Sweet Dreams


The palace was blazing in festival lights, all arrangements were in place to celebrate the crowning of the new Prince. Dancers and singers from across the globe were invited to perform before the gathered crowd from all princely states of India. The reigning queen placed the crown on the head of the handsome Prince and guided him to the throne. "Rahul baba, get up. It's 10 am already. The Assembly session is going to start from today.".



The palace had been lit with lights glowing all night. The young princess was coming home after her studies abroad and her parents wanted to make it a grand affair. All kinds of savouries and sweets ready to be served, music and bands, nothing was spared for the princess. The day dawned, everyone in the courtyard expectantly. The palace gates opened and a Rolls Royce rolled in. Everyone rushed forward with garlands and sweets. Out stepped the princess and behind her a tall handsome fair blond hunk. A collective gasp, the queen fainted and the king looked on, confused..

Fortune star


Something shining brightly amid the rocks lured him. It made him forget his lifelong service at the golden palace. He paced up to see what was it that seemed like a star in a galaxy. To his utter surprise, it was a jewel box which was meant to illuminate his fate. His joy knew no bounds living the fairytale moment. He had finally been rewarded for his loyalty! .

Return of the King


It was a bad day for Jaisingh. He reached the fort late at night. He convinced the caretaker to let him take a look. The director wanted this location and he would fire him if he failed to do his job. As soon as he stepped inside the palace, it came alive. He saw a full army standing in front of him. A man dressed in general's uniform approached him. He said :" Welcome back, great King." The king had returned. Their wait of 1,000 years was over..


Kishore Thampi

The boat was inching forward. The sound of the oars breaking the lull of the moonless night. The banks of the river were crowded. Women decked in ornaments. Their sporadic laughter echoed across the still water. The magnificent fort shimmered in its resplendent decoration, casting a reflection on the still water. As I sat mesmerized by this sight, I had a feeling that I had seen all this before. It was déjà vu. I turned to see my wife looking intently at me. As I opened my mouth to speak, I heard her say, “Have you really forgotten”?.

A swim through the reflection


Of all senses, sight must be the most delightful. That night he saw the most beautiful sight, her eyes sparkling in the reflection of the Golden Palace. He felt that she was the most beautiful fish in that lake. That moment abolished all his desire for they seemed definitively fulfilled. The memory of that sight gifted him sleepless nights. Poor fish! Every night he swims through the reflection, hoping to meet those sparkling eyes again. He hates when the Sun smiles at him because that is when the path to his love disappears without leaving a trail. Every night he swims and swims... longing for longer nights..

Manjali: Look at this palace! They have so much electric power, they light up the palace every day. Piyu: True, and we don't have power to even study at night. Manjali: Don't worry, we can make the change. Piyu: What can we do? We are so poor that power to our bulb depends on government's wish. Manjali: You know, government has a scheme 'Beti padao, desh badao'. Piyu: So what's that got to do with houses in our village getting power supply? Manjali: Let's get educated and invent new technologies so that our villages are also power sufficient..

The guide, while roaming in the ancient fort, said, "Here is the sheesh-mahal made for the queen." Ruhanna, mesmerised, clicked the splendour of sheesh-mahal. The guide continued: "There on that wall there is a magic mirror, you can click standing across the mirror, either to the left or right, and still the photo of the person standing at the other side will be clicked!" Amazed, Ruhanna clicked the mirror. At the same time she heard another click. She saw him in preview and felt that something clicked! .


Shweta Naik

Two school friends sat on the bank of the river as they gazed at the reflection of the city in it . They never thought they would be separating ways some day. Bidding goodbye wasn't easy. "City of gold, here I come," thought Jatin, with mixed feelings. "City of fire! I am glad I don't have to go there," thought Raju as he dreaded his friend's fate. Jatin was the son of a goldsmith. Raju was the son of the gold mine worker..

Halfway House

Payal Phayde

Darkness and light is a blend I have always liked. I wonder why am I confined to this side alone. Can I not go out and play in the water like other kids do? Warden says that world is bad, this is where we belong. I am sure they miss this view and don't have the peace I do. Thin line between sanity and judgement. Funny it is: I get to cut them tomorrow for I made the order and the birthday girl is not into cakes. .

Indigenous beauty


"An ethereal phenomenon of extraordinary beauty. Beguiling and inspiring, in equal measure, across night sky, a celestial display of coloured lights. Emit greenish-yellowish light characteristically, blues, reddish-violet hues, but can occasionally be seen. The Roman Goddess of Dawn, derived from, the name, Aurora." "Bravo! Described so vividly! I feel I am a witness to the event. Here, a bag of mohurs!" "Your Majesty, we have no such inhibitions. Tonight it is yellows and reds, blues and violets, tomorrow, it could very well be. We call it reflection." "Raman! An epiphany! Take these, one for your wit, another for the indigenous-beauty!".

The contractual obligation

Manoj kini

It was the crown prince's birthday and the whole city was lit up like never before. A child had been born after decades of futility. A prince prophesied to eliminate evil. The elixir production was drying up fast, the last harvest preserved specially for the royal lineage. Anybody who could lay hands on any amount of it commanded a premium. The dockhouse by the river witnessed a hooded stranger, with one demand and an irresistible reward; de elixir. Banish the crown prince, let the younger one reign. Loyalty had been bought. It was business as usual. .