Vishwa and Anand

Shoumik De

Anand: Rook to H6. Your turn. Vishwa: Thanks, I don’t even know what to do next. Anand: Hey you are the chess maestro; you just won the national championship. Vishwa: Frankly speaking I don’t even know how that happened. I don’t even remember going to that event. Anand: That’s because you didn’t… I did. Vishwa: What?? Then how come I don’t remember it? Anand: That’s because you were sleeping the entire time. “Vishwa, are you again talking to yourself?” Vishwa: No Amma, just playing by myself. Ok come back inside, they have come for the interview. .

Town Boys!


Deva & Shailu, both successful in their respective fields, met after long time. Both were reminiscing about their childhood days. They played, enjoyed, learned together. Probably their success stories were written during their childhood on the grounds. Both learned life lessons with every move in chess. These small town boys now are biggest business icons in the country. Both gave credit to their childhood for their life's achievements.

A new beginning....

Renu Kaliyath

The boys stood looking at the chief guest on the dias admiringly. As he stood up to give a speech, he noticed the boys. Soon the Grand Master bid goodbye to the gathering and boarded his car, when the boys ran up. Boy: We are great fan's of you. Can you teach us chess please? Seeing their earnestness, he took out his game set and taught them the basics and gifted them the set. This started their trust with chess and so they practised daily to emulate their mentor..

The Bet


Ajay watched carefully as Ramu's nimble fingers darted across the chessboard. He could almost sense his friend's excitement. He slowly raised a finger to his lips and prayed for Ramu to make a wrong move. But deep down, he knew that his friend would finish the game. He had lost the bet. Sighing, Ajay slid his right hand into his pocket and fingered the crisp 100-rupee note that his mother had given him to purchase rations for the house. As his friend yelled 'Checkmate!', a tiny tear escaped Ajay's left eye. His family would go hungry today. .

चार प्याली चाय


कॉलेज में ऐन्यूअल-डे की तैयरियाँ चल रहीं थीं। अचानक चाय की तलब हुई। कैंटीन पहुँचे तो देखा कि मुन्नू-रामू चेस खेल रहे थे। उनकी साधना देखते ही बनती थी! ऐन्यूअल-डे के माहौल का असर निराला था! "काका, चाय बनाएँ!" मदन ने पुकारा। "मुन्नू, रामू! खेलना बंद करो। मदन और राहुल भैया को चाय पिलाओ!" खेल क्लाइमैक्स पर था! बच्चों ने हमें बेबसी से देखा। मदन का दिमाग़ ठनका। "काका, हम इतना कुछ सीखते हैं, कम-से-कम, चार प्याली चाय तो बनाएँ! चलिए, राहुल और मुझे चाय बनाना सिखाइए! हम मुन्नू-रामू को भी चाय पिलाएँगे।" .

Mind games of old kind


Ramesh was in deep thought, no he wasn't pondering over the complexities of daily life, but was engaged in playing a game of chess with his old friend. Having read Alice in Wonderland, where this particular ancient war strategy of a game was described in great detail, had nevertheless piqued his interest in the same. His elephant and camel pieces were down, with a few of his pawns in tow. Now was his queen's and king's turn to say goodbye to the battlefield. He lost out to his friend, who was an ace beyond his age..

The Prestige

Matilda Briggs

“Checkmate.” “Merlin’s beard, not again! I detest Wizard’s Chess.” “Ha! My Knight smashed the bust of your King. Game over.” “You know, if not for the letter from Hogwarts, we wouldn’t even be friends.” “Really?” “Those pure blooded faggots of Slytherin bullied us for our muggle heritage during an entire semester. Now I know, what it feels to be looked down upon.”, Rohan murmured, as he pulled the hood of his jacket closer. He did not want his family to see him with Shyam, who belonged to a lower caste. Shyam eyed him with skepticism and sighed, “Avada Kedavra.”.

The Chess Players


“Five more moves and I win!” “I recently read a story called ‘The Chess Players’. I am playing only to understand how this could be an addiction! Even you ignore everything for a game.” “Has it got anything to do with ‘Shatranj ke Khiladi?’ Dad says I am ruining my life like some character in that movie.” “I will tell you, but where will this take you anyway?” “I am inspired by Viswanathan Anand.” “You appear more inspired by Mir Roshan Ali and Mirza Sajjad Ali!” “Who are they?” “Shatranj Ke Khiladi!” “Huh! You and your stories.”.



"Woohoo! That's a stalemate for me!", Jeet cheered. "What makes you happy? You just lost! White has no move.", enquired Arun. "Stalemate ends the war in a draw. You didn't win either." "ARUN! JEET! You're at it again, aren't you? I told you to go do the dishes! I'm gonna throw your little war pieces under a truck someday!", Annaa shouted from behind the cash counter. Arun and Jeet signed off of their little bench till the end of day. The present is their stalemate. Maybe they'll win their war tomorrow..

सतरंगी बादशाह


बीते कई शामों से रोहन के सर पर जीत का ताज़ नहीं ठहराथा, हाल यह होचलाथा, की घर से टोपी वाली जैकेट पहनकर खेलने निकलता, न कुछ हासिल होतो, जीत का ख्याल अच्छा है। चिंटू ने कभी रोहन से नज़रें नहीं मिलायी, कहते हैं युद्ध का पाठ पढ़ाने वाला अगर आपके सामने कमज़ोर पड़ने लगे तो नज़रों का ना मिलना आपकी जीत तये करदेता है। चिंटू फिर एक बार बस खेल रहा था और रोहन बस एक और जीत हासिल करने में जुटा था, यही कड़वा सच है ज़िन्दगी का, कल की अपेक्षा में हम आज को भुलाए बैठे हैं .


Ankita Chauhan

I know his game is almost over. All his players have been resting in the transparent box, which was placed under the shadow of his arms—but I have to pretend, I have to make a wrong move mistakenly. I have to make an expression of “Ouch” with biting nails. I have to show him that he is one who knows how to play chess. It is better to lose the game over and over than washing glasses in his dad’s tea shop. This checkmate wins me childhood. .

Tinge of Envy

Girmit (^‿^)

Rajan is now in Navi Mumbai, holding the position of General Manager in one of the famous private banks. He talks to me now and then and invites me to his home at Mumbai. I talk to him with all cheers. A light tinge of envy lingers in me after the talk. I taught him the chess moves, sitting in our fields, ignoring my grandma's call for lunch, all day unmindful of the surroundings. He began winning the game of chess and positions in his career. I still, stay in my fields.. .


Bharath Kodancha

“What? You won again?” Vinay was acting surprised, secretly feeling proud of little Vishwa, who had learnt to play chess just a few days ago. “Maybe I’m just lucky!” Vishwa uttered honestly. “No! Luck is nothing without hard work my dear brother. Always remember that.” It is said that when a person dies, they have seven minutes of brain activity left. It’s mind playing person’s most memorable instances like a dream. Vinay could see Vishwa growing to be a chess grandmaster in His last moments, when a bullet struck him. After all, a soldier is known for ultimate sacrifices .

One Move


“And that’s how you lost the match” said Prakyath to Vinay, pointing out the mistake he made in the last match. “Vinay, It’s time!” yelled out a voice. It was the last time the best friends were meeting before meeting their new parents. Vinay was having a strange feeling, one you get when you’re about to leave a familiar place. Like you’ll miss yourself and the person you used to be. Both the friends just smiled, remembering the first time they had met, when Vinay had asked, a weeping Prakyath, “Which is your mom? That’s mine” pointing the stars. .

Violent Innocence

ArNumb Chakraborty

"Jat agitation creates mayhem in several areas of North India..." The news anchor monotonously announced the headline of the day setting my heartbeat quiver. "Several houses, dhabas (eating place) were savaged..." The reporter continued. My throat parched. Paranoia gripped me. “This dhaba is all that I have! Oh God! What would happen to my kids? What is the cause of this violence? Why don't humans realise we have enough to co-exist peacefully? WHY?" Stealing a glance at the empty cash counter I whispered a silent prayer. My sons innocently argued over their game of chess. .

चाय की टपरी, उदास शाम जब परेशान होता हूँ, मैं अक्सर यहाँ आ जाता हूँ, सबसे दूर अपने आप से लड़ने पर आज कुछ अलग बात है, आज जैसे सब खत्म हो गया है, बरसो की मेहनत, मेरी हिम्मत "Don’t give up; no matter how f**ked you are, remember there are no foregone conclusions in life or in chess" लगा जैसे किसी ने हाथ पकड़ कर वापिस खीच लिया देखा तो दो दोस्त किनारे पर चेस खेल रहे है, "I will not Give Up .. I Will fight till the end" मैंने खुद से वादा किया .

Wait Mate!

Payal Phayde

"What do you even know?" "I am the King and I conquer." "The rest of them?" "Dharma, they die for me." "A move now will materialise later. Look beyond the board " "Karma you mean, I am and you know that well." "And I thought you liked volleyball." "This is easier alone." "Why are you talking to yourself again? They have taken our queen. The war is almost over. They'll destroy everything, Barbarians! We have to run, tonight." "If only you let me finish the game, we wouldn't have to.".

Two boys came running to see the new game brought by the school. Everyone they knew was talking about it, saying how it was a minds game. They looked at the pawns. They didn't understand it, there were 4 pieces which looked like horse, 4 more pretty, in the middle of each side. They shouted at it move, run, abra cadabra, start, play . Whatever they said the pieces didn't move. They stared at it for few more minutes and decided computer games are more fun..

The potential

Manoj Kini

I tried my best, but it wasn't enough. I was alone on the defence front. I wouldn't last long. In my last living moments, I remembered my grandpa's dying words, "We bow to none, but the King!". People considered him a lunatic and I stopped trying to figure it out. It suddendly made sense now. I made my move. I am a sorcerer. I can turn into any person on the field, dead or alive. I am a potential queen. I am the pawn. Checkmate!.

Fight to the Finish


Fight to the finish is on but neither of the two knows who is going to be finished with this game. As per the unofficial agreement the loser will have to cross the highway blindfolded. Both are good at playing chess, being Unbeatable players from their respective villages both have yet to taste the defeat. The duration of game is going to be almost a week without more than 2 hours break during day time. The Winner will be allowed to access the water from the pond in this parched land whereas the loser will definitely die on the highway. .

Beyond power


"You have only your King left now. Let's see how powerful he is now. My queen made all the difference and yet you think she is less powerful." "You always speak too early. There you go. It's a stalemate. A King cannot take a King. Now you see why I favoured the King. It isn't always about the power. There is respect beyond it. Our Monarchs understood it. If only these foreign rulers respected it, I wouldn't have had to spend the whole afternoon and loose all my pieces just to debate the Queen's position vis-a-vis the King!".


Roda Noshir Davar

Ranjeet and Shekhar loved to play chess after helping their father at their Tea Stall. They dreamt of becoming Grandmasters like Anand Vishwanathan but it was just a dream. With hard work, Ranjeet became prosperous. He went to bring his father and his brother to stay with him. When he saw both of them slogging away at the teastall, he had tears in his eyes. "Baba, enough is enough. You both are coming with me." "Beta,what will I do in the city? Let us stay here and do what we like best." Disappointed, Ranjeet left..