The red skirt.


He found no solace in dreams. He was always caged, the walls closing down on him. Even that of Jubilee Mental Asylum. She danced around in her red skirt, kissing. Until he let out a cry for breath. Until the walls close down completely. And, until the red skirt blinds his senses and chokes. .

Prison Of Love

Naveen Rane

We were childhood sweethearts and love blossomed with each passing days, bringing us into the phase where our love for each other was considered a pure form of friendship when we were young. But the same love became love of lust for the society when we tried to consummate our love and the mongrels of love imprisoned us to sentence us to death for loving each other. So. come my love. lets kiss for the last time and enlighten our heart before our soul leaves the confines of universe..

Ritu woke up with a sweaty face. She checked if Manav is awake or not. Ritu took out a deep breath as he is still sleeping. Ritu is seeing this nightmare from last 3 months. Not even a single day she missed that dream. Ritu knows. She still loves Ankit. Almighty saved her as Manav didn’t know about that. She turned other side safely as her hand still has the blood marks . Life can be much more horrible than a nightmare sometimes. She sighed and closed her eyes to see that nightmare again..

Stolen moments

Renu Kaliyath

He was a prominent gay lawyer for the LGBT community, she was national award winning closet lesbian actress. They met at a rally, when their community was protesting a discriminating law. At first sight they felt the connection., though both of them were in a committed loving relationship. Moreover their cause was greater than love. It was out of question trying to take their love forward. Their only solace was intense stolen moments in dark and forbidding places. .

the hidden love


That evening, I was drunk and on the streets of Tirupati. then she called me asking "where are you?" I told her where I am. Within 10 minutes, she came in an auto. I grabbed her when she is still inside, I took her to near by ground and talked a lot of non sense. She realized that I am drunk but she continued to listen, every word, very carefully, walked with me a long distance despite being on her period, She bore with me with love, the hidden love...

the hidden love


On the evening of the day,am drunken and on the streets of Tirupati.then she called me asking where r u,I said where am.and with in 10mts she come to me in an auto.I grabbed her from the auto when she is still in.i had taken her to near by ground nd talked a lot of non sense.nd she got that am overdrunked,bt she z listening every word of me very carefully walked with me a long distance inspite of her peroids,she beared me with love,the hidden love...

First kiss

S as in Shoumik

He never wanted to marry her. He was still waiting for the first love, a picture of a little girl he found on a bus. Years later his wife found that picture and asked him about it. He confessed that he married her due to family pressure but he was always in love with the girl in the picture. “Where did you find it?” “In the bus on the way to school. Why do you ask?” He said. “Because I lost it when I was little,” she said. Parents of two, shared their first kiss... years after their marriage. .

Beyond the Barriers

anushree goenka

It was of course not the most romantic courtship Tina had always dreamt of. She had liked him for his simplicity, attractive features but yet they were always at the war zone of courtship ready to explode. Marriage happened in a jiffy, she hardly recalled anything. They were now 'husband and wife'. She was realizing his inability to express yet there was this genuine person in his eyes which she was falling in love with every passing day. The First kiss despite all hatred was like they have known each other for several births.They had crossed the barriers..

A frantic search for a home in the bustling Bombay was keeping them on toes. That day, the broker took them to a place, a place that instantly felt like home. Taking a look around their dream for real, a stolen kiss amidst the chaos of life was all they needed to put behind the pains and troubles they endured to be there, today, being called each other's..

Love Story


“Claim me”, she said. “Seal it with a kiss.” “I can’t. I exist only in your imagination. Release me.” he said. “Let me liberate you through a story. Find me there, and lead me to a happy ending, a lifetime of love”, she offered. "Don’t make it real, but an image of reality. A dream to be pursued, yet a dream pursuable.” “Then, find us a world unlike the one you inhabit, but like the one I do. Your imagination.” "Will you seal my story with a kiss?” she asked. “Yes. A long, lingering one. To last a lifetime…" .

The Silent Answer

Nameet Shetty

The silver moon illuminated the patch of ground he stood on. It was his secret spot, a desolate place where he could be himself, untainted & whole. This is where he had first asked her out, and this is where he would propose to her. He waited, ring in hand. She emerged from the darkness and stepped into the flooding moonlight, smiling. He had called her and she had come, trusting him, understanding him. She looked beautiful, almost celestial. Their eyes met, and so did their lips. And in that moment, he knew her answer. .

Chance Encounter

Hemantkumar Jain

He had almost not seen her. It was only when he neared the bamboo shed that he saw her near the light searching for something. He offered to help but she just looked at him with those deep lovely eyes, did not say a word. He looked around and found a pendant lying half covered with a scrap of paper. He saw the expected joy in her eyes. What he did not expect was the spontaneous kiss she gave him on his lips. Ten years since the night. He still visits the place for another chance encounter with her. .


Fayaz Girach

"Come my love", they melted in one soul. The thirsty hearts soon began to sip each other & oceans of feelings flowed. Heart-beats started running faster than Milkha Singh. Darkness pierced in the thoughts, took them back in college days, where they were known as "Romeo-Juliet". His father was transferred to Kashmir which lead to separation. But today, both were working in the same firm. So on the Valentine's day they decide to meet. Old memories were heated & they kissed again after decades. Love was destined to complete despite of puzzled life. Unknowingly both were unmarried..

A passing passion


A first time smooch had it's perks and nervous trepidation. "Will it work out fine?", the thought crossed over their minds. Leaving their apprehensions to rest, they tried it out. "Do I tilt my head to the right or left?", she probed, her heartbeat racing faster. "Oh, no need to get into the technicalities of it", he snapped back. Up from the balcony overlooking their shawl, his ex got the wind of their nocturnal ministrations. She set an alarm, some elders rushed out. A stream of light flashed upon their faces. All this in the name of settling scores. .

Forever After


“I love you.” “I love you too. More than you’d imagine. More than I’ve ever loved, or thought I were capable of loving anyone.” (Holding his hands, smiling gingerly) “I know.” (Looking into his moist eyes) “And I’ll always love you. More than anything else. I found in you something I didn’t even know I was looking for. I found my peace.” (Blinking away the wetness) “And I found my acceptance. We’ll just be grateful to have found each other.” Destined to never be together, it was their forever after. Leaning into him, he sealed it with a kiss. .

Her enchanted lips

Sonali Potadar

She was his best friend. She saw him flirting with other girls. She thought he can't love her, the reason she left the city. Six month later in a camp he saw her again. He took her aside and told her that he flirts with all but couldn't love anyone because he in love with her since the day she left him. Before he could tell her anything he felt like she is enchanted, couldn't resist himself from feeling her lips. He held her so tight this time, that he gets every morning kiss from the same lips..

Reel and Real

shruti gupta

Perfect date!! He was sitting beside her and the two were watching the tale of love. In her mind she thought, does it really exist? How can the situation be so perfect, rain, love and a kiss? He held her hand tightly, lost in her more than the movie. Leaned towards her, kissed her and said: “Yes it does happen". Smiling she said, the situation might not be perfect but our love is!!! I might not be your first choice but you have turned the reel to real for me. .

Uninhibited Dreams

Lata Sunil

Their eyes met for a second before they quickly looked away. It is not possible to acknowledge the other in front of others. For they shared different lives, far removed from each other. A tear escaped her eye as she thought of what could have been a great love story. He sighed deeply regretting his decision to follow tradition and marry as per his parents wishes. They could never be together again. Except in their uninhibited dreams. Tonight they have a date. They both turned back and smiled to acknowledge it..

Her First Love

Vidyashree Mutteppagol

After the hundredth of their silliest fights, she stared at her phone’s screen in hopes of a sorry message from him, gave up in mere five minutes. “I’m sorry. Blah blah blah…” “I LOVE YOU.” (Yes, in bold letters.) “Yes” is all the reply he gets. Not even an “I love you too” until the next THREE days. A month later, he seals that with a kiss on her forehead. 6 years down the lane, she tries in vain to remember what that hundredth fight was all about. For all she has now are his memories..

Brightness in the dark.

Girmit (^‿^)

They were caged in the dark. Earlier it was dark. There were questions to those, light was not focused. Let alone focusing of light, the power was completely withdrawn. They were powerless. Each mind was hating the other. The influence of others had jammed their connection.In the darkness, there was light. Where did the hatred go? Why did the darkness bring the light?.

A Moment

Bibhas Roy

A moment which has been awaited for long time. The time has come to unite & gratify their love for each other. Seems the time has stopped & caged the moment to make a note on the pages of history of love. A hope to re-unite again and again..

They met and everything else stood still. It didn't matter, who is watching, muttering or giggling. They eloped, let the world say that. There hearts pounding, gasping for breath. They ran away from all the customs,  leaving all relations behind, not to elope but to be their for each other always. Such is love, faith it's all is. He kissed her, looked in her wet eyes and said dear, the pollen might have fallen today but don't worry, spring is here..

They came every year to the annual V-Day kissing competition; and they always won. But it was different this year; they had parted ways. The big prize money was tempting. The kiss was going to be difficult when there was no love lost. As the bell sounded she deftly placed a wad of gum between their lips. When the bell went off again, hours later, they were the only pair still kissing. They got the tinsel crowns, the goodies bag and the cheque. What happened to the gum, she asked. I ate it, he replied. .

Just One Word

Sajitha Nair

My husband and I were never into mushy act of romance - one that requires a constant reminder of how much we love each other. But one day the need to hear some praise got the better of me. And that night as we star gazed I said "Describe me in one word" He smiled, looked straight into my eyes and said one word "MINE." In the flames of that love filled moment he held my hands just like he did for the first time,pulled me close and kissed me. Sometimes all it takes is just one word..

The Kiss of Life.

ArNumb Chakraborty

"Now you may kiss the bride" A voice resonated across the dark openness. Gazing into each other's eyes, the couple passionately lip-locked amidst loud echoes of the wind through the wilderness. Union of two beautiful souls into the bond of true love sent colorful radiations across. The entwined pair stood motionless. Several light years away, a bright green colored sprig slowly ascended from the vast rugged ground. The tip ending in a bright beaming bulb appeared like the head of an infant. Gazing towards the distant blue speck-like planet, the newly sprouted seed of life smiled!.

The Final Kiss


He came in haste and grabbed my waist I quivered under his strong grip I longed for his masculine fragrance He whispered into my ear something Which pierced my heart and had to outlast every other emotion He cried and I shivered before we hugged again I clasped him close enough But he remained stout and finally vented out “We can’t be together neither now nor later, Let us part our ways forever” I embraced him and crossed the feminine limit of manner and etiquette Which led him to be my kiss mate ! .

Nisha was wandering with Sooraj roaming in her mind. She vows to confess her love today. She smiles and lifts her head, only to see Sooraj. He holds her and pulls her closer. Nisha, too dumbstruck to resist. Divine feelings, frozen tongue & locked lips. The world evaporates & music lingers in background. Suddenly Nisha starts shaking, everything is shaking. Sooraj calls her name, but in her mother's voice. "Nisha....." She opens eyes. Oh....a dream.  She smiles stupidly. "Get ready fast. They're coming today to see you...Ladkewale" Nisha sees her dream shattering in front of her eyes..

Holding the red rose, her smile broadens. “Happy Valentines Day my love,” He wishes. “After all these years, you never forget to make me happy about it,” She said. “No! You were tough to impress,” he smirks. She was fragile, he was strong. She was like rain and he was the thunderstorm. She was in love with the morning light, but he insists darkness has brighter side. She was a booklover but she was the only book he read. They are different yet so same, holding the hands for 30 years they are still growing in impulse of love. .


Roda Noshir Davar

They had been childhood sweethearts, married in their twenties. Loving children were settled abroad, now only two of them in their abode.There were ups and downs in their life but were overcome with love and understanding. However, lately a dark cloud was hovering over horizon. Rowan was forgetting things. Sometimes he was quite normal. Rinil hoped that with treatment he'd be okay. Surprisingly, he remembered Valentine's Day and wished her with a resounding kiss. As they lip-locked, a heavenly HALO hovered over their heads, a heart between their necks. A good omen - Things will get back to normal. .

क्षितिज तारा

जय हो बाबा

"वो देखो, क्षितिज तारा" आकाश ने आसमान तरफ इशारा करते हुए कहा। "हाँ। तो क्या" धरा ने पूछा। "अरे, साल में एक बार दिखता है, और इससे जो मांगो, मिल जाता है " "सच ??" जवाब में आकाश को मुस्कराता देख धरा ने अपनी आँखें बंद कर ली । "क्या माँगा तुमने ??" "तुम क्यों जानना चाहते हो?" "क्योंकि मुझे तुम्हारे बारे में सब जानना है" "यह सब तुमने बनाया है ?" "नहीं, बिलकुल नहीं, बताओ ना " "मैं चाहता हूँ कि इस रात कभी खत्म न हो " "नहीं होगी" आकाश ने धरा को गले लगा लिया.

Aryan was holding Ria tightly in his arms and was about to Kiss. Ria felt as if she was meant for this day and was ready, still wasn't comfortable, she knew that these people are going to talk about them later. Everyone around were on the verge of losing their patience. They were in a dilemma, whether to resist or support them, in this modern ritual. Suddenly, the wedding photographer shouted, 'Silence please', and captured the newlyweds..

Rebecca was one of a kind. Her some notions were archaic, some far out. She always wanted to be in two provinces at the same time. In adolescence, it escalated more. She married a lad from the state, on the border itself. And celebrated her first kiss at Vaalserberg- the tripoint of Netherlands, Belgium and Germany! Her beloved said, "The world is not for populace with eyesight but for individuals with caprice! So exhale the melancholy and inhale the glee, thus DEAD to the world; live thy reverie! .

Fictional reality

Manoj Kini

"Look ma! You won't believe what I found today! I didn't know you were so romantic! When was this taken?" "Oh that... It was our wedding day." "Wow! Tell me more..." "Aren't you supposed to be writing that story of yours?" "Please ma, I will write this one!" "Very well... I had the setup all planned and ready. As soon as he came, I pretended to have something in my eye and asked him to blow it out.... snap! We had our image..." "Really?" "Tell me once its published.".

The gift


She gifted him the print. He ripped it apart like a kid who was eager to find out what toy it was. His eyes gleamed in joy! "A double scooped cone!", he exclaimed. "Yes, and your favorite flavors too", she said handing him the cone she had concealed behind her back. "I love you", he said. "I love you too", she said, pretending it was for her. She was content with her tricks. His dementia had taught her well..