Human race is a curse among the other species I'm afraid. Because, of course, all they know are reasons and trade. Such a bright intelligent organism. A wonder by the gods, even figured the light through their little prisms. They have swords guns and bombs, to kill their own kind, Using up their abundant thumping minds. Learn from us, green rigid masses that we are, We just breathe, let you breathe and give those fruits... Don't you push us far!.

The Colour of Green


"Banana," he said. "Banana," the boy repeated. "Green," he said. "Green," the boy repeated. And he was taken back in time. To a land covered in green -- leaves, grass, blue skies, colourful flowers... He remembered the fruits, his father picking them off the tree, and him eating it right there. But now it has all changed. There was no green to be sighted anywhere. Unless it was Government Manufactured (GM), of course! Everything had to be a GM trademark these days. Which is why this bunch of green banana that he cultivated had to be a secret..

Parallel Worlds


150 BC “There is this fruit found in deep forest which can heal her.” Mithilesh was excited to hear this. He knew if he succeeds, he will get princess’s hand in marriage. “I’ll return with fruit or else won’t return ever,” he said to himself and left the room. 2016 “Please try to earn enough to buy few bananas at least.” Mithilesh was depressed to hear this. He knew he if fails, his family will have to sleep with empty stomachs. “I’ll return with fruit or else won’t return ever,” he said to himself and left the room. .

Banana Plantation

Naveen Rane

After doing Agriculture engineering, I joined Govt agriculture dept in the research lab, where we did lots of experiments on agricultural products. But deep in my heart, I had this urge of working at ground level with farmers, I decided to go and work with farmers who actually put in their blood. Since my specialization was in banana plantation, I embarked on a journey with little hope but full faith in my abilities. But today I am happy to see the healthy bananas with drops of rain making them look like a farmer's gift to humans. .

My Outdoor


A cold blast of wind wakes me. The doors and windows are open, it is drizzling. It's her way of bringing in the outdoors when the weather is just the way she likes it. She must be in the backyard, either carelessly dragging her nightclothes through the mud or leaning on the mango tree. There she comes waltzing in, hair damp and flying behind her. She presses her cold cheek to my immobile face. She smells of the wind and rain, of earth and the colour green. She is the only outdoor I have, the only outdoor I need. .

Youth has gone, while walking around Poovar to which his handful of memories are attached, of summer and friendship; he becomes nostalgic. The serene beauty of the Neyyar which passes into the Arabian Sea during the high tides, the banana and mango gardens behind the cottage where he and Nilam spent their stolen moments from the world, playing, giggling, smelling the flower and telling summer stories. Lying upon the grass under wide-open summer sky he closes his eyes thinking of all the disappeared good times; a 100 summers he has passed longing for her touch. .


mohamed Rizwan

The prying eyes scare them. Scared of being plucked, devoured. Holding tight to the roots, They sweat apprehensively, Their heads lowered timidly, Scared of bereavement, Scared of detachment..

Forced transformation

Manoj kini

"Ma, why do we have to pray to the lord of dark room?" "Because, it is said, the pure souls with no prior bad karma get to experience the dark room, where, in due time, they will transform and attain salvation." "Isn't our life cycle quicker and easier?" "No! Now that you have been bathed in their holy pond, you will begin itching all over and the next thing you know you will look ready to be devoured, whether you are ready for it or not." "Why do we need to ungergo this?" "Because, it is business as usual.".