The mountains on the other side

Aditya Pareek

Her face with a mask, just there to bask while the time moved; Knitting sweaters, socks and gloves; As the mountains decided for a change of skirts, from green to white; Were they mournful or very bright? She sought for the sun, gazing up high; But could see the siege of the clouds as a truth covered with a lie; She stood up, and spotted a man afar; She got him inside with love in her eyes letting go of all his crime; And asked him eagerly about how many people did he kill, for GOD, this time?.



"Bhaiya yahi road hai na Mumbai ka?" I asked. Already I was irritated due to work at my last night duty in autopsy. Being FMT specialist is my biggest mistake, I murmured in frustration. "Bhaiya..." I called again, irked. "Haan yahi hai Dr sahab," he replied with a neutral face. I was surprised that he knew that I am a doctor. I looked at his face again to ask that. And it was the same face of the person I was doing autopsy of last night..



This is the same spot I met her 25 years ago. It was my first time and I was reluctant, yet excited to try my luck , She could hardly be 16 years old, reflecting the innocence of a child with red paint on her lips trying to mar her age. Her mausi was trying to woo customers. My friend dragged me and later in that dim, dirty lodge, she sat trembling, tears trickling down, telling me her story. Now years later, I still see that innocence in her eyes. I should say, "I am lucky....”.

View from a Bridge

Noel Alex

A young girl jumped from this bridge yesterday. She is one of 76 others. I don’t think they were cowards. Not everyone is born with the strength to endure. I only wish before they took the leap, they had opened their eyes to see how beautiful the world looked from here - like I do every day. I hoped people would stand here and feel the steel and concrete beneath their feet, above the majestic sea- and be inspired by what man can accomplish I never thought this bridge would hover above a massive graveyard, when I built it… .

Kurup's Conjecture

Dr. Sheetal Nair

Kurup's family trade was that of astrology. In order to fulfil his dream of going to Gulf, like every second 'Mallu' he took up the job of handling his family's rubber estate. Usually he made a quick buck but what with Malaysian rubber invasion in the market, rates of rubber sheets in Kerala went down. Today he read in Manorama that Indian forces were using rubber pellets in Kashmir. As he stood near the bridge waiting for the bus all he could think was, "Since the army is using rubber now, will the prices of rubber go up?".

The Call


She would have waited by the telephone… It was a daily ritual – to call her from the pay phone near their house. Every night at 9. She would laugh, she would fret, talk about her studies, her friends… Every day. But today they didn’t get through to her. The hostel phone was engaged every time they tried. And they tried the full half hour of ‘phone time’. He was upset. He wasn’t sure if that was because his daughter would be disappointed… Or because he couldn’t hear her happiness and enjoy feeling her joy engulfing him in a hug. .


Bindu Menon

It was two years ago. They say Radhamani and Minukutty jumped from here. But I do not believe them. I know they were waiting for me here. Now I wait for them. They will come. I know. Radhamani is just angry with me. I know I drank and hit her every day. But she knows I love her. My Minukutty, with her curly locks, will be happy to see all the toys waiting for her at home. Every day I come here, wait here, for hours… I hope Radhamani comes today...I hope this every day….they say she jumped…I do not believe them..

Two towns separated by a river, what a scenic view and source of water for both towns. But this same river took away my family. My pregnant wife was travelling to her father’s place to deliver our first baby. Due to a storm, the ship sank and I lost my wife and my unborn child. But instead of being angry or frustrated I took a pledge. I will make peace with the river by constructing a bridge. Though it was a tedious process to convince the government authorities, finally the bridge is a reality and saver of lives..

Disease or boon

WoMania neverborn

It's Rajan's favourite spot. He was standing for hours. Thoughts roaming in his mind. "Balu must have come home from school. He'll search for me. It's evening... or morning? This stupid azhar disease... or something Balu said, doesn't let me remember anything. Balu left engineering by choice then shifted to... to.. Alzheimer disease, I tell you. It erased all memories. Good & bad, without discrimination. Long silence has made me forget language. Words have left. But Balu is there, he loves me. Soon Balu came.... with police to take him back to old age home, 3rd time this month..

The only survival

Palak Sharma

"I'll go out and tell everyone you tried to molest me!" Subbu anna’s daughter-in-law Lalitha had threatened. Lalitha had resorted to blackmailing since Anna caught her with another man and refused to give in to her demands for increasing expenses. The most bitter let-down was his thankless son's poison-barbed words of distrust. Anna was heartlessly kicked kicked out of the house. Biting disapproval from the community and a life alone... teary Anna chose to submerge in the calm waters..

“Whether I should jump off?” Arjun whispers. The rescue operation is over and till now they have recovered 8 bodies. There is no hope of life under the water. He lost everything with the hope to live after the accident. He was about to jump off and he felt someone pulling at his pants. He turned; a little girl was standing. It’s now 20 years from then. Arjun is again standing on that bridge, the bus stops and a girl comes running towards him. “Papa, I am a doctor now.” Tears of joy rolled down from his eyes. .

The blind camera


Something about this bridge attracted him. 'Click!' his camera buzzed as he took one of the stranger leaning on the bridge. The photo came out well; but what the camera couldn't see was the tear that rolled down that person's eyes. 18 years ago, this bridge had collapsed and a school bus had fallen into the river. All the kids were saved; all but one, whom the river carried away - his 8-year-old son. As he walked away, happy with the latest click, little did he realize that the one he took now, was of his father. .

De simpleton-diaries

Manoj kini

"All great men have a gripping story behind them. The only missing link in my greatness is the story." "Consider it done! We guarantee you, it will be worth every single penny!" "Now look away and can you pretend like you are thinking? Good." "We will add some infrastructure and landscaping in the background, as if you are conflicted between development and conservation. You could actually become famous. Err... find your story." He smiled as he walked away. His research was bearing fruits faster than his anticipation. People made mincemeat of any gullible person. The simpleton-diaries would be an interesting project. .