'The weather looks alarming.' 'Rainstorm is a sure thing.' 'The helper ain't coming today.' Thoughts kept shouting, asserting a big 'NO'. But for him, this arduous ride was well worth his family's smile..

The storm was getting worse and Sumi was getting worried. She looked outside and sighed again. She turned on the radio to distract herself. The announcer said, "High Alert. Stay Home." She turned it off immediately and heard herself blaming Lakhu, "You good for nothing donkey, now what do I feed babu?" Lakhu left with his shame and fishnet. Sumi raised her hand to stop him but that moment was gone. He was gone. Now she was left with her last words to him and a tear. .

Daddy Dearest

Kavita Chavda

The hall was full of parents and teachers on the occasion of annual day. He was sitting in a corner, inferior being a fisherman, seeing suited-up parents of other children. And now it was Raju's performance giving a speech on 'hard-work'. He was amazed by his son's speech that valued littlest of his efforts made being a single father and hardships he faced to earn a living. The speech ended with "He is and always will be another name for respect and inspiration in my life" and a picture describing him at work. Teary eyed, a father smiled, a soul lifted up..

I killed my Son


He knew the things he brought from the middle of the sea were illegal, but he did that because they paid him handsomely. He earned more than he had ever earned when he was fishing. The money had helped him take care of his son. He wanted him to become a successful person. This time the thing he brought was different from the usual stuff. His world came crashing down when his son was killed in a bomb blast. He had helped them kill him..

The Search

Kishore Thampi

I am going to find you today monu. I know you are out there somewhere, mislaid amidst the endless stretch of the mighty blue ocean. If not for that pointless altercation that I had with you on that fateful morning over some inconsequential matter, I would have accompanied you my dear son. But fear not I'm coming to get you. Suddenly I see two hands pop up from underwater. Crying aloud I dive into the icy water. In the engulfing darkness and silence I hear a familiar laugh. A hand stretches out towards me. .

Job satisfaction


When trawlers owned by big corporations started competing with traditional boats, Vasu knew that fishing was a dying business and soon he would need to find alternative source of income. With big companies came bigger competition and people started to disappear. Now, Vasu was earning big money regularly by dumping bodies into the sea. "All my life I came here to catch you to feed these animals, but now as I come here for feeding this these animals to you, I am more happy. Enjoy your meal my sea friends." He looked at the sea once and started his new assignment..

26/11 Again..?


He saw the white flag on a boat which was a signal to seek help, nearly a kilometre away from him. Last time his elder brother had tried saving a boat, he was shot all over his body and fed to fish. Mumbai was craving for mercy, for the show of humanity his brother displayed. He turned his boat towards the shore, ignoring every signal. Terrorists did their job, effects of which were seen till today. This time, they killed the lady and her just born on that boat, who were lost for weeks in the vast sea..

Let's get on with it

Nitin Purohit

“I will carry you for a while; then you carry me all the way,” The fisherman said to the boat. “I walk the sands and you ride the waves.” “You will have a great catch, what’s in it for me?” asked the boat. “Soak in your favourite saline water and dance in joy on the sea with the waves. Isn’t this your calling?” replied the fisherman dragging the boat into the sea. As the first waves hit the boat it buoyed with joy. With land gone, gone was lazy reluctance. The boat said “Now, let’s get on with it.” .


Naveen Rane

Being a fisherman, life was good with a nagging but caring wife and adorable daughter. From being a responsible husband and father, I became an alcoholic and both my wife and daughter left for greener pastures. That's when a small puppy entered my life and again changed me from alcoholic to normal person through his kindness. Today I am again alone and hollow, since my dog has left for heavenly abode. Since my dog loved ocean very much, assuming even he wanted to say goodbye through ocean, here I am carrying his body in a bodybag and for enlightening me with kindness..


Shweta Naik

"I need to get her back!" cried Muniyyappa, after he woke up from coma 5 days since the destructive flood. He had lost everything including his only granddaughter to the cruel hands of nature. Alone, he dragged his boat to the shore. Nobody dared to say anything to him as they did not want to crush his last ray of hope. A while later to everybody's surprise he came back with a small girl and said enthusiastically, "Look... I found her!!" He found a new life, she a new home..

The Rough Sea


Sea was rough that day. None of the fishermen dared go to Sea. But Raghu was stubborn and he did leave for fishing that evening for he had only one dream: to see her daughter as a doctor. Rough sea, thunder, storms didn't seem to bother him. Determination on his face was reflecting one of the purest form of love. The Sea always had many sad stories to tell and that evening she got one more..

For his life was a grand play, everyone around learnt it the harder way. Some people cannot not have the unusual. There has to be a story to tell, remember? One narrated seemed duller than enacted. He took all the children to the shore with him and said, "Today let's play the Tsunami." It was more of a save-the-world drill in his head, the world falling apart with his old age. "All will perish any minute now," he crawled inside the house, screaming. "Don't tell me you didn't find any fish. We have been waiting all day.".

Return to sender

Manoj kini

Cleaning up his handiwork was consuming more time now. The awareness on the new mission ensured the five-six feet high dumps were now extinct. He missed riding towards random dumps, flinging his packages and seeing them lose their identity. As he used the receeding waves to get his ride moving, he made a note to raise his fee to cover his out-of-pocket expenses as well. To an onlooker, he was just another fisherman going on an overnight expedition. He hadn't factored in nature's policy. It never kept anything. The body would wash ashore; one piece at a time. .

Avenging the oceans

Aditya Pareek

He got up with rage, barelling through the crowd, got inside the house. Picking up the kitchen knife and a rope to tie it on the other end of a stick, he headed towards the beach. Pulling the nearest boat on his way towards the giant endless ocean, he screamed, "You engulfed my son! I will not spare you!" He ran in the waves before collapsing and the waters washed away his tears and screams till the boat sailed solitarily, unguided. Did David really kill Goliath or he woke up after it?.

In search of...


He went to sea daily in the hope of something which was impossible he knew. Years back, his father had gone fishing for his son's favourite fish as a birthday gift. As the day ended neither had he celebrated his birthday nor had his father turned up. The fisherfolk said the sea had swallowed him up. So he grew up to become a fisherman and went to sea with the hopeless hope of seeing a loved one and keeping touch with the sea that had embraced his father..