Even though she had tattoos of high soaring birds, it wasn't the case with her life. She was shackled to a lifestyle that she chose in the name of love and now just has no clue when she will be free exactly..

तितली, बचपन में कितना बुरा लगता था यह नाम और आज जब इस रिश्ते से आजाद हुई हूँ तो तितली की तरह उड़ना चाहती हूँ किस की गलती थी ?? कितना रोये होंगे माँ पापा ?? दो दिन तक बरसात नहीं रुकी थी। दादा , कैसे मिले होंगे वो पापा से , क्या नज़र मिला पाये होंगे वो, बेटी को बीवी और उसी बीवी को अपना कातिल बना कर आज अधूरे सपनो को कागज पर लिख कर बेचा तो लगा जेल के वह १० बरस मुझे आज़ाद कर गए .

Born with gleam in her eyes, naive of choices with only dreams to seek. Like those birds in the high blue sky. As she grew her mother nurtured the world seemed so beautiful. All she ever wanted to do was just fly. The bird she saw as a child always remained in her soul. As she grew up the skies became darker clouds of responsibility and the essence of being a girl was shrouded on her by the storm of society. Her body churned, her wings were cut, her heart was broken and then she was given away. .


Renu Kaliyath

The tattoo she got should have helped her to get her love, but fate played a dirty game She and Aditi were lookalike twins. No one could distinguish between them. Life was perfect until she met Suraj and fell in love. She got a tattoo and Suraj lost his confusion of whom he was courting. One day she got a call early morning. Suraj: I ran away and got married to the wrong twin Nandi. Nandi screamed into the phone,how could you? I got the tattoo Suraj. Suraj: Aditi had it too, yesterday, today it is not there. .

Reminiscing about past events


This holiday to her hometown, had been worth it. The changing landscapes of the region, including the now dried out paddy fields, held her in great rapture. Last heard, many families had shifted to this quaint little village, owing to their lands being sold, as there was a thermal power plant coming up in their region. Bah!, Some happy endings are never meant to be, materialized. .

To Be A Keeper or Not.

Aashna Gupta

He had said once, 'You are not a keeper, you're too restless to become one'. Walking along the messy, trodden wheat fields, she wondered out loud, 'Never! I can't be like them, these stalks, always rooted to one place, not be able to fly away, never!'. She never wanted to be a free soul, she just couldn't decipher why would her soul ever ask to be freed from anybody else other than her. She couldn't make anything of the idea of clinging to someone for so long that your wings beginning to rust away, leave you deserted forever. .


Ankita Chauhan

No bird without flight—you said, I believed. Your warm touch, entwined fingers assured me that a migratory bird found its solace. In the shadow of your interlaced breathes, I sensed the depth of love, a whole universe of dreams. Two unexplored paths were going to collide and starting a nameless journey. I was not aware of any word, you pronounce but my name in your voice was enough—that echo in your eyes introduced me to golden sunlit meadows that urged for belonging. We were meant to be one—What if we symbolized as two different planets? .


Sujatha Iyer

She was born a princess. She had every doll she could desire; she never smiled. She donned precious rubies, emeralds, sapphires; her pallor caught the eye. Eighteen tutors laboured to teach state affairs and law and exotic languages; she never spoke a word. They pleaded, they prayed, they despaired. Her eyes stayed vacant. “Turn her out”, they said. “The Devil has her soul. She shall never be Queen.” In the corn fields, dressed in borrowed rags, she breathed deeply in. The simmering sun, the dusty fields, the raven’s cold breath. She uttered her first word – “Freedom”. And smiled. .

Fat is NOT a feeling

Khushi Sen

Fat is NOT a feeling. It is an idiotic misconception! So what if I skip a meal? Why does that ALWAYS mean “Are you dieting?” Am I eating with your money? Am I stealing your food? Am I calling you anorexic or fat? NO! Then why must you degrade others?? My feet ache because I run around working unlike your sorry ass that sits in one place smoking! I work, eat, do what I love! I love to dance, run, dress up & look pretty. I am proud of who I am, how I am. .


Varun K Mehta

पंछी, बचपन में कितना बुरा लगता था यह नाम और आज जब इस रिश्ते से आजाद हुई हूँ तो पंछी की तरह उड़ना चाहती हूँ किस की गलती थी ?? कितना रोये होंगे माँ पापा ?? दो दिन तक बरसात नहीं रुकी थी। दादा , कैसे नज़र मिला पाये होंगे वो मेरे पापा और अपने सबसे करीबी दोस्त से, क्या कहा होगा ?? पापा या सुनील ?? तुम्हारी बेटी, मेरी बीवी या मेरी कातिल ?? आज अधूरे सपनो को कागज पर लिख कर बेचा तो लगा जेल के वह १० बरस मुझे आज़ाद कर गए .



She could feel her days turning dark.Her dreams took flight,but on worn out wings.She sat there all alone in her room listening to the echoing drops of trickling tears and whispered sighs. She knew she needed to free her frost bitten soul.She picked up her sadness and went out for a stroll,through the corn field in the vicinity.Her fingers caressed the sun kissed sheaf? They tickled her smiles. She felt her grief melting and the birds on her tatooed arm, stirring.At last she was!.

The five were huddled around the oblong teakwood table, four grey-haired gentlemen and one redhead. “This last poster is intriguing! Wish I could see more of her”, said the oldest man with a knowledgeable wink. “You haven’t grown up yet”, guffawed the three other men collectively. The redhead gave them a cold stare. The waiter brought in the 9th round of expresso. “Her nonchalant walk stirs me” “The tattoo on her hand befuddles me” “No, it’s the way her fingers curl” “What makes you men think it is a she?” The men swallowed the coffee silently. .

The Lost Victoria


“Now she roams across the wilderness to harness the fear which got instilled in her being after that night. She was left to struggle under the sky in unconscious state and for 6 hours no was there to help her. Now, She has learnt how not only to defend but also to attack which exhibits on those who she finds in this wildnerness . She is no more what she used to be “She is lost” , We have lost Our Victoria”, this is how Victoria’s Father ended his address in the Conference against Violence !.

Karan Arjun!


Durga wanders about the town in search of good clicks for her Instagram feed. She clicks a snap. Suddenly, the birds tattooed on her wrist come to life. As they fly away, the scenery around her transforms. A mustard farm. Two brothers. Their mother. Smiles. Happiness. Song. Durga can almost hear the music. She is brought back to the present when she finds herself murmuring, “Karan. Arjun.” “I am so filmy!” At the same time, in a Kali temple about 5 miles away, two brothers are screaming, “Ma, it’s time to prove your existence. Bring back our Maa.”.

I am a gypsy. Look at me, what do you see? Eternally embracing thy bright light, guided by intuition be always right. Fingers twirling at green glowing grass, this sick society’s labelled to upper-lower class. And all this painful pain be an illusion, don’t you defy thy delusional confusion. Tell me why the fight o’er whose right. Or wrong, all be in your head till you drop dead. I am living, alive and breathing, feeling His presence, I am unwinding. Dizzy, dazed or confused, what may I be? ‘Coz I am a gypsy, look at me, I broke free! .


anuja bhor

“Get married or get lost” echoed in my ears. ‘Get lost’ – but where? I don’t want to run away. Or maybe I really want to? As a kid – I always wanted to be a free bird, but in reality I was caged. At 16, I engraved these Ava on my wrist, to elate myself from the ongoing turmoil. It has been 7 years now, but the chaos in my heart and brain are still fresh. Now here I am, far away trying to deal with the upheaval going around..

Two Words to Death


I am talking to you, yes you who is reading this. Do you know it takes just two words to ask for death? They are given in the picture above. Can you find them? NO? How can you not? Imagine? Guess? This might be a copyright symbol, but if you see death, you can read K(ill) M(e). Over and out..

Deja vù

Manoj Kini

It was that bright afternoon that they had parted ways. How long ago, he wasn't sure anymore. He had made peace with it; but the realm of dreams were beyond his control. She visited him occasionally. They rarely spoke, but he felt they were happy. His mornings would later be groggy and he would wonder when had she gotten a tattoo done. Maybe she had now. It wasn't strange, he could always talk to her without being present. "Did you see those birds in flight? I know what my tattoo design is going to be!" "Come again?".