ocean in Reena's heart.

The Light Surprise

Venkatesh G

The note on fridge read ‘Happy Anniversary! Catch me if you can’
‘Not again’ He sighs.
He searches everywhere, speaks to everyone and returns home single. Tired, he grabs bottle of water and then it strikes him. Lighthouse.
He races to the coast and finds her by the waves.
‘Caught you’.
‘That was fast’ she says sarcastically
‘As you always say, when in trouble, the light shall guide you’
‘Really?!’ she says raising an eyebrow
‘Well, that’s the story you tell our kids. As for us, thank you, for putting a lighthouse picture next to the note on fridge’

The Script

Sneha V

Day 3: She is disturbed by her son’s drawings. Black circle scribbling.
Day 5: She finds The Lighthouse and traces it to Moeska Island.
Day 7: She arrives at Morgan horse ranch. She sees the barn, the attic, the television.. Back at Shelter Mountain Inn, the sun dawns upon the silhouettes of maple tree. Just then she discovers the well. As she leans in, she falls into the pit. And there she finds .
‘Samara’ Naomi exclaimed and smiled. ‘It’s a brilliant story. By the way, what do we call it?’
‘How about ‘The Ring’ says the Director.

To the lighthouse


To the lighthouse, my love, away from the mundane. To the blue sea where we can see our soul rippling and reflecting in the sparkling salty water. To lay on the beach, soak in the sun. To feel the breeze caress your face and play with my hair. To entwine our fingers when the sun goes down and wake up to our entwined limbs when it comes up again.
To the lighthouse, my love, away from you, away from me, closer to us. Just us.



Standing upon rock kissed by sun.
Within the lighthouse old Phallologion seeded the Lingam-tower with his Design...
Why settle for less? Let the Very Cosmos be your Yoni-yin.

U Turn

Naveen Rane

Having decided that i may end up as loser in my life with so many things happening around me, i decided to take a leap of faith. Depressive, empty heart and mind trying to fend something which would become the fodder for my survival. Standing on bay it was just going to happen when i saw a couple asking for help when the light house flashed on them that's when i realized no matter what happens life is to live not just throw away. I valued life by seeing someone else dying before I would have killed myself.

A Rich Life or Riches in Life?

Ullhas B Kulkarni

Raj and I had gone to this tiny island village. We stayed in Shravan’s homestay with his aged parents. His job was looking after the nearby lighthouse.
Impressed by his sincerity, Raj offered him a city job paying ten times more. Shravan politey refused. “What a fool,” Raj remarked.
But I saw different. Shravan was leading a rich life meeting his family’s needs in less, proud of managing the lighthouse guiding his village boatmen. Raj was perpetually stressed, in poor health. He would never have enough.
What does one want in life?
A rich life or riches in life?


Srujana Adhikari

She was at the beach for the first time after his death. This was the place they had met. She was trying to get on top of lighthouse and had slipped. He had caught her from falling and they had become friends right away. Every anniversary they used to come to the beach to celebrate and go on top of lighthouse and stay there for hours. Now she was alone standing on this lonely lighthouse trying to control her tears.

The proposal


She looked out, it was the first time she had come to a beach. It was beautiful, the smell of sea, the cool breeze. She saw the lighthouse, waves just touching it. She was taking it all in when she heard her name athithi. She turned to see him, he was on his knees with a ring in his hand. Her favourite song in the background nd he said three beautiful words "I love you".

A Meet-Cute

Muzzammil Lambate

In this chaotic rubble she still remembered a couple breaking up while witnessing one of the most stunning settings. The lighthouse was making her nostalgic, how can one be so cruel, she thought.
She believed every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end, but somewhere inside she wished that little piece of his soul might come back. She felt the wind blow through her, that moment spoke the language only dreamers could understand. She felt him. After all these years, she finally met him again, a place where it all ended. It was a meet-cute like none other.

Salty Tears


It was Lata's first trip with college friends, a trip to an island. Being from a place far away from the sea, it was their first acquaintance with beaches. Girls went to rooms while guys stayed back, including Sameer; Lata's love. Not more than an hour would have passed when this happened. 3 guys who were playing with the waves had lost control and got drowned. Lata looked around, Sameer was not there. She could only find 'love you Lata' written on sand. That tryst with sea left salty water flowing from her eyes forever.

Breaking News!!

Rohan Tomar

"We Have Mr.Shankar At The Location"
"Shankarji Can You Hear Me?"
"Yes.. I am standing anterior to the eminent lighthouse which has an apocryphal history of its connection with alien spaceships, some geologists believes that the sand surrounding she lighthouse has an Unusual radioactivity. Some natives believe tha...."
- Turns Off-
"Why did you switch it off Arbog?"
"India Tv? Ohh Come On! Get a life dude!"
-Both Sit In Their Spaceships-

Glinting Transmittal


The land goes far away. Only a light on the tower is twinkling. What is right ahead of me? What I called the beach is no longer visible. Have I reached the middle of the sea? Is some giant monster going to emerge from the deep? Will I get dragged into the depths by some undercurrent? Will my feet slip in? "Mummy, can I sleep between you and Dad tonight, so that we can fight with the sea-monster together?"
A child-mind's tower-light traverse through the stillness of land, and mobility of ocean, that parenthood navigates.

Call of Duty

Deepankar Goyal

The sea was calm again when the sun rose as if nothing had happened. All evidence of the battle had either floated away or sunk. Only one boy knew what it was. He stood there in the lighthouse managing the lights the previous night to guide the warriors of the night. He had lost his father and brother. What could he have done? He was doing his duty and he had to witness his own loss. Fate was being cruel with him. He was helpless.


Ankita Chauhan

When the moment finally came, she managed to fix her heart to follow rhythm of someone else’s life. The day was moving forward, cloudy sky cloaked the vast ocean. Her abstinence from oceanic land kept her away from this kind of adventure since ages. But that day she couldn't say no to him. They did so much together, took a pensive walk on Palm Beach, and heard hum of thousand waves, right next to the azure ocean. She surprised to see beauty of splattered rays and a real lighthouse. She finally knew the meaning of ‘Us’.

And the story continues

Eshita Dey

"OMG!" shouted Aditi, arousing everyone aboard the cruise. Taran and Avi came running, gasping at the sight. Bunny laughed and kissed Naina's forehead. Stirring from her nap, she gave that heart-breaking smile. "You are gorgeous", breathed Bunny. "Naina laughed. "Drama queen!! But the island looks so breath-taking." she sighed. "Not more than my pregnant Naina." he said. She giggled. Out of the sudden he bellowed, "I love you Naina!" Everyone laughed. Looking at Naina, he found tears in her eyes. His heart fell in love with her all over again. He was now complete.

Fishy feelings

Womania neverborn

Have lost many things walking on these beaches....
my first mobile..
a pair of sunglasses..
right sole of my favorite shoes..
few kilos..
enthusiasm to work out..
many things.
But these beaches have always given me more than it has taken... Hide and seek behind the light house..
fighting with friends for bigger fish...
and free swimming lesson.
Today while leaving this place for a better life ahead I am feeling weird.
Scenic beauty in eyes and fishy smell in nostrils. Can I get a better life than this?
And with this I proceed to type my resignation.



To the outside world, this was one of the oldest light house structure around. Even though public entry was strictly restricted around the island, it didn't raise any flags, till now that is.
It all started a week ago, when a little known author published his first book of fiction; Alcatraz. Three days later, the author was found dead under mysterious circumstances. A day later, further publishing of the book was strictly prohibited and all copies in the market sold.
It was the Government's worst nightmare. A piece of fiction that was true.



“So, our hero comes in a submarine, kills the guards standing on these rocks and the guy standing on the balcony of the lighthouse with a sniper. This triggers an alarm. Armed goons from neighboring warehouses go after him. He fights with them around those coconut trees, gets injured during this, but still manages to reach the lighthouse, kills the villain after a gruesome dual and snatches the sachet from his pocket?”
“Yes. And then he says our tagline, “Goa Gutkha – Jannat ka raasta aasan nahi hota!”
“Interesting. When do we start?”
“Soon after the team returns from Australia.”

Escape to Paradise


A heavy noise wakes her from an already broken sleep. It is dark but for a pale moon beam cast on a wall. She walks without ease, her gaze resting on a yellowed poster of a tropical beach. She takes an instant leap in time to her mother’s soft voice reading out from Treasure Island.
She recalls happiness through her eight year old’s eyes. Exotic flavours flood her senses; sunshine, hands dipped in crystal blue water, fuzzy warmth inside her belly.
By the time the morning light illuminates the prison's barred window, she tiptoes the warm, golden, comforting sand.


Ven Dutta

You were the lighthouse. The shining light. They looked for you when in need. You were the hope for the hopeless. The apple of their eyes.
But what happened when she left you?
The beauty next to you did not matter. You became the searchlight. Flashing the hopeful beam into the dark horizon. A wishful thinker. Hoping she will catch a glimpse and come back into your arms. Not destiny's savior, but desperately trying to save your own.

Buried Silence

Gaurav Vyas

I made her leave me a year back, speculating all sort of good reasons which will make her life enriched.
Here we are standing like this lighthouse and sea ...can’t touch...can’t come closer ...sharing this silence...bruised with desperations. Bruised with her Question "Why?”
Yeah, all I have is this silence, my prized possession, bruised as never before, like this lighthouse getting bruised with each passing breeze from the sea which ensures its presence but can’t dilute the distance...for ever & ever.

Daughter of India

Y. Padmanabhan

She was a soldier's daughter happily married to a coastal guard. Her husband used to shower her with costly gifts beyond his means.
One day she overheard him discussing strategy to offload arms on the coastal beach, with a stranger. After the stranger left, he entered the house and found her holding his service revolver.
'It is not a toy, don’t play with it'.
'I am a martyr's daughter, I know how to use it.'
'OK, put it down.'
'Better a widow than to be known as a traitor's wife.'
Boom…Boom… Boom.

Change of Heart

Hariharan A

"There's the Lighthouse. That's the place where we receive the shipment." said Maqbool. Abul was very nervous. It's his first time to receive the shipment after being the lord of the underworld. The trawler stopped on the shores.
Shabir came bowing and said, "Welcome, Bhai. The shipment is ready."
The next thing, which Abul saw, made his stomach make a somersault. Children were packing the product and were heaving under the heavy boxes.
Half an hour later, the children were on the trawler, seeing their near future with Abul, who had a similar past, but later changed his future.

Faux Friend


"One day, I'll run away, and you'll regret it, baba", Chutki would cry, running out of her shanty. She'd sit by the rocks, staring at the light. It would stare back at her, every second, only for a micro, but that was enough for her. Today, she missed her father, detested that horrible place that lit up in the dark, but was dark and dingy inside, during the day. As the boat approached the shore, one of them stood up and slapped her hard, "Shanti Devi's waiting for you. Do as she says. Act smart and I'll kill you!"


Akshay K

During the day it looks like just another tower built to prove that we can build tall buildings. But, during the night, this tower is the only thing standing between a ship and its obliteration.
Its funny how things like words change their meanings with respect to the context they are in. Its almost like they are alive, trying to tell us that everybody has a unique quality which will be revealed only under the right circumstances.

Things of Order

Sameer Shetty

A lighthouse mainly functions to provide clarity to people at sea. Some things are meant to function in a certain way for order.
The problem is when these things of certain expectancy falter for some reason, there are ships possibly that are shaken or damaged forever , similarly for people guiding light for ideas go nepotistic ...good ideas get lost..



patient:"thats an irritating poster on your wall doctor"
doctor" it....maybe becuase of this current situation"
patient""ha.....can you be done with it soon"
doctor "oh yes....prep him up for the colonoscopy


Hemant Patel

Child: Momie, where do we go after we die?
Momie: The good soul goes to heaven and bad soul goes to hell.
Child: What is hell & heaven Momie?
Momie: Hell is an island with roasted humans surrounded by blood coloured ocean. And heaven is an angelic island surrounded with diamonds which reflects the blue sky.
Child(smiles): Momie, I think I have seen heaven.
Momie(chuckles): When? You dint tell me.
Child: When I sleep in your lap. It feels like heaven Momie.

A moment in time

Matilda Briggs

Jon's five-year-old daughter kept tugging him from behind. He snapped back angrily, "I am working. We are not on a vacation!"
Years later, he caught Sally brooding over his award winning picture, titled, "The Lighthouse". He whispered to Sally, "I am sorry for everything. I was never there because I was always clicking pictures!" Sally mused back; "You sacrificed your valuable time to capture a moment beautifully through your lens. These pictures are like starlight that travel for light years only to adorn the night sky, every single day." A smiling Jon walked away, relieved and thankful.

Red and White


"Wow, It’s so beautiful from up here. I am glad I braved all those stairs."
"I know how to make it even better." He said and then as he got down on his knees she knew exactly what was going to happen next. She herself was longing for it for quite some time now.
His hand slipped inside his jacket's pocket and came back with a box.
He bent down little bit more to avoid wind coming from the Lighthouse window and then lit one. They both just stood there for a while sharing a cigarette.

Saviour or Disguise

Kanksshi Agarwal

She swam safely at the depth mostly. A small little fish, what do you expect more of it? There were ships and big boats that hovered her existence. Too distant to chase, too close to curse her swim.
Rest of the time, spent living in the effigy of fear that whales built up. The big fishes. Superiors.
A "guard" from the hooting, alarming, shinning, red lighthouse placed her out of this ocean of opportunism and competition into the tranquility of an aquarium. Need to fight? Ended. Survival immunity, died. So did she with mere overeating of worms.

The Proposal

Lata S

‘There is the light house,’ exclaimed Rita from the boat visiting the small island with Arun.
Arun rubbed his hands nervously looking towards the lighthouse.
As they got off the boat near the rocky banks, they held hands to avoid slipping.
They used a lift to reach the top of the lighthouse.
‘It looks so beautiful from here,’ gushed Rita still unaware of Arun’s intentions. She was taking in the beautiful surroundings and the wind on her face. Arun fidgeted in his pocket.
Suddenly, Rita panicked at their loneliness.
Arun took out a diamond ring from his pocket.

Same Frame, Different Perceptions

Ashwini Dodani

Today, I am going to tell you a simple story.
I am one of those beautiful things you see in nature every day.
I decorate your home, you use me to worship Gods and sometimes I just help you with a scent.
To find the answer, most importantly blur your eyes and see this frame.
I am an inverted lotus. Drowned in an ocean of hope.
To rise in your hearts, dear storytellers. :)

Lighthouse 13


One sunny afternoon Jordan saw her standing on the ledge outside of the top of the lighthouse, searching for something or someone, looking like a vision. It was by chance that he had found the tiny island on an unscheduled trek and instantly had been captivated. She looked ravishing and had his complete attention, lust does that you know. He decided to ask her out for coffee. He walked up the serene path and she looked rather enchanting up close. His eyes possessed but stood speechless and scared as he could see through her body rather than at her.

The Light at the end of the tunnel

Shoumik De

It has been more than 30 hours drifting in the open sea. I think I am the only survivor of the MH370. Dehydrated and hungry I was about to give up trying to survive is when I saw a light. A ray of hope, I started swimming towards it. Light started getting brighter until it was completely white. It almost blinded me. When I opened my eyes there was no pain, no hungry, no fear. I felt light as a feather. That’s when I realized, that wasn’t a lighthouse that was the light at the end of the tunnel.

A Complete Day

Sumaiya Hossain Lia

“Ow! It’s horrible!”
“Hahahaha. No, it’s enjoyable. Stop taking photographs in this shaking boat. Or you would fall in the crazy sea”
“Then who will take the photographs of us?”
“Nobody needs to!”
“Why not? Imagine it, we wouldn’t have any photos of our honeymoon.”
“Think of it, we wouldn’t have any memories of our honeymoon.”
“Umm, It’s confusing! From the first day of our relationship till now, in our married life, you have confused me”
“Ha ha, because I love you, Sam”. Sam sat beside Simran and held her hand tightly. A few words can turn the tables.

We Changed

Aditi Mathur

“Remember the summer on the beach? We were inseparable.”
“We were young.”
“You were 13!”
“And you were 8. Innocent and clueless. You still are.”
“It was us against the world! We promised nothing will come between us, we’ll be there for each other forever.”
“Forever is awfully long.”
“What changed?”
“Circumstances changed. Choices and chances changed us.”
“We both wanted to be huge ocean waves, frolicking and happy, wild and free. What happened?”
“You became that wave and I, the lighthouse. Neither wild, nor free. Never free. That’s what happened.”


Sampoorna Satheesha Rappaz

She was lying, belly-down, on a raft of driftwood tied together with rough tresses of coconut leaves and strong vines. The current had slowed down. There was no wind. She heard the gentle lapping of the ocean water on the sides of the rotting planks. Distant sounds of mocking seagulls caressed her ears and nudged her eyes open. She raised her head and turned it slowly to face the horizon. The ocean was foaming white where it met the cliff, relentless in its undertaking. She was thirsty, hungry, boiled and blistered. Her tears, now less bitter, refracted a lighthouse.