An Apprised Causeway


I want to watch you fight l want you to pull together the moonbeams of hope I want you to learn the thousand one ways in which you can melt the boundaries and the emptiness of life I do not want you to enter the fidgetiness I want you to win but someday I want you to be free I want your life with less I and more commas and full stops of literacy unlike me.
Your less literate mother
~Anandi dropped the letter in the postbox and walked towards the enlightened path of Night School for Adults.

Surprise!!!! But Not A Pleasent One


A friend booked a session with a
hot looking girl for Ravi..
Ravi gets really excited and reached that place well before time.
As he entered, he saw number
of glowing bulbs in a row and room was looking so romantic.
He started to fantasise about
passionate sex.
A women wearing a latex suit comes out
Ravi smiles & thinks "Ohh God she is so hot
i have'nt seen anyone like her before"
she blindfolded him
and ties his hands and legs,

and said 'slave are you ready'!! and before Ravi could speak she tied his mouth too.!!!



He had never believed in afterlife, in spite of his famous Inferno.
And here he was, suspended in time, completely alone, in pitch black darkness. Only after what it seemed like centuries and the maddening panic of living in solitude for an eternity gave way to berserk boredom, he made his first step in the abyss.
What a startle! The faster he went, the more lights erected from nowhere. Drawing shiny mandalas with his feet through the infinite maze until night disappeared. The same second he heard the Voice:
“Mr. Dante, your Purgatory has finally come to an end.”

The Halogen Lamp


“Bubble Buster, Chhatri, Haruki's Newton, The Moving Road, Jab They Met, Daily Wages, Sound of Silence, The Graduation, Collar, Defying Gravity - An Apple a Time, One More Frame, Wake up!, Knock Knock”

“A skipped story, for the frame reminded of his best friend's suicide”

“Crows are Black But..., Cold Turkey, Out of Stock”

“Missed smoke, Lost Music, The Horizon Bench; The stories that could have been”

Weird stories came easily to him, but took a bulb each to title them. Sixteen bulbs later, he’s suddenly out of filament, forget just the electricity. He’s turning into the halogen lamp…

Waiting bulbs


"5 years is long time. Don't wait. We may forget each other" Tejasvi remembered his last words to Mansi while returning back.
No contact since 5 years except his letter 3 months back telling his journey date and asking her to put a small row of tiny bulbs in her house if she still remembered him.
His heart pounding as he inched closer. He saw a house... tiny bulbs lit all over. He couldn't believe.
Yes.... It's her house.
Tears started flowing, then he saw at entrance a board was flashing 'Mansi weds Amar' in tiny red bulbs.

The Dark Side of Edison

Shoumik De

“No… no… no... there must be a way to beat you.”
In a dark room, under the light of a table lamp, an old man frantically working on complicated mathematical equations. Crumpled pieces of paper lay all around the room.
“No matter how many light bulbs I invent, no matter how fast the light travels but wherever it reaches it finds that the darkness has reached there already.”
“Mr. Edison time to go to bed” an old nurse came walking in with medicines. Tucked Eddy in the bed and switched off the light. And the darkness took over again.

The Changing Times


Rameshwar recollected his visits to parents' house with family every Deepawali and the freshly made earthen lamps, clay idols, rangolis and homemade sweets.
Everything has changed now. The same string of bulbs used year after year. The China made idols of Ganesh and Lakshmi have inbuilt bulbs. The sweets come from the shop. Even his son's greetings through SMS every year look similar except for the excuses for not coming.
'Atleast they still call it Deepawali' he thought. Just then the 10 year old from the neighbouring terrace called out, 'Uncle! why don't they call it Bulbawali?'

A deal breaker

Shakti Shetty

There was utter darkness; nothingness at its purest form. All of a sudden entered God. She couldn’t see anything—let anyone the beautiful void in front of her—when an idea struck her bright mind forcing to yelp, “LET THERE BE LIGHT!”
A 50-50 deal though. Day and night. Nonetheless, she could see nothing clearly now so she got down to work and ended up creating the lovely mess we are in.
Fast forward several millennia to Edison.
He too felt the need to see nothingness clearly but he wouldn’t agree with the deal God did. No way.

The Forgone Dreams

Ven Dutta

The cold floor reminded her of her dreams. The ones she shared with her love. The ones where they held each other, no care in the world. The ones where she was queen, in his eyes, and that was enough. The crash took it all. The warmth was all gone.
But suddenly the little hand awakens her from her muse.
“I miss daddy too. But I joined you here. To be with you, forever.”
Her face smiles. There is no more pain. Only the warmth of her child’s smile. An enlightened present. A blurry past.

Lighted up wire mesh, dimmed lives

Madhavi Pujari

"What does the instructor take us to be?, petty electricians", eh.
Retorted Rahul displaying a bit of derision in his eyes.
Prof Srinivasan was not at all pleased to hear such words coming from an Avionics student.
"Babu!!", get back to work, one has to start from basics", fumed the Instructor.
More than the electric bulb, heated up by the Tungsten filament, it was the tube light which held his fancy; Ionization of gas particles, was damn intriguing.
They had spent an entire day in laying up the Incandescent bulb in the workshop, slogging day and night.

The Shining Woman

Hariharan A

She was alone, putting up the decorative lights on the terrace of our building. I was planning to go and tell her, but chose not to do so.
Just then, a voice came, "Mummy!" She turned and saw the little girl, ran towards it and cuddled her. I asked, "Mummy?" "She's my sister's daughter. She died in a car crash, since then she is with me now and I am going to spend all my life for her."
I smiled and decided that she's going to be my partner for life.

Crystal Clear

Prasad B. Kulkarni

"Do you see the lighting Harsh?" Prakash asked his son.
"How beautiful it is. The arrangement is superb and the effect is eye pleasing" he continued. He was standing in front of the lighting arrangement done on their society compound, and so was Harsh.
It was festival of lights, Diwali. Streets, houses and even shanties brightly lit. Kids were bursting crackers, playing merrily.
"Yes dad, the milky white bulbs add a different charm".
This jolted Prakash. A 10 year old kid having blurry vision wasn't a good news on festival day. It was diagnosed as Glaucoma later in tests.

Happy Ending

Fresh January

1978. Delhi University.
Misra Misra, Sanjay Misra !!
Mother Father, Bunty Nagar !!
"Yaar, we really need sophisticated junta on our side to win this election."
"Girls are organising a fashion show, try to find a way to help, who knows a few may vote for your Misra."
"Hey hello, we need help unloading these planks"
Ah !! Pankhudi. She could delightfully entince your senses & yet be so mysteriously repulsive.
Even today I can remember her walking down the ramp lit by zillion bulbs, her fluttering hair, her lustrous painted lips.
"Am going to vote for Apurv's Misra."

The Flames Of Anticipation

Roshan D'Souza

It’s Christmas eve and I watch the lights all around. This particular string has me following it like the wise men followed the star only it is leading me to you. I follow it through fences and trees, over arches and gates, sometimes losing it sometimes finding more than one string entwined as if to mislead me. It’s complicated just like our relationship. The way to where you are.
But I could find the way to your heart blindfolded. I stand outside your door thinking that lights are unnecessary tonight. We’ll build our own bonfire.

Let There Be Light

Akshay K

Sumit called Malvika in the dark room. Malvika enters, wondering. She yells, "God! What are you upto now". Without being disturbed Sumit turns on a light switch and says, "Let there be light!".
And the wall lights up like a billion fireflies carefully placed waking from their sleep, creating the most incredible and exquisite display of light.
Malvika was awestruck by the view that she saw. She had often asked Sumit what our galaxy looked like. And now she knew.

I never needed light to find you


She had built walls around her heart. So many of them. Each one reminded her of her hurt, her scars and her broken trust. All of them in dim lights. She was scared to let anyone know her. I walk along the dim lights, carefully picking her broken pieces, keeping them with me, forever and always. I will reach you, someday, in dim lights, breaking each wall, one smile at a time, to fill that void that exists between and your smile.
I don’t care about anything. I am just walking this beautiful burden, of knowing you unconditionally.

A Mess Of Gorgeous Chaos

Muzzammil Lambate

One thing that hastily got his attention was the lighting, subtle but capable of luring a lost soul. He had a wife, he thought. “F*** it”, she is always busy with her late meetings, what about his cravings?
The private strip show started. The light bulbs were dimly lit, but it was bright enough to see her red corset and G-Strings. She swiftly made a move and sat on him. Their eyes met, she looked like a mess of gorgeous chaos. She left. He left.
They never spoke about it. Her late meetings stopped, so did his cravings.


Ritu Pandey

"Anil! What are you trying to do here?"- Doctor literally barked.
There was no sign of Diwali. Nothing.
"Cannot you see? I am trying to enlighten everyone's path."- He replied with a straight face,trying to keep the lights in a line.
"Nurse! Has he taken his medicines yet? Not again of his drama please! Take him to his room!"- Doctor said,looking with disguist towards the bulbs lying on both the boundaries of the path.
"And please,remove these bulbs from here,someone mad like him would definetely hurt himself."
And he was taken to his room; No enlightening, nothing. A sigh escaped, a sad one.

Silent Lovers

Alka Vasudeva

Sharp at 9 a.m. the Suhani , the tall dusky smiling short girl with long black hair turned her head towards the left door at Metro station and blushed when her eyes catch the sight of that dark bearded handsome man in blue sports outfit. He too brushed keeping his gaze on the floor.Both searched for each other's presence daily but hardly spoke.
They boarded the same train at same time towards the same station and often sat opposite just to be happy to peep on in between.The station guards code named the duo the SILENT. LOVERS

When Sally Remembered Harry

Matilda Briggs

The lights lay crumpled in a shady corner of their attic. She plugged in the socket and they instantly came to life. Smiling, she turned around to see a visibly distraught Sally.
"But, it's been two years since we have celebrated Christmas!"
"Harry bought these..put them away."
"I am sorry, honey!", she whispered as she hugged her grieving daughter. Tears welled up in Sally's eyes. She couldn't muster the courage to tell her mother that on that desolate Christmas eve, two years ago, she couldn't hold it anymore. She had strangled her abusive husband with those very lights.

God of Night

Naveen Rane

If sun is god of day, then certainly you are the god of night. Everyday my grandma prays to sun for his blessings in the morning but I pray to you every night because you bestowed me whole life by giving me light to study, to shape my career, enjoy parties with my friends, enjoy the night with my family and loved ones. I bow and salute for being my artificial sunlight.

Flicker of Happiness


Tipu was sitting in a dark, obscure corner of his room. All his loved ones were gone and he couldn’t let it go. Alone and abandoned, he looked at the flickering light across his room; the sight was reminiscent of the speeding ambulance where Abbu was moribund. The eerie silence amidst chaotic traffic and Abbu’s remorseful gaze towards his son was unbearable. Tipu had to let go because hanging on was not an option.
Suddenly the light started glowing brightly. All the happy memories of Abbu came crashing back. For the first time in a year, he smiled.

Time Change

Sameer Shetty

"ahha a rare yellow light" First Moth
oh "you like this" Second Moth
"very much but these days all I see are the white ones" Second Moth

Life Cycle

Ashwini Dodani

Birth (1st bulb) – Born with so much light & essence.
Childhood (2nd) – Under your parents; so protected, happy & peaceful life.
Youth (3rd) – Friends. Fun. And it goes on.
1st Love (4th) – You feel this is it; your life found a meaning.
1st Break Up (5th) – Ah! Pain, wisdom & separation.
True Love (6th) – Someone who values you to the core.
Distance (7th) – A little distance yet coming back to them.
Growing old (8th) – A well settled life & desires fulfilled.
They leave for heaven (9th) – Pain for you & peace for them.
D-day (last set) – Time to restart.


Mihika Jindal

I stare at the bulb that is shining with inexplicable conviction, the kinds that makes me wonder if it wants to say something. I see its brightness blur as my eyes well up...
"I have had enough. Can't seem to deal with your insecurities anymore. You rile up on the same issues over and over again and I am through with this."
He, at no level, realized that these endless insecurities were because I had taken each one of his word a little too seriously over almost a decade.

Fresh New Lights

Lata Sunil

‘I wish you will reconsider this hasty divorce’ said mom in the kitchen in between making chapatis. ‘But mom, I can’t live with him anymore’. Mom continued in silence. Then she pointed to the string of lights outside our window. ‘Do you see that?’. I looked at the lights outside, pretty yellow lights. ‘What will you do about those lights in the string which are not working?’ she continued without waiting for my response. ‘You will replace the bad lights with good ones and the string would be perfect again. Give your marriage fresh new lights, give another chance’.

An Audience

Vivek Mehra

It was when left last in the race
with even you so far ahead
from eyes gone, that
I realised, I was no runner
but a walker.
I dropped off, finally. And walked.

First I saw the rainbows and
my cheeks tasted
a wetness other than tears
softer drops. Rain.

One day however,
the bright sparks stopped jostling me
I, a stone, dark, and unbright
They walked, my way.

In a world full of erudite, wise, tongues
I had become a rarest rarity. Ears.
Amongst talkers, a listener.

For the magical performer
I was priceless.
An audience.

Historic Makeover

Deepankar Goyal

The UFO landed with a thud. It was all glittery. The weird looking people called "Apes" looked at it and marvelled this new source of light. They had only known about fire as a source of light.
The man who got down from it gave them this new science and the apes made him a God.
This is what happens when two scientists Edison and Einstein meet. They make history, AGAIN!

A Bright Might


The lights lay strewn, the ambience was quite. No one had expected Samita to do this. She had always been the quite one. The more adjustable one. The one who never rebelled. Her parents had high hopes, all their dreams lay broken. They thought they had done their best but indeed they did more than that. She had made them proud. Raised her voice this one time. But once was enough, she walked out of the wedding when the groom demanded dowry. She showed strength no one thought she had, she was the one who set an example for the rest.

I realize

Ankita Chauhan

The smouldering vehicles are fading the sound of my heartbeats and I am standing at window, occupied in transforming the streetlight-bulbs into earthen lamps by revising my eyes.
I wish I rekindle those scintillating nights, just once.
I want to feel silver sands of reflected moonlight into palms.
I want to recapture those cuddles, silent talks of flashing eyes and uncontrollable laughter.
I want to rediscover that love, you had scribbled on my skin with warmth of your fingers.
Sudden realization shakes me out of my deaf soul. No, I can’t afford success at the cost of liberating moments.

Deepawali - Two Aspects


I hurriedly came out of my house, again late for my night shift.
I locked the main door and saw the same little girl standing out of my house staring at the lights I hanged two days before for Diwali.
She was smiling. Her eyes were as twinkling and sparkling as those lights. She looked at me and said, “Will you please give me those lights for a day after Diwali is over, I want to celebrate Diwali at my home”, and she pointed towards the slum area.

The Homesick

Soumya Iyer

Leaning against the balcony railing, steaming mug of hot chocolate in hand, she looked out over the neighbourhood bathed in colourful lights, through the falling snow. Back home during Diwali, while everyone slept, she would watch the glowing lights through her bedroom window. She missed her bedroom! “Now you are just being a homesick moron”, she mentally chided herself. Coming to US for studies was her decision. She had just traded those Diwali lights for these Christmas ones for three years, not forever. She sighed, and then smiled, took out her mobile and dialled mom for the nightly call.

The End Of Darkness

Sumaiya Hossain Lia

“So, Today you are back from UK?”
“Hmm. But, I wasn’t prepared for this.”
“It’s fate. Almighty had written that.”
“But, I love you”
“Maybe you loved me, not now. Because if you did, you wouldn’t go to UK and stop all contacts with me”
“I know it was my fault, But why did you agree for this?”
“Whoever knew that you’d come back to my life on my wedding ceremony!!”
“There shouldn’t be anything anymore between us! I’m fine without you, Mahir! Light glows better in dark,” said Priya in cold eyes and left from her balcony.


Christina Sasu

The last thing he remembered was the icy road. He tried to move, expecting some sort of pain, somewhere. But nothing… It was as if he had no legs, arms, toes, fingers, none!
NOOO! Not paralyzed! Please! He begins to feel the panic taking over his mind. When he eventually manages to open his eyes – complete darkness. Except for some glowing orbs, eerily floating in line and moving in slow motion, away from him.
Oh, he knows now, he gets it: a procession of souls, and he is one of them.

Frames and their Stories

Chandni Roy

My journey started with a cassette. Thought, it'd end up in a smoke & I'd be lost in the milieu. Instead I got a ticket to a magical world of stories. I crowed about how I traversed beaches & woods under the moon. I read beautiful minds, tasted the fruit of passion in inked words & saw how life announced it's approach ... in rest or walking a deserted road, with a feline grace. The raining emotions drench me. I seem to live in a bubble, where incandescent bulbs throw effervescent light on shimmering colours, swimming there!


Ullhas B Kulkarni

A universe of love, my motherly sister Lata overwhelmed everyone with her caring disposition. Just tender 25 when medical negligence snatched her away, she mothered all, from siblings, parents to in-laws and friends. Master of languages, graceful Bharat Natyam dancer, powerful orator, she was my mentor, the first light of my life. The light fell 43 years ago, but she still glows on.

More lights lit up as life moved on, but she will live on in my life till my last breath.

Death, you can snuff out a life, but not the light of my life.

Light that darkens me

Conqueror of Misery

Are you guys scared of darkness??
Glowing bulbs, lights
brightness, these are the terms
which I know but don’t understand.
It’s impossible for us to feel what these words actually mean,
as darkness has remained
my best friend through out
my life.
Darkness doesn’t scare me,
It’s the light that petrifies
Light is a symbol
of hope for majority of this world
but for me light remains my biggest nightmare,
But yes I want to experience "light",
I want to see this world,
and I really want to
find out why people
are so scared of darkness.

Losing every day

Vijay Gupta

I felt my chest was on fire. I sat down. “God, am I dying?” I was panting.
Cars. Bungalow. Riches. I thought of my achievements.
A memory from the past haunted me. I wanted to play a horse. Seniors said I would do better as an elephant. I hate elephants since that skit at school.
Bulldozer. Hippo. Fatso. ‘Heavy’ words rang in my head.
Life seemed to be losing all glory. From brightness to a faint glow.
“One more lap for today.” I got up and started running.
I will shine brighter!

To Fly and glide

Ranjeeta S

She was ice, he was fire
She sees colors, He was in B&W
She was lyrics, he was music
She preferred walking and moon-gazing, he was born to fly and glide…

Together they were like 2 pieces of puzzles, which complete each other…

Navya was sitting alone in this wedding attire and thinking what possibly made Goutam leave the would-be bride and go!

She sat there still, lit with strange fear and as purposeless as that string of the light, which just fell off the wall….

…He was born to fly and glide…

Light is Right

Vinamrata Chaturvedi

'Get up Raju, go and fix all these lights and bulbs on the wedding site', says manager Kumar. 13-year-old Raju, who lives in slum area behind the marriage lawn, loves this job. Reason? No, he is not overpaid. Actually he has never seen glowing bulbs at his place. Fixing lights and bulbs give some kind of divine energy to this child labour. And the best thing, tonight he will eat loads of good food in light. He says bulb is not mine, but light is.



Cowards, everyone alive is a big coward. For me doing something takes much more courage than waiting for it to happen. You are alive just because you don't have enough courage to commit suicide. You are patiently waiting for your deaths doing nothing. In reality, you all need relief from this life.
But I did act. I embraced my death with open arms. I refused waiting rather I reached for it. And now I am on my way to the next world guided by these heavenly lights, where I will achieve perpetual moksha.

Lighting the way


Suma hesitated before turning the doorknob. She was tensed as she pushed the door open. It was dark inside, but was it? Bursts of light illuminated the floor of the vast, empty living room. Empty… where had the furniture gone? She looked at the path illuminated by 18 bare bulbs. Of course, there would be 18… one to mark each year of their togetherness.
Ashish stood at the end of the illuminated path, his frame filling the doorway to their bedroom. A gun dangled from his hand. Suma smiled. There would be no more rancour. Just welcoming darkness.

The Domino Effect


At a precipice she was
Torn between the loves of her life
One who caressed her body
Another who caressed her mind

And then one lie
Led to hundred others
Shattering her mirage
Like a domino effect

And she knew that
The one caressing her body
Was the one who lived in her heart

And even though her mind
Was free to wander

Her heart and soul
belonged to the one
Who held her hand
And never let go...

See you soon

Pratik Barve

A few moments still moist on your windowpane, a few spent walking down this memory lane.
Trying to hold on, I lost you on a runaway train. Look! Here comes the pain.
But one day these lights might just help me find you again, somewhere in this cold November rain!

Too Dark to See


It was April but she still hadn’t taken down the Diwali lights that adorned her house. The neighbours were complaining now. “You’re wasting electricity.”
“Those lights disturb us at night.”
Yet she couldn’t bring herself to remove them. They were the only light in her life now. A reminder of him. They had been so happy together, but then he cheated on her. He thought she’d never find out, but she did. So she sawed half-way through the step-ladder he used to put up the Diwali lights. Even in all that light, he hadn’t seen it coming.


Febin Mathew

The chain of lights sat forlorn, abandoned in one corner. One solitary bulb flickered, watching its companions crowded around. They watched the other lights dim.

All around them, men milled, undoing cloth bearings and stucco pillars. The bulbs lived a silent life, having no ears, but they saw all in brilliant colour, albeit through cataract-ridden glass. The trappings and awnings disappeared into trucks. On one of the red chairs, an old man sat, water flowing down his cheeks. A woman his age sat next to him, comforting him. The space behind them was a shadow that was conspicuously empty.

Im-perfect Union

Eshita Dey

Finally, Milli would get to meet Him. Her Love and Life. Long-distance relationship as it was, she had so much to show him.
Ajay was jittery all day. Wanting the meeting to be perfect, excited he was, to hear her voice.

The lights blinked against the backdrop of the cool night sea. Just perfect. Milli blinked away tears. Ajay whispered, "I Love You." Milli placed her hand on his heart. The lights looked on at the union of a blind man and a mute woman. He was her voice. While she, his sight. Flaws didn't matter. Love did.

After life


"This is beautiful. You really do know how to surprise a girl."
"Well you are quite a woman."
"You never lose it with the words. Huh?"
"I lost it with the life."
"That bitch is tough."
"Well if this is the last time I see you, I hope this is what after-life looks like."
And Sharib's wish did come true. Shanaya came here again, brought his favourite champagne and sat replaying last night. Cheers, she said as she poured a glass mixing it with tears.

To Infinity and Beyond


12 new-born babies in a neo-natal unit are whispering quietly. “I don’t like it here. It’s cold and creepy,” said one. “Yeah, it was so cozy inside mother, I just slept. Out here it makes me cry,” another one whispered. “Let’s fly out, we can return in no time.”
So they rose from their cribs, floating in the air, they moved towards the window and peeped outside. “It’s uglier outside, dirty,” a baby girl said. “Hey look!” one screamed and pointed up. They all flapped their wings, beaming and laughing with joy, they flew high up to the stars.

A tinkling String

Priyanka Srivastava

As I See
The tinkling string
I feel the same
Tinkling within.
I just sit & think
Of the simple things
Of the Time gone
When I was wrong.
When I felt I was right
In all my might
But now I Know
It was to make me strong .
I know its not too late
There’s still lot to mend
And so I will do
To patch the hearts.
With new me
And my thoughts
I now wait
For a new start.
With a silent
Prayer in my heart
To thank god
For showing right path.

The walk home

Pallavi Shastry

I walked. Alone. It was dark and claustrophobic. I couldn’t see a thing. I couldn’t take a breath. I stumbled and walked. I could only feel the earth under my feet.

Just when I felt my lungs fill with air and the breeze brush my hair, it dawned upon me that I had my eyes closed all the while. When I did open them, I found him walking beside me, quietly. He lit my path in the only hope that I opened my eyes.

We walked home. I never stumbled again.

The lights faded

Ruchi Kokcha

The theatre was filled with applause. Once more she had given an excellent performance as Venus, the goddess of Love.
The lights faded and she followed the row of bulbs that guided her to backstage, to the world bereft of kindness and love.
Her heart was heavy and she knew crying wouldn't help anymore. She went to her green room, removed her make-up, and stripped herself naked as if tearing apart every mask foisted upon her.
She picked up the knife, looked at her bare self one last time and gored it inside her unloved heart.

Blurred Lights

Kewal Dedjhia

He was light in the Dark path,
He was bright as sunshine.
He gave way to me,
He built a path to believe.
Resting the arms of almighty
Sending blessing to bo things right.
Oh Grandpa, you are missed
The path is now full of blurred lights.

The last conversation


"...I wanted to know him better, but never got too close. Bokeh is always more beautiful anyway. You know when you're not focusing too much.." "I know."
"Besides, I realized if we got close, if we touched, I'd burn myself." "So you left the city???" "Yes..." "And you're back because..." "I missed him...I knew you'd never believe me." "I'm taken aback only've kept this to yourself for a long time." "I was too scared to talk about it..I.." "...Marry me!" "How dare you kiss me?" "But I thought..." "I wasn't talking about you, you idiot!



I looked at the familiar arrangement of bulbs near the doorway illuminating the hall. This has become an unpleasant routine ever since I moved into this new place. I installed cameras but with little use. I started fixing bulbs in each room and I was filled with dread when I walked from well-lit room to the one that is painted by the darkness. While fixing the final bulb I stopped to watch beautiful sun rise through the window. I looked at the bulb lit in early daylight. Some idiot fixed the bulbs and left them on again!

Glow in the dark


It was a steep cliff. Father was keeping a watch on all the little ones and the mother.
Life wasn’t a struggle as it seems, but Diwali time is bad for Chitti and her family.
With winter showing signs and pollution reading going up, hide out is the best for this little souls.

They worked hard, terribly hard. They glowed in the dark. It wasn’t love or lust, but the struggle for existence for family. It was the fight for survival, so that they could glow the next season as well.

The instinct that kept them moving and glowing.

The Chosen one

he Storyteller

In this small village, the house, in matter of days, became from an average hutment to palatial bungalow.

On the chosen day, it was well-lit with lights giving it a festive look. Finally, the celebrations began and it was revealed that the owner had a God-vision fulfilling all his wants, and what’s more, he is ready to pass the secrets – but only to followers of his religion. The crowds swelled by the hour and police had to step in to control them.

Back at Head-quarters, the assistant said to his mentor, “Sir, the conversion process is well under way”.

In the absence of darkness


Searching for notes, pieces of paper jotted upon, he stumbled upon an old post he had ignored over his crazed experiment.

"You have always been my guiding light. In the darkest of times when life denies me light you made me believe there was hope. You taught me light was just the absence of darkness. Don't give up. You will light up many more lives. Auf Wiedersehen".

She was alive. Somewhere.

The bulb was glowing. The dry cell had been invented.

The missing light

Dr. Priyanka

Fairy lights were Deena's favorites forever. As a child she imagined dreamy fairylands lit up with them. As an adolescent she dreamt of her first kiss in a room with fairy lights. As a young woman she fantasized of making love for the first time, on an island surrounded by fairy lights. She put up the most beautiful chain of lights she could find, around her marital bed. Anticipation burning brighter than the twinkling lights. One light in the chain turned out missing and her fantasy shattered. The missing lamp in her chain lit up another dreamland far away.

Be my Light

Dr. Riti A

"Phew!! It's been hell lot of flying & forest is left far behind. Where are we??", panted Minni, the bubbly firefly.
"Yeah! Looks like we've reached some city and its dark now let's find a retiring place " replied Minna, her boyfriend firefly.
"Hey, what's this?" she pointed towards series of bulb near a roadside hotel.
"They have Giant fireflies here? Really? This means No one is going to notice me?" she frowned.
"Hehehe c'mon Honey, who's going to notice us in City when they have Fire-Balls to conquer the Darkness! You Just Be My Light"

Christmas Lights


The Christmas lights are flickering now. My eyes are still set on the door waiting by the fireplace with your gift in my lap. Come back and unwrap it for me, like you always did.