The melting sun threw rays at him, as he stood with his shoulders back. His pupils resembled the soft blue sky, with which he fathomed the beautiful sunset. He stood at the stern of his only possession, holding on to his only support. As he imagined inviting the birds to give him company, a simple smile flashed across his face. But his skiff had no fish. He thought about the night to come when he would stay hungry, and his weathered face looked tired. But his eyes still shone with faith, like the stars that were about to appear. .

The Yellow Ride

Dr. Sheetal Nair

Happy at getting the antique VW collection from Hot Wheels, I was jumping around the living room when Akka told me to accompany her to the jackfruit orchard. She had come from the US yesterday to the obvious joy of my parents. I knew about our games in the orchard, She used to make me play before going to the US too. This time I relented only because she gave me a gift. So I accompanied her to darkness of the orchard, waiting for the game to get over so that I could show Ashok my new yellow ride..



"I'm in a toy-bus, in my mind. The world doesn't overwhelm me when I'm in my toy-bus. For I become a toy too. In my mind." She said you shall think of me when you become a mother. I remembered myself, instead. My childhood ditties, and dreams were released even as my daughter began to play with my toy-bus..


Shweta Naik

"The picnic was so much fun," thought Dincy the van excitedly as she trotted along the park just before sunset. The troupe she came with was gone and she was left with a long lonely load in front of her. "Did they forget about me ?" thought Dincy, unable to believe her own thoughts. "I will go along this road and see where it takes me, they must not have gone too far. After all I am a van, I can catch up." I wonder how long would it take for her to realize that it is 'just a toy'..

The lost Toy


8am. Heavy traffic in Hall; as usual we were enjoying our exciting ride. We never missed our usual route. My bed->Grandpa's tummy (with a sweet kiss)->the carpet->between those busy lean legs which had never bothered to take rest in kitchen->dining table. We shared the warmth of the greatest gift - 'another fine day' my yellow fellow. I miss you my dear toy. Wherever you are... gift a good ride. .

Journey to motherland


Sitting by the window seat, she waited for the bus to start. The bus trailed out from the station and the cool breeze caressed away the wrinkles on her face. The bus gained speed and her thoughts began to run back in time. Each passing road sign made her realise how far she had gone from her village, her people! She had left it all in pursuit of her dreams. Now after all the chasing and achieving was the time to return to the motherland and relive the days gone by..

Happiness-Oxygen Bond


Due to our frustrated and hectic schedule, many folks try to focus on the main destination of life but in between they forget to live the precious moments of their journey. While travelling, it is quite important to spread happiness because it works like oxygen for the folks who have mooch in their life. So take your time, search for a right track or way and start spreading happiness because as oxygen is needed for live our life, happiness is needed to live a healthier and longer life..



The little yellow bus was the only proof that their three-year-old son had been there. It had been a pleasant picnic spot and they had enjoyed the morning, had a heavy lunch and gone off to sleep. Waking up, they realized Nitin was missing. Hours of searching in between heart wrenching despair and sobs they found the yellow bus and a hope had sparked up Night came and no sign of him. The police and locals launched a search and Nitin remained missing. They went back home and gave missing child bulletin to media. They held on to the yellow bus, hoping Nitin would come..

Intelligence without awareness

Noel Alex

It took us 25 years to perfect the shrinking process. 15 years disputing whether to make this technology public. After 40 years, we decided that the best use of our discovery was to shrink ourselves and travel to places no man could ever visit before. We decided to use our old school bus for our travels, the first place where we all met. We drove into the woods and shrunk ourselves and the bus. For obvious reasons we couldn’t tell anyone our plan. For less obvious reasons we forgot to shrink the key. Intelligence without awareness is quite frankly stupidity. .

Perfect Landing!

Debasmita Guha

"Boom" the overloaded, off balance truck banged into Samar's brand new car. Samar was on his way with his son Joy, to surprise his wife, who was visiting her hometown. The car flew above the ground and toppled throwing Joy out of the car when Samar was still trying to unbuckle himself. The truck finally lost all its balance and was now resting sideways. Samar's entire world seemed to be upside down when his eyes fell on his son trying to fetch his yellow car, which for the record was the only thing to have a perfect landing..


Shruti Rao

Vishnu typed the last few lines of the code in his laptop and hit 'return'. He took 'THE CAR' outside the laboratory arena. After 15 years of extensive research and continuous efforts, the day had come for LIVE experimentation. It was not just a dream for him, it was his long lived ambition. For, he had created an artificially intelligent toy robot that could recognize faces, navigate new environments and even mimic emotions to change the future of ROBOTICS..


Jigisha Dave

"Hop on!" shouted Rahul. I ran up to the bus and asked where it is going. Rahul said, "Straight to the stars via Moon, passing through galaxies on milky ways! Hop On!" I smiled. Always feels great to go down memory lane. I placed our magical bus on the rack again and continued with my dusting. .

The Van


He was beaten badly by the man for touching his son's toys. The yellow van was his favourite toy. But he was never allowed to touch it. The toy was at one of the homes where his mother worked as a maid. Nobody really understood why a man who could afford a luxurious car would go for a yellow van as his first car..

The Heart of the Matter


He stopped dead in shock. His gun clattered to the ground. The sight of that little yellow van took him back ages… Not ages, just eight months back. He was teasing his 10-year-old sister. He ran off with the van. She laughed and tried to catch him. But all she caught were a few hundred pellets. He looked at the gun and wished it wasn’t there. He wished he could pick up the van for his sister instead. Maybe after today’s attack he might meet his sister in heaven, he thought. And he picked up the gun and walked. .

The daydream


"You don't come to play with me anymore." "I have grown up and have better things to do now." "Even for a little chat?" "What do we talk about?" "But... I gave my whole life for your happiness." "Wasn't that your purpose all the while?" "Don't be surprised if you hear the same tomorrow." "Shahaan, wake up! You are getting late for your meeting..." I woke with a start. "Hello, yes, I had called in earlier, but no, I have changed my mind about having them stay there. Yes, I too am happy I decided against it, Thank you.".

Was a big dream to pack my bags and travel by road to the mountains in a Volkswagen van. Spent my days planning the itinerary, earning for my travel expenditure, waiting for the vacation, packing up, but couldn't afford one single thing, the Van. so I bought this little Volkswagen toy van and took it along. a little push and it could traverse through the rockiest roads..

Dreaming Big

Naveen Rane

Babloo: Manu where did you get this toy? Manu: Our neighbours are shifting, so they gave me this as a gift. Babloo: Why? Don’t they have children? Manu : But their children now don’t play with such toys; they play games on computers. Babloo: Can u give this toy to me? I love motor toys. Manu: Why? Babloo: Because one day I want to be driver of motor vehicle. Manu: But on one condition, if u give me your school books. Babloo: Why school books? Manu: Because I want to study and own a vehicle. .

My Love


Today I met her in a yellow gown. My eyes were fixated on her. Everything around seemed to blur. I made a silent promise. I will never give up until she is mine and I am hers, however difficult and rocky the path may be..

Cute or cult

WoMania neverborn

On this deserted road, I had to drive back 5 miles to fetch that damn toy van after my 7-year-old started tapping frantically on the windshield. I got down and lifted the toy... only to hear that tapping sound again. But this time from the inside of the toy van. Astonished, I saw a small hand inside tapping the windshield. I heard my car starting and moving away from me. Now I'm on this never ending road... alone, with someone trapped in this toy van..

One stormy night


He was happy to travel to the city of dreams with his father. It was raining rather heavily that night. But he trusted his father's driving skills. It was a daily route for his father. The last passenger to get on the bus was rather unusual. He was smiling like he was enjoying the stormy weather. He also heard the passenger telling someone that they did not require a ticket for where they were headed. The next day the headlines flashed: "Mahad Bridge collapses. 42 people missing." Somewhere Yama was smiling, with his ticket in his hand. .


Ankita Chauhan

He said: “Can I say something?” She said: “Not now.” He said: “Am I too young to ask?” She said: “I am busy.” He said: “Stop treating me like a kid.” She said: “Are you grown up?” He said: “I dumped that yellow van, will buy a red car.” She said:”Honey, You shrunk that kid… inside you.” He said: “Will you please stop calling me kid?” She said: “You are eight. I am eighteen.” .

The yellow school bus


His heart beat faster when she looked at him through the window of the yellow school bus. "Adi. Adi," his mother poked him. "Ananya made the tea". He smiled at the girl."We will leave now. We will have these horoscopes checked and inform." Adi's dad said. "Sure," said Ananya's dad. As they walked away, Adi was thinking about the girl in the bus 20 years ago; whereas Ananya wished the horoscopes wouldn't match, for she was still searching for the boy who watched her every day as she passed by in her yellow bus 20 years ago..

Second Life


“Hey, Kabir! How are you now?” “The headache still troubles me.” “In a few days, you will start liking it.” “Liking? Headache? Why do I have to suffer, while you have all the fun driving this minivan around?” “I was born with this minivan last year.” “You sound funny. You were ‘born’ with…..?” Kabir paused as realization dawned. “You were born with the minivan. I was born with the headache. So… we…. shall…. forever… remain stuck... with… it.” “Don’t worry. There’s no pain here. Death treats you way better than Life. Matter of time.” .

Innocence fades with time

Payal Phayde

"Your toy is mine. Mine is yours. They can't afford same same toys for both of us. We should not fight." "Why are they fighting over property? When we grow up we won't do that, right? We'll still share everything well. Like we do now.".