Lux of the Dark

Dr. Sheetal Nair

The Fort was glowing with all the lights reflecting away on the walls & its parapet. You are the instrument of your own illumination. But sans people it was not creating the effect it should have ,where did the souls vanish? It was dark even though light had permeated everywhere.The inner light actually comes from the soul. There was no value to the art , because real art is in illumination & without people it was pitch dark. It was another day in circa 2500 AD. when the fort was glowing in the lux of the dark..

The graduation


“He did it!” I shouted to myself over the cacophony of the celebrating students, watching my son embrace his friends at his graduation ceremony. There were many names given to his condition, by doctors, by friends and family, but I just saw him as special. “I did it mom, just like I promised,” Sunil said, his eyes welling up. “I never doubted you, my darling,” I said, as I brushed his salt and pepper hair from his eyes. I looked proudly at my 50-year-old son, grateful to have had a chance to take this journey with him. .

My happy place


“I have done it, finally done it,” I thought to myself as I posed for the final graduation picture, watching the ecstatic students and proud parents embrace one other. I looked around and knew I was going to miss all my friends a lot, just as I missed my parents. But I am doing it for them; I know I will be sending them to a better place, a happier place. Just like the place I sent my parents to, I reminded myself, reaching under my graduation gown to make sure my gun was still there. .


Shweta Naik

Today is my last day of college. These four years have been very tough but great. My friends and me are happy; yet I can say I am a bit more happier. It's a day of emotions and achievements. I have a well acclaimed degree and a secure job for my future. Tomorrow I can fly back home and eat my mom's home cooked food. I can finally tell my dad, "Enough babuji, it's time you take a break from making pani puris." Today is the threshold between ambiguity and lucidity..

I was sitting and closely watching the communion. Everyone had a black thing on their body and was hugging each other in complete merriment. They all looked like those grotesque beings shooed out from the cozy confines of the trees. Some patted me as they passed by. I just looked at them without any emotion. Finally amidst the myriad legs scuttling past me, I spotted him. He was sitting all alone, looking gloomy and dejected. I scampered towards him. His face lit up as soon as he saw me. Wagging my tail, I jumped on to his lap..


Kavita Chavda

New city, new people, new house. I was already done shifting the luggage by morning itself. It was night by now and I was insomniac as usual. I decided to arrange some stuff out of the luggage till I reached an old frame, hugged by dust. As I wiped the frame, the picture became clear and I was teary eyed missing both my pals. I realized, with time, our friendship had lost its charm. I left everything aside and picked up the phone, dialling a conference call. A graduation day picture helped revive the lost charm of all these years in a single night..

Mortal Secrets


Three best friends, graduated summa cum laude from an international university, they went their separate ways. Only thing binding them was their youthful dalliance with Lily, a CSW in their village, during their high school. They never visited her together, but it was always in the dark of the night alone. One day they heard that Lily was no more and they decided to attend her funeral. After the funeral, they sat in the parlour drinking her favourite palm wine and shared secrets. A young Lily look alike joined them, asking who among them was her father. .

Torch of knowledge

Naveen Rane

Back home in our country we all three belong to different religions, customs and cultures. But far away in this foreign country we are bound by a unique religion called education. There may be lots of frames in our homes which define our virtue in this world and starting from our forefathers we have respected those frames, Today on this convocation day we dream of a new frame in our homes which will carry the torch of knowledge and enlighten our communities to think that only education can bring peace and harmony and help us understand humanity..

One Last Snap


How could he be happy when he knows that it's time to say good bye, not to us but to this world? On my Convocation day when everyone was happy, I stood 'Alone in that crowd' with a heavy heart watching Sam giving his Last Hugs to others. No one knew except me that he was diagnosed with colon cancer. I wanted to ask him, "Why did you choose me to keep your secret? I am not your best friend." Then I realised he never had one. Thanks to the guy who clicked this because one last snap with him was all I wanted that day..

Going Forward

Payal Phayde

We could never get our hands off each other, surely lusty. I kept the faith; something so beautiful he won't let go. I graduated with him yet without. That was the day he hugged me, but didn't kiss! That said it all with numerous disclaimers. His parents had already finalised matters, that too a girl. He was going to tell me after we returned to our countries; less hassle and avoid emotional outbreaks. But I knew his password, we shared a life, our world far away and now oblivious. Guess that's what love now is: a convenient instalment. .

The price tag


Two years had passed like a breeze. It was the day of reckoning; graduation. He went around capturing the moments of happiness and joy. There were talks about the seven-figure package bagged by the cream of the lot, the exciting world that awaited them outside and abundant promises to stay in touch. Maybe, just maybe, if I hadn't dropped out, I would have been a part of the gang, he thought, as he looked at the picture while entering the boardroom. He headed the Million Dollar Round Table. Everything came with a price tag. He had mastered valuation now..