“No! You can’t write a sensual story. Not every time. Not even a pseudo-philosophical one.”
“What do I do? Should I walk in the rain and free my mind or wait for the bus? They anyway have f****d up all my stories by running that #OFSShortestStory contest. Hell yeah! What jerks! No?”
“Let me see the frame once again. Where is my phone?” And he reached inside his pocket. But he found the pack of three, dotted ones. Just like her umbrella. “To hell with the story, I’m going back home. She must still be in bed” He grinned.

Bus no: 432


It was raining heavily; the bus number 131 had still not come. I had to reach for the interview by 10:00 am; it was already 9:30. If the bus did not come in the next 15 minutes I would continue to be jobless. Then she came, running, panting carrying an umbrella but still almost drenched, so beautiful she was.
"I am new to the city, did 432 go" She asked. "No" I said.
"Oh Thank God, I am so scared, I never travel alone this is my first time.”
“Are you waiting for 432?".
I said, "Yes”.

Mission Impossible Fright


“I am so going to scold him once we finish here. Didn't he learn anything? Where is the attention, where are the holding hands, where is the kiss on my hair or the long look into my eyes? He really pisses me off. How can I make him understand that all these gestures are signs of love? Public display of affection is mandatory for God’s sake! Any rookie knows this!”
A crackling voice exploded in their small radio earpieces.
“Team Alpha, your suspect is getting out. Time to follow him. And, dude, show your partner some love, will you?”


Akshaya Pai

She woke up to a rainy Friday morning. Grumpily she got out of bed and got ready to head to office. Waited impatiently at the bus stop, unaware of whatever was happening around her. Didn't notice the cute guy either. In office her day seemed uneventful. Boring. Until she saw something shared on Twitter. A photo uploaded every Friday and one can write a 99 word story on it. She clicked to see the frame for the week and was startled as she saw herself on screen waiting at the bus stop with her umbrella.


Febin Mathew

“You know that we can both fit under this umbrella, right?”
“I don’t need to beg for your ‘protection’. I’ve got my own umbrella.”
“Rita, this isn’t even about…”
“Everything is about the patriarchy, Sanjay. Don’t you try to fool me.”
A sigh. “I’m not trying…”
“Oh, you’re not? You just want an excuse to put your arms around me, then?”
“Sure, I suppose. Look, I just want to tell you something.”
“What? What is it? What hasn’t my little girl brain figured out, oh high and mighty? Please help!”
“It’s stopped raining, that’s all.”

Happy New Beginning


Nothing beats a date with your crush on New Year’s Day.
He was nervous yet ecstatic. She was calm, cold and stubborn.
She chose her most casual clothes. He bought entire Myntra store.
Her Vespa betrayed her, his friend broke his Splendor.
Bus journey beckoned them under the thick, dark cloud cover.
As soon as it started raining, she opened her umbrella.
He let out a faint sigh of disappointment, clutching his umbrella.
Looking at him obliviously for a while she turned away, blushed slightly, folded her umbrella and got inside his.
It was Happy New Beginning indeed!

Spooky Stop

Sameer B Shetty

Girl: Hey does the 342 bus stop here?
Boy: Yes, I am going there too
Girl: Cool
Girl: Looks on the other side and says… “Go with this man in yellow shirt, he is going where you want”
Boy:{puzzled} Who are you talking to Miss...are you on the phone or something?
Girl: My bad this is my friend "Vikas"....Well you cannot see him, he is a ghost.
Boy: Can I have some of that you are smoking?

The Stalking Picture

Eshita Dey

" This week's frame, huh?" my boyfriend asked, looking at the picture. "Yep! He looks like a stalker, I tell you.", I mused. "Or hopelessly romantic", he grinned. Seeing my quizzical face, he explained, "Maybe he actually loves her and is unable to express what he feels for her." "Or maybe a future culprit of an acid attack", I snorted. He pulled me to him, saying, "So, I was a stalker too, eh?" I laughed, "Debatable." "Really?" He asked, kissing me. "Absolutely, stalker", I breathed. We went on to write another chapter, while the picture looked on.

Pouring Passion


Karan had first seen her the day the monsoon arrived. She was soaked to the skin, shivering. Dripping hair clung to her face lending her a vulnerable beauty. He could have sold his soul for an umbrella to protect her from the ruthless rain.
He waited at the bus stop every day, always armed with an umbrella just in case, but he never saw her without an umbrella again.
Now, the monsoon was almost over and his hopes of starting a conversation were dwindling, until the moment she turned and laughingly said, "Damn, don't you ever forget your umbrella?"

The girl with a pink umbrella

Shaveta Arya

He was looking shyly at her face hiding behind the umbrella.
She was smiling, without letting him know.
The bus came after just a short wait.
"One ticket for Greenpark" she said.
His heart started racing, for it was his home too.
She chose an empty window seat, but he could not gather the courage to sit beside her.
After 10 mintutes of him awkwardly looking at the phone when she looked at him, she got down at greenpark, giving him a big smile.
Now every day it rains, he waits for the girl with the pink umbrella.


Rohan Kachalia

She loved the translucent silver droplets cutting through the air, falling from a grey balloon making her feel alive.
She flicked back a bit mischievous, moist strand of short hair casually stroking her cheek and gave him a side eye.
Just then, lightning cracked with a thunderous roar. Unawares, her feet moved a bit closer towards him.
He too moved closer towards her, put his umbrella down and allowed the droplets to trickle into his mind and body seductively.
And in no time he pulled her towards him, hugged and murmured.
“No matter how much we fight, I’m there.”

Musing of a muse


She liked the awkward silence between two stranded strangers. It fueled her thought process, helping her get through the wait and the weather, which had a mind of its own, off late. The clouds opened up before her ride arrived; the pleasant, dewy petrichor flared up her senses. Inhaling deeply, she mused about being a muse; two victims of a million fiction variants.

A Smutty Brume


Due to drinks he felt giddy. But he could feel the throbbing impulse hammering his senses frantically. In that rainy afternoon, her hair stood erect like poisonous needles, pricking his (eye)balls.
Again he dared. His hand moved towards Tara's loins. ''What excitement! Go, charge at your sister like this!'' Tara asked him to follow her to the interior doggedly, looking at him in disgust, scared of his volcanic carnal impatience. So what if she was a Strumpet and he, MLA's white-blooded son!
She held her umbrella of solemnity much higher.

The Wait

Ruchi Kokcha

Rehan's presence was the tune Diya's spirit danced to.
"Will I ever be able to bare my heart to him" she sighed, cursing herself for bringing her umbrella.
It had been twenty minutes but her wait was much older. She waited for him from the moment he had set his dreamy eyes upon her.
It was time. She threw her umbrella, went under his and kissed him, feeling the texture of his teeth, feeling his roving tongue, feeling the ridges on the upper part of his mouth, feeling his love.
The bus left them. Their wait was over.

Walking in the rain

Hemant Jain

The light drizzles and the bus that would never come on time.
Damn. She thought.
Lovely. He thought.
He had been seeing her at the bus stop for over a month now but never having the courage to talk. He had even bought this ridiculous umbrella with pink-n-blue checks just so she could notice him.
He made his move and began to talk. She responded well. They began walking and talking, not waiting for the bus to come. They never noticed the giggles of people who saw them, carrying umbrellas; while the rain had ceased 20 minutes ago.

Forlorn Impatience


"Nice Umbrella". No, said a voice inside his head.
"Nice top". Are you serious? Chuckled another one.
'You look pretty". Dude, don’t be so desperate. Too early. Said a mean one.
All the voices, choices, he felt helpless. He was in the middle the most beautiful wait of his life, searching for a few correct words to make her turn. Inches seemed like miles, minutes like hours. Silence felt heavy.
“My wait will always be prettier than yours”, said he to himself and to all the conflicting voices.
He noticed, the world around him still existed in colours

First Kiss

The Dark Human

The rainy season had just begun. Every creature was excited. Not 'shelto'. He hated rains. Everytime someone would open him wide and held him above their head, he would scream - 'FML'. And so he did, even on that day. But to his surprise, it became the best day of his life. The day he saw the most beautiful umbrella in his life, 'pinky'. Shelto fell in love the very next moment. A few rains later, he confessed. She accepted. And one day, while their bosses rushed to catch the bus, Shelto and Pinky kissed. Shelto never hated rains thereafter.

Sad - (snap) – Optimistic

Prasad B. Kulkarni

It's drizzling. It might rain too.
She's standing besides him, so close yet to so far. The distance between them is killing him.
He thought of throwing the umbrella if it rains, get drenched so that no one notices his tears. So that she doesn't notice his tears. Within a second, his alter ego snapped at him.
"Think not of crying, pray that her umbrella flies off and you get a chance to cover her. Be a little devilish. Be a little optimistic. Who knows the moment might even ignite the spark again" :)

Reluctant Love

Avinash Shenoy

"Let's take a cab" she said. He nodded reluctantly.
"I love rains" she had mentioned. He still wondered why she was still holding an umbrella. He wanted to throw his umbrella away and dance with her.
She still was his world. He gave a loving glance towards her wishing for the same.
"Hope, he buys a car soon" she thought.
He checked his pockets, for what remained. Tensed, he hoped she would pay for the cab at least. It had been an expensive day.

Bro Code

Divya Iyer

“Come on, I’m saying please.”
“No dude. Not happening. I told you.”
“But why?”
“Because it’s useless, it will not work out. It hasn't in the past.”
“Things change”.
“No they don’t. I know you too well.”
“Don’t be so negative. Great, the bus is here. Please. I’m begging you.”
She sighed.
“Ok. Fine. I’ll go. But just because I have my umbrella today.”
He grinned.
“Thanks. I knew I could count on you.”
“Whatever. But the next time you ditch me so you can ‘walk that cute chick home’; some prior notice will be appreciated.”



Today was THE perfect day, clouds roared and tiny raindrops appeared. After days of contemplating Anil finally mustered courage and went over to Manisha. She seemed to be in frenzy as usual and he wanted just one chance to talk to her. Scared and faltering he asked “ummm do you err want to share the umbrella, yours seems to be a bit..umm small ” . Manisha turned around, smiled and said “yes”. Success!! Thoughtful, that this would make a wonderful story for their kids one day.

Solitude in the crowd

Aniruddha Pathak

He finished picking up herbs from the farmers market, they were here every Sunday. She was through with reading Murakami, with coffee for company at the local cafe. He headed over to pick up ingredients for lunch. Sundays off late were usually like this.
They had started their day, staring at their walls. Of having no hope of getting back together ever. The rickshaw was heading their way, when both of them shouted "Andheri?" They got into the rickshaw. This Sunday was going to be different though, he was carrying the latest Murakami dressed in red sheets.

Perfect Shot

Mridani Shukla

It was raining cats and dogs that day. It rained, when someone close left him. He stood there, holding the umbrella, for it was the only shelter he could seek at that time. To shield his vulnerable eyes, he lowered his umbrella a little. She, on the other hand, had her gaze fixated on him. The sound of rain was so loud that they couldn't even hear their final goodbyes. She waved and he nodded in return. "Cut!", shouted the film director, "perfect shot!", he declared.

Rain which Shines our Life

Shruthi Prabhu

Though they are under different umbrellas because of silly egos , they are under the same sky, sun and the rain.
Lets hope this rain will wash out their misunderstandings and make them together walking under the same umbrella, please, Mr.Rain start pouring again so that they can't be apart. Let the colors of the umbrella make their relationship even more colorful forever and ever... Let's call this rain as bonding rain...



He: What's love?
She: Its pretty hard to describe.
He: But I want to listen to your description.
She: Why ?
He: Well it’s raining & we are waiting for the bus.
She: So?
He: I Love you!
She: What? How ? I mean…
He: Well as you said pretty hard to describe.
She: But I don’t know whether I love you or not.
He: So what ?
She : You don’t want me to reply.
He: No! I just told you what I feel.
She: Won’t you feel bad if I don’t reply?
He: No..Its 'Love' not a rapid fire round.


Vijay Gupta

They were at the bus stop. She for her bus. He for her.
Here’s what they were thinking -
Ansari: Romantic weather. No one around. Perfect. Should I approach?
Sujata: Romantic weather. No one around. Perfect. Will he talk to me? I hope he does.
Ansari: Wait! WHAT! Did she just look away with a smile? IS THAT A YES!
Sujata: YES! He is going for it! Deep breath, Deep breath!
Ansari: Fingers Crossed!
Sujata: 5 .. 4.. 3..
Just then his friend appears out of nowhere, “Hey bro! Talked to your girl?”
Embarrassed, Ansari runs away.

Happy New Beginning


Nothing beats a date with your crush on New Year’s Day.
He was nervous yet ecstatic. She was calm, cold and stubborn.
She chose her most casual clothes. He bought entire Myntra store.
Her Vespa betrayed her, his friend broke his Hero Honda Splendor.
Bus journey beckoned them under the thick, dark cloud cover.
As soon as it started raining, she opened her umbrella.
He let out a faint sigh of disappointment, clutching his umbrella.
Looking at him for a while she turned away, blushed slightly, folded her umbrella and got inside his.
It was Happy New Beginning indeed!

Yeh hai Mumbai Meri Jaan

Y. Padmanabhan

They both enjoyed getting drenched in the rain during their childhood at the hilly town they belonged to. Even the chiding from their mothers wouldn't stop them from playing in the rain.
As youth they enjoyed walking together in the rain getting drenched, whispering sweet nothings.
They got married and shifted to the city of their dreams. They were awed by the high rise buildings, roads, flyovers, the beach and the fast paced lifestyle.
Then came the monsoon and they experienced the flip side of Mumbai.
Now they dread the rains.

Partly Cloudy

Matilda Briggs

"Ma'am, you do realize that it has stopped raining?"
"I always carry an umbrella."
"But, it's cloudy?"
"UV radiation penetrates clouds too."
"If UV radiation seeps through clouds, don't you think that this frail umbrella would do the same?"
"It limits the exposure. I am also wearing a water resistant sun block which I re-apply in about every forty minutes."
"Ever heard of Vitamin D?"
And it started drizzling again and Nikhil opened his umbrella too. Taniya, a dermatologist, turned her face. She hoped that the nosey stranger would get a cue and he would finally shut up.

Sound of Rain

Bhargavi Dev K

It rained this evening.
The evening that we first met, it was raining too.
We were both looking for a cab & ended up sharing one.
We started sharing more. The love for rain brought us together.
We ended up sharing our lives.
We've loved rain more ever since.
We would always look at each other & smile whenever it rained.
Another rainy evening, death knocked & took you away from me.
It rained this evening. Memories rained too.
Sound of rain, now make me wonder if I should I hate the rain or love it for the memories?


Raviraj Jadeja

"Churchgate!" the boy called out for the auto rickshaw but all went without stopping.
Mild drizzle was on, making the weather beautiful.
To add cherry on the cake, a girl came, beautiful than the weather. She went towards the boy and stood there, seeking the rickshaw.
It started to rain. She put her umbrella up. He did too. Both looked at each other. She smiled. He did too. Checkmate.
Meanwhile a rickshaw came. "Colaba?" the girl asked.
Autowalla nodded.
"Aapko kahan chalna hai bhai sahib?"
"Colaba hi le chalo!"
Both put their umbrellas down and entered the rickshaw.

One fine rainy morning

Madhavi Pujari

She dare not look to her right, for then she would come face to face with the lone stranger, standing right besides her. He was the same guy who catcalled her during her high school days.
"Ankita, Where to?".
Jolted from her reverie, she replied, appearing rather disinterested,
"To work".
Not withstanding her standoffish attitude, he told her,
"It was all in the past, let it go; I am not the same guy, who I used to be.
To which, she only nodded and walked off.
"Now, there goes my potential date,” he said to himself.

The pitter patter

Aakriti Joanna

“Don’t let him fool you” I called out to the couple before me in vain.
Sitting at the local bakery one afternoon, taking shelter from the Mumbai rains, I saw this couple and felt my heart ache. I remembered how Rehan always carried an extra umbrella knowing I’d forget mine. The man, who made sure that he walked me home, had now left me to live all alone.
The umbrella he left back couldn't shield my cheeks from tears or my heart from pain. I now only wanted to dissolve in the rain.

Touch of love

Chandni Roy

She heard the thunder and her unseeing eyes lit up. She ran out under the open sky. She breathed deep, the fragrance of the moist air. Her lips quivered in anticipation, curving into a beatific smile .She threw her arms wide open, as if inviting the rain to tumble into her waiting arms and to kiss her upturned face.How could the rain god resist such an angelic demeanour? He poured and the rain fell… for her, drenching her, to the soul. She shivered but her heart danced, at the passionate touch of the fingers of her beloved.

The Mosquito Net

The Betel Shop

Couldn't help but notice the umbrella being held by the girl. It is almost semi circular in shape, covering more surface area. Don't know why people opt for such designs. Then a thought struck my mind. Maybe, the umbrella can be used for multi-purposes. For keeping babies, storing water or as a mosquito net(only if the person fits).


Sonia Thomas

Xeno is the smallest measurable unit of human connection. A fleeting moment, not even an acknowledgment of what is right next to you. Nothing matches, but their need to be lonely together.
They both live under the umbrellas of their own skin, different shapes and sizes. But, is that good enough to turn around and force a smile? She doesn't know he writes poetry like a dream. He doesn't know she could be the right voice for his words. Stop. Halt. Go. Never look back.

It’s raining

Akshay K

"I just love this season, I get to see a lot of my friends.
Wait, what do we have here.
Oh my gosh! He is so cute. Never seen any one this good looking in my life. I have seen pictures of some in magazines, but never someone so cute. He is just a bit too far, I hope we touch. Look at his posture; so confident. Oh! His wide body is to kill for. We can make a perfect couple. When we are sitting in the gallery, alone, drying ourselves in the sun,” thought the chubby umbrella.

The Story

Venkatesh G

‘What do you see’ I asked my aunt showing her Frame 19.
Her eyes glistened, as she saw the image. She pondered for a second, smiled and then said ‘Those umbrellas…’
For the next 2 hours, she narrated the most amazing love story, I had heard in my life.
It had rains, roses, chocolates, ice-creams… And yes, kisses, hugs and lots of love.
She ended the tale by showing me her wedding ring, bearing my uncles name.
‘Wow! Now how do I put all that in 99 words?’
‘Don’t’ She said smilingly. ‘Some stories aren’t meant for 99 words.’

In the rain

Ankita Chauhan

She noticed him through the corner of her umbrella and found his smiling face again.
“Why do boys always stare, if they don’t have enough courage to talk? What is their nine-yard-long-tongue used for?”
Meanwhile, Cab had come. She jumped into it and peered outside, somewhere hope resided in her heart yet. That guy was still throwing
smile, his magnanimous smile at someone else and their eyes were screaming, they were both madly in love, two guys.
“Earth waits, sky feels the pain, love often blossoms in the rain.” She closed her eyes, smiling gently.

Him, her and weather

Shakti Shetty

The rain stopped as abruptly as it started.
Happy news for the girl-with-umbrella. Not so for the guy-with-umbrella.
Her chances of catching an auto—even if its meter was rigged—rose exponentially. His chances of spending few more moments with her—some uncomfortable feet apart, of course—dipped drastically.
It was that time of his life he could only wish a terrible wind passed by blowing away her umbrella for good.
Desperation drove him to pray for it to start again, so she could at least be interested in his umbrella, if not him.

The Umbrella Man

Shoumik De

I saw my body lay there in the pool of blood. Someone kept a hand on my shoulder as I turned it was the same man who appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the road, which distracted me and I didn’t see the oncoming truck. I said you are the one who distracted me and caused my accident.
He said, “No it was supposed to happen anyway, I just came to take you to HIM.”
Who are you I asked?
I collect special souls. I was there for JFK and Pope II.
I am the Umbrella Man.



She looked at the world with a knot in her heart.
Without a break, memories jog,
Caught in rain, her tears fought.
She wrote on a page,
“Like colors that vanish in the night,
A soul left its love…”
Words, got lost.
She wondered what life has taught~
To wallow in self pity when in distraught?
The bus stopped.
A couple on the other side of the road,
Each holding a colorful umbrella.
She opened the book,
Turned a page,
And wrote,
“It doesn’t matter how heavy it rains,
The colors of the world,
are not lost.”

First Meeting


Three girls went by giggling right after he saw one middle aged lady smiling while staring at that girl. It had stopped raining quite a while back but still the girl was standing at the bus stop with her umbrella open. From his seat he could see that the girl was so eagerly waiting for someone that she didn't even notice that it has stopped raining completely. In his mind he cursed the guy who made such a lovely girl wait in Mumbai rains.
He got up, opened his umbrella and stood beside her.

An Introduction

Sajitha Rasheed

There was a cold drizzle and they were the only ones at the bus stop today. Every single day he made sure he was at the bus stop at the same time as her. But never mustered enough courage to get an introduction. Would she have noticed, he wondered! Suddenly there was a gust of wind and after a split second's thought, he let the umbrella fly off from his hands. A feeble attempt later, of getting it back, he came back to the bus stop, wet and asked her slowly,'May I share your umbrella?’

The Lust


There he was… at the same spot like every day. Eyes made contact, she smiled. Still no words from him, though his eyes were fixed on her. It started raining; thankfully, she always carries an umbrella. She looked on the other side for the bus, none, then again at, an invite to his inquisitive eyes. He dropped his eyes. He saw his own reflection in fresh puddle of rain, there was lust. His mind began to argue between morality and mortality. Apologetic to himself, he crossed the road alone, leaving her waiting. How would he explain that to her?

Love… Romance

Roshan D’Souza

Looking at us here, you might not even think we’re a couple. And yet, if you’d have seen us yesterday, cuddled under a single umbrella, (with hers carefully folded and dry in her bag)! You'd have thought we were the perfect made-for-each-other types. It was a small argument which she took very seriously and then got madder when I played it so cool.
I’ll give her space today and pamper her like crazy tomorrow. Her mood swings do tire me but then I’m here for love not just romance. I’ll make it. For us… forever.

Coffee Shop

Kanu Geete

"That was the Coffee shop where I always wanted to take you."
"I had there once". "But I still like our street vendors" she said.
After a pause She said, "I always thought you were too shy to ask me out".
"Its time you should know me better", He grinned.
Suddenly the incoming bus honked. This was the 259th scenario and it vanished now from his mind.
She smiled 260th time before sitting in the bus.

Painful Reality

Prashant Rajput

Two different castes & two different souls yet with similar Goal !
Boy : “ Do we need to think again?”
Girl : “By that, I don’t see anything to gain”
Boy : “Are we ready to be cursed, mocked, ridiculed and refrained?”
Girl : “For love, Yes "
Boy : "Will it change anything or reduce disdain?”
Girl : “If not, we have to come again and again”


Sumaiya Hossain Lia

"Ogh, rain has to fall at this time?" I mumbled on my own. Then, for the first time, I saw her. A girl, who was standing beside me with an umbrella. Seems like God gave her all the beauty of nature. I couldn't stop myself staring at her. Maybe it is what they call LOVE.
"Umm.., excuse me, is there anyone who can help me cross the road? Actually I've lost my cane in the bus", she said. After hearing that I felt something, like a tornado passed through my mind - Sam wiped his tears and closed his diary.

The Perfect Panacea

Ullhas B Kulkarni

Unable to bear his chauvinistic talk, she stormed out of the house and stood aimlessly under her umbrella, looking away.
Seeing her through the open door exactly as he had first seen her, his heart melted. He followed her picking up his umbrella and stood behind her, recreating their first meeting.
Overpowering love replaced anger in both hearts. Neither spoke a word, but both knew they would head home to be in each other’s arms for time immemorial.
It struck them they just needed to recreate this scene to resolve all their differences.
They had found the perfect panacea.

Just Like That


There was a flurry of activity. Shops closed.Traffic thinned.The roads were deserted. A flash Hartal !
They looked at each other. Here and there groups of puzzled students, people stood helpless.The drizzle had stopped, dusk was descending. With a firm step they walked to the middle of the road,clicked on their mobiles and turned up the volume. Their bodies swayed to the music.Slowly others joined... a flash dance countered the flash hartal.
Police jeeps rushed to the spot. Well,...get us home they said or let us dance all night!

Morbidly Coquet

Rahul Saraf

Shreedhar coagulated his dissipated thoughts and walked up to the woman. She was in some kind of a haste. Shreedhar had to ask now. Any moment she would get a vehicle and leave. Shunning the gloominess, Shreedhar assumed an intrepid posture and meekly requested, "Excuse me, miss! The receptionist at the clinic said that your blood group is O negative. My daughter suffers from leukemia. Would you please be kind enough to consider donating a pint of your blood?"
The woman gave a studied and late reply, "No way! Donating blood causes dark circles."

Photogenic Umbrella

Sameer Shetty

Hey dad isn't it you in this picture I found on the internet?
Where ...where did you find it?
Some photo blogging site, dad but why are you getting so hyper?
That is your mom's umbrella with that girl, I knew