Life's new direction


Tiara looked again at those tracks. Her heart was pumping and her mind was battling with emotions, but she knew she made the right decision. She never felt good about marrying a man who beat her every night for his failures in life. Is he that husband she dreamt as a teenager? No!! She knew she could not breathe with him anymore; instead she decided to get as far away as possible to take pleasures from her new found life with the painter guy, she met a year ago on a train journey. .

Still Waiting

anushree goenka

When Neeru kissed her father goodbye, told him that he will be fine, that he can relax and go, in her heart she was not ready to let him go. She kept the brave façade to make things easy for him and to keep him strong. Life has always been harsh to them but they still kept on going just because they were together. There was something magical about him, he had become her strength. Everyday she used to stand and gaze at the tracks waiting for his return, silently enacting how would she react if he came back. .

The girl in the wrong tracks

S as in Shoumik

1naM: How did she know about our world? 2naM: She could see the reverse world using her camera. She said strange people started to appear in her photograph. Then she discovered that she could see us from her camera. She got very curious and wanted to cross over. 1naM: No one should know about our world. 2naM: I know, that’s why I told her that I would help her cross over. 2naM: You purposely asked her to stand in the wrong tracks and she was run over by the train. 2naM: Get up, he’s gone, but don’t tell anyone. .

Love is Pain!


"Come to the place where we met first time", he messaged her. "Every relationship has to go through hardships to prove their purity." Both knew this and waited to meet for the first time in 2 years. She was the happiest ever by knowing that their *Milan* was very near. Finally, the day came, She couldn't hide her excitement and happiness when she saw him after so long. He is her life. "These rail tracks symbolize our love, though they don't meet, they are there to support each other throughout their life." he told her..

It was the 109th letter she had received by post. She was 22 years and had fallen in love with this individual. She had been receiving letters in her PG accommodation from someone she didn’t know. But there was a certain mystery to him which she loved. All along it had been letters and now the wait would be over. This seemed a good and adventurous thing to do when he said in his last letter “I will meet you next Tuesday at the railway track near your home.” She saw someone coming and hoped it’s him. .


Roda Noshir Davar

Neeta was late and when she entered the station, it was totally deserted. There was not a single soul. She was scared. A stalker was stalking her for many days. She decided to cross over to the other side. She looked up and down the railway lines. Her heart skipped a beat. There he was coming towards her. She stood transfixed. She remembered the Pepper Spray. She would use it and then dial Police Helpline. She will not allow anybody to intimidate her. She was prepared. Her hand was ready inside her bag holding the Spray Can!.

Kanika was waiting for train. She saw a person sitting on the bench. She saw him leaving his bag. She took the bag and searched him in crowd, it was hard to find. But she saw him running through track. She followed, shouted at him and suddenly she released there is something wrong with the bag. She could hear the tick-tick sound from the bag, suddenly she ran far from crowd and threw that bag. There was big blast in which she was injured but there was she, a hero which saved many lives with her presence of mind..

Final Destination

Matilda Briggs

As she tip-toed out of her decaying body, she felt heavily burdened. A mysterious man was waiting for her. He took her “Bag of Karma” and guided her to a place full of railway tracks. Soon, she heard a distant rumbling. “Is this the one, Good Sir?” “Only if, you decide to get on. Here, take this bag. It will shape your future course.” “Are you implying that I have a choice?” “Always.” “Who are you?” He chortled, as he walked into a different realm, “Death. You all assume that you have a lot of time. See you soon.”.


Bhargavi K

I sneaked out of the classroom & waited until it was dark. Tippu express was always on time. I’d rather die for once than die every night. This death would be merciful compared to the hell I endured every night. I’m filled with shame. What did I do wrong? I cannot talk of this to anyone. I will just wait for the Tippu Express & by 01.20 AM, I’ll be done. For the first time ever, Tippu Express didn’t come. He tracked me down to the railway track. The sun was already shining bright. My future looked bleak. .

Aimless on the Tracks


Arriving from a small town on a short trip to the city, their journey had been uneventful, till now. After all it was their days of youth meant to be spent frivolously. It didn't help matters that the final semester was scheduled the day after. A worse fate awaited them. After a while, they boarded the train, later he got down at a lesser known station. She followed suit, only to find him pulling a gag on her. "Wait!!, if that was him, then who's calling me?", the voice seemed to be coming from behind..

Life's infinity

Danish Habib

Far beyond the tension lies peace which extends to infinity. This frame symbolizes our beautiful journey called life. Though the future is hazy the journey comes with the unexpected. Serene rice fields, mighty mountains, ever gracious river on one side and sloppy slums, polluted factories, drought ridden fields on the other side. We all are travelling to reach that infinity. On the way, I capture these memories because memories cherishes, flourishes and nourishes this soulful body..

Dark knight

Renu Kaliyath

As she aimed her camera, she saw someone walking on the track. She looked up to see empty track. Again she readied for a shot, and saw a person walking towards her. Panicked, she turned to run away, when a train came speeding towards her. Suddenly she felt herself being pushed out of the train’s way. As she fell, she watched the train speed away and an empty place. Picking up her broken camera, she reached her hotel. Next day newspaper had a story about a young man who committed suicide on the spot where she had stood. .

She watched him go. When they married, every single person she knew was against it. They all doubted his return, she never had doubts, she knew her love will make him come back. But now her mind was not agreeing, she felt like crying. He had said her crying made him weak and she didn't want him to be weak, not now, when the world needed him. She smiled, bid him goodbye. Few months later, his body was lying on the floor wrapped in cloth. With a heavy heart she smiled as she knew crying would make him weak..

Back On Track

Naveen Rane

Since my childhood, I had this huge urge to help the underprivileged children, but I never had the resources to do so, that's when my grandfather gave me his most precious possession a "camera". Today I am here to click my subject on the railway track so that I can send these photos for the competition, put it up in a gallery and use the money I get to bring the lives of children back on track. .

Letting go of what we love

Shailaja Vishwanath

Riddhima brushed away the tears that had welled up in her eyes as she watched him walk away from her, down the tracks. She wavered between calling out to him and saying nothing. Finally she couldn't hold back and yelled after him, 'Rakesh, wait!' Turning, he smiled as she came up to him and said, 'I need it back. It's mine.' His face changed as he quietly slid it off his shoulders and handed it to her. Smiling gleefully, she embraced it and said, 'Sorry, Rakesh. It's my favourite backpack. Here, you can take this one instead. It's larger.'.

Road to destiny

WoMania neverborn

Every day after college she comes here. These are not rail tracks running till horizon, these are tracks of hope. She sees the train as her prince charming who'll take her to her destination. And he came. Parents searched her prince charming. Exactly one year after that March afternoon, she met with her destiny. People say its a dowry death but she knows her prince charming trampled her below his iron wheels. Parts of her mutilated body are spread all around. And her heart oozing silent words of hope hugging these tracks..

Melting Track

Archana Sharma

Fumes of burning tears were getting dark and deep with every step that was coming towards me. Standing still I was moving towards that flash of life that would absorb the heat running intensely in my delicate blood streams. I knew I would be lost soon in searching for the dreams I’v buried long before in his sparkling eyes. I also knew I would found myself in his deep husky smiles. Time got still on the rough surface of melting track and I got evaporated in Him. I was me..



She lost all hope and left her home; for an unknown destination. Her passion was to click an ideal frame of the horizon. She visited cities, markets and malls; hills, rivers plains and falls; but all she found was the stereotyped conventional concepts which could not speak of the magical soul she wanted to show along with the realm. Her destiny took her to a secluded place, far away from the crowd. She saw a man from the distinct sphere. She captured the scene of a perspective life which could give her name, fame and money..


Fayaz Girach

They were just about to reach the examination spot. A wind blew with maglev speed taking exam-sheet far away from them. Father found & pulled the chain. He ran after it as entry was prohibited without it. Running on the track, his leg got trapped. A train was speeding from opposite side. She ran faster to save him. Train came closer. She was almost going to reach there.....but... "Due to insomnia & exam pressure this type of dreams are often " Doctor said that morning while prescribing medicines. .

The rails made good margin space. Life, at times, draws the natural grid. She will definitely use the parallel lines to her advantage. She had ample distance behind her from the Railway platform. The train is arriving a bit late. Good enough to capture the moment. "I shall capture him. I will capture him. I shall use this moment" She was confident of her focus..

रेल की पटरी के बीच हाँफते हुए पहुंची, शायद वह समीर ही था समीर को यकीन था उसके आने का... कैसे था उसे इतना यकीन जबकि उसे खुद को नहीं पता था... शायद यही प्यार है ?? या कुछ और ?? अजब सी कशमकश थी वक्त जैसे रुक सा गया था, सब कुछ धुंधला सा था, लेकिन आँखें समीर पर टिकी थी समीर ने हाथ फैलाये तो आकांशा खुद को रोक नहीं पायी, सब उलझने सुलझाते हुए एक नदी, सागर में समा गयी।.

Sophie's World

Ami Shah

It gave Sophie the chills, recalling what had happened a while ago. Sophie, a theme photographer, saw a man running on the railway track, while she was clicking pictures. How vulnerable and in pain that man was. This made her wonder,why all of us take our lives so light and does not value it. She realized how blessed she was to have such wonderful life, which she was taking so casually. Hence she decided that she will create extra-ordinary out of ordinary through her lenses for world to believe that life is wonderful. .

Who is He ?


A man was standing between the track on which my train was to arrive. I wondered what he was upto? For a moment, I thought that he would be looking for a perfect spot to relieve himself but there was no water bottle in his hands dashed this assumption. Then I thought “he would be looking for something he had lost on the track while crossing it in a hurry." This time on serious note, I assumed “he was planning to commit suicide”. Finally, someone shouted that our track inspector inspecting the tracks. .

De well-wisher


"No, not good enough. I want a Facebook DP quality picture. Another." "I am not Raghu Rai ok! If you are unhappy with my shots, go hire somebody. Maybe then you will realise my worth!" "Shona! You are upset.. I am only trying to build your potential. I know you have it in you..." "You keep saying that every-time you don’t like my pictures. I am not falling for it again..." Telephoto lens had its advantage. I could maintain my distance. But I didn't like this guy either. She deserved better. It was time to pay him a visit..

An accident. Again?

Manoj Kini

She was inconsolable. It was all her fault. She had insisted that he had ear-phones plugged in. He would seem genuinely lost making the image look authentic. She was using a super-telephoto lens for the bokeh effect. She had no way of telling him. It was too late before he realised. The train was too fast for him. The officer-in-charge had read about the report where a girl had been killed by a speeding train amidst the selfie madness. This is a conspiracy, he mused, as he closed the case as an accident. Revenge had been served..