The Chase

Venkatesh G

It was a bright sunny day, but an unfruitful one so far for ‘The Fox’. He aimlessly gazed the landscape once again and suddenly something caught his eye.
He leaned a bit forward, narrowed his vision and fixated his eyes on the target.
He smiled. He knew this was the one. He looked afar and knew that he only had to beat ‘The Jackal’.
He worked out that he should start at 30, gradually run up every 5 and 60 should get him there.
He heard a loud thug and the auctioneer opened the bid for the painting.

Scooby Doo Spotted in the Jungle


‘Dude come on, you can’t make a dog smile’ said Gharly. Madhu replied staring at the picture ‘But we could convince others that the dog is smiling. See, have you ever wondered the secret behind Monalisa’s smile? She isn’t actually smiling in the picture, but an inception was created along with the picture that people believed the painting was smiling. All we need is a funny name and a story that makes people believe that the dog is smiling. At least good enough to make the viewer view the image few more times to see whether it is true.



“Instagram is to humans what meat is to piranhas”.
He was bare skin and bones. He was sorry, shaggy and pathetic.
Humans love satisfying their ego. Humans are impulsive. Humans like to pretend that they care.
As long as they could caption a photo and trade it for “likes”
He was the perfect shot!
The trap was set.
Through the flurry of blinding flashes, he saw his family ransack enough food and supplies to last them a week.
All thanks to silly attention seeking humans, who just wanted to go #Dog #Love #Aww #BestFriend #Stray #InstaDoggieLovers.

Hidden Message

Shakti Shetty

His best friend left him today without any warning. Perhaps it was high time they went their separate ways! Besides, a four-legged being might have a destiny different from a two-legged one. However, what’s intriguing is there was no sign of grief at the tail-end. And just like that, a trial separation took place. Posters shall be up on the streets by tomorrow but they’d be pointless. Like their heading, the guy’s missing the point too. His friend isn’t really lost. He’s simply hiding because he’s tired of selfless love and everything that it’s supposed to entail for humans.



A wildlife photographer, I was lost in the wilderness. This time I found myself in the company of a fox that kept moving around me. I decided to follow it and soon found myself out of the jungle.
Surprise gave way to memories.
Back home, I ran through some old clicks. Among them was the little dog stuck in the thorn bush. I had let it loose.
It was easy to connect the dots.
Was it a man’s best friend, I saved then or did I turn a cunning fox into one with a little act of humanity.

The Lost dog

Vijay Gupta

The farmers of a small village found a dog with several wounds and a broken leg. They realized, a speeding car hit it. They took care of the dog and in a few weeks it was fit and healthy. The villagers found a new watch guard in the dog. Children found an adorable new friend. Little did they know that it often ran away several miles to look for its master who had died in a plane crash which killed all the passengers aboard, except one. The dog had survived and ran miles to call for help.

The Garden and The Smile


It was once a garden. Lush green and well maintained. Tulips, violet, rose; sunflower adorned it just like white pearls decorate a lady's beauty. Then, the massacre happened. Blood sprinkled all over the garden. Flowers died, grass became uneven. Only one watched the entire story, a dog, with a smile.

Submitting to the beast

Rajini Raj

It was a yearly custom we followed. We would walk to the cemetery up the hill, light candles and offer prayers for the departed souls. One time, while they offered prayers, the presence of that dog distracted me. He didn't bark, never howled. He just stared at me. His stare slowly turning into a grin. His eyes fixed on me, he grinned. Surrendering myself, I grinned back. It seemed like the right thing to do.
Suddenly, I was on the ground. Barking and howling loudly. My parents carried me away quickly. They never took me there again.

"Sartre's Radical Freedom"


I saw him at the Bus Stop; He was like any other dog.
WAIT! He picked up the newspaper & started reading. HOLY COW!
Next, he was sitting beside me in the bus tallying grocery bill.
Soon, he got down at his stop & I decided to follow him.
But, when he reached home, a tall guy kicked him “Sartre! Why are you late again?”
WHAT! I barked, “STOP! He is so smart, only if he could talk.”
The guy growled, “He is late”
Then it happened
The dog looked at me & said, “It’s a Dog’s Life”

Silent Communication


I sat there staring at the ocean. I felt lost. Afraid. Tears fought to rush into my eyes. Blinded, I was about to get up when something soft, flurry rubbed itself against my leg. He was grayish, quite big but there was fear in his eyes as he snuggled close to me. I didn't move, allowed him to rest and find safety near me. We sat still, dog and me, in perfect harmony, each consoling the other by just being close. I relaxed. Nothing was as bad as it seemed. Souls in need will find each other....



Alas! Her search came to an end. She followed him to his dungeon; no locks, no chains, just the hanging collars of his previous preys. He was a master of pain, animalistic lust; a predator, a beast.
The annihilation began, first the walls and then the floor. Finally, he bent her over and pulled her untied hair. Her back arched, curves shaped.
The moment she has been waiting for; she screamed “Call me names!”
“Oh! I so would love to call you a “Bitch”, but then the feminists would scream louder than you babe.”
“F*&k them Dog!”, She grinned.

My Soul Sister

Matilda Briggs

Garfield was lazily strolling around, when he got hit by an errant cyclist. Time was running out and he was bleeding profusely. The dying cat's heart sank when he heard a dog howl. A wild dog emerged from the dense foliage. He started to lick his wound clean. Soon, Jon tracked him down through his GPS enabled collar. Wagging his tail frantically, the dog followed them all the way back. A grateful Jon decided to adopt him. He named him "Odie", after his deceased elder sister, Odell. In school, she always saved her scrawny brother from getting bullied.

The Perfect Watchdog

Soumik De

One day I got a little puppy home as a gift to my girlfriend. He soon became a part of our lives. He would eat everything that I am eating and he would always sleep at the foot of my bed. Our life was perfect, until one day my girlfriend decided to make a perfect watchdog out of him. So after 3 months of training, she declared that he's now a perfect watchdog. Since then if there's any suspicious noise, I wake him up and he would start barking.

The Position

Hakuna Matata

Standing behind her, his hands moving around her curves, he spread her legs to balance her.
Holding her close to him while his fingers doing its magic on her body. Setting the mood right.
His heart beats impeding against his chest as he was getting ready for the final push. They were trying this for the first time.
He stepped closer to her as the wild animal treaded near the bush and was coming out into the wilderness.
He pushed into her.
She responded with a flash.
They got the best dog shot ever.

*Excerpts from Animal Planet


Christina Sasu

At last, I am free! Thank goodness!
Now where is that vixen? Oh yes; here it is! That intoxicating scent! I think it’s coming from over there! Oh, hello! Hmmm, you like me too don’t you? Of course you do. He-he!
Hey! What the… No!! Not this again! Stop dragging me! I have to- NOOOO! My stupid brain, why didn’t I notice this idiotic creature coming to separate me from my vixen? She’s lucky I don’t bite ladies in general, except for my foxy girl. Ha!



Mom had told me..."Don’t peep out... there is danger out there... I will be back soon”. But she never knew I had set my plans for the day, my date is supposed to come and meet me yonder. The air was filled with her sweet smell and her shy eyes searching for me. I hopped out stumbling on something...but I didn’t bother; stones were part of this terrain. Hind leg seems to be pulled backwards? I closed my eyes to the twilight, my mate still waiting for me ...can I relive time?

Lost and Found

Chandni Roy

In yesterday's fire, my mother lost the tangible memories of my father, and I lost Ben, my soul mate, along with our house. I, a twelve year old felt completely lost without a two-year-old dog! Just when I wanted to bury my face in Ben's warm furry body, I felt something cold and wet nudging my hand. I looked down and straight into the eyes of Ben. Next moment, he was all over me, licking and woofing. Who found him and how, didn't matter. All that mattered was, Ben was back and so was I.

The Good life


"I have always wanted to be free!"
"What do you mean?"
"You know, free to do whatever I want. Sleep whenever I want. Eat whenever I want. Run around in a field without a care in the world. Pee wherever."
*Chuckles* "Oh well, some things just live in dreams, don't they?"
And suddenly Tommy woke up with a grunt. Let out a slow howl and stared at the rising sun. Started running around the field wondering why he dreamt of someone who looked like his master wishing he were Tommy.

A Sense of Belonging

Ankita Chauhan

“Oh man! I relinquished them. Those Guys were so chatty and ill-humoured. I am quite blessed in your company though.” He whispered.
“They told me you’re a murderous brute. How silly! Cause communing with you takes me into acute realm of happiness. When everyone is so busy, self-absorbed, wrapped up in a cloak of excuses, you’re the only one with whom I can share my pain, pleasure and curiosity.” he gave me a hug and squeezed my face.
It’s almost one week. There is no sign of those sparkling eyes. I’m here, standing alone, waiting for that eureka moment.

Lucky me Dog

Jignesh Patel

Evening time in jungle is full of surprises. Carpet of tall dry grass was everywhere, hardly visible. Suddenly something moved I could barely see the ears, it looked like a wild dog. I took my gun pointing towards dog but there were no bullets. I had forgotten the bullets in the car. Dog just ran away without looking back
Sometimes I wonder… was it his lucky day or mine.

Lost Circus Dog

Manisha J Patel

Right or left, back or ahead where to go?
Lost from the circus show.
Grass is so high.
He can't see the sky.
Poor show dog
He is very shy.



I used to see her everyday but never bothered to touch her even once in the three years I lived here. One day, on an impulse I touched her. I experienced an inexplicable feeling of joy. It was simply peaceful to pamper her, rub her unkempt fur and ruffle her mane. She knew that I was reluctant to do that and never imposed her on me like she used to do with others who played with her. How perceptive was she! For a street dog she was pretty courteous.
And that is how I know that unconditional love exists.

Bhairava and Shvan


Many moons ago, in the kingdom of Magadha, was a hamlet called Macala. Macala's fertile land yielded rich harvests to the citizens who lived happily until Brahmaketu, a demon living in the adjoining forest started destroying their fields. One night, a divine voice spoke to the hamlet head in his dream about the arrival of a saviour. The hamlet waited in agony. Soon, Bhairava and his faithful dog Shvan from the kingdom of Kosala arrived in Macala following a hunting spree. Hearing the news, they fearlessly fought and killed the demon and became part of the hamlet's folklore.

“Why, hello!”

Vanessa Braganza

“Why, hello!” he said smiling wickedly as she sauntered towards him. She was gorgeous, from the top of her delicate ears to the tip of her sensuous tail.
“Hi”, she said coyly, pretending to be unaware of his blatant ogling.
He could hardly believe his eyes. He was lounging lazily in the adjoining flowerbed when he'd heard her melodic mating call. His ears prickled and his fur stood on end, all over.
And he was glad he came. He wasn’t expecting to see such a glorious body. He circled her with unashamed desire – sniffing, beaming and drooling (a little).

The End


I heard the footsteps. It seemed like a huge task to bring myself up on my feet. So I lay there, motionless.
The voices were audible now. They said I had been lying there since days, my food untouched.
They were suggesting some shots to put me to sleep. But did they not say I had been sleeping since days?
Mustering all my courage, I raised myself up and ran out of the farm house, into the fields.
Breathless, but feeling safer amidst the bushes, I waited with bated breath.
I knew they were coming to get me!

The Foolish Dog

Green Monk

Once upon a time, there lived a dog. One day, he was very hungry and went in search of food. To his delight, the dog found a juicy bone. The dog happily carried the bone back home. He held the bone tightly in his mouth.
On his way home, he had to cross a field. While crossing it, the dog saw his shadow. The foolish dog thought there
was another dog chasing him, holding another juicy bone. The greedy dog wanted to have that bone too. He growled and spent his whole day barking at his own shadow.

The dying Norse's utter

Zeeshan Ali Akbar

"Long before the day and night ensue on time, the Sun and the Moon were known to change their course. Odin, the antecedent of all gods, in rage of fury spelled arch wolf Fenrir's sons, Skoll and Hati to chase their chariots as the dog herds sheep. And when the brothers cross each others path, the helium orb and lunar bliss too meet. BEWARE ! O'humanity, when time of Ragnarök will come, both Skoll and Hati free of spell , will gobble the stars in their father's name and nothing will be same." He gasped as his soul dispersed in air.

A Kind Wolf

Confused Sperm

Wolf, standing in grassland looked confused. He had seen two little cute hares playing in the field and was in position to hunt them. Since he already had a good hunt, was in two minds whether to kill them or not & decided to be kind to them.
Few days later the Wolf saw a hare when he was very hungry. Without a second thought he hunted it down. Later he realised the hare he hunted is among the one he came across the other day.
Really "Kindness" is such a "luxury" in this Darwinian world.

The Transformista

Monica Serban

They said you would be loved. Even by those who have a problem with your fur.
They said you would be taken outside every day and everybody would play with you.
Even those who are not your masters would pat you and throw things to catch.
They said you would feel like the king of the world.
Then how come I am all alone? How come people avoid me?
Why the bizarre glitter in their eyes? Why the despise?
I guess being a drag queen is a tough job for animals, too.
The cat purred off her dog clothes.

Hope Is Life

Ullhas B Kulkarni

Everyday I come here with new hope.
Today I will meet my mate. That one moment when our eyes first met was magic for us.
We felt it in our souls; we were made to be one and moved in a trance to bridge the gap between us.
Then we sensed danger and scurried away to safety. And that was that.
Now I come everyday looking for my soul mate. One day it will happen. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.
And that day will be celestial for us.
For Life is Hope.
Hope is Life.

Bad to the bone


"You are worse than a dog" the anguished voice ringing in his hollow chambers. The sun was at its peak as he got stuck in the mud. Sweat pouring down. Why a dog? He suddenly thought panting, catching his breath. If anything she should have liked me as a dog. Trusting, caring, protective, compassionate and fun. People are strange he concluded. His dog was his only friend. It looked keenly at the master wishing he would throw it a bone. The serial killer was just done burying another victim. He gave it a whistle and its eyes lit up.

The Lost Childhood


The childish delight, the playfulness!! Ronny was the apple of Ira's eyes.
Ira was the widow of policeman Steve who was told by his bosses to put Ronny to sleep because he got old. Ronny was the police dog of Templeton Bomb Squad. Steve instead brought him home to Ira the love of his life.
On the very next raid Steve was killed instantly with his whole team. Ira decided to go back to the plains where her folks were. Ronny had at last a home where he belonged and played in the fields to his heart's content.

Spirit of the Canine

Rohan Mukherjee

We had to put Cocoa to sleep because his health was swiftly deteriorating and the vet confirmed with a solemn face that there was absolutely nothing else that could be done.
That evening, after being buried, he decided to haunt us one last time.

The Night watch

Deeksha Misra

He stood there, in the middle of the whimpering meadow, happy at his day's accomplishment. He had chased 3 rabbits, some nuisance monkeys and several chirpy birds. Pleased with himself, he decided to eagerly wait for Jack. His ears perched up like the Langer's head on the sound of a distant footstep. Jack was never late but this time the wait didn't seem to end.


Ranjit Thankappan

“Catch him Diesel…”, yelled DCP Tharakan.
A dark lean body twirled at a distance in the forest. Grasshoppers fluttered. A hound aroused inside the growling Diesel.
Tharakan was heading the combing operations in the tribal hamlet. It was getting darker and he couldn’t move any more.
The man was wounded, yet running like a wild deer.
Diesel ran at the man and with a last swoop, overpowered him. Blood splashed over the sniffing nose.
The man looked into Diesel’s eyes. A wild compassion embraced them.
Combing convoy searched whole night, but found no trace of them.
Diesel never returned.

The Wait

Surabhi Sontakke

I knew I should have been driving slow. But this road was familiar. It brought back memories which were burning me down. There was darkness inside and outside. I wanted to sleep, I couldn't take it anymore. Suddenly there was light and it cradled me to sleep. I woke up and started looking around .Finally my eyes met his. 'I'm sorry I made you wait for so long.' Kalu my dog, I had lost him in a car accident 7 years ago.


Leemi Keche

Hungry and tired the whole day I walked. But will I give up. No! never, ever even if i have to give my life! I know some day I will find out where my master is and why I am lost here in these dense forest where I see nowhere. Wish I could turn back time and follow my master's advice of not to wander at night. omg! I hate that bitch, she tempted me so much that I forgot for a moment that , I am my master's best friend!

They followed him everywhere


They followed him everywhere!
Clubs, restaurants and movie malls.
He ran.
He ran as fast as he could, away from clubs, restaurants and movie malls.
He ran into the woods.
Away from all those places with faces.
But he felt it.
They were much closer now, louder!
When those animals in the woods looked him in the eye, he knew it.
It wasn't curiosity or their hunt to satisfy hunger that he was noticed but them.
The never ending heart beats !
They had followed him everywhere.


Shalaka Makshikaa

Myra Parker lost her first friend at a very young age. Her mother. He, being her last gift by mom, is incredibly special. And there’s a thing about dogs. They’re simply awesome!
He was fierce but compassionate. Impish but obedient. The only thing which made him feeble was Myra’s sudden visit to the urban roads. He felt she would never return. He probably didn't know that amity is immortal.
It’s Myra’s homecoming and you see him today. Looking in awe, head held high and enjoying the same jingling music made by those trinkets.
Her amigo for life- Amicus!

Silent Duel


The narrow tunnel had opened out. There was a vast horizon of grassy freedom. She paid no heed to it; her head bent as she tried to make sense of the text on the phone. Her fingers tapped as she typed her reply, deleted and then paused. She looked up.
The eyes looking at her were otherworldly but knowing. Pitch black - she had a feeling they had been watching her for a while. She gazed back accepting the silent duel. A single tear trickled down her cheek as the eyes turned away.

Lunch or Not


Pip perked up his ears; was that the sound of his tin of dog food being opened? He heard a clatter. His heart sank. Lalu and Shirley were at it again. He was famished, and the harsh sounds of clanging vessels and hurtful words made him feel worse. Why did his humans fight so much? They had a lovely home, huge cars, and the cutest kids. And so much food to eat! And that amber-hued liquid they guzzled… they had plenty of everything, but they were never happy. Sigh! Pip settled down. Lunch would be very late today.


Jitto Jose

Tears rolled down as I threw the ball. He had been sick for a few months now and the vet said he would have to be put down before the pain became unbearable. I couldn't do it point blank, I didn't want to see the look in his eyes. This morning we went for our last walk. He sensed my sadness and put his head in my lap to comfort me. As he fetched the ball, I lined up my sights and fired. The next few hours, I lay there in silence just hoping I had missed the shot.



I got up to his bark everyday, my calling for a bright and loud day. He is my buddy in run, in prank, in fun. He is the terror of the street, darling of a few. When I went out he filled in for me.
Nights were cosy and fearless with him at the gate...This night I had a bad dream. I saw him far up on the mountain fading in my dreams, I woke up with a shock and ran to the gate, he was gone my buddy, my calling.



I remember this frame as the last I saw of Amber. Calling him a dog is an understatement. He was part of us. He brought us together, me, Rikki and Sam. We were the best of buddies and he loved and adored us. But today I realize, Rikki saw him later. When Amber pinned him to the ground for taking Sam's life.
Today as I watch Rikki die, I feel pity for the poor dog. Amber died, pinning the wrong guy.

The Chase


So I can't see you anymore? She begged, her eyes pleading. He held her hand one last time as he turned back and walked away.
Suddenly he turned into a dog that was chasing her as she ran. Then she woke up from the nightmare.
She avoided thinking about how his fingers caressed hers in that final touch. How her soul too, departed with him.
But where could she go once she fell asleep? Then the pain came for her. She kept running, only to find it waiting in front of her with those soul piercing eyes.

He loves you what you are


Mommy, teacher told me today that we can learn from anyone, so tell me what I can learn from our Tommy?
Oh! baby have you seen that laundry boy at the gate of our colony with his Sheru?
Yes, that boy who never went to school and that dog who never bath except in monsoon?
Yes, and still Sheru loves that boy as much as your Tommy loves you. So dog teaches us to love our friends rather than their post, cars or bank balance.



A wolf was very hungry as he hadn’t had food for couple of days.
He smiled whimsically when he saw a pup playing, he thought finally there is something to eat .
Wolf was slowly inching closer to that pup, his smile getting bigger and saliva was dripping from his tongue.
He held his breath and jumped over that pup and grabbed his neck, after sometime
wolf realized that this was not a real pup it was just a toy.
And at that instant a couple of guys throw a net over the wolf and caught him.

The Bloodhound

Dr. Sheetal Nair

Run fast as you can....
[whoosh] barely managed to avoid it
What has happened to my senses???
I couldn’t see the bark??
I need to reach it before they do....
[People can be heard]
Did they reach it before me??
I can't go hungry for one more night. My stomach is killing me. I've grown old , do I still need to fight for my food , can't master see me suffering?
Finally, I found it, I will be fed well tonight [loud barks]
[Bang!!!] Sasha lay spread-eagled …hungry without his last meal…



Ah come on! You gotta be kidding me.
Such morons, this family.
Dim-Wits had themselves locked up in an incinerating house.
Nobody here but me to help.
Should I?
She never gives me food. Her brats are a mess, never rubbed my neck, gets scared of me like I’m some horrifying post-apocalyptic hound. The husband kicks me when he didn't get the appropriate reward for his ass-licking in the office.
Why should I?
Because I’m a dog, my nature…
Besides the toddler smiles at me every time she sees me, even gave me a name.


The Oddfather

May you never experience the grief of losing a loved one.
We found Shadow, a little pup, walking in the woods, probably having wandered away from his mother. A lost soul.
Our search for his mother proved futile. Shadow became one of us, an adopted son.
For ten joyous years we loved him and he loved us back. Selflessly.
A week ago we had to rush him to the vet for an abdominal surgery which didn’t go well.
Shadow didn’t recover, he just quietly passed away.
Rest in peace, Shadow.

Built for the Kill

Madhavi Pujari

The dingo lurched forward, displaying it's cuspids. Not far away from the Sub-Saharan desert, a koala clambered up the branches of Eucalyptus tree, with its joey in tow.
Being the last amongst the pack and having the cheetah for its arch-nemesis,when it came to prey; The dingo had to think fast. The canine stood guard near the dry grassland; a moment of negligence and there goes the young one, shred to pieces and devoured. All the safeguarding of its progeny by the koala had gone waste. The adage "Survival of the fittest holds true”.


Roshan D’Souza

Little Rishon, all of 5 years, had little patience with the slow, easy life that this trip to Mangalore was presenting. I had taken him for a walk in uncle’s fields and the boy was getting cranky, wanting to go back. Just then I saw the creature raise his head above the thick underbrush.
“Look Rishu, a fox!”
Rishon was excited and we sped towards the animal who scurried off into the thick vegetation. The next hour was spent looking for lions and tigers!!
I never let on that the ‘fox’ was actually the neighbour’s dog, ironically named ‘Foxy’.

My Celestial Pet


I was effortlessly and tirelessly swinging along the infinite grass field.
It never occurred to me then, the astonishment of how everything around refused to acknowledge my existence. The grass, the weed, the breeze, the mud. All of it.
I turned my gaze around to spot Max gaping at me in smile and glow.
Overjoyed, I stepped forward to reach out to him when a long-familiar music started buzzing in my ears. It was my alarm.
I woke up to the awareness that there was no coming back from celestial realms. Max was gone, forever.

Loyal Love


"So long Darling, until we meet again", she whispered in my ear.
The promise in her voice made it easier for me.
I closed my eyes and sighed.
It was time, I finally relented.
But, I long to see her again
The warm hugs
The long walks
The endless chats
The love in her eyes.
I wait here now
For my partner
On the other side.
Is it time yet?



“Holy mother of dogs! So that wasn’t some ordinary Poltergeist. That was Laika, our beloved ancestor. It means while on her historic space odyssey back then, she wasn’t exactly dead. She was never really found. So now she must’ve been to some singularity space with time as spatial dimension and is trying to reach me by sending messages in the form of these barking signal patterns. Yes! Bowwoooow! Now I can save our species from dying on this godforsaken Earth. EUREKA! ”
“Murph? It’s getting dark! Come inside you sleepyhead! Murph!”
“BOW-WOW! Ah, hell! What a freakish dream!”

Born Of A B(W)itch's Womb


"You talked to her, Father?"
Gangadhar couldn't smile, "So what, Son?"
"To talk to a Daayan meant certain death, says villagers."
The thought of his father dying scared the daylights out of him.
His voice growing extraordinarily sombre, "She used to be your mother once." Gangadhar felt something rise in his throat. A Bitch-Daayan for a mother!
Hadn't he heard that witches raises dead children from the earth and nurses them? That whole grassland dry up instantly a Daayan walks upon?
And Bhushan, a live boy, born of a witch's womb?
He didn't want to believe.

Come Here Coco

Fairy Dharawat

"Coco!” Rajesh called his beloved pup who with her pointy ears looked towards the call with a blank stare.
As the tribe of a few survivors was getting ready to flee the zombie infested area, Coco was after a pretty butterfly. “Here girl!" Rajesh repeated, now concerned.
Coco looked different. Her eyes didn’t gleam. Tall grass had covered the wriggling legless hungry zombie who bit Coco’s leg. They said animals turned quicker. Coco did. She didn’t see Rajesh and 85 odd survivors making a quick move to a safer place. She saw food. And she was hungry.

New Beginning

Rahul Saraf

It is the last lap and Rob is in the lead. Dashing away he crosses Kevin, who is freaking like a maniac in the stands. Kevin has this titillation of breaking out in celebration but he holds it. Rob leaps like a frog, one jump to another and is five seconds away from the finish line.
As Chromium laden air was reflecting these images, Rob knew that men were close. Who will deliver the seed to Noah? Rob had the answer. He will finish the task if the creator chooses him. Creator, who loved men more.

Baton of Love

The Storyteller

She visits us daily. After all, she is the mother. Dead she may be, but, still a mother. Of her Naina. Yes, I am the only one who can see her, thanks to the ability God has given us dogs.
Now I have become the mother. I worry every day until Naina is back home safely. And my happiness knows no bounds once she is back home which invariably gleams through my eyes and wagging of tail.
Little do the humans realize, we are not just loyal or faithful but are capable of much stronger emotions.

Conditioned Love

Dr. Riti

Tina & John lived Countryside, happily married for 12years but not a single day passed missing giggles of a Child in their home sweet home.On 3rd Anniversary,John gifted her Bruno,cute Puppy who took a child entry into Jacob's House,Happy Family of Three.After 3 failed IVFs,they decided to adopt a baby girl.Sadly,Kid had Dog allergy & Bruno was heartlessly kept away from house.He waits in the courtyard everyday for Doors of Homely warmth to welcome him back.
We Humans fail to understand Love & Fore grant Faithfulness

Moment of Truth

Agnivo Niyogi

Peter looked on as Mike, his companion and soulmate, ran to fetch the phone from the car. The helplessness in Mike's eyes was showing.
Peter held on to his breath, trying to minimise the loss of blood by tying a cloth over the wound. Mike was back. He was licking the wound, hoping it would help.
Peter could barely speak... He informed his wife about the fatal wound, as life drained out of him.
Mike, his pet dog, kept looking!


Dr Ninja

Mom always warns, there is danger outside...Never venture out........
“You have your bowl of food and that big bone to chew on... the love and care of the Thompsons....Tom even gave you that big ball to play.....still, you look out of the damn windows !!!“....Jacky’s brain played the words of his mother on a loop...But,the open door of the Farmhouse were more tempting than ever....
Jacky runs out ....far ....very far....till he gasped to catch his breath.
He stares at the Woods....then towards the cottage...a decision awaits....
A deep sigh and starts walking back slowly to the comfort...yet again

It's A Dog's Life

Febin Mathew

I could see right away he had no pedigree. Not a leash to his neck, no one to call his own.
He looked worn, haggard, nose red from obeying his master's bidding; faithful, obedient.
Eyes wide, full of a desire to please, almost certainly a facade.
I couldn't be sure, but he seemed uncomfortable. Couldn't see his tail, probably had it hidden away. Classic sign of submission.
A worthless specimen, if you ask me. And that detestable extra layer above his sparse fur. Ugh.
I've always wondered how the beast gets by on just two legs and no claws.

Don’t Let Me Go!

Dinesh Chandar

We are on a picnic. They promised it will be fun. But I had my own plans. I've already lost the sight of them and this close to break the shackles of attachment. A pang of guilt just hit me so hard. Should I turn back and just take one final look at them? Do I have a will, strong enough to walk away after that? May be not. What do I do now, to make them spot me and call my name out loud, so that I can run to them and be shackled to their love, forever?


Abhishek Das

Once upon a time, there lived a Hunter skillful. He roamed the lands in search for a worthy game. One day, he chanced upon a beauty rare. A creature, glowing like molten gold, pristine. Gorgeous . He immediately shot it down, thinking of the glory he will receive. A sudden glow of light disturbed his thoughts. And lo! A heavenly creature appeared. And before our hunter could think anything, poof! He had changed. He had become a dog.
Now he watches over his family from afar.
There are so many street dogs. And each one has a story to tell.

The invisible leash


The dog looked at the valley. It seemed deserted. There was no soul at sight. The collar leash was still clinging to his throat but it felt heavy since there was no one to control him.

He didn't sense freedom because he was trained to be kept under control and he yearned for it. He was lost in the valley when he roamed on his own. He sensed relief when the figure of his master approached him from a distance.

Lossy and Cold Emotions

Atharva Deshmukh

Vision ,it tells everything about any living creature, Not a single word is necessary to utter , Just as a Mother searches her lost child and that pain and care can be seen in her eyes likewise, a living creature, though without his own voice can tell what he actually feels.A long sight with wet eyes can tell a lot about any creature, it can be a hope for someone ,an expectation from someone, or simply a quite ,calm and patient WAIT for someone to come.......