Happy place.

S as in Shoumik

“Where is mommy?” my little girl asked me while playing in the sand. I looked into her innocent eyes and thought I knew I had to face this question sooner or later. I picked her up in my arms and held her tight. She looked at me, a little confused but happy. I said, “Mommy has gone far away to a happy place.” I saw her eyes widened, filled with questions. I continued, “She has gone to a place where there is no pain, no sorrow and no tears. She’s in peace. She has gone to a beauty spa.” .

Papa & me!

anushree goenka

Standing in the corridor, my thoughts went back to time when we were playing together, eating food from his hand once he was back from office while watching TV or just hanging out in his presence in the garden. It was just a part of growing up and expectations always got higher every passing day. I was so secure and happy, he was everything to me. Then the doctor came out, to tell me that he needs a one long year to recover and I was left alone!.

My Daddy is my Mommy :)

Sonali Strange

That day mom was upset. She was crying sitting at the corner of the room. She looked and me and I gave my cutest smile to please her. She picked me up and made me sat on her lap and whispered, "Mommy has to leave. She is going to a far far land. She loves you a lot. From now on your Daddy is your Mommy!" She died of cancer. That summer Daddy and I went to Goa alone. I saw him crying silently. I wiped his tears and said "My Daddy is my Mummy". Daddy smiled..

Arjuna watched Tara gathering seashells on the beach. She had been very sick. Doctors had advised a holiday by the sea. She loved the hot sun, so ignored the crude shed. The bracing air was doing wonders for her, she was better and cheerful. Her laughter wafted across the shimmering water. Suddenly she looked up and asked, "Papa!! will you make a necklace of these shells for me?" Arjuna nodded smilingly. Anything for his princess!! The joy....a daughter can give! Could people be so cruel as to end a life because it was a girl?.



I was gaping at a framed picture of my father and me - a young lad standing by the side of a crawling infant. Could I sacrifice my life in such a way for someone, I mulled... "Sir, may I come in? I can't differentiate tortuous from torturous, or deride from derive. I'll flunk my entrance exam tomorrow!" "No, let's plan five practice sessions, and two tests. Be prepared to stay back till late evening. I'll give you a practice exercise, while I go for my next class..." "But, Sir, your lunch?" "...And, what time is the exam tomorrow?".

the promise

Renu Kaliyath

Today was the third anniversary of her death, Vikram and Adhi were enjoying the sea and sand. It seemed like yesterday that he was waiting outside the operation theater, when the door opened, the doctor asked him to go in. Rushing in he saw Ramya looking pale and holding little junior. She extended the tiny bundle, saying "please take care of Adhi", then she had fallen back into the bed. The nurse came and pulled the sheet over her head saying, "your sister is no more. Sorry!" Just then he heard Adhi calling, "Dada". .

Nitin wakes up feeling irritated. Shouts at his wife for sprinkling water on his face, it's not even 9am. With drowsy eyes he scans the room, there is no-one. Suddenly he realizes he is alone in a hotel room. He looks up nothing there, looks at window which is facing a wall, nothing again. His attention draws to painting on wall. A kid is playing with his father splashing water which falls on him again. Smiling, Nitin touches the painting which pulls him inside. .

Shifting Through Time


His canine companion let out a huge howl. The creature had probably sighted someone in this moonlit night, alongside the beach. Moving about in circles, as if a phantom were in mad pursuit of him. Leading him by his leash the owner made a wild snatch at the air. He missed. "Good, now I can get to work"; the time traveler thought to himself. An intercom buzzed, "Yeah, humans are living in some kind of structure called conapts, farming is decadent,though beaches still remain, but are highly polluted"; and off went the human from the past. .

क्षितिज, बेटी हुई है पर हम सलोनी को नहीं बचा पाये, सॉरी क्षितिज रो मत , सलोनी जानती थी आपको कितना प्यार है बच्चों से, शायद इसलिए उसने ऐसा किया ***** क्षितिज तुमने घर बेच दिया ?? पूछा भी नहीं ?? क्षितिज अब सलोनी ठीक है, ऑपरेशन कामयाब रहा "पापा, पापा यह देखो, मैंने घर बनाया है" सलोनी की आवाज ने जैसे क्षितिज को अतीत से वापिस खीच लिया "हा सलोनी यह हमारा घर है" आगे बढ़ कर सलोनी को गोद में उठा लिया। उसे लगा दूर कहीं सलोनी ने मुस्कराते हुए अपने आसूं पोंछ लिए .

"When I am submerged in a sea of work, I don't get a chance to spend quality time with him. Every night I return, he looks at me expectantly with half eyes closed and all I can do is take him in my arms and cuddle while he's fast asleep. And now that he's busy playing in sand besides a real sea along with his toys, the roles have reversed. It's my turn now to look at him expectantly. Look at him, how happily he is ignoring me".

Too Late

Lata Sunil

Is he mine? Keith wondered for the umpteenth time. There was no resemblance. Not to him, not to his wife, not to anyone in the extended family. And the boy had light eyes. No one in the family had light eyes. How could he forgive his wife after this betrayal? Her death in the accident was convincing. Now for the boy. Keith picked him up and stared at him. The boy put his right hand forefinger and middle finger in his mouth and cupped it with his left hand and started suckling. Just like Keith did as a child..

My Investment In Love

Nameet Shetty

I always thought life would be fair to me, and it was for a while. But life can surprise you, and it did. Cancer took her, too soon in her life, and too soon in mine. All I had left of her was my son, born of her body, an embodiment of my love for her. Being a single dad was tough. I lacked instinct but made up for it with insight. I invested time, love and understanding in his upbringing, and by God’s grace, he turned out well - my son in life, my investment in love. .

An old picture caught the attention of this old man’s hazy sight. Megha has been just 2 years when he clicked that picture. After the death of his wife she became the source of reason to live his life, holding those little hands he grew up. She is now happily married leading her life in a foreign land. She arranged for his stay in this old age home where he can pass his senility. He understands she is happy in her new life and that’s what makes him happy too, even when he is on death bed. .

The Unfathomable Emotions

Vidyashree Mutteppagol

He watched his 4-year old build sand-castles while she was away, attending a conference. Those waves that always soothed his soul, today, sank him in strange waters of anxiety. “What if these conferences are just excuses? What if she has found someone new?” his heart cried a hundred “what-ifs” like a naïve teenager while his gut sank further! “Papa, I’ve to tell you something but mommy says, it’s a secret!” his kid’s words reeled him back to reality. “Secret huh!?” “I’m gonna have a sister!” whispered the kid. Tears ran down his cheeks, blocking his nose, clearing the heart!.

Life work balance

Deepak Jamle

Mohan, a marketing executive, has been very successful in most of his career endeavors. At 30 he should have been fit, happy and content. But when he looked back he was weak, emotionless and exhausted. On top of it he got the news about his wife being pregnant. He got tensed. He had never opted for holiday in last 2 years, how will he manage to take leave for wife's pregnancy. Then arrived an angel in his life and taught him to take baby steps towards life work balance..

Everybody around me was drunk; I pretended to be and added two more ice cubes into my glass. My picture had won the top prize and we were celebrating. They wanted to hear the story. I described the technicalities – light, filter, ISO. The monstrous wave came almost immediately. The man and the baby were gone. They gasped collectively. The water rushed over me and I woke up. So, it was just a dream! The sigh of relief was as audible as the gasp. Liar, hissed the woman next to me. You killed my husband and baby. .



As Nimesh stood watching the toddler play gleefully in the clear white sand, he thought he might just raise her himself. He was already feeling like dedicated father while looking at the little girl play with his watchful eyes and completely lost track of time. But as the sun started to set, his usual craving for some intoxication started kicking in. “Screw this, 50,000 rupees for ragpicker’s daughter is good enough for months supply of hashish.” He said to himself and picked up the girl. .

People say girls are a burden. They haven’t seen the angels in my life. One with me, and one watching over me. She learned the word ‘Dada’ today. So we are here at the beach to celebrate the big day with you. I will teach her ‘Mama’ next. You aren’t meant to be forgotten. And when she asks where Mama is, I will point to far end of the sea and think about the girl who danced and laughed with the waves in her pretty dress and dreamt of going to every beach on this planet. .

A Complete Family

Rohan Kachalia

He admired his little toddler's thoughts just as the beaming sun admired the glistening waves of the sea. But little did he knew that the happy picture of a complete family with his mother was not possible. He had chosen to walk on the path that many choose not to. He chose to lead a life of a single parent along with his adopted son. He smiled as his son looked towards him, sat down along side, ran his fingers over his hair and started to tell him a story. .

The Land of Shells and Sand


In the Land of Shells and Sand, the princess sits on her grainy throne considering the threat of the dreaded Flotsam. Will the Prince of Corals blow in and wash the Flotsam far out to sea, or should she wave her spiny wand and save the day? Tired of waiting, she flicks the stick and sends the soldier crabs scuttling. The Flotsam, dried and brittle, breaks into pieces, never to threaten again. The princess sighs, and sits, and contemplates a seaweed wrap. A wave arrives, and a new day starts in the Land of Shells and Sand..

The Land of Shells and Sand


In the Land of Shells and Sand, the princess sits on her grainy throne considering the threat of the dreaded Flotsam. Will the Prince of Corals blow in and wash the Flotsam far out to sea, or should she wave her spiny wand and save the day? Tired of waiting, she flicks the stick and sends the soldier crabs scuttling. The Flotsam, dried and brittle, breaks into pieces, never to threaten again. The princess sighs, and sits, and contemplates a seaweed wrap. A wave arrives, and a new day starts in the Land of Shells and Sand..

Castles Made of Sand

ArNumb Chakraborty

A smile adorned my face as I watched him build castles made of sand. We were at the beach! Reflection of the sun and sky in the vast sea embraced the father-son duo. His animated features – laughter, dark hair, petite limbs - induced a plethora of flashbacks across my nimble mind. "Look daddy! This castle is for you, me and mommy." The curiosity in those eyes reminded me of hers. Memories fade away like wild waves. How to reveal a toddler the abstruseness of motherlessness? Kissing my feet, the sea waves slowly washed away the castle of nostalgic dreams! .


Refugees !


He does not know we are all set to go Across the sea to the greener meadow When I look at him I am neither exhausted nor frustrated Why are the rest feel so agitated Look at the light boat Which is to be filled with deprived souls Some doctors among us with no white coats Many patients with several hopes Our life will transform and We won’t need to further roam Europe, the Africans about to throng! .


Ankita Chauhan

I was silent, when she gave you to me. Struggling with tears, I clubbed your fragile body sophistically into my arms. There was fear in my eyes, as if I was holding my own beating heart. You were just like a bubble with palpitating nerves, your bits of moan would seem like a symphony, your smell made me feel more alive or that was fragrance of your touch. Since, I have been enjoying the collision of emotions, sunsets, autumn, dawn and… motherhood, how come you filled the void of her absence. I would love to be called your Mumma. .

Scratched Remembrance

Fayaz Girach

Father always prefers drowning sun, fishy wet air, hunting kingfishers & his lost world. Child scrawls, giggles as if he is playing with someone. Last year, on a high tide, icy eve, his Fair&Lovely wife and velvet pigeony baby, came for a weekend picnic. Had their supper a bit late beside that artificial hut & were just planning to leave. Suddenly a wave came with himalayan-trap & dragged a soul. Each time, the waves apologize to the father, touching his feet but he will never forgive because it took away his wife along..

The legacy

prabhat singh

He looks onto his son and he sees himself. He is happy but suddenly fear grips him. Will his son also someday look at him and see himself? What legacy will he leave for his son. The waves are hitting the beach one after another and each leaving its mark. And it stuck him. He will leave his son his story and make him able to write his own. That will be his legacy..

"If this time also she delivers daughter, you'll marry again. Promise me." his mother had said when Veena was pregnant for third time. He was not sure he wanted another child or not but he desired a boy. After birth, everyone was sad, including Veena. Mother said "throw her away or smother her". He witnessed how Veena never left her neonate, even for a second. Today, when his daughter spoke 'Papa' as her first word, he got his answer. "Mother, you say one word against Veena or my daughters and I'll leave the house" and he was sure this time..

He stood there silently, watching his little son play. The alpenglow of the setting sun was engulfed by the moonshine. His son didn't want to stop playing. "I'm yet to complete it, dad," he said every time his father reminded him of the time. He let his son play whilst watching him silently, he remembered the dreams which he buried deep inside these shores, years ago..


Tanvi Nagwekar

Mumbai A six month old girl goes missing. “He loved her a lot. He would always take her to the beach. Please don’t blame him for this.” “You didn’t find this suspicious, taking her to the beach?” “Why would I? She was his daughter.” An unknown place A six month old baby found on a beach. Reports say that she has floated her way to this place. Locals believe she is an incarnation. Recollecting events from his past life, Karan now knew what it felt like to be a girl. .



"Slowly baby", he said softly while looking at his daughter. Thoughts were running in his mind, "Everybody says my daughter is beautiful. She looks exactly like her mother. especially her eyes. But whenever I look into her eyes I feel that she is her. As if her soul resides in my daughter and reflecting through eyes. I still remember her last words, She said with smile, "Vishal Dudhal I won't leave you like this, I will be always with you as your soulmate.".

The beginning in the end

Manoj Kini

"Thank you for having my back out there. Might have been a little hard to wiggle out of that one!" "You mean, saving your life? You are welcome. Although, it is the least I could do..." "You couldn't have done anything about that. Having her in my life placed her under the cross-hairs." "So you read my file.." "I had time to kill while recovery walked like a snail.." "Why are you telling this to me?" "Your performance was being effected by your guilt. More importantly, she wasn't your responsibility, they are mine." "They?" "Yes!".

Living another life


"She just loves coming to the beach, doesnt she?" "Yes she does indeed. But don't be fooled by her enthusiasm, it is he who loves it even more." "Is it?! In all the time I knew him, I never knew he loved beaches. I always thought he was an indoor person." "He was always different. He was keen to grow up and become something. People thought he didn't have a life, but he was content with his world. Now he lives his life again, through her.".

Kids will be kids.

Ravi Matah

Kids are innocent and want to play whenever they get an opportunity. Elders always tend to take care and keep them safe from any dangers that may be lurking around. Here a child, unoblivious of his surroundings, is playing in sand at the end of the beach very close to the ocean waters and probably his dad wants to supervise to ensure that he does not fall into the sea. There is a house with thatched roof on top of a tree, probably for the migrating birds who may also have nests in there. Kids never understand. .

The ocean and sea breezes always took her spirits to a high tide. They got back memories of promises to take walks in wet sands holding hands in old age, empty like the seashells she collected. Fantasies of making love on the beach, now as distant as the horizon. Her heart was brimming over as usual with emotions, when she spotted him. Him,who hadn't spoken to her in over 2 years. And with him was a wee version of him and his "bitter"half. His eyes caught her's but he turned away. And the low tide swallowed her..

Blue mystery

JP Negi

I want to learn swimming daddy, will you teach me? Sure dear! I want to dive deep into this ocean. Why? To fetch lots of pearls. What would you do with them? I don't know, surely we'll become rich & don't need to fish everyday. There's risk, many have drowned. Better we stick to fishing it's safer and enough for survival. Really? Then why do you stay hungry when you fail to fetch fish? Still it’s safer! How come grandpa drowned while fishing? It's a mystery! Ocean's full of mysteries, no one could unravel the mysteries of mysteries! .