Hand Gun

Ashwini Dodani

Criminal was my middle name and crime, my only game.
Greed sunk in my veins so ferociously that I could do anything to be wealthy.
I mastered murders and grew up with this ladder quick enough to be known between big shots.
I was introduced as the “Cheese Burst” of murderers.
Extremely neat with my work, expensive to hire & efficient enough to ignore.
Ah! Life was good, I was rich but today I am happy, amid these criminals in a rehab.
All I have to do is kill these bubbles with my hand gun to satisfy my craving.

Virtual Realities

Lata S

‘The bubble burst in a rainbow of colors’ said Vibha still tapping away on the laptop. ‘Huh?’ asked her husband Rakesh looking up from his newspaper.
‘A guy followed me on Twitter recently. We became good friends soon. We had similar choices, similar tastes. He asked me about my family’. Rakesh raised his right eyebrow.
‘I started by telling him I have a 15 year old daughter’. ‘And…?’ asked Rakesh.
‘And, the conversation stopped’. Both burst out laughing.

Wistful Thinking

Dr Riti A

"Wahoo!! This place is Beautiful Akka.Thanks for taking permission for this outing. Hospital ward's Boring",exclaimed 9yr old Nikki fighting terminal Leukemia while she joyfully enjoyed candy-floss in kid's park.
"Akka, it's my Birthday after 2 months. Wish I stay alive till then so that we revisit this place"
I kissed her forehead,"Sure Cutie! We will"
She laughed out loud & popped a soap bubble in air & said,"Wake Up Akka! I am not a kid anymore. I know I'll die any day from now"
That awkward silence haunts my mind till now.

The Paris Bubble

Ruchi Kokcha

"Here look at this." Alekzandre said to Anne, holding out a sketch, running towards her with the excitement of a ten year old. She met him midway, pulling his neck for a kiss. He left the sheet at the couch and picked her up all the way to their bedroom. She slept for long after a night of passionate love making, as if in a rainbow bubble.
The sound of phone woke her up. She was called to see his dead body. With it she saw the cartoon he had made for the magazine cover. Her bubble burst.

Stuck on freeze

Sameer Shetty

“Dad, watch out!”
Kids blowing bubble on my face ...on a barbecue day.
As the bubble hits my face
I got back to one moment in my mind, the one scene that felt like the world would end now. Well, there was no bubble then.
She said no to my proposal and it felt like her delicate beautiful fingers burst the bubble of my dream with her.
Yet, I come back laughing, with my kid and my beautiful wife.

Nostalgic Bubble


Smoking pot and staring at bubbles
was such a fun-time…
And then she burst the bubble.
And now here we are, married! Changing diapers!

Back to square one

Y. Padmanabhan

The common man had become wary of corruption, rising cost of living, unemployment, law and order problems etc… due to a corrupt government at the helm. They saw a ray of hope in him and were swayed away by his oratory skills and humble background. As an astute politician he exploited the sentiments of the people and rose to power.
Once in the saddle, his true agenda started emerging. And the hopes of the common man started bursting one by one like soap bubbles.

First bubble bust

Soumik De

My 4-year-old watched carefully as I open a brightly colored jar. He peeked inside and saw a liquid slopping around with a stick in it. I pull the stick out, there’s a circle at the end, but it looks empty. His curiosity begins to rise. I put it near his mouth and asked him to blow. Like magic, a colourful transparent ball appears. One can see through them, yet there were bright colours on it. He curiously touched one and it disappears in thin air! He looked at me.
I said, “Sorry you busted your own bubble.”

A Bubble

Ritu Pandey

"After failing your subjects, what are you doing here? Playing with these bubbles. Bursting them, how mature?” A loud voice thundered behind her.
“Why are you bursting these bubbles after producing them.Why cannot you let them go freely without touching them?” That voice shouted at her again ,trying to snatch the pipe from her hand.
"Did you let me chase my dreams dad? I was made by you, then why did you not let me choose?” She shouted back, leaving her dad speechless. “I…uh…"
"Oh! Forget it dad!"
She sighed sadly, some questions needed no answers.

To you

Vivek Mehra

Once, in a gushing stream, two drops merged in love and gave birth to an ephemeral yet enchantingly vibrant bubble. Inevitably the hapless sphere had to be shot into the vast loneliness called life.
To survive, bubbles of water need trillions of kin. They form huge, all submerging oceans and/or mammoth, dark, ominously rumbling clouds. Winds, however malevolent, are then but their humble chariots.
This one however, was born a loner. Zephyrs dissipate up such like in less than a trice. Luckily a kinder breeze took it along without obliterating it.
To you, to life. For love. Forever.

Bubble trouble

Hemantkumar Jain

Shiny floating bubbles. Flying with the breeze, rising in the air, above the crowd on the beach
The guy wrapped in the shawl was ignoring them but every passing bubble reminded him of his kid back home.
He had come to the beach with a purpose and now these damn bubbles were causing his resolve to waver.
Years of indoctrinated training and viciousness began to dissolve as the memories of his daughter flooded his mind.
He released the trigger of the bomb on his belt, pulled his hand out from the shawl and burst a bubble. And Smiled.



She: “It's a new technology. First you shoot a water balloon using this toy gun; then as you look through the balloon, you can see where exactly you will be after 24 hours."
He: "But I see nothing. Its just a balloon, all see through."
She: " I knew you would say that. I just wanted to make sure."
She draws a gun and shoots him right between his eyes.

Bubble Wrap

Chandni Roy

"See the bubble there? I made that." I said proudly, turning in his arms. He kissed my nose and taking my hand he guided my finger to it. I shrieked,"No,don't make me burst it!" "Just feel the surface.Isn't it smooth and silky? This is the kind of life I've planned for us!” I looked into his eyes, kissed him deep before resting my head on his throbbing chest. I could feel bubbles of laughter rising in me. My joy was bubbling over. He had no intention of bursting my bubble!

Be bubble

Sumit Ganjave

"Boy, be strong…! I will not be with you for so long; this probably will be our last walk together. You will not understand all these things I am telling you, just keep blowing bubbles. Be like them, transparent to see everyone equal, flexible to get over every problem, be colourful to delight everyone you meet. Flow like you have no boundaries. Infuse with everyone matching your chemistry, don’t think of their status, age, colour, language; just mix with them to live the moments you have. And when someone crushes you, sprinkle joy on all of them… Here look.”

Exception Paradox

Matilda Briggs

Near a desolate sea shore, Evelyn crawled out of the crash debris. The bubble of "Acellular Deviant Angular Metabolites," in short, ADAM, was released, when she pulled the trigger. She burst that bubble on a lifeless Earth's barren surface and whispered, "Thou shall shape future life." The bacteria within her dying body would serve as primitive life markers. As the lifeless ocean swallowed her body, she recalled her last rendezvous with Goddum.
"If we couldn't find the purpose of life, you think they would?"
“Perhaps, it's worth a try!", Goddum had replied with a luminous smile on his face.

The bubble that burst

Pooja Sharma Rao

He was a well-known writer and she was his biggest fan ever. She followed him online and did chat with him on several occasions. He was so charming and praised her poetry and her pictures often. Finally he was in Jaipur for the Litfest. Her Hotel Management trainee friend at the resort led her to his room. She knocked at the door, it flung open, the seating lounge of the suite was vacant. She peeped inside, a junior from her college was with him in his bed. Rashmi ran away and never looked back.

To burst the bubble

Madhavi Pujari

Deepak had been given a resounding slap across his cheeks, by his mom. The child occasionally blew up bubbles and poked at it, this was the first time that he was discovered in the act.
"Off with you!", She said.
Sneha’s, for that was her name, strange behavior could be traced back to her engineering days.
"Fuel atomization", Bhatla sir exclaimed.
How she loved his classes, sigh.
She read the classifieds, "Only men apply for ‘oil filter repairing," written in bold letters. Enough to break her heart. The reality of the situation set in.


Akshaya Pai

He would take her to the park and buy her a bubble maker. She loved blowing bubbles and popping the biggest & shiniest ones. It gave her immense joy. She would smile at him with glee. Growing up was fun. She was living in giant shiny bubble.
One night, he walked into her room. Did things she didn't understand. All she knew was it hurt and she didn't like it one bit.
Just like that, her giant shiny bubble burst. There was nothing joyful about it. And no smile on her face.

Live it as you like it

Ullhas B Kulkarni

So many do’s
So many don’ts
More so, ‘cause I’m a girl
Can’t see that dejected look
On my parents’ face
When I go against them
And so I live
In this world
As they want me to
But what do I do
To what surges
In my heart?
Don’t want to do
Nothing wrong
Yet that is my little world
Where I want to go
And live unfettered
To my heart’s content
Today my joy
Knows no bounds
For my parents told me
Go dear go
Live your life
There’s just one
Live it
As you like it!

When bubbles burst

Shakti Shetty

He wanted to grow up as soon as possible so he could be Sinbad, exploring places like nobody else has. Although he didn’t have friends like his idol did, he was preparing to sail on his own. All he needed was a boat and the strength of a man. Besides, the sea was already willing to be a part of his plans. This was last century. As of now, he knows how he was then and what he has become. Every morning, he reaches office before his colleagues do and pulls up the venetian blind pretending to be Sinbad.



She intended to create something beautiful and make her mark in this film industry, essentially a man’s world. She knew well that to burst a bubble of prejudice of the paranoid world, you must first burst the bubble of your own ethos.
She was sitting on this quiet, quaint hill with her diary, when a big soap bubble approached her from somewhere. As it came close, she tried to touch it but it burst out instantaneously. This gave her a vivid, strange sensation, like moving something deep within. Smiling, she wrote on the page ‘‘Title – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.’’

Bubble Chafe


Breakfast Table.
“Where do you wanna be?”
“I don’t know”
“How will you do that?”
“I don’t know”
“Get real. This can’t be.”
“But, Maa…”
Moments become forever for Moon. The unyielding zeal to live today, define and create thyself.
The thought bubble bursts, actually halved. Buried under the burden, something got lost. Reality struck; compromises galore. A perfect balance of senses and expectations. A perfect harmonious growth.
The chase doesn’t stop. Half-a-bubble, but her own. The passion is in the journey, it keeps her alive. The rainbow on her bubble, her ownself.
Alarm goes off.



Hey 'Dad' I am really enjoying
Bursting water bubbles, its fun.
DAD: Good You have to keep doing it in your real life as well.
Son: How? I cant see any bubble.
Dad: We all live in our own bubble
thats why we cant see it.
Son: So why we need to burst it?
Dad: To see the world. Because of the bubble we cant see anything or any anyone other than us.
Just like these water bubbles you have to poke your ego to burst it.
Son(smiles): It Seems pretty easy!
Dad(chuckles): You wish son!



Through the window she was looking at the children in the park with the water bubble game. Her favourite game with him.He was also like the bubbles; clear and temporary. She was lost in the past.
“Look I agree you helped me a lot after my break-up. For 3 years you were there for me selflessly I know. But now she is back and you know you are not my girlfriend. You were her friend who I asked for help.”
“So basically… I am nobody” she murmured, in tears again.



He waited there in anxiety and excitement. He knew she would be the one to propose. He was always the timid one. But all was happening so fast. A sudden phone call and here he was standing in the park; rose in hand; waiting for her. He was enjoying the game the kids around him were playing when he saw her. There she was approaching with a smile and something in hand. A wedding card. Just behind a kid burst a soap bubble and started crying.

A walk on the beach and talk of bubble with dear Papa


One of my most favourite memories with my Papa is the walk on beach blowing bubbles and watching them float in air. He always used to say look no one bubble is same, they all come from the same bottle through the same pipe. But each has a brilliant light of its own and likewise we all also come from the same creator but with different beautiful gifts within us which at the right moment shines through. I was too young to realise depth of his words. Can the bubble I blow reach him in heaven? That gal wonders.



I named her "Bubbles" because, like her namesakes, she cheered me up. Even the gloomiest day lights up when she cuddles up to me. If I look sad, she brings a toy and begs me to play. Smile at her and she’ll offer her belly for a quick scratch. Every meal I’ve eaten, she has shared.
Eleven years after I named my dog, she still adds joy and colour to my life, but with each passing moment, my fear of losing her becomes more real. Life is fragile and Bubbles, beautiful as they are, never last long enough.

The Dream

Shalaka Kulkarni

“When the impish light falls on a wobbly bubble,
Extracting the white into the seven tints of grandiose,
I see you. I see you smile.”
“That’s the sweetest expression I have ever heard.”
"Thanks a lot!"
“Umm, but what if a big shot deliberately pricks it?”
“So what? We can create as many bubbles as we want.”
“Oh boy, I fancy you! But you won’t be able to work then!”
“Why so?”
“Because you’ll be captivated by my smiles nah!”
“Then I don’t need to work too. Because honey, THAT’S THE DREAM.”
The Soap and the Water kiss!

"La bulle de Dieu”


New Year’s Day.
The Children were happy, playing with soap bubbles in the park. Spheres of air perched precariously between two worlds.
December had spread enough melancholy but not today.
It’s God’s Annual Visit day.
The white bearded Old man sat on the bench, wondered;
Bubbles, such fragile walls of air. Bobbing & popping away. Rain of colours swirled in a world.
And world, the bubble he created. Would it pop too? Will it dissipate and will he be left alone?
He Smiled “Bubbles Freeze!”
Time Stopped Forever!
Poor God! Today he was a part of the Bubble too.

The picture


He was sitting with a small card in his hand, touching it with his fingertips and sobbing continuously. It had been 30 minutes now and I was wondering why?
I went towards him and asked “something wrong, can I help you”?
He looked at me, I realized he was blind, “I bought a camera and clicked the picture of my daughter when she said she was playing with bubbles. But she is upset that the picture has not come out well, look”
I took the picture in my hands and said “Wow! she is beautiful”
He smiled, “Isn't she?”

Playing God

The Storyteller

There are hordes of people who curse him when somebody dies young. "How can you take him away from us at such a young age?" is a wail you hear far too often. Funny you don't hear anybody complaining about leaving somebody too late to die.
It is probably to "punish" this mindset that he thought, "Ok, you decide when this person will die, I will watch. I will watch you go through the same pain and agony each time I make such a decision."
Euthanasia is one role of God nobody wants to play.

The Bubble

by Soumya Iyer

The musical sound near her ear shook her out of her reverie.
She turned to see a gaggle of kids behind her, jumping in the sand, giggling, blowing soap bubbles all over her, having the time of their lives.
Seeing such a simple thing, bring so much happiness, made her think about all the good things in her life. She had come to the beach to stare at the ocean and brood. But the issues seemed trivial now.
She reached out and touched one big bubble floating by, and as it burst with another musical ping, she smiled.


Divya Iyer

“Wow! That’s lovely!
“Isn’t it? I think so too.”
“It’s the perfect shot. I love it. You put the new lens to good use!”
“And guess what? You haven’t seen half of it.”
“Zoom out.”
“What? Oh, ok, there I am in my entirety. But what’s your point?”
“You called it my perfect shot.”
“Yes, so?”
“ Well, I think that only because now you’re in it, it deserves the title.”
“What? I’m serious.”
“Ok. I just hope you know that all that flattery isn't getting you another camera lens. Not for another year!”

Bubble Buster


People flocked at his doorstep every day. Professional bubble buster he was; the magician who popped the illusions of daily life, and all things mundane. He created bespoke bubbles of different shapes, sizes, colors and flavors too. Each bubble’s surface featuring a customized rainbow of new dreams, he called them their halo.
Today, however was different. He stood in front of the mirror for hours, trying to burst his own illusions, poking himself with reality after reality from outside. All in vain.
Alas, the mirror spoke: "Sometimes my friend, you've to be inside the bubble to burst it.”

Girl Power

Christina Sasu

Flickering, rainbow colored lights, dancing on a floating soap bubble. For her, the transparent surface of that delicate sphere was alive. Her vivid imagination created a whole world of microscopical creatures, squirming around in the puddles of color.
And then, she would reach out her hand and swiftly dash it. She loved that feeling. Her girly laughter was contagious, traveling all around the park.
Nobody knew she had ended a world. Nobody knew she was the Goddess.


Febin Mathew

“Your theories hold no quantum space, my friend. Why would the world keep expanding, then stabilize, if there was no higher power?”
“Matching molecular pressure, I suppose.”
“And the colours in the sky?”
“Do you even know what you’re implying?”
The youngling looked sheepish, framed by the window behind, the iridescent sky behind him lit like it usually was at seventh cycle.
“I… I think so. I believe there’s something outside…”
He never got further with his thought. Strident alarms began to ring.
And then, a universe wide pop.

Hashtag Love


"You know, it's as if transparent circles of dreams are floating in front of us." A smile touched her curious-looking face. "Do you know, what transparent is?", he asked and added promptly, "something, which is of no colour; completely, see-through." He uttered the word see and stopped for a second in hesitation; because, she didn't know the meaning of "see". Because, she would never know the meaning of "see". After a moment of silence, he took her hand and started bursting the floating bubbles; she laughed heartily and the contented expression on his face was indescribable.

Sitayana The Epic-Interpretation


How about inscribing another epic and make Rama a misnomer of his wife Sita?
Rama, in the epic will only be a foil against whose false steps Sita's actions and character are highlighted. He is a jealous husband, sending Sita into exile is partly a result of his jealousy of Ravana. He is also a poor father of Sita's sons Luv & Kush, who does not carry out his parental responsibilities.
'Sitayana' as a personal interpretation of the Rama-tale, seen specifically from the wronged woman's point of view.
The writer holds pen, to burst the bubble.

The Return


He walked the familiar roads breathless with excitement.15 long years. Nothing would have changed , he assured himself. The accusations, the fights, the anger was all in the past. He read the handwritten letter he had received a week ago. “Come soon. I’m waiting for you”. He believed her.
Nothing had changed. The house looked the same, but the silence was eerie. Where is she?
“She died last night. She left everything to Ponnamma her home nurse” someone from the next room said. He felt his bubble burst and drench him in disappointment. His step mother had her revenge.

Gone Girl

Vijay Gupta

“Baba says four children in a poor family like ours are a burden. Baba's friend is taking me to the city. I have heard children like me can study there for free. One day I will become a teacher. I will earn for us. We will not starve then. I will also start a free school in my village when I grow up."
Little did the girl know about the harsh realities of the world beyond the bubble she lived in. A world where her father had sold her, to provide for her siblings.

Little World

Eshita Dey

"Wow! Look at this BIG bubble!" So saying, the girl plucked the bubble, making the boy scowl. "Yeah. Go on doing that and I'll stop blowing bubbles for you." She grinned in response. Under the blue azure sky, she snuggled up to him, watching the bubbles float away.
From some distance away in the park, a mother and her child watched them. The mother mused, "Look at them so happy and contented in their little world with so little worries about their Lives. And Us? Sigh!" Child asked, "Who are they, Mum?" She replied, "They're the dwarfs.”

The Kiss of Reality


"You promised to stay off Twitter!" He chided me as he caught me staring into my phone yet again.
"Err, I actually..." I stammered.
"Baby, we talked about it. What do you do there all the time anyway?!" He asked.
"I don't know anymore! I think I've been chasing a bubble which burst as soon as I got too close to it." I replied nonchalantly.
"Chuck it, let's go for a walk." He smiled and kissed my forehead.
"Ya, sure, as soon as I retweet some of them!" I winked.



Our ninth together, our little doll, almost six. I have it all. The perfect family.
We've never spent our anniversary apart, this year his work played the devil. But I managed to send his gifts via his office, so what if he was away, gifts are priority aren't they? The d-day arrived, No calls from him. Did he forget? I get miffed.
Finally the phone beeps. His SMS. I smile. It reads, "I need a divorce". I felt my heart sink.
One text. One massive blow. My life, the beautiful bubble that seemed impenetrable shattered into innumerable bits.


Venkatesh G

‘Kabir is on sight, Sir.’
‘Team. Focus. Don’t be fooled by his childlike demeanour’
Just then, Kabir opened the box and exclaimed ‘Soap bubble!’ He blew into the hollow sphere and a small bubble emerged.
‘Guys, all shoot as one…’
The bubble grew bigger.
It became full and started to float.
Instinctively, Kabir pricked it with his finger.
‘Mission accomplished Sir. Kabir is dead’
‘Good job guys’ He said and removed the earplugs. He disconnected the call and looked at Kabir, his little son, totally unawares, all smiling and gleefully playing with bubbles.



A week ago, hiding behind the boulder, I aimed my super zoom and managed to capture one frame before being made.
I cannot hide from him forever. I knew it was a mistake to transgress privacy without permission. I am doomed.
The rumors were true. A person, meta human as some would term, with the ability to produce data embedded bubbles. This one had my image captured within.

The End


The 1300 year old prophecy was finally coming true. The land was shaking. The sea waves rose hundreds of feet in air and crashed on cities, villages & mountains. Two kids sat huddled in a corner of their thatched hut as the storm roared outside, waiting helplessly for the world to end.
Somewhere at the center of the Universe, the child looked at the bubble floating in air around him. It gave a soft chuckle and reached out with his hand to poke a finger into the bubble. The end of the bubble had arrived.



“Look what they were using in 21st century: something called Google glasses!”
The young woman cladded in chic white overalls whistled toward her palmer and a perfect hologram popped up.
“This is so vintage! I wonder if there is an old automaton somewhere in the world which can still produce such stuff! said her partner.
“Let’s send IRIS45 in search for it!”
She raised her finger and a rainbow colored bubble started to float, waiting for instructions to reach its invisible neural system.
People considered IRIS45 was just a machine.
Little they knew the cute bubble fed on information.

She shouldn’t have touched

Parekhit Bhattacharjee

She was all of 18, a fine pretty lady. But she wouldn't act like one. Shorts, camera and forest were three things that made up for most of her time. At her 18th birthday, she gifted herself a trip to the Amazon. Three days into the forest, she landed up at a clearing in the otherwise lush green jungle. With a sense of curiosity she moved forward, till she found a big bubble floating around. She moved closer, burst it with her finger. What happened next, she doesn't remember. Only that she woke up, and she was 80.


Shivam Sharma

I sat revising my subjects. Exams are round the corner.
This exam is the most important thing in my life. Once I clear this exam, I'd become an IAS officer.
Respect, power and what not. People saluting me day in and day out.
Sketching the future of the nation, striving to end corruption, poverty and restoring the 'Golden Bird'.
Suddenly my dream bubble popped.
I realised all this depended on me revising my subjects.
So I got back to studying.

Angel or Demon

Deepankar Goyal

One bubble for each human was the rule of heaven. As the bubble bursts, the human soul comes back to heaven.
She had eyes on him since 30 years. Hot, rich and dashing; didn't matter. What mattered was that his soul was pure. Kind and gentle.
She couldn't resist the desire. She went and burst his bubble before his time. Was she an angel or a lustful devil?

The prick of my life

Kewal Dedhia

Like a dream in sleepless night,
Like a dew drop in a desert land
Like a thought in violent mind
Like a breeze on summer night
Like many thing in the rhyme
She was a small prick of my life, I seek enclosure, she gives me a burst to live.
The prick of my life.

Sweet escape

Khushi Sen

I eat jam on toast, I drive to see the sunset on the coast, I wear faded jeans & eat cans of baked beans. I hear dance, trance and pop; I dance, wiggle, and don’t care if I flop. I don’t care if it’s wrong because life’s too short and I am strong! This bubble that was a dream has now been shattered or so it seems. You mock me & think I am zero, but I’m laughing as I’m my own hero. I escaped from a prison and I have arisen. I’m finally free. I’m finally me.

Watching it turn into dust

Mehak Angothiwala

Her heart like a bubble. His love like a sharp object.
The best way to break her is to love her and he knows it well.
She is unaware how her body is designed. It is fragile and full of cracks.
Now the question is..
Will his love turn her heart into dust or fill in the cracks?

And the bubble busted

Ranjeeta S

For the first time Maya was thinking in B&W, not colors.
When she saw Nimesh with Sameera in that coffee shop last evening-Same table, same coffee and the same smile, but the person has changed. She remembered asking him last week, playfully, after they made love-"In this world full of Variables , will you be my Constant? Will you be my Pink, Red and peach? Nimesh looked at her and Smiled ,but never reverted.
And the bubble busted again, colours disappeared and life was signalling to understand- There is no such thing called – “Forever Your’s” !!

Of Dreams and Destiny


The warmth, the vibrant colors, happiness and smiles all around! In the security of that wonderful halo, what could have possibly gone wrong? Or so he thought.
And just like a click of a button - BOOM! he fell. To the harsh realities, to the struggles of life, to exist, to survive - a fight to win. It was now all about gathering the pieces, work hard and rebuild the halo - to be happy all over again, to take the leap of faith and make his dreams come true; and above all, to make peace with his destiny!

A Son of Hope

Ankita Chauhan

“Look mamma! One..two..three..A million suns.” He called me in a sing-song voice while pointing his finger at bubbles.
I entered with an inane look and started clapping with him. He tried to get up from his bed but couldn't and probably won’t.
Suddenly his dancing shoulders stopped.
A little pause.
“Mamma! Am I going to die soon?”
“No, You’re not..! Sons never die. They live here, in mamma’s heart.” I said in strangled voice.
Bubbles were still glistening in the morning rays. Last night my son was hoping to see a single sun.

Bluntly or Bubbly

Roshan D’Souza

She was full of enthusiasm as always.
“Isn’t there something ethereal about these large soap bubbles? They’re transparent but you can see the rainbow’s colours. So shiny yet they can’t adorn a mantlepiece. So well rounded but they can’t be held..”
He looked at her and smiled. “Your analysis is good but completely useless. It is just a bubble. It will burst.”
He was a realist because he firmly believed unbridled optimism or romanticism seldom paid the bills.

Perennial. Not so much


I'm beautiful. And the world is beautiful. Look how bright it is. Let me soak the colours and reflect the glory. Let me spread joy and smiles while I can. I know I'm here for only a while but while I'm here, let me bring shine to those who see me....
Look at it. The sheer audacity. Reflecting the rainbow like it's a permanent glitter. Like the light will always favour it and will fly it away from the perils. Why doesn't it understand that a bubble is not a perennial. Bubbles are fragile, momentary and non-important…

Love is Parabola

Naveen Rane

Am I here to complain about the unknown each day, each moment or do I need to love the excitement it brings in my life. Something is going to bust within me or the object I am touching. My emotions, love is like a parabola which starts from one end and takes a deep dive to come back to its original position to teach me the experience of love and life.

A little happiness

Priyanka Srivastava

Miya could see some children blowing bubbles she loved this time of the day when she could see them playing .She wanted to touch one bubble just to know how it feels and she sees a huge one going away. She tries to touch it and it pops leaving her shocked and happy. Miya thinks tomorrow I will burst two bubbles and I will be more happy with this thought she walks away to wash utensils and clothes her daily chore which she used to do at four different homes to sustain her family.



The kid was playing with his bubble gun. Happy. Free. Hope, Sukanya mumbled. The might these four letters hold, she wondered looking at the approaching bubble. The colours you see. The happiness you feel you never knew would exist. For a moment there in that hope, you own it all. And suddenly Soham arrived, *pop*. It's all in the brain, Sukanya thought. Aloud.

A troubled bubble


I started out insignificant and then raged into a beauty. I raced along the winds; I saw the blooms of the spring. I echoed the shades of rainbow, so bright and cheerful, such grandeur. I glided across the grass; I saw the beauty in magnitudes of mass. I dazzled and revered in the sunlight. I heard the children’s eager sigh. Just when I pondered I would achieve new heights, see the splendour in all its might. A beauty so serene, glided across like a dream and popped me out of my serenity. That is how I ceased to be.