It was 2.30 pm and Aniket was wandering the streets with his Bio-Data in his hand. His first interview was a disaster and had another one lined up late in the afternoon. He checked his pockets, “Gosh, just 5 Rupees. Can’t even have a Vada Pav with this.” He stopped at tea vendor and ordered a cutting tea instead. “Here you go.” Said the vendor. “That’s 6 Rupees a cup from today.” “Keep it there. Let me buy a water bottle from next shop and come back.” Said Aniket and left the stall in haste. .

Mother's love in a cup of tea....

Sonali Strange

Tea, my companion wherever I go. Duty for my country takes me to boarders away from home. There this cup of warm tea, clasped in my hand and warming me, as if I am holding my home. Today as I sit in this moving train going back home, after receiving the letter that my mother is no more, feeling the sting in my eyes. I ask the vendor for " ek chai!" I hold it in my hands thinking of her warm loving hands, giving me a cup of tea and often asking “what if this is last time?” .

Cutting edge

Priyanka Paranjape

'You are my lobster', he declared, in the tone of his favorite character from Friends. She sipped her tea, contemplating what she feels for him. After gulping down his second 'cutting', he rectified his own statement - 'You are my tea' - The first thought in the morning, the savior in rains, the salvation on a sunny day and one thing which adds life to every moment in life. The steam which I want to breathe in for life. Not to forget - hot and refreshing, literally. Moments later, the scoreboard clicked - Friends - 0, Tea - 1. .

Farewell friend

Renu Kaliyath

Nair Sir the owner of Nair tea stall always kept the first glass of tea on the parapet. His closest friend had left for Kargil without having his customary tea. The war was won and everyone moved forward but so far nothing had been heard about his friend till date. The whole village and his family awaited his homecoming. One day a black crow came and sipped the tea, looked at Nair Sir and flew away. Nair Sir felt his heart go cold.... Next day there was no more tea glass. .

Out on a Tea date


Trafficked at a young age, ending up working in a tea stall, between serving the hot cuppa his eyes met something. A guy and a girl sipping away to their new affinity. He had little to no cue as to who they really were. They made gestures, asking him to come over to him. The owner of the stall got a bit suspicious as regards to their identity. As he was engrossed in thoughts, it stuck him that they were volunteers of a local NGO in disguise. Thus their attempt at escape was foiled. .



The glass of tea sat between them, misting up the air with its hot, spicy-sweet vapours. She wanted to tell him that leaving was not the option, that she loved him, that life would be miserable without him. He wanted to tell her that he would stay if only she would ask. He looked at the beggar sitting nearby and offered him the chai. “So then. Have a safe trip. Be in touch,” she said. He smiled and they hugged. An embrace that brought them closer to each other, and yet widened the gulf between them. .

Aunt Agony

S as in Shoumik

The pain was killing her, yet she got up from the bed. That day of the month, pain, agony, anger, irritation… she missed her mother. But she’s a mother a two now. She must get up and make breakfast for her children. As she entered the kitchen, the mess made her infuriate exasperatedly. She had left the kitchen spic and span last night. He is so selfish, she thought. She turned and found a hot cup of tea on the table. “Mom we made breakfast for you,” said the kids hiding behind him. She smiled. Her pain disappeared. .

Are you ready?

Payal Phayde

The beginning of her happily ever after with the perfect looks, elite degree,compatible horoscope and families. She loved her parents and was extra careful to not hurt their feelings by indulging in passing affairs. She owed them that. The tea now was her first impression, it had to be perfect. Even if she knew there may be days it will be means to and end, a conflict or more. But today it is going to be his first words for her, She tasted it and wore her veil. .

The Prize


She was watching her favorite silly movie and the TV screen was showing the hero bringing a glass of chai to his sweetheart. This is when the veal between realities crashed with a thud and she found herself swimming in a creamy liquid. She panicked, gasping for air. From above two big, brown eyes looked at her in dismay. Then a flicker of recognition. He picked her with his fingers, smiling. “Finally, my little prize! The deity was right. I would get food, when somebody watched my movie one thousand times.” He snapped her neck with his teeth. .

Tea Party

Fairy Dharawat

"You are getting predictable, all your stories sound same." "What can I do, my life's boring." "Do something about it." "Like what? Get away from my home, and travel endlessly to the corners of the world?! Is this how you think my stories will get interesting? You sound selfish, and unresponsible, quite unlike you." "I was only critiquing your work. But your plan sounds good too." The Angel relished the hot tea famous for it's addicting taste offered by the Demon friend, hugged, said goodbye and left the gates of Hell with a traveling backpack. .

One Frame Stories (Behind the scenes)

Rohan Mukherjee

"Hey quick! We need a picture for this week's OFS!" "Oh shucks. What do we want the theme to be?" "I don't know. Something. Simple. Profound. You're the one with the camera." "The same thing as last week then?" "Warm beverage it is." .

Recollecting the place he told where there is vein in the rain, unheeded tars, chirping greens, windy rackets and a glass of tea. Prolong years are never a malady. The fortune hauled her to relive her bunch even after scant years. The far-off meet allied to the evanescence of tea came back like a dip in the rains. The cloud thundered warning her about presence; shivers all over again but loneliness with a glass of tea and an assent were her companions, “If tea could have cured cancer, rains and the glass would not be her only aide”..

Hug In A Cup

Vishal Chauhan

"It is 2 AM .Don't you want to sleep?" "I will but after a cup of tea with you . "No way, Me and my battery both are dead" she replied. After a minute's silence-"Ok but only one cup for both of us." "Already in kitchen with the sweetness of your voice so less sugar." "Don't sleep before taking your Sip it is almost ready" "How's the Tea Aadya?" "Ok, Truth or lie?" "Truth Dear" "It is not a cup of Tea its Hug in A Cup." "Hug me & sleep" .

Tea Boy

Naveen Rane

When I landed in Bombay as a 14 year old, I became a tea boy in a sound recording studio. My name, karmvir, resonated in the studio whenever anybody wanted to refresh themselves by having a tea. I don’t know whether it was luck or destiny, sound started to touch my heart and soul. I became a worshipper of sound and started learning to record sound; which enriched my soul and existence.Here I am today working as a assistant sound recordist for discovery channel on the project “sounds of Nature”. But still my energy drink is tea..

The last tea

Ashish R

It was time for tea break. Like everyday, my friend and I went to the canteen to have some tea. During this break, we used to discuss random topics .But, today, something was different. He started talking about the day we first met, how we drank cups of tea and knowing each other. He sipped the last drop and remained silent. Even I was numb as today was his last day in office.So, as a farewell gift, I said "Bhaiyya, 2 chai aur dena". Sometimes you're one cup tea away from solution..

Rain and tea


It was around evening and. I was ready to go out to play football with my buddies. As I was about to step outside, it started raining heavily. That pissed me like anything. In frustration, I threw the bike's key,straightway headed to my room and slammed the door. A minute later, there was a knock on my door. Mother came to my room with two cups of tea. Then she opened the window and we discussed football..

The night dozes off behind sunrise, but drowsiness is not letting Raj to drive fast; a long night he passed driving the roads. He parks his car near a tea-stall. A little innocent face with deceptive eyes comes forward and serves him a glass of tea. Raj smiles and asks the boy, “What’s your name?” “Chotu,” he replies. “So, Chotu don’t you go to school?” “No.” “And why so?” “If I won’t work, then what I will eat. Last time, my father beat me and told that he won’t let me enter into the house if I don’t go to work.” .

One for the Road.

Shyam Vipin

The little whiffs of steam were like apparitions. He went into a trance. Was that really happening in the future? He was distraught - what if that mirage fizzled away like the froth in the cup of tea he had just sold? For a moment, there was more masala in his mind than in the tea. No. He had decided. He had just one last cup to sell for the day. He gulped it down himself. One for the road. This nation was his to lead..

Open Your Eyes

Matilda Briggs

As Murali prayed fervently, he bellowed, “Recite mantras in unison, Ungrateful Child.” “How do you suppose the Gods will hear it?” “The smoke from these incense sticks would convey my regards to the mighty Gods.” “Right on. Once you are done, drink this herb infused tea.” A calmer Murali dozed off, as his daughter looked on, relieved. Medical Marijuana had helped them control their familial psychosis. Later, she rolled a joint for herself and started to puff away. The smoke rings rose higher, even as she saw Lord Shiv bend down and take a whiff of ‘the good stuff.’.

The Embrace

Shalaka Kulkarni

Nagpur, 20th May 2026. Fourteen years down the line, the place had experienced transformation. Google had given him some pleasant surprises. To his awe, the technological progress had failed as the caress of the land remained the same. There was no rush today. Raaghav abruptly stopped on his way as the half broken wooden bench looked very comfortable. A slim, tall young lad kept a cutting beside him. Nostalgia grabbed him more, as Kesari patted his back and said, "No Advance today?" The friendship exclaimed, "Cheers!" The tea, the cigarette and the city broke into tears. .

I’m not the one to brag, but I’m a lot things to many people. I’m there in good times and bad. I’m sweet. I’ve learnt to be strong. I’ve even learnt to spice things up. I’m refreshing, even on my worst day, I get shared, because sharing is caring, and that’s why they call me “cutting” Of all the amazing things I do, you know what I love the most? When something brews between the two folk that share me I guess, this is why I love my job I cut it just right .

“I am NOT addicted to Tea. All I have is one cutting chai that fuels me for the entire day. Often days. My Doc says I am addicted. What non sense. That one glass is calling out to me. My first since morning. How can they call it addiction? I just have one cup after all.” The hospital attendant watched the patient with tired eyes. They made fun of him and called him ‘Ghajini’ and he never quite understood why ‘Ghajini’ was a patient at all. All he did was drink tea all the time … just like himself..


Ankita Chauhan

She was exhausted, her frail limbs trying to find a place to station down herself. Her dizzy mind rehearsing those questions, she faced this morning. “Aren’t you aware about terms and conditions, how could you adopt a child, while you’re single” “You mean to say, I have to adopt a man first, to enjoy motherhood” she roared. They didn’t reply, just asked her to sign some more papers. Pain was dangling on her eyelids. In her late thirties she has no more comfort left as tea, she sipped a bit and became ready for another fight. .

Another cup of tea

Manoj Kini

"Another cup of tea? You must be really excited about this. I've had too much for the day." "For the kind of day you've had, am sure you wouldn't mind. I promise, this shall be the last one. Now, before we call it a day, tell me how on earth did you manage to fool death more than once, on the same day?" "Ok! Well you see death has its flaws... and I got lucky too..." "I shall remember that for the next time. Thank you." "What did you put in that tea? Who are....." "Your not-so-elusive death!".

De prophecy


Every day, as he sold tea to his customers, he would stray for a while and listen to the intelligent conversations some of them often had. While some ignored him, others would jibe him with their vile remarks. "You think you will become the next Ambani?" "Maybe he will become an 'Adarsh Neta'!" "And then he will have chai-pe-charcha with his party-mates, while elsewhere his citizens continue to drown in problems..." He didn't have to answer them. His deeds would; one day. .