On the trail of silver mist

Aditya Sathe

I was following her like a rat behind the piper as she kept on walking on the trail. Her blond hair waves in the air. Her white skin glows in the mist. Her footsteps traced in the silver glow over the dirt of the trail. I was walking exactly on them. I entered in the sparkling silver forest. Along the trail, there were gorgeous human statues. Quite a few of them. By the time I could realize, I was turned into one of them. She was on her way back to the hotel..

tiny ray Hope

anushree goenka

Riya just wanted to pour her heart out when she saw this frame. A drop of water resting silently at the end of her eyelid. All her anger made her so sick, her heart choked today. The helplessness of not being able to sort it out and speak out has been killing her every day. She recalled the poem she read in her school "Courage Brother, do not stumble, though thy path be dark as night; there's a star to guide the humble, Trust in God and do the right." And that is how life goes. .

The Real Deal

Leandra DSouza

The wilderness of the jungle. Creatures all around, waiting to tear you apart. Darkness fills into your soul. Fear of the unknown and the unseen. When it feels most difficult, like there's no way out. Don't Give Up. Fix your gaze on the light at the end of the road. Reach there. Set a new goal and reach there too. Don't stop until you can go no farther. Fighting all the odds, build your way to the top. For, it's all a matter of survival and the jungle was never the Real Deal. .

Adam and Eden

Firdaus Rahaman

"Hey, mind you, tree. You are breaking into my bricks. Check your roots." the path shouted. "Never mind. You were the one to encroach first. Your creators cut our brothers down to make you and then forgot all about you. It's revenge time", said the peach tree. The weeds, saplings, plants and trees started laughing. All except the old banyan. It smirked. "Revenge? Laughing at the weak? This proves humans also created you. They planted you." .

Mysterious. The nice kinds. "I want to walk this path. It looks like there are stories laid all along the way," said the heart. "Really? Or are you just hoping to find a story similar to your own? Something that would complete the darkness inside? Something that would help you make sense of your loneliness? The light at the end of this tunnel suggest nothing but fog, blur and chaos," said the mind. The eternal duel between the two continued. .

Walk along, Maybe?

Sangeetha Shreekar

Hold my hand while I walk the dreaded path to see the light at the end. Hold me close while I breathe your scent, let the forest play its magic and engulf us in its glory, let us live together just to create our story. I am aloof of the darkness with you beside me, ready to fight the world on the other side. Let us live to create history, let the wild remain as our witness to our story. I wish you would just hear me out and take on the journey as I ask you out..

The Evil Trail

Palak Sharma

She woke up lifeless to the smell of eerie wilderness, she couldn’t feel her limbs. A failed attempt at rising. She saw herself in a black wedding gown, bleeding a messy death. ‘How did I get here’, she though, terrified, lying face down in the deep woods, ‘Where're the other campers?’ writhing in pain, horrified, she tried raising her hands looking towards the light at the other end. Her hands were missing. “Help!! Anybody there!", fear gripped her voice, she tried to scream, there was no sound. “Wake up! Its weekend! We’re going camping!!” A loud sound woke her up..

Misty Woods, Lair Of The Unknown


Age old custom is one obligation which the city bred couple found hard to let go. The cool jungle air couldn't mask the fact that something eerie lay in it's thicket. Far removed from civilization a hovel held their fancy. "Belch!! this porridge tastes horrible". "Fresh herbs goes into it's preparation", grunted an old man to whom the house belonged to. He harked his sons to come have a look at the woman. Petrified by mutilated faces, she ran for her life. They weren't ghosts, but a byproduct of incestuous relations. .

Ray of Hope

anuja bhor

A terrible week, a convicted day and here I am. A struggle of 3 years ended in disgust. Looking back – my journey is empty. What did I earn, what did I learn? Away from lust here in a cowardly place – I think for myself now. Should I take this as a debacle or an opportunity? I see a ray of hope. Is this sun trying to brighten my life? Yes the path is clear is now, I never had the courage to stop chasing the limelight and open my own café. But now I am all set..

The Jerk Spirit

Rohan Mukherjee

"Listen. I'll be all eerie and creepy and make strange sounds for you - record everything, okay?", whispered the Forest Spirit. "No. I'm a journalist with integrity. I don't care for click-baits!" "Well then sweetpea. I'll just have to kill you.".

The Forest

Ranjit Tha

She was on a spiritual trip with her family to the Dargah. He met her on the way and accompanied them. She could see lust in his eyes. When everyone was asleep, he told her, "I am mesmerized by your smell…" ‘Its Athar, my lover’s gift!’ He invited her to the nearby cemetery. ‘Take me to the deer forest...’, she hissed. They sneaked into the forest. He shook a tree and it rained on her. Suddenly, a tiger jumped on to them from nowhere. Next day, the forest guard found his dead body in the forest. It smelt Athar. .

Morning of Optimism

Aashay Shah

It looks like dark, haunted night. But when you actually zoom this frame, you can see it's a bright day, full of light. The sun is not exactly reaching the land. The path for him is full of grey creepy plants, pebbles and thorns but with white little lights of hope. I can see that positive rays of hopes coming from this darkness, helps him to go all the way till end. So always keep hopes even if you in a dark place because after every dark night, there is brighter day!! Life is Black and White, its grey.!!.

She was staring at the path, the path which she thought was freedom. All her life she lived in this forest, she knew every part of it but she longed to see what lay further down the stone path. She had been warned about the terrors lying outside her pretty world but she never believed. She took a look at path that lay in front and a look at the forest and ran to her so called freedom. .

No longer exiled!

Priyanka Sharma

Life lost in the whirlwind of dust into the wilds, I saw lightning hope and my soul was no longer exiled..

Of Gold and Diamonds

Mehak Angothiwala

The picture was black and white. But had innumerable shades of gray. There was not much to be said about it. But many thoughts did come to mind. The frame was made of gold. But diamonds added the beauty to it. The onlookers glanced at the picture. But it was the frame that caught their eyes..

Its a new journey, a new beginning, walking on this path, I have found my calling. This forest seems to be my friend and embracing me as I am one of them. There's a tiny little heart on the other end, calling my name as I am born again. Amidst the darkness I am finding a ray of hope and finally I settle as I have found my home. .



Twenty years to the day, on this spot when I last saw my Father. I will never forget his weary eyes as he spoke for what was to be the last time, my Father who was my guide in life, my mentor and most of all, my hero. I wish he was here today for I would tell him how wrong he was when he uttered those words, “Don’t go running off into the woods on your own son because you will never find your way back” “Daddy, I’m back” .

The Unknown Path.

Surabhi Tripathy

The compass pointed North and my map didn't show this route. I knew I was lost and I had to take this path. Walking cautiously, observing every single smell and scene that I see, I move ahead. I see a light towards the end and I stood there realising that this is how life is. I was feeling every heart beat of mine then. I was in the moment. Life is nothing but an unknown path. All we need to realise is to take small steps and be in the moment. Make the path worth while. .

Modern Hansel and Gretel

Shoumik De

An old couple had two children named Hansal and Geetal. The couple raised their children very well, they gave them education and made them successful people. One day, they all went deep into the forest and left them there. They pleaded, "Please don't leave in this treacherous forest. We love you both so much. We just want to live with you." Hansal replied, "I am sorry pappa we can't take care of you anymore. But don't worry we'll visit you when we get time." But they never visited and the old couple died of melancholy..

Revolution through the dark way


She: The taste of my love is giving me a safe trust in the halfway of my words. He: I'm glad that you understand the real friendship. She: That means you still care for our happy life. He: Of course dear. I was missing the part of you in me more than you'll ever sum up. She (with a cute smile): I'm still alive to live in a beautiful sketch of our way towards light. "The victory in the new way of transforming minds".

Run! But Where Will You Go?

Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma

She'd been running for only a few minutes but it seemed like hours. She had trouble catching her breath; cursing herself for the weight she had put on. But she couldn't stop. No, she couldn't get caught. Mustering courage, she increased her speed but stopped short seeing what lay in front of her. A dark, eerie forest with evil screams coming from within. She knew she wouldn't come back if she went down that path. No, that's too scary. With a jolt she moved ahead and started running. The unknown evil might not be scarier than the known. .

Ghost Riders

Renu Kaliyath

They were college friends, five of them, three male and two females took a bet that they will stay one night in the haunted forest where years back, a train accident had killed hundreds of passengers while they were asleep. Night came and the group settled down for dinner around camp fire and after lots of singing and dancing, they slept deep under the open sky. Midnight struck and a blinding light came upon them and swept them away. Their dying screams woke up the village..

Light Of Hope

Naveen Rane

Everything was dark in my life, dark future, dark circumstances due which I lost the hope of living a blissful life. darkness engulfed my mind and heart in such a way that I started thinking that I the child of darkness. That's when out of blue moon I saw this dream in my sleep that changed every thing. In the dream, I saw this jungle which thought me that these are hurdles you need to pass, a footpath which showed me the path to destination, the bright light which reminded me there is always hope so don't give up..

A Real Dream


She was inexorably drawn to the deep and hauntingly beautiful dark forest. But the silence hanging over it was eerie. Impulsively she uttered aloud a word, just to break this suffocating silence. Suddenly the forest came alive. Flocks of birds flew out, baring the scantily clad trees. The Sun bathed them in it's glory. She knew what did the magic. Once again she uttered the magical word aloud to the forest. She was being shaken awake. "He's gone, face it", a stern voice cut into her dreams. But she knew better. She smiled!.



“It’s the red flower Mowgli. Save me from it. Please” “Why should I save you Sherkhan? You will kill me once you are safe.” “No I won’t. My clan is reducing every day. The ones like you are terrorizing and killing us. Your father invaded our territory. That’s why I was angry. But please help me now.” “I want to live here too Sherekhan. The ones like me are terrorizing themselves too. I can’t live there. Jungle makes me feel safe. I will help you escape if you let me live here. “ “That is a pact then.” .

There were five of us at the start of this 21-day journey in my quest for immortality. I needed them to carry my materials. Now we were only two. Other three had perished; strangled and crushed by the monstrous man-eating trees. I was safe because I wore the special tree-repelling bracelet. The man walking behind me will die any moment and I will stand alone to be irradiated by the light of immortality. I paused and turned to see if he was still alive. He was holding up my bracelet and there was a gleam in his eye..

How beautiful it is

Sonali Potadar

“It’s so silent there, I can open all my thoughts undoubtedly and it would listen everything I say and wouldn’t judge me.” She murmured while looking at the photo. Listening to her nearby man said “I felt the same.” And introduced himself, “I‘m K.M and I’m glad you felt the same way I tried to capture.” "Really..?" "Yes Miss. Would you like to come there with me? Let me show that I couldn’t capture in photo." "And what’s that?" "The nature has its own thoughts to share but very few listeners. You’ll know and feel there how beautiful it is." .

सिर्फ प्यार !!!

जय हो बाबा

सिर्फ प्यार काफी नहीं है, जिंदगी जीने के लिए पैसा चाहिए, क्या दे सकते हो अब तुम मुझे?? कोई जवाब नहीं था जगजीत के पास, उदास मन से वो उठकर चल दिया एक मेडिकल छात्र, जो कई दिनों से लापता था, का शव पास वाले ग्रीन जोन में पाया गया, बताया जाता है उसके पिता और भाई की पहले ही दंगो में मृत्यु हो चुकी है। बताया जाता है इसी वजह से वो काफी तनाव में था। खुद को समझाते हुए सपना, तेज कदमो से ग्रीन जोन जा रही थी, जहां अक्सर जगजीत से मिला करती थी .

Stopping by the Woods on a Grim Night

Floyd Chatterji

The snow has melted, its dark. Creepy crickets have replaced the lark. My little horse has trodden miles, Conquered the shrinking tree aisles. The keeper of the woods, long gone, We passes his cadaver, in unison we mourned. Now time, the keeper, is doing a run-of-the-mill endeavor. This indeed is the darkest evening of the year. Ceaseless hustle of the leaves Let slip from my memory, my sheaves, My dwelling, my brood, my consort. The woods, nay a callous fort! The ardour has lamented But I have promised to keep And miles to go, before I sleep..


Muzzammil Lambate

He was shifting in his bed, trying to contemplate. He have had ‘knightmares’ before, but this was bizarre. He was walking barefoot; the silence was infuriating and the path, baffling. The trees gawked right at him and he sensed how it felt to worship darkness. As he moved ahead he heard a thumping noise from the dense shadows behind. He turned; the noise hit him in the face. He got up horridly to find Alfred coming towards him. “Master Wayne, are you alright?”, asked Alfred. “It was a trick. The Joker is back”, said Bruce Wayne huskily. .

'Oh my God, oh.. I got it ! That's the way to my home', thought he, walking in the woods . The light at the other side of the pathway would bring an end to the long journey - a journey he began in search search of ?? Damn memory! Wait..wait, wait. How's this all black & white? 'I know there's something special in that picture. Your smile tells it all', said the nurse. 'Patient number 27 - loss of memory', read the placard on his bed. .


Payal Phayde

She couldn't differentiate between illusion and reality. She was clear about her visions but nobody else seemed to understand. Walking that road each night over weeks now, hoping to see light: the end. Unnecessary tantrums to grab attention, for she was desperate. She figured holding on wasn't helping, her son was too busy to come and choked at the thought. Early next morning authorities disposed the 17 year old body from the back gate terrorised by her oddly stolen attire of the 89 year old coma patient. Not the first caretaker who didn't make it through the day..

“This way will take us inside the deep forest. Once we reach there, we will be able to trap some endangered species. We must not forget that there will be shrubs and herbs which can be sold at premium price given the inclination of people towards Ayurveda medicines. How virgin this forest is, I can’t believe. We will explore the unexplored paths in it. We will taste the pure pond water and munch 100% natural fruits.” All of sudden Anuj woke up to find himself in the train on berth no: 35 as he was travelling to MP! .

Amit's faded face brightened up with light-wave. Amit landed up on this mysterious continent, about which the tales were enough to leave oneself with fear, from where no one ever returned. The rest is just dreadful history, adventure trip turned into a death trap for him, his friends are already dead. The continent is enveloped in profound darkness with man-eater plants, giant butterflies and monstrous animals. But, Amit survived to this bloody adventure, now here is the blazing forth. With tearful eyes he asks, "Lord, is this light a mirage, jeering this small human?" .

Trespassers are Prosecuted


'Trespassers will be prosecuted' Stupid signboards, I thought as I walked into the dark grove. I was startled when I saw someone sitting on what seemed like a chain of tombstone. Little Fluttered but I waved at him. "I didn't expect to find someone in this forsaken place" "Well, I do expect people to ignore the signboard and come by" "That signboard doesn't mean anything. Does it? "It will once I bury you in one of these." Sudden Darkness. I woke up startled but my head hit a cement roof and I could smell fresh soil. 'Trespassers are Prosecuted.' .

Jungle warriors

navneet micro mishra

"Murderer!" "Catch him!" "Don't let him go…!" "Ah…here you are! A human!" Caught between branches of a tree he was feeling helpless. He tried to escape but could not even move. "It looks like a big hand…a tree hand!" He murmured and screamed "Please let me go! Please don't kill me!" Frozen with fear of death; he took his last breath, when suddenly he was dropped. He found himself on the bed; heavily sweating. On the breakfast table wife asked about the new project of honeymoon resort. He replied with fear, "That place is already beautiful, without any construction!".

The Forgotten Space

Sanyam Jain

There used to be chirping birds, many animals, fresh oxygen and love in the air. People didn't have to use oxygen masks. Grandpa pointed at the picture and sighs, "Those were the good days.".

The monochrome journey

Manoj kini

"You are getting better with time. I just love this image. If the monochrome is so rich and mesmerising, I wonder what effect the colours would have on me." "You will attend the show, won't you? You can witness it yourself." "You mean there is more in this series? Wow! ....I welcome one and all to this show titled, "The future is here: A monochrome journey. Because, the colours have long faded.".

The Lost Forest.

ArNumb Chakraborty

"Where are we? What is this place called?" A perplexed Suresh looked at his childhood friend Vinod. Fear and paranoia gripped them. "No idea man! The mushrooms are messing my head now." Two huge drops of sweat trickled down Vinod’s forehead. "Mushrooms?" "Yes! Have you forgotten?" Suresh gulped more saliva down his throat. The dense foliage around them appeared denser with every step they took. "Wait! Look the colours are changing!" "Oh! And the voices following me are growing louder..." “MISSING: Two youths reportedly went missing, nearby the mystically infamous forest ranges of Kodaikanal.” The newspaper headline screamed loudly. .

Of darkness. And light.


Why does it always have to be darkness when there is so much light around. *A little movement*, Isn't the light at the end of the path so evident. *A little movement*, Is darkness such a bad thing after all? Isn't it soothing to simply acknowledge and embrace it forever. "I wonder what is going on in that head of his..." "Everyday for the past year, he gives us a flicker of hope and then goes back to nothing.." "Maybe someday, he will make it last." "Maybe.".