I'm a cloudy reflection Revealing the truth of the sky In the ocean of love Tuning with the melodies and lyrics And in the shades of waves To hug the future In a colourful Us..

Fearless Love.

Surabhi Tripathy

With every drop of rain that was pouring down, I could see the twinkle in your eyes The love that you have for rains, Is the love that I have for you. There were others too, there. Some couples like us, some alone in their fairy tale. Just like the little drops of rain, that drop down fearless from such a height, I want our love to grow and ignite our fearlessness inside. .

Five lovers by the sea

Manali Balsara

A blanket of black clouds accompanied by rains made the seaside the best place to be. Amit and Priya were holding by each other trying to catch hold of their umbrella and their feelings. Riha and Aruna were contemplating sharing their relationship with the world, but Riha always showed her back whenever a confrontation arrived. Mohit was sitting away, by himself; post a recent breakup he was mending his heart through the noise of the waves. So same yet different, the five lovers found peace in the drops of the rain & noise of waves that day. .

Twin Flames

Shrushti Chavan

Souls incarnating together in the last birth to reunite and lift the earth by supporting Humanity. .

Love Accepted

Jaibala Rao

Nisha looked at the couple sitting next to them. She longed to have that kind of freedom someday. She longed to show the one she loved how much she cared. Mahi was trying to ward off the attention of the guy flirting with her. She wasn’t interested; her heart was set on someone else for a really long time. Mahi and Nisha had grown up together and were the best of friends. They had also been in love forever. If only their affection was understood, then they could be who they were, two people in love. .



Some how the camera survived the wave. But not the one who clicked and those who got clicked last ..

Does he respects her?


"The girl in me who loves him, makes me overlook what happened last night. But that girl in me has been a victim, who hates men, makes me hate him. He might be respecting his mom, me, but women on a whole? I didn't see that respect when he was talking to that girl." She was talking to her friend who was patiently listening. Talking to her, she missed his arms seeing the romantic couple behind them. Little did she know, the guy sitting behind them was hearing their conversation was feeling very bad for his actions..

Maya: ‘What did you dream?’ Tara: ‘I can’t remember,’ she lied. ‘I can help you remember?’ ‘I don’t think so.’ ‘Oh! common Tara we are best friends since childhood.’ Tara looked away, feeling the rain. Maya: ‘It’s about him isn’t it? Why don’t you talk to him and tell him how do you feel! Just because we hang out together all the time doesn’t mean there’s something between us. You should make it clear to him.’ Tara: ‘You make it sound so easy.’ Maya smiled. Tara closed her eyes. She remembered her dream. He wasn’t in it. Maya was. .

GEMS by the sea.

Roda Noshir Davar

Pari and Niddhi were friends since school days. They remained so even after marriage. They met every evening at Worli Sea face and shared their joys and sorrows. The sea soothed them always. It was stormy today, the sea as well as their hearts. Niddhi observed that Pari was in tears. She opened the umbrella. Pari told her about her daughter's illness, her husband's refusal to spend on her treatment. Niddhi offered to help her. She could pay her whenever convenient. A ray of hope glimmered on the horizon through the dark clouds. True friends are truly rare..

Air turns into a puff and the dark clouds begin to flock. The petrichor is spreading smiles around but this pluviophile is low. The Rain God is wondering if his plan of filling dimples with rain drops would work today. "You know, there's only lethargy due to college and this part time job. And it's getting difficult to manage things on my plate. See I forgot to carry my umbrella! Why didn't you remind me today?" It has been months. This lover-boy still visits Marine Drive and talks to her. 'Heaven'-ly, isn't it? .

Let the demons hide

Mihika Jindal

The thunderous sky struck many chords from the past. Some memories, some stories, A lot that didn't last. Playing stare with the horizon, I sat in despair The waves came crashing Memories smashing Tears splashing Seemed beyond repair Then out of the blue, the lightning struck and conjured me with you sharing a moment or two. Then struck another one And I saw the other one Sitting on the other side I must’ve had a face to hide You stared me in my eyes I realised all the lies The sighs But am sorry Let this please fly by..

Finally Caught Red Handed!


"We have been looking for these two girls for ages" said Ronak. Mehul replied "Yes now we can inform their parents about their activities." Ronak "Are we doing right?" Mehul said, "Moron, we are detectives, our job is to investigate the case and inform the client so why should we care about right or wrong?" Ronak hesitatingly said, "Really? Will you not feel bad if anything happens to them" Confidently, Mehul said, Well, we can just pray for these lesbians' well being.".

The punctual weirdo

Sunaina AK

She knew why fear didn’t stop her. The scrape on her knee didn’t bother her. She, knew ‘wake up and travel towards him’ works out; hated sitting on rocks, respected their strength, disliked their cold, aloof exteriors; liked trees, perpetually sat in forest-gardens of Siddhartha. Every leaf Hesse described, she has felt. Light seeping through them, mystical. He walked upto her. Holding his phone, having taken pictures of her during his approach.The eternity of it, was reassuring. She would always have a witness. Always have motivation to come towards him. Though he made her wait among rocks and trees. .

chai sutta


on same odd place ...alone what the hell is wrong with me everyone do the job ; a 9-5 routine bore nahin hote kya log, ek hi kaam din raat karte karte? I have changed 6 jobs in 6 years and now fed up with this kind of thing. "bhaiya sutta do yaar ek" 15?? arey fir rate badha di kya? bc kamane niklo to paise milte nahin kharidna niklo to kuch bachta nahin .

Self Respect

Renu Kaliyath

Looking at her sister, Mali wondered what was going on in her head? They were meeting after a long time. Their husbands didn't get along and they had forbidden them to meet or talk. To keep peace at home, they stopped talking. Yesterday, Sheela had called and asked to meet. It was a cloudy day, they sat there in silence under the rain, the silence grew, then Sheela blurted out, "I'm leaving Amith". I'm following my dream of becoming an Architect. Mali: What about the kids? Sheela: They are coming with me. They deserve love and peace. .

Being with you

Sonali Potadar

V: Seeing couples, I am reminded of him. He can’t stay long without talking to me. S: What did he tell you yesterday? V: I am always on his mind. He loves me but is helpless and that I can’t be with him. S: Helpless… I don’t know what to say. V: It’s ok if you don’t say, I’m not excepting anything. It’s just that I want you to know everything. It feels good to share with you. And whenever I feel like talking with him, I call you. S: I know you and it’s raining, come under umbrella. .

Love Finds Wings at Queen's Necklace


"Shhh, stop with your histrionics, no one's going to find out", with that she cupped her partner's mouth with her hand. Placing a hand on her ankle she tried to calm her down. This was the famous landmark of the city crunched for space; Marine drive, need one say more. Suspecting the strange looks from the onlookers faces, she had panicked. Theirs was a love frowned upon by society, as queer as it might seem to be. Yet this was their place to steal some furtive glances at each other. .

Your's Sincerely

Muzzammil Lambate

A gust of breeze came from the sea and encircled them. A broken heart, a broken marriage & a broken stereotype sat together looking for answers they didn’t have. But Marine drive & the hovering black clouds had seen all this before. Mumbai rains have always been the answer. Period. It started pouring, wishing for some smiles down there. No one smiled anymore. "We cried to make them smile, but we failed", sadly said the black clouds. "I failed first”, replied Life. .

The King


He travelled miles to find his destiny but his destiny had him beneath the claw. He sat alone, in solitude, depressed and saddened by the cruelty of this world. Failure was something he would never embark on. Drops of rain mixed with those of tears as he stood in front of the tallest building around to make a vow, that one day, he will rule this city of dreams. 25 years since then, and he owns his Mannat on shores of the same sea to rule the hearts of millions who call him The King of Bollywood..


Sagar Gupta

Flustered, I, finally sat at the waterfront watching the raindrops dance on the sea surface. That earthy smell of petrichor calmed my mind as I heard the whispers in the vicinity. One was about past, about broken trusts and heartache, reminding me of the futility of our struggle with life. The other was about the future. They talked about the promise of a happy home and life of mirth. A conversation so infectiously serendipitous that I started to hope again. Two extremes of this quest of life. One morose and other full of light. Conversations. That’s all I needed..

The cloud of memories

Sumaiya Hossain Lia

He is watching the shadow of clouds in the river. Tear drops are much powerful than rain drops. So he failed to hide his tears in the rain. She is trying to act like she had a good laugh so her eyes became wet. But both of them knew the truth. Once they felt rain drops together, now they are trying to forget that moment. Some moments may become memories but never leaves. They are in the same place, together. But not for the same reason. Now they are looking for the silver lining of their own clouds..

If only

Palak Sharma

Perfect weather, just the way they had always loved. Sitting at their favourite spot, they were two souls with a single thought. "I won't marry him, no matter what!", said Sunita turning to face the sea. Tightening her grip on the umbrella, Rhea looked with reassurance, and said something that instantly calmed Sunita's aching heart. "What if you don't have to?" Both their eyes twinkled at the thought. The search for peace was over. They whispered 'I love you' to each other one last time. Hours later the bodies were found deep in the ocean, hands still clubbed tightly..

सागर किनारे

जय हो बाबा

११जनवरी क्यों मैं उस लड़की से प्यार करती हूँ ?? उसकी मुस्कान, उसकी आँखें, उसके बारे में सब कुछ मुझे कमजोर बना देती है। १४फ़रवरी आज उसने कहा कि वह मुझे प्यार करती है, १ मार्च उसके पापा घर आये थे, बाबा से बात करने ४मार्च आज तीन दिन बाद माँ ने मुझसे बात की, कुछ खाने को दिया १०मार्च आज माँ ने मुझे तैयार किया, कुछ मेहमान आये है २१मार्च आज माँ के साथ बाजार गयी, बहुत खुश है वह मेरी शादी को लेकर २६मार्च सागर किनारे, यही सब शुरू हुआ था, और अब सब खत्म हो जायेगा.

Judgement Day

Firdaus Rahaman

Inevitable had set in. Humankind was erased to five witnesses of truth. Five souls depicting the five eternal emotions. Love. Care. Regret. Loneliness. Hope. Suddenly lightening struck engulfing the remains. Amidst the smoke and rain a voice boomed the universe “So, when they forgot with which they had been reminded, We opened to them the gates of every thing, until in the midst of their enjoyment in that which they were given, all of a sudden, We took them to punishment, and lo! They were plunged into destruction with deep regrets and sorrows.”.

Judgement Day

Firdaus Rahaman

Inevitable had set in. Humankind was erased to five witnesses of truth. Five souls depicting the five eternal emotions. Love. Care. Regret. Loneliness. Hope. Suddenly lightening struck engulfing the remains. Amidst the smoke and rain a voice boomed the universe. “So, when they forgot with which they had been remembered, we opened to them the gates of every thing, until in the midst of their enjoyment in that which they were given, all of a sudden, We took them to punishment, and lo! They were plunged into destruction with deep regrets and sorrows.”.

Marine Drive

Bhargavi Dev

If the boulevard could tell you of all the stories it has heard! The dark clouds and the rain drops, adorned the promenade. The man wrapped his arms around his lady protectively and shielded her with the umbrella as she narrated her husband’s cruelty. The woman was sharing her plan to elope & live as a couple while her partner held an umbrella for both. The boy kept thinking, but all he felt was helpless. Lost and clueless of how to live, he sat there braving the rain. It was for this boy that the clouds cried the most. .

Bottled Love

Archana Sharma

Sky was filled with black clouds so is Nikita’s heart. It’s the same place where she and Abhinav laid down the foundation of their daring love. Daring love, for Abhinav was fighting the last stage of AML (Type of Blood Cancer with poor prognosis), still Nikita held his hand breaking all societal barriers. Her friend Nidhi witnessed them becoming one in Love, beyond life. Every evening Nikita used to come here with Nidhi to rejuvenate benevolent moments spent with Abhinav. Clouds were full of water and her heart was bottled with love, it had to rain..

Innocent Betrayal

ArNumb Chakraborty

The city landscape screamed at my face as turbulent waves of love hit the shores of my wailing heart. I was drenched, waiting for my beloved. Sitting to my right side an overly amorous couple veiled fearlessly under an umbrella. Contrarily, an uncertain female couple discussed the societal acceptance of their love. Why do we have to seek an approbation for our emotions towards an individual? Why are we skeptical to express “love”? My overflowing eyes turned to the left awaiting “him”. “Where art thou, my handsome love?” The waves of turbulence washed away memories of an innocent betrayal. .

Phases in Love! Single - Engaged - Broken!


It was raining and the weather was romantic, Sumit decided to be in her thoughts after classes. Sitting by sea shore, her thoughts in mind, "I want my LOVE in my life." "Thank you god, I'm with my love finally", looked at single guy sitting beside, "Gone are my Single days." Surendra mumbled when she puts her head on his shoulders. "Will you talk to me?, look at me Srikant", shouted Priya. He looked at a single guy beside and cursed himself , "I miss my single-hood days, this guy is lucky.".

An Elsewhere Here


"Today?" "I'll have to convince mom. We're meeting too often!" "But, she knows we're 'best friends'!" "Soon, this tag would change to 'bridesmaid'!" I'd said the unspeakable. But, it had to be said at some point. We met again by the sea. "So, you're saying yes? For marriage?" I looked at the thick overcast, and opened my umbrella over both of us. Her anxious eyes spoke of the burden of difference that we both carried. But, we loved too, and were happy just like the other couples. "Let's go home." I said. "I'm taking you to meet my parents.".

A thick cloud cover accompanied by strong winds urged him to miss his class that evening. He took a lonely stroll, after months, on Marine Drive. His hands missed holding her hand on such an evening. Her chuckles echoed in his ears. He went and sat near two couples, drenched in love. He glanced at them and heard them whining. Love blurs when you look closer, he thought. With that he turned away, smiled to himself, bade goodbye to her memories and welcomed solace with open arms and new dreams..

Women under the Straight Umbrella

आम आदमी

Why are we sitting miles apart, my love? Why don’t we cuddle like them? Like who? Like the couple behind us, my love. Not in public, please. I will rather die! Why not, my love? Why can’t we do what they are doing? Did you notice how that kid was ogling at them? Yes, but now they have angled the umbrella smartly. Yes, outsmarting the pervert kid! Come closer now, my love! We too have an umbrella! But it is straight! Shall I exchange it with theirs, my love? Sigh! .

The Accident

Shruti Rao

It was raining heavily, when Radha called her best friend, her college mate and asked her to meet at their patent corner. She was sounding very tensed. Mary left her house and rushed to the place to check what was wrong. It was a dark evening. The firmament was dim and the deep blue sea looked fickle. Radha had fixed her eye towards the ocean when she exclaimed, 'I am Pregnant'. .

Theory of Everything

Matilda Briggs

The city skyline was called “Queen’s Necklace.” A queen gave a necklace its glorious identity. One day, quite like a real queen, Universe will look up to him for his talents and not judge him for his different sexuality. Farrokh mused, even as Jim sat on the ledge with his lady love, contemplating, “What if, there were parallel universes. Maybe in one of them, he could call Farrokh, ‘Freddie’, and love him back, wholeheartedly.” Ryuks listened to their thoughts, grimly. Mutiple universes existed within universes, because people chose not to speak their heart out. Heavens thundered back in agreement..

Clouds were dark only; for them... "I know…nobody wants us to marry…" Sneha's trembling voice was full of hope "…but we'll fight. For us... For love..." "They will kill us; and nobody would care...I just want to die with you..." Preeti said; looking at horizon with dark clouds in heart and rain of tears. Darkness was about to pull them in deep ocean, away from their lives, when suddenly the couple turned towards them and man introduced himself “I'm love commando, Rohit.” He urged with humble voice "Can I do something for you...oh! I'm sorry... for love?" They smiled!.

Atrocity when thunders

Sobia Moon

It isn't possible to save ourselves from the atrocity of time when it pours like rain. The notion of taking shield under the umbrella of precautions and within the embrace of love may lessen the chances of being inflicted but not eliminate them altogether. Splashes of pains from the victimized mob around may snatch away our solace. In such a scenario, instead of being selfish for our own protection, if joined hands, we can alter the direction of storms..

Her eyes are lost in the endless sky until the tides touch her feet to let her free. It’s been 3 years now Aruna shifted to Mumbai, the city of dreams which is more of a jungle made of concrete with less humane feeling. She knew there was no returning from this. Calculation and Miscalculation of relationships, she encountered it all. People changed, but what did not change is this Arabian Sea. The soft sand under her feet, the melody of wind’s soar, crashing of waves on the shore, billow and backwashes, she raises her arms and flies..


It was a beautiful eighteenth birthday, spent dancing all night in the town. On the house, oh yes! Where better to be than at Marine drive after the clubs closed. Everyone can afford a view like that: rich or poor. They all love it. All were taking pictures as she sat down to get a hold on herself. She took out her phone to feel less lost. As her vision went blur and head went heavy, she leaned too much and fell on the stones. Everyone was drunk and full of themselves to notice she was gone..

The Viewpoint

Megh Shah

I've heard the silences and the sighs. I've seen people laughing their hearts out and crying their lungs out. I've witnessed heartbreaks and long awaited reunions. I've seen the time passing by and generations growing up to become the future, leaving behind the past. I'm here since the centuries and I'll last even after you'll be gone. So my advice to you, my friend, is to "Live in the moment". As some wise man once said, 'Past is the history. Future is the mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called present.".


Ila Varma

I had moved to Mumbai for my higher studies. After my classes, I came to Juhu beach to spend my time with nature. The dark clouds were hovering in the sky and the cool breeze at shore was quite refreshing and the high rise waves crashing on the shores, touching my feet and receding back in rhythm was an enchanting experience. There was heavy crowd on the shore, all preoccupied with themselves, but I was feeling lonely and gloomy. For the first time, I had parted with my family and it was homesickness, I believe. .

De beginning in de ending.


It wasn't the year-end he was hoping for. A few years ago, he would have been neck deep in work, deprived of sleep, sore from travel, yet buzzing like a bee. It wasn't the case anymore. Things were quiet. He was deprived of sleep, but the reason for it wasn't work. It was lack of it. Sitting by the shore, watching the mild-waves lash, soothed him. "Isn't he the one who never slept?" "Hey, remember me?" That was his first Corporate. He never looked back after that. He still visited the place often. The mildwaves kept him humble now..

The protagonist

Manoj Kini

"I am sure he would be weaving a story around the couple behind, and us. I wonder if I would ever be the protagonist in it. Centering it around the couple would be too mainstream for his liking. It could be you, the silent killer..." "If you don't take up my suggestion soon, I will do it for you." "Hey! He likes his space. Don't ruin his story, please.... I will cross paths somewhere else." He signed off on the story and submitted it. The drizzle would convert into a pour anytime. He couldn't let his office-equipment get wet..