Like everyday, Minoo knew that the apple would be there. It had to be. Like clockwork for the last several weeks she was getting an apple everyday. Her mom worked for the Memsaab & Minoo accompanied her. Minoo never saw who kept the apple for her, but knew it was for her. One day she heard that Memsaab's daughter, whom she immensely disliked and thought of as a snob, had passed away. Minoo didn't particularly feel anything because she probably didn't know what death was. But all she knew was that death meant no more apples.

Adam's Apple

Shalaka Kulkarni

“Music is my language. It’s indeed magical. Sometimes hypnotizing too.”
Adam is the lead singer of the international band ‘Orbis’. Rock music is his life. The last song we performed together was at City Hall Concert, New York.
On our return trip to Florida, we met a ghastly mishap and lost each other, forever.
Dreams now remain in his eyes and my soul cries within because Adam can’t sing anymore. Because I’m cold and numb since the doctor placed me here, on this goddamn table. I’m no more, as his larynx portion was terribly hurt.
I’m the Adam’s apple.

Another One Bites The Dust

Shyam Vipin

He waited. Draped in his colors. Looking with awe at the concrete expanse before him. Breathing in the convoluted shades of grey that enveloped it. He had wondered why his friends never returned to the cozy box they called home. I will find out today, he had told himself. Alas, for he never knew, that today, he had entered cannibal territory where, like his friends, he too will be sacrificed to ward off the evil force that the cannibals feared. An apple a day, they said, kept the evil doctor away. Another one bites the dust.



Living in a group of diverse ethnicity, they always respected him for his attitude, ease and grace. Though not considered king, which he was fine with, he’s always been a hit with the masses despite having some medical issues. His contribution in pioneering the human race and keeping it on the ground were as significant as his medical, culinary and technological leaps.
But now he was being mocked for his distant relative hadn’t come out straight. He became a laughing stock among his peers. Yet soon he recuperated, as he still had to be the apple of someone’s eye.

Buddha Circle

Ranjeeta S

Today, again she threw an apple to the street child, shouting, "catch" and the child caught it with gleam in his eyes; this was their everyday sport on her way to office.
Rhea loved the gleam in his eyes, and eagerly waited for a wave from him across the same signal everyday, while returning from office.
This morning her eyes kept searching for him but he was nowhere; with a heavy heart she let the apple rest on her table, while the news kept flashing ‘a lady and a child lost their lives to cold wave at Buddha circle.’



The Apple sat on the table. Ignored, yet again.
“He was supposed to meet ME for breakfast, Goddammit”
She’d only heard about the other one. Today he brought her home.
That High Maintenance Home Wrecker.
“What does she have that I don’t?”
"Was it the glow? That silvery white sleek exterior?"
"The way she purred when he pushed her buttons right?"
"Why does he love that jezebel more? Can’t he see me slowly rotting away inside?"
A single tear escaped her as she helplessly watched the Macbook steal her man.
The other Apple in his life.

"Newton's Apple"


A beautiful Chicago day & I was going to get my iPhone. My friends would be so jealous; I saved a lot for it but then, that phone call from Oogabe.
He was my African friend at the Physics Lab, A brilliant International student. Now he was facing deportation to Rwanda, as he was short on money for studies.
We paid his dues.
Wiping his tears, I was feeling surprisingly happy not having an iPhone. That day, sitting under the University bench, an apple fell in my lap.
Maybe next time Mr. Jobs; I'm too busy understanding Gravity.

Atrophying Left-Side


She could hear groaning and whimpering pain all around, and see the world diminishing to a blurred progression of days on the narrow hospital bed and spotless white sheets. Over the months they've plucked out all her sleep like tufts of grey hair snagged in a fine comb.
Radiation. Chemotherapy.
'We'll send you home soon' promises. And she was still in 'H' ward, trying to feel where her left breast used to be, under the mound of bandages.
In her thirties, her shrunken flesh, like the rotten apple kept on the left side-table, had grown alien to herself.

Unoriginal Sin

Shakti Shetty

Adam and Eve were strolling in the garden when they chanced upon an apple tree. They kept staring, each wanting to know how it tasted like. Being a virginal naked man with nothing to hide his hard on in, he plucked one to impress his lady. Before they could realize, both were stuffed. There was neither serpent nor God; only two beings who had no choice but to lie down on the grass before dozing off. Oh yes, the next day, they tried pears. But it was only when he ate her that he found out fruits are totally overrated.


Shoumik De

“Kane, collect all the fruits from the ground. We need to stock as much wood as we can for winters. I also have to make the study-table for Able. He needs to study hard for his college.”
Once you’re done, give the fruits to the neighbors, I am going to the workshop to make the table.”
At the end of the day Kane returned and said “Father I saved one for you.”
“Thanks son keep on that table.”
“It’s already done?” Kane left the apple on the table and left.
The apple doesn’t fall far from its tree.

The Forbidden Fruit


“Don’t Do This!”
“Well, It’s already been done.”
She took out the silver ring from her finger and tossed it on to the table. That ring was not what he looked at. He kept staring at the red, lone apple, seated on the other end; fresh from the tree they had tended to over the years. It had been nurtured by love, their love. As he kept gazing at it, oblivious to the sound of her leaving, he knew the apple tasted bitter even without taking a bite. She was going to somebody else. Now, she was, the forbidden fruit.


Sejal Waghmare

Ria started teasing Amit with each bite.
Munching and nibbling alternatively.
But, Amit was composed yet, had the gush of emotions flowing within.
All because they had a fight last week and his ego was not allowing him to be normal again.
He asked her to stop behaving like a child and get ready.
They were supposed to leave for a party.
Ria kept the half eaten apple back on the table and paced near him.
She was still desirous.
She looked at the half eaten apple and then at him took a deep sigh and left.

Love Song

Roshan D'Souza

Neither are you the shapeliest of them all nor the one with the most even complexion. That is what they think. They are wrong.
I have tasted you. You are that forbidden fruit that has led me to paradise. When I am with you, you know I’m looking at you. The colour you bring to my life makes everything black, white and grey. You are the apple of my eye and the love of my life. You are mine. And this is a love song for you, Ritu. Written when others were painting ‘Still Life’ in art class.

Child and the Chromia

Iyer (Vinaya)

Across the crib, green eyes met blue eyes. While one said to the other, how often do we change, my friend? The other wondered; that’s the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
Their worlds had been one, and now their reflections too. They had one blue eye and one green eye.
And yet, in the entire world there was not a prettier sight to the twins who held the spectrum in their eyes.

The Forbidden Fruit....

Dr. Ninja

Everyone knew, Jack loved his wife Janet with his heart and soul, but today... may be, he sits to set the scores...
“Eat the Apple and be the Immortal Young Lover if you truly love someone, else you are a dead man”...the words of the Sorceress echoed in his thoughts...
He blows off the dust of time on the chamber of Love in his Heart, with a smile...
Whispering, “Lucy, I Love You” he bites in....and all he sees is.... Jack the Young Lover in the Mirror.

On a Shaky Note of Crimson

Madhavi Pujari

"Rita, could you please shift a little towards your left? You are blocking my view".
All this while, Meena had been trying to figure out the shade of red on the orb shaped fruit, which lay still upon the table. Slowly she made the brushstrokes do the talking; sure to glide through, this intermediate Drawing Grade exam through a straight "A". Without any prior warning, her hands shook, a flashback of the times when her mother lost out to Essential Tremor, returned to haunt her. She would fight tooth and nail; steadying her grip on the brush.

The Cure


The council gathered around the table. The King nodded. The chained magician began to speak.
"Dear Lord, for years have you observed, enjoyed and sought to enchant your senses with the fruits of nature. And yet you see nothing. That can be seen.
It's a phenomenon beyond just the shades of light and dark that we think there is all to see. It opens up the human eye to rid us of curse the Gods threw down upon us. This is the last remnant fruit of the tree. Frozen since eternity.
This is the cure. For Mankind's colorblindness."


Mihika Jindal

The bright sun was burning its skin. It wanted to but couldn’t quite look up to face this dazzling new day. It could have caved back in the synthetic refrigerated box to preserve its spot free shiny skin at the cost of losing the core, the essence. It was time to leave behind vanity.
“What are you thinking app?” asked the glass jug, lying nearby on the coffee table.
“Am scared.” said the apple, “scared of getting exposed of the little that’s left in me at the first cut of knife, of being rejected with every peel.”

An apple...a day

Womania Neverborn

The little boy came with some crumpled rupee in his hand, asking for apples. Shopkeeper told money is not sufficient, why don't you buy banana or guava or may be orange. But boy was adamant. He wanted only apple. Doctor had told his mother to eat apple, who was in hospital. He wanted his mother to recover fast, not knowing apple will not cure her disease, her disease of poverty.
For his money shopkeeper gave one apple. He ran to hospital and kept it on table beside his mother... beside his dead mother.

The Talking Apple

Green Monk

Last night, I woke up at 3 a.m. and was feeling hungry. I went to the kitchen & started looking for something light like cereal or cookies.
"Why don't you eat me?” a voice said.
Confused I looked here & there.
“Over here on the table.”
I didn't believed what I saw; an apple oh my God! It’s THE TALKING APPLE.
“Stop staring & eat me, “ he said again.
I was very hungry so before it could say anything else I ate it and went back to sleep.

An Indecent Proposal

Matilda Briggs

"Laurene, wait!” Steve exclaimed. Laurene mumbled, "Hurry up, Stevie. I am late for work." Steve explained, "You look so tired! I don't want you to eat calorific food and become fatter. Eat this apple instead." A furious Laurene screamed back, "Signor Steve Jobs, you dared to call me fat?" She picked up that "apple" and threw it at Steve, hoping it would hit his head. It crashed on the floor and broke into pieces. Apparently, it was a box shaped like an apple. A ring lay on the floor waiting to be claimed by an overjoyed Laurene.


Neena Jain

My work, meeting and clients kept me busy. Every day when I returned home, I saw this neglected apple lying on the coffee table.
“Doctor uncle comes home after you are gone papa. He chats and laughs with ma and I don’t like it” explained my 5 year old son to me when I asked him about the apple.
“So? Why is the apple here?”
“Ohho papa! An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Did your teacher not teach you that?”
The five year old and the seemingly neglected apple taught me quite a bit!

The scenes of Genesis


Scene 1, at twilight, in the Garden of Eden.
Serpent: Here, take this...
Eve: Isn’t it the forbidden fruit?
Serpent: No. An Apple a day keeps the shrink away.

Scene 2, few moments later,
Adam: Why did you eat?
Eve: Sigh! The wicked serpent lured me.

Scene 3, that night, at God's abode.
Eve: Serpent gave me the Apple.
Serpent: I found it falling from the tree. Gravity.
Adam: Blaming gravity is as American as Apple pie.
Expelling all the three to Earth for blasphemy, God said, “It's proved, an Apple doesn't fall far from the tree”


Dr Riti A

Much waited night it was; his muse was finally his fiancé. With the air saturated by enthralling scents of potions of love, eventually amidst kisses, strawberries, vodka & chocolate syrup pleased their existence in their satiating foreplay whilst "Healthy & Good" pusillanimous apple sits & waits on the bedside table. His sexy doctor managed to keep the apple away! *Evil grins* while Choco-dipped berries tasted every inch of her.
Vodka kisses with the appetizers of caresses perfectly eased their Hunger.
Undoubtedly, darkness demands what is irresistibly bad!!

Apple & Me


After breaking up with my girlfriend I was sitting in my room alone talking to an apple.
"Newton discovered gravity when you fell on his head,
And I discovered my girlfriend when your pie fell over her lap.
"Mr. Apple " you have ruined my life, I failed in high school as well as in my relationship because of your pathetic discoveries."
I heard a knock at the door, I opened it and saw a kid; he said, "Please give me some thing to eat."
I gave that apple to him.
He smiled.
And suddenly I discovered happiness.

The Peacemaker


He stared at it from the other side of the room while she looked at it with narrowed eyes. The glint alighted as it did, when it came to food.
But oh, their father walked in from the hallway with a gleam of his own. As the knife sliced right through the fruit, it cut through their hopes of a good brawl!
Their morose acceptance garnered his triumph- after all; they were both the apple(s) of his eye.

The Fruit of Epiphany


There had been no contact for many weeks, and today the letter had arrived. He opened the envelope with trembling hands. The photograph floated to the floor, as his fingers grasped the note within. “You were my world”, read the terse, cryptic message. She used to write paeans to him, but this last letter was a parting shot. He knelt, eyes brimming with tears and picked up the photograph. Conveying more than a thousand words, it shattered him – he was no match for the vivacious, colourful person she was. He should have treated her better. And she knew it.

The Guest

Abhishek Das

My previous house was weird. I could always feel a presence there. More so, because of a queer phenomenon. One day, I'd put an apple on the table, and the same night, I’d found it half eaten in the dustbin .I did this again the day after, and the same thing happened. I did this everyday henceforth. One day, my friend, the priest, visited me. Upon entering, he at once uttered a prayer and said, " You are safe now."
The apple from that morning was left untouched until next day.

That Apple

Rahul Saraf

I am the unsold apple.
Unpeeled and unwashed.
Varnished, I shine. I am still. I still shine. I was meant to shine, not reflect.
I am the unsold apple and I refuse to be taken in.
Wanted, lusted and desired.
Unaware of the craving.
Lost, unsearched, unsearchable.
I am that apple.
That unsold apple.
I am that apple from nowhere.
No one would take me in.
Delirious of being eaten.
Forgotten and untouched.
Look inside,
I am black, not white.
I am that apple.

More than a fruit

Mehak Angothiwala

So when I look at this blood red sweet fruit a zillion thoughts gush into my mind. Most important, sexy men with visible Adam's apple. Jokes made on some popular phrase. People buying gadgets of the same name. While on the other side, the poor wailing about the high prices of it. A father working hard so gets to give this luxury to his ill daughter. A doctor not wanting the mass to eat it and continue with prescribing meds to his patients. Life is confusing, isn’t it?


Shlagha Jindal

Long ago I fell on some great scientist's head and he apparently came up with a discovery. Today I am used in different phrases, loved by some and hated by the others. I hail from the mountainous regions. I, the red round fruit, have set a journey right from being an epitome of inventions, to being the epitome of red color and now an epitome of health.

"Decaying - A Natural Process"


Vicky’s grandpa’ was an 80 year old man now and his only grandson was staying and working in Bangalore. Vicky decided to earn his living in a metro, so that he could explore his opportunities and just not be a burden on his Grandpa’. However, his grandpa would simply yearningly wait for his cell phone’s ring on every weekend, as Vicky would give a call to his grandpa’ on every Saturday. Vicky had no additional responsibilities other than calling the old man and the old man had no option other than waiting to hear the buzz from his phone.

The Last Apple

Febin Mathew

She walked in, leaving behind the sounds and smells of the city, her decision firm. He had begged, pleaded, and temptation had pulled her back one last time; one last kiss, one last taste. But she had left.
She was home now, free. The gravitational charm he exerted on her, broken. She dropped her bag on the couch, and walked in to the dining room. On the table, pristine black glass bordered with wood, she found a plate of apple slices. She picked one up and bit in, savouring the odd tangy taste.
“I followed you.” Her husband said.

Adam who?

Monica Serban

It was that moment of the day when she remained alone so that she could be watered. Nobody had witnessed the intricacies of the process, as the new rituals of the world did not allow.
She opened her chest and her most fragile twigs interconnected her lungs with the bearer of life. The sweet juice filled all her green veins.
As always she remembered the beginning. Who would have thought one single apple pip will save the world from extinction?
Smiling, the virgin queen zipped up her bark.
And from her leaves, DNA started to drip into huge containers.

A Modicum of Solace

Ankita Chauhan

Today is her grandson’s birthday, although party was in the second floor, the loud music was blasting her ears, making her uneasy.
A bit later someone entered in her room and threw Kashmiri apples on the table
“Look mom, your bumpkin urge cost me 40$” he cried. She was frozen, held back her tears; to upset her own child was not in mother’s constitution.
She picked up an apple, analyzed and smiled. Apple was complete, not a bite taken out of it as she saw on that embellished hamper, hanging in her son’s hand.
Today is her grandson’s birthday!

Just like the Apple; LSD


Black and white surrounding splashed with colors of an apple. Just like his black and white life, splashed with colors of imagination. A 40-year-old clerk in a Government office, oiled hair, thick rimmed glasses. Nothing fascinating about him. No wife, no girlfriend, no friends. From 9 to 6 he led a life of anonymity. No one knew he existed. 7:30 every evening he reached his little room, opened a dusty, old suitcase. Carefully took out a blot of LSD and popped it. And then, he would rip open his clothes and in his mind, he would become Superman.

The Leap


They say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but this time it took the leap. For the tree here was “society”, and the apple “a man with a big name”. And He chose to take a bite out of the fruit forbidden by the people who claimed that the “Lord” forbid it. He shouted out loud that he was a man who loved a man and there was nothing wrong with him. He took a bite and showed it didn't kill him.
The fruit with a bite out of it shines still.


Chandni Roy

The morning light flooded her with the memories of the previous night. Last night was beautiful. The smile on his sleeping face vouched for that. She couldn't help leaning over to brush his lips with hers. His eyes flew open and he reached up to plant a kiss on her forehead. Later, when their whispers and giggles were interrupted by hunger, they dug into an, because they couldn't afford two. However, their entwined hearts and souls were too full to need more. They were too one to acknowledge the hunger of their two separate stomachs.


Prashant Hayaran

It was elegant, smooth and light, and good enough for all his requirements. He stood affixed in front of Apple MacBook Air. His pockets had the potential to afford it. He almost bought it, when he realized he had to pay the school fee for Sandhya, his daughter, and he walked past the stall, ditching a dream, yet again.

Irony of Fate

Anshul Akhoury

Every time they used to mention apple she would mention the famous 'an apple a day keep doctor away.' Not a day passed without her taking a bite of an apple. She loved apple pie.
Madam never visited a doctor in her life.
Madam believed that the money she is spending on apples in a month is equal to a doctor's fee for a day.
'So what happened, she died at a young age of 40?' Someone interrupted the butler while he was in middle of his story.
Food poisoning, she died minutes after eating that apple pie.

Seb moh maaya hai


She would keep staring out of that window. It had been 40 years to the day that he'd promised he'd come and tell her parents all about their love and ask for her hand in marriage. An impossible love between a handsome successful doctor and an ordinary nurse. Her friends had warned her against it. But she persisted, blind in love. Now she was 65, unmarried, still in love, with him. If only she had remembered to keep the apple away.

An Apple's day in Court


It was an apple the only shred of evidence linking Felix to the murder of his senior. Everyone’s eyes in the courtroom were riveted to the apple.
For 14 years Felix had been ridiculed working without any raise or promotion; watching juniors surpass him.
Just because the first day at work he dug into the accursed apple meant for his senior unknowingly who was obsessed with his apples and specially had them flown every week from native Srinagar?
On the day of senior's farewell party he had inserted a special bomb inside a mock replica memento, which exploded...Freedom!!

An Inevitable Curse


The heart that has love for all. The hand that fed everybody. Once her house was full of happiness. It felt heavenly. But now she was lost. Her glory lost, the beauty redefined, the intelligence forced to the pits. A small woman era gone by!
Today I stand there and witness her curse, her pain. Years of silence, of being alone, of being unwanted, of being undesirable.



"I am the better one. You can never be as good as me. You were born grey, you were born ugly."
These words, dripping of pride and arrogance, were never actually uttered. But the eyes said it all.
"The world sees you in colour because the creator desires you to be so. But for our greys, your colour would not have meant a thing. Your pride is hollow.
Your color, nothing but the chaos in our calm. You really don't fit in. Can't you see that?"
"You are an outcast."


Srujana Adhikari

Kay was sitting on the edge of his bed. He saw an apple on the table. Suddenly the apple got cut into half and a small creature, which had only eyes, came out of it. The creature took out something and started shooting Kay, he screamed and hid himself. The doctor calmed him down saying its all his imagination but Kay knew it was all true. Kay was a psychosis patient and the doctor warned the nurse about keeping any fruit in his room.

Who has MORE?


I have more
You have more
I have the wisdom
You have the money
Though I own a balance, but see who's settled...
I have more or you have more.
One more day...the same old struggle...
I have more or you have more...
Manas keeps on repeating.

The Forbidden Fruit


"My children, where are you?"
"Father, no! We… are naked!"
"But you were dressed in glory. You tasted that was forbidden?"
"She made me!!"
"No God. I… that man talked me into it. He said you wouldn't provide us with such pleasures if it were forbidden. He touched me in places… in ways I’ve never felt before. Then I brought him to Adam."
"But Father, how would we know right from wrong if we don’t taste both?"
"You wouldn’t have needed that knowledge if you’d chosen me over free-will. But now onwards, you’ll need it more than anything else.”

Last Night's Apple Pie

Rohan Tomar

Motion of life is more devastating than this silence. I don't need to evince or exasperate on things, alas frustrating at times. I think they got the knife, I wish they didn’t leave me half-eaten, as I don't want to get tanned. Hey, wash me first; I don't want to die dirty.
All the phases I've been through, felt like an adagio, gaining some pace at the moment. I think they will make a dish out of me.
"John, wake up, you need to go to school. Last night's apple pie has tired you up, I guess?"
"Huh??...Oh Yeah."

Colourful Apples

Vidya Subramanian

"Apples are red,” the teacher said,
Green, yellow too said my head.
"Green apples, tangy and sweet,
Bright red ones just like meat,
White inside that time turned brown."
I seemed wrong by the teacher's frown.

Then she drew an apple with a leaf
And I painted it red with some grief.
"Very good, so bright and neat"
She smiled as she came near my seat.
I got lost in the red tide I saw around
As I dreamt of a place where colours abound.

Duh uh ! Apples not Peaches

Zeeshan Ali Akbar

The sky was azure. Stars glistened. Night commenced.
He was scuffling to make past the barricade to an orchid. It was 2 hours since he left his wife for a walk and he scoured every nook and corner of the town for peach. Everybody offered apple. It was the final day of their honeymoon.
He collected a dozen of peaches, but as he briskly made his way out, the gatekeeper shouted.
"Peaches! As you yearned" he said, as he gasped for breath.
"I am not in the mood for peach, wish they were apples, " she teased.


Rohan Kachalia

The alluring damp flesh was exactly the way she liked.
The outer darkness delighted her inner buds whereas the pulpy inners left her salivating. She felt it once more, running her fingers all over after having a first bite whereas her lips bared the juicy flesh. “Bliss! Nothing can get better than this” she exulted.
The close-ups and angles created a whirlwind of magic, leaving people in a complete drool.
“Iss season kaun banega aapka humsafar, Lal Ambri, Chaubattia Anupam ya Sunheri Chamure?” came a soft melodic voice.
“Lal Ambri”, exclaimed Chintu after watching the ad.

The Beauty in Paradise

Akshaya R Pai

It was right in front of him.
Basking in sunlight.
Glowing gloriously.
As red as the blood rushing through his veins.
He knew he was not supposed to touch it. He knew what the consequences would be.
But it seemed to talk to him. It was calling out to him.
He could not resist anymore.
He walked briskly and took a quick bite.
A big, juicy bite. Packed with deliciousness.
As he was relishing it, Adam realized his folly.
The poison started to crawl up his throat and suck the life out of him. Slowly.
Paradise no more.

An Apple A Day

Sowmya Raoh

"When will he reach here?” she thought, as she waited for her boyfriend. Why hasn't he come yet? Was there perhaps more traffic than usual today? Surely, it wouldn't take him an hour to traverse this distance. As some more time passed, more sinister thoughts entered her mind.
As she quickly squashed them, her eyes fell on the apple on the nightstand, smirking wickedly. And a chill ran down her spine as she imagined him sprawled on the streets, bloodied all over. Just at that moment, he walked in. With his white coat, stethoscope and a killer smile.

A Raw Tale

Anand P Pathak

Brewing tea,
In the day.
Fresh leaves,
From lands of Assam.
Coffee fumes,
From the Brazilian era.
All of nature dreams to live fuming and fresh.
Looking on to humanity to adopt ‘being organic’.
Really, are they moving on?
Growing as humanity?
Like the way they loved us,
In the ancient era.

An Apple Today

Vanessa Braganza

If he had eyes, they’d be full of gloom; but he did not have eyes.
If he had shoulders, they’d be drooping; but he did not have shoulders.
He was plonked unceremoniously on that table at an unearthly hour this morning; now the sun was baking him, ripening his juicy insides to mush at an unnecessarily hasty pace. And it was only just past noon!
Depression enveloped him as he wondered what purpose he was to serve. Was he meant to keep the doctor away his entire (extremely short) life? He was here today… Would he be gone tomorrow?



Don: Do you’ve the 4 million you owe me or get ready to die?
G: Here!
Don: An Apple?
G: No, Purity. 100% organic.
Don: Is this a scam because if it is I’ll cut you like an apple.
G: Check it.
Don: Encapsulated by the hibernation gel, the reading... no it can't be! It is pure. But, how? All organic vegetation was extinct a century ago.
G: I know a forbidden place where you can find more, make me your partner and we shall rule this world.
Don: No, not again! *Don cuts the apple and G’s throat*

The Other Side of the Story

Sonia Vijayakumar

God, Satan, Adam and Eve ignored the apple since then.
The apple wondered if he was forced to be the part-taker as Satan deemed him insignificant.
He was the perfect scapegoat. He was the oppressed; subjugated by the almighty, the powerful villain and by the self-centered mortals who whined about losing everything when in actuality didn't lose as mush as he did.
He wondered, but not aloud, for he couldn't.
He was both, the deliberately silenced and the preferably unheard'.*
*Quote by Arundhati Roy.

The Cry

Ranjit Thankappan

The room smelt of blood and barfs.
A suppressed cry sneaked in from outside and retraced into the stinking latitudes.
The young man was half asleep.
But he could hear the whispers and see the room as if in a half-broken dream.
The night before, he was dreaming.
Dreaming dangerously.
And he drank a glass full of sleeping pills.
He continued to dream in the morning.
His mother came knocking and stumbled upon his suicide note.
“Son…” she cried.
The cry!!
It lurked in, lay hidden inside him.
Alas, only the lonely apple on the table saw it.

The Meal


She stared at the apple in disgust. That shapeless apple was her dinner. She hated it. Her stomach rumbled. The fragrance of the dinner her family was enjoying downstairs wafted up to her. It used to be a rare delicacy, long ago when she was just a struggling group dancer. Then the item dances, bit roles, casting couch. Today she was a super star. Now her looks mattered so food was taboo. With tears pricking her eyelids she bit into the juicy apple.
That night her dreams were filled with juicy kebabs, wine, ice creams like every other night.

The Picture

Avinash Shenoy

"Your first assignment; write a mythological story taking inspiration from this picture", his voice echoed in the jam-packed auditorium.
He looked over his shoulder at the screen, a red apple on a table beaming in sunlight. Simple, yet stunning!
This was where it all had started for him; he gave a wry smile, thinking back on his first story. The same picture that had set him free to realize his dream.

Now we’re even

Priyanka Dey

Paakhi had to go see him for the last time! Next morning, she ran into the Cathedral, almost scurrying into one of the backbenches. The mass was almost halfway through, and after the prayer she slowly walked on to the front row to catch a glimpse of him. There was his photograph with white flowers adorned and an apple along with his other belongings. Paakhi looked around and grabbed it without a thought. She hurried out and took a big bite.
There, now we’re even. You took away a piece of me and I did too.
Paakhi smiled.

Kiss in Red


The room turned grey when he slammed the door, leaving behind his cologne and warmth by my side.
I had picked up a blood-red sweater & a red scarf for him. I was ready to tell Raktim my feelings. I took out the red wine & his favorite red candles to make the room and us warm. I was ready.
We were kissing with UB40 playing in the background when he mumbled, “I am getting married next week”. I urged him not to stop.
I got up hungry. The apple looked inviting in that gloomy room. I picked it.


The Oddfather

“Let’s get one thing clear,” said my teacher. “When you gift me an apple, you are in essence, offering me a bribe”.
The word “bribe” was meaningless to me, a child of Class IV, all of eleven years old.
As I grew older but wiser, I was a master at offering people “apples” in return for favours.
“Let’s get one thing clear,” said my lawyer to me this morning, in my cell.
“You are not incarcerated because you attempted to bribe, but because you got caught!”
I am now wondering how to offer the trial judge an apple tomorrow.

The Practical Child

Rajini Raj

Dearest Diary,
Here’s something I don’t want to forget. I was playing with Raunak today and the conversation went like this:
“My dearest baby, you are the apple of my eye. Do you know that?”
He took an apple, playfully placed it on his eye, and asked “like this huh mumma?”
I was speechless. I wish he never grew up!
November 13, 2014.

Grown up


As she kept the apple on the table, Shalini, 26, a freelance writer staying alone, sighed. It was a busy afternoon and there was nothing else to eat. The apple made her recollect that tiny incident.
One afternoon, during her school board exams, Ma washed an apple and tried to force Shalini to eat it. "Stop showing your concern Ma, I'm a grown up now" Shalini yelled, pushing Ma away. Leaving the apple on the table, Ma left.
A teardrop rolled down her cheek as she had the first bite. She smudged the teardrop away, like a grown up.

I am living legend

Leemi Keche

Hello people! My name is Apple and I think I am too sexy for you? Ok, but what and how and why and all the questions playing in your mind? I know I am famous for there are many reasons attributed to it. I am the fruit who fell on Newton's head and so that led to the discovery of the mysterious gravity.
Legends are written on me in religious text, remember Adam's apple? Even a quote is dedicated on me 'an apple a day keeps the doc away’! Now I am a symbol of sophistication, elegance and class as I am Steve's Apple!

Sixty lost, how many more?

Joju Rajan

Tempting. Pleasing. Full of ripe, sweet pleasure-laden liquid. The apple waited out for her. Bearing a gift for her, a bitter gift of death. The ultra-sound results had come yesterday. The results indicated that her daughter was on the way. A trip that was to be cut short, thanks to the wide variety of drugs available to cause miscarriages.
God knows, how many apples, in what shape and size, are waiting.
As of 2014, the current sex ratio stands at 940 females for every 1000 males.

An Apple a Day

Ashwini Dodani

Sanya: “Do you love me enough to rip me apart and make me feel you tonight?”
Abhishek: “When is he back?”
Sanya: “Not until the end of this week.”
Abhishek: “Awesome. See you tonight.”
(A WhatsApp beep)
Vikas: “Hey honey, I am on a visit. I might not be able to make it even by the weekend. See you on Monday.”
(Knock on the door)
Sanya: “Sigh, I missed you so much Abhi. Own me tonight; I have been waiting for so long.”
Abhishek: “It’s going to be a long night. Get ready.”
The apple kept the doctor away.

True Lies


She was lying there in solitude, in the ICU of the hospital.
Having sensed a presence in the room, she opened her eyes. Tears welled up. I stood there, holding her hand in mine, as she drifted back to sleep.
I looked around the room where she had spent the last five years. It was cold; quite literally.
My eyes froze on the fruit on the side table. Apples were reminiscent of childhood days. I never liked apples but she force-fed me to “keep the doctor away.”
That’s what she had always insisted.
She had lied to me.

Bright Red Fruit

Shruti Gupta

She stretched out her skinny hands for the morning cup of tea but all her wrinkled eyes could see was an apple and lots of emptiness around. Gone were those days when fresh smell of tea used to wake her up.
He was gone...the war took him.
"You remind me of lots of things, my love, my life, my loneliness and his drenched red body". The bright red fruit pinched her eyes, she grabbed and ate it.
"Now the surroundings match me, you were just not in the right place", gulping the fruit she shouted out loud.

A Piece of Joy

Nisha Arppit

"No mom, I'm not going to eat apple, I am on a detox diet", 14 years old Disha, a figure conscious vehemently refused. But she took a bite reluctantly when her mother chided her. The apple was rotten at one side, enough excuse to throw it in the bin. Crease of smile appeared on Jhumri's face, the housemaid who was almost the same age as of Disha. Creeping towards the bin, Jhumri quietly picked up the apple, washed it, cleared the rotten part and had it joyfully.
A junk for one is heartfelt joy for another!

The Namesake

Bindu Menon

Devoid of colour, this world suddenly seemed bane. Feeling the cold crisp wind around me, I ponder on my fate. I was the coveted one, termed to be vital for mankind. However I seem to be forgotten in the frenzy around my namesake. Countless fingertips tap on it, not many reach for me. Young ones are more aware of the namesake. The namesake appears more prized and prestigious. I am just me. The namesake seems complicated. They say, it helps people connect to each other. I fear in a few years I might be called "the namesake".

The Story That Need Not Be Told


This is not a story of a fruit but a symbol of evolution, a connection between the human's myth and true science. A story of the single bite that cursed the mortals forever and a single fall that lifted the art of science. A story that dates back to 100 thousand years and one that could change the existence of earthlings in the centuries to come. A story that need not be told again as long as the names Adam and Newton exist.

Apple of their Eye

Pallavi Shastry

She was beautiful, inside out, skin and flesh. Everyone told her how lovely she looked when she blushed scarlet. And she always did. She was a part of every occasion. She was treasured. She had a sister who wasn't as popular, but was just as pretty with her glowing and clear skin. But she stayed indoors. She was tart, she was tough, and she was everyone's favourite pie. But no one cared for her otherwise. She was always green with envy. She was never a part of the picture.

The Apple

Ravi Matah

An apple a day keeps the Doctor away. This old dictum is no longer valid.
Sometimes the Doctor is cheaper than the Apple, common man can't afford either.
Apple of discord has now caused problems. This Forbidden fruit created chaos in the Garden of Eden.
If Adam and Eve had not taken this forbidden apple I would not have been here writing this piece.
The Apple of discord is in fashion all over the World today. Look at Kashmir, ISIS, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine to name a few.
Look at BJP and Shiv Sena in Maharashtra.
Forget the Apple and enjoy.

A Bite of Life

Dr.Sheetal Nair

She gave him a scornful look as he gobbled down Toast & Cheese Omelette. The cheese was running down from the side of his mouth. In his prime he used to be an athlete par excellence but now a sloth. Cholesterol, Diabetes, Heartburn - he had it all. She looked at him with overgrown affinity and passed him the apple; He looked at her with glee & took a bite into that red juicy apple. She turned around dialed 108. He lay down smiling just as he had met her the first time, lifeless on the floor.

A Dream


Akil was standing in his balcony. He saw an apple flying towards his house and landing on his table. A part of it opened and small creatures started getting out of it. He got curious and went near to see it. They saw Akil, took out a pen kind of thing and shot at him. Akil was disintegrated. Small creatures shouted, "Now we will conquer the earth". Akil woke up with a stark realization it was a dream. He looked at the table to find an apple with a part of it open.

Forbidden fruit

Avani Mahendra

As the cheering faded I finally saw her. In a room full of black and grey suits she wore a stunning red dress.
She walked over, calm and confident, to collect the Presidential award for innovation in Gravitational Physics.
The papers had called her a 'child prodigy', '21st century's answer to Newton'!
But all I could see was my baby girl whose childhood was slipping away behind the dark velvet curtains as she held on to the Gold medal around her neck.
The apple of my eye had tasted the forbidden fruit.
There was no looking back now.



The lady in red, the apple on her head
An arrow from the hero's bow, to amuse
A silent yearning for this muse
With a pounding heart he knelt with a ring
She turned away, to a man who did sing.
Now they stand again
As his hands tremble, silent rain
Brims his sight, he lets another fly.
With the red satin you could not tell
The stain it left, a cherry spill
To her heart he found another way through
As she bled, he followed her too
The apple
It silently stood
A Love unrequited, passion unconsumed.

The Apple

Fairy Dharawat

An old lady sold an apple to Snow White who kept it on the table which Bashful, one of the seven dwarves, couldn't resist.
After eating, he gave out a loud cry. Six other dwarves ran towards the now dying dwarf with blood coming out of his mouth.
“What happened?” cried Grumpy dwarf.
Before dying Bashful pointed to Snow White, Grumpy said, “I always knew you wanted our house all by yourself to live with the Prince. But we didn’t expect you would… murder us for that!”
Before she could say anything, vengeance was carried out with an axe.

Absurdity in Red


She left it there to rot. There was a time when temptation was framed in monochromatic hues.
The squared shadows had no impact on the colour of the apple. He refused to pick it from the table. As he searched for meanings in the display, he realised her gesture was bereft of double-edged senses. Why she couldn't be direct and straight, he thought.
As the evening hours rolled by, he had one option - to shoot or not to shoot the signifier of absurdity in red. And the laughter rippled and sparkled.

The Unknown Truth

The Storyteller

The apple was feeling very edgy and nervous. After all, she was chosen for a photo-shoot. But amongst her community, she was never considered an attractive one. In fact, throughout her life they had called her the “ugly” or “crooked one”.
Suddenly, she was the cynosure of everybody. All the “good-looking apples” were jealous and struggling to come up with reasons of why the “ugly one” was chosen.
Little did any of them know the photo shoot was for the cover page of the book titled “The Crooked life of stock-broker Darshan Mehta.”

Defying Gravity, An Apple a Time


“You sure?”
“Alright, it will pinch just a bit; you will sleep, never to wake up.”
Euthanasia is a taboo in most countries, but he isn't ashamed of being called Dr. Death.
However, today is different. “Six more months at best”, read his biopsy report.
Ever cold, he grinned, “Time to eat an apple a day”.
What better way to keep the doctor in him away from injecting himself?
The one freeing others from their miseries chose to embrace his with open arms. Sometimes, the tree doesn't fall far from the fruit. Maybe gravity defies death.

The Hallway

David Fleetwood

Between classes. Chaos. Where is my locker? God, which class do I have? I should know this! What's wrong with me? Oh f*&k not now… panic attack. Look at them. So organized. Mommy must be so proud.
I like English; it's the only class that calms me down. They don't get it. Juveniles. They don't read. They pretend nothing matters. Except Julie. That time we read the Chekov one out loud, her, and me she was INTO it.
Maybe tomorrow I'll say hi.
Maybe she will too.

Colour me red


The red in me looked around. The world around me was black and white and grey. I wonder if I liked it. My mind played around this world that I saw. Did I really exist in it? Did it belong to me?
I decided to walk away from it. I tried to make a move. It was then that I realized I could not move. I was just a red shadow in the world of black and white and grey. I lived in a parallel world.

Scarred by Lust


Nothing lasts forever. And this time, she was glad it didn’t. It ached her heart to watch him go away, crying for her. At 13, her scarred mind and body had given birth to this new life. But she had to let him go. For in his innocent face, she saw her drunken father’s lust. In his hungry cries, she heard her shrieks for help. In his touch, she felt her father’s stinky sweat.
She cried for him one last time. He had to go. He was the forbidden fruit… of lust!

Apple? No? Apple? Yes?

Harshita Kumbhar

This significant thing takes us back in time. Adam and Eve. Since then, apple hasn't been really just a fruit anymore unlike all the others. The wondering thought is what if there was a banana instead of this apple. May be just may be, we would get some not-so-sexual thoughts looking at it. Other than that, regardless of the sexism in them, apple and banana are healthy to eat. Go ahead and have one.