Love in the Time of Zombies

Shoumik De

When he first looked at her, he stopped for the first time in the last couple of years. In last two years, the deadly virus had taken the entire world. Only a handful of people were left unharmed. Now they disguise as zombies to protect themselves from the violent, always hungry for blood, and menacing zombies. At first sight he knew that she wasn’t a zombie; she was just pretending to be one. He was in love. He has not seen such a pretty girl in a long time. "I will devourer her at leisure”, he thought to himself. .

The hair color

namrata vaidya

They say your one hair strand can reveal your entire lifetime and here he was staring and smiling. My hair was looking like a vibrant colored ocean. He came closer and said, "I see Life in you. You are like a kaleidoscope which is beautifully complex, constantly changing pattern and colors, broken but beautiful, dark but shines when light passes through and you know what, I am That Light for you my Lady." Suddenly some bright pink color was all over me and he. He was still standing there staring at me..



She spotted him walking toward her - his face smeared in shades of green. He still had the hunched walk and evil lopsided grin that had plagued her for long. 'What if he recognises me?' she wondered. Surely not. It had been many years. As he got closer, she could almost smell the bhaang on his breath, and shuddered from the stench. Licking his chapped lips, he asked 'Aati kya? I have a van. I'll pay you good.' She smiled seductively in response. He didn't remember after all. He wouldn't be molesting anyone again; she'd make sure of that..

Holy' day

anushree goenka

"Our families will not accept us" Fatima retorted, Rohit, not in mood for all this, said "you have to come tomorrow, we will break the news in front of all that we want to get married." His eyes twinkled when he saw her, face smeared with colour to hide her identity. It was a ‘holy ‘day. Everyone was on streets playing colours. Rohit came forward and embraced her. The eyes widened at both sides of family, the religious gurus pounced on them to save culture. Rohit and Fatima lying in a pool of colour, the colour was red. .

That Moment On Holi

Jaibala Rao

“I should never have come here”, Neha watched as Ravi walked toward her. Even with all the color on his face she knew it was him. Neha knew that smile, the gentle child like smile that had fooled her in the first place. As he came closer she warned herself to not let anything suck her back in. Ravi continued walking and passed her. Neha grimaced as she felt her face was on fire. The last thing she saw as she fell to the ground in pain was a glimpse of that smile again. .

आज रंग है


"आज रंग है!" उसकी उत्साहित आवाज़, और मैं। विवाह के पश्चात् मेरी पहली होली थी, और राघव का एक नवीन रूप सामने आया। वह संगीन मैनेजर बच्चों की भाँति शरारती हो चला था। भीड़ में मुझे पीछे से तकना, फिर पिचकारी की बौछार से डराना, और चिल्लाना, "आज रंग है!"... लो, राघव! रंग से लतपत, भीड़ में आज भी वहीं खड़ी हूँ। तुम इसी भीड़ में मुझे कहीं से तक रहे होगे, और अभी वार करोगे! आज तुम्हें आना ही होगा! पर, अचानक सारे चहरे धूँधले क्यूँ दिखते हैं? नहीं, राघव, रो नहीं रही। शायद भांग का असर है... .

Beauty within

Renu Kaliyath

He had followed the gay laughter, until he came face to face with the bright twinkling eyes behind the colour filled face. It was love at first sight for him and he had thrown Holi powder on her shyly. The festivities ended and after a fresh scrub he went looking for her. As he followed the laughter, he saw the acid disfigured face with the bright eyes smiling mischievously. As they stood there undecided, he asked her for a date. They took a walk holding hands. .

You are my favorite color

Sonali Potadar

She hated getting drenched in color as it reminded her of him leaving this day, her love. It’s been a year she stopped coloring her life. She hid from everyone on Holi. But her brother who knew everything, couldn’t see her suffering. Found her and showered all the colors on her. She shouted on him. But he just said, “you are my favorite color”. She could see tears in his eyes. She could see how much her brother loves her, so she just took green colors and put all on him making him happy..


Roda Noshir Davar

Sonya and Aashish were classmates and compatible friends too. At the Campus, Aashish got a job with an MNC. Sonya won a two-year scholarship in the States. She had returned on a brief break. It was Dhuleti today. She saw from her window, everyone was playing Holi. "Come Down Soni", called her friends. Suddenly, she was smeared with colours, an unidentified feeling gushed through her. She turned and there stood Aashish - her Closest Pal. Today, she enjoyed Holi without any inhibitions. Aashish asked her for dinner. She agreed. She looked forward to renewing their friendship and something more..

The Color of His Eyes


The colors he wore as drum beats thundered around them, couldn’t hide the ink in his eyes. It had been his eyes she had first noticed, as he had winked at her from across the classroom. Lucky girl, they had muttered with envy. It had been his eyes, crimson leaking into the whites, she had stared into as he pinned her down. There had been drums beating in her ears that day too. She tightened her grasp as cold metal pressed against her back and steel glinted in the sun. She couldn’t wait to look into his eyes now. .

What is the colour of my thought.

Girmit (^‿^)

How marvelous he is! Colors makes him more charming. How neatly, he escaped when I wanted to splash more color on him. How easily I got caught! He bathed me with colors. That incident should not have happened. He should not have walked back, not noticing the precipice. He should not have ventured to take a photo from that angle. It's alright. I shall see active movements of him through this picture. He will be alright. He will come soon recovered from his ankle fracture, looking over from my shoulder, seeing what I am looking..

Color of Love!


She was too excited for Holi and was celebrating it with her family. Suddenly stopped and saw a colorful face bit familiar still confusing. "OMG! You? When did you return from abroad?", she questioned. It was her childhood love, Arjun! "This holi is really special for me which added color of love of my life. Thank you GOD!", tears of joy rolled down on her cheeks..

‘Tis the Season

Matilda Briggs

Every year, Ramsay threw a gala Holi bash for his Bannermen in his estate. Only his father dared to put colour on his placid face and beautiful long hair. This year, Sansa, his wife, was trying to use Holi as a camouflage tool to escape. She had barely made it out when Reek, her monstrous husband’s pet dog, blocked her way and exclaimed, “Let’s run together.” Ramsay’s blue eyes twinkled beneath his shades. The hunt had begun. Later that evening, he wished them both “Happy Holi!”, as he dissolved their bodies in a coloured bath of formic acid..

"Hey, Bobby..." he said, filling me with colours & passed by. It was festive time, our relatives came to celebrate from overseas, some people from neighborhood & some family friends. My corridor was filled with colourful people. Everyone was enjoying & I was missing my brother. Every-year he came for Holi, his favourite festival, from Border. Black shirt & denim jeans. A thought came striking my mind & tears flow making a passage between colours, from eyes to lips. My name is Nikita, niky my nick but somehow he called me "Bobby" & died last year fighting bravely. .

Colourful friendship

Ami Shah

Spring and Holi arriving almost together, brings newness and vibrancy. Anu being fun spirited, waits excitedly for Holi every year. But this year, she was feeling bit sad as she and her best-friend Tarun had a small fight. Anu wasn't someone who would just sit and think what,how and why. She headed straight to Tarun's home, where he was expecting her to paint their bond of friendship. Seeing each other, both laughed out loud on their stupid fights & hugged. And then vivid hues paints the sky in season of Spring with the kaleidoscopic festival of Holi..

The Gyration

Shalaka Kulkarni

Mumbai, Holi 2016. "May it be masks, religion, caste or creed- everybody looks alike with colours on their visage. Colours don't hide, but make each individual equal. And that's why Holi is my favourite festival." A busy bee in the media, deep in despair but merry on the front Kedar was. But forgetting the baggage, he rejuvenated himself with the colourful spirits around. This time the stubborn colours failed. She recognised him. His sister secretly listened all his podcasts. Her gyration of acceptance had made this Holi a happy one indeed. Just like him..

Butcher's Boy !


Shewta was surprised and angry to see Tamir at her Holi Party as she had explicitly told him not to visit her on Holi. However Tamir took chance and there he was standing in front of her. Tamir’s smile was enough to overwhelm her anger and pangs. Shewta knew that some of her guests would recognize this butcher’s boy But she decided to avoid them before running to his arms. Shewta knew her parents would definitely create a scene later on but she could not care for them under the influence of Tamir’s innocent smile. .

That Special Holi

Vidyashree Mutteppagol

“Beta, go get changed. You do remember what day is it, right?” Of course she did. Running around the streets, shooting with those squirt guns, how could she forget! Holi, meant another sweet memory. “Didi, will you be my girlfriend?” had asked sweet little Aakash. He was 5 at the time and her, 6. She wonders, 13 years later, if he still remembers her. She’s in the streets with her friends, busy celebrating Holi when he walks over and manages a clumsy “Happy Holi”. She gives him a blank look. “Guess, I’ve to begin with ‘Didi’ again!” smiles he..

He stepped out of the car to be greeted by a spray of colours. Rage stilled him on his tracks. He looked down at his pristine white shirt smeared in myriad colours, He looked up, ready to lash out at the noisy crowd celebrating Holi. But his words froze. A pair of twinkling eyes looked straight into his from beneath layers of colours. They were defiant, daring him to take her on . Little did she know, how, in an instant, she had painted a barren canvas with all the colours of rainbow! .

You didn't play?

Manoj Kini

My father probably needed a stitch on his pockets. I had just gotten my very own DSLR! It was my favorite festival. I clicked a photo, every time I found a colorful object moving on its legs. Carrying a few kilos of equipment had taken its toll. My hands and shoulders were feeling sore. But, as I uploaded the first few shots, and the likes started to trickle down, I could feel the tiredness wash. It wasn’t until I read the comment that the truth dawned. “How come you aren’t seen in any of the pictures? You didn’t play?”.

Equality exception


"I wonder what's the thought behind making unrecognisable faces out of your folks with bright colors and calling it a celebration." "I think we need a reminder every once in a while that we are all equal, whites and blacks alike. The colours do not differentiate between the rich and poor. Isn't that reason enough?" I smiled as I walked towards her. She wasn't my type, but there was something about her that made her an exception. She would be difficult. But I liked challenges from my victims. .