JP Negi

We walked past this terrain many times but never before waited to see sunset. We knew it’d be long wait, still we, throwing pebbles at tiny bush, waited for the moment. We knew what we had to say but waited for the other to say first, waiting numerous times. Tiny bush turned into a big tree, with the cold breeze I smelled him and saw his curly hair brushing his face as it did years ago. Suddenly I rose up and yelled “Oran-I love you” With next gush of breeze I realized-I should’ve said this long ago..

As the sun set, she reached her favourite spot for her tryst with herself, the "me time". Other times she was the mother to her kids, wife to her husband, daughter to her in-laws and the list was a long one. She was groomed to follow tradition from the time she took baby steps. Her role had been written decades ago and she followed it to a "T", learning to handle life with patience unlimited. Balancing career and family, she was a force to reckon with, her strength and character came from within. She is the Millennium's Woman. .

A new chance

Dipti Dhope

2015 had been a hectic year. Managing work and family had been taking a toll on her. Seema told her husband," I've had enough, I just can't take this anymore". He took her on a holiday at the year end, just the two of them. He accompanied her to watch the sun go down. Seema held her hands wide embracing the sunset. and said," Let's go home."Surprised, he asked her, Why so soon? I thought you needed a timeout. She replied," I didn't need a timeout. All I needed was a chance to feel good about myself.".

Sunset is new SUNRISE!


"Life is full of sorrows and less happiness. Happiness is in your attitude", I told her many times, giving her moral support after her breakup. "Embrace grief to know what happiness is", I said. "Trying my best to survive in it", she replied. "Let's go Alfresco". As a best friend, I took her outside to relax. Stood by roadside, while witnessing sunset, she opened her arms, sighed and smiled. "I know sun will rise tomorrow welcoming a new day with new hope!", she shouted!.

Footloose Ahoy!


The reasons as to why she befriended Ramesh was not known to all. Trekker, helicopter mechanic, not particularly in that order, yeah , that's what his bio read. His Instagram photos were filled with him gazing intently at some grassland, while being lost in thoughts. His muted communion with mother earth was hard to brush away. She joined him right away, sneaking , least everyone found out about her escapades. Here she was in this vast wilderness, free at last, camping..

twlight memories


Colours in the sky that would make you feel you exist to just stare at the beauty of nature. The twilight lit sky, on a natures trail makes it all worth it. Twilight was a beautiful word spoiled by a crappy movie series..

Ember of the Sun

Kanksshi Agarwal

She sought for an existence, inside the creek of a hibernating volcano. Embracing the warmth of the setting sun. Awaiting a spark. Her heart thumped along the rhythm of the stirring lava. Her limbs, and soul set on the flames of distrust, and the gnawing stares brimming with insensitivity. Her idea of freedom was to be, able to sustain amidst the old oak, and a green distant lush. Now as a burning ember, she will exist free..

Mountains Calling!

ArNumb Chakraborty

Some say I am lost, losing away youth to nothingness. Some say I am a dreamer, dreaming away life into wilderness. To them I sing, not all who wander are lost, The mountains are calling and I must go! The sun soars in the east, hides to the west, when was last you gazed nature at its best? My home's an illustrated book, many doodles diving through, and many miles to walk, before dreamy dying eyes watch without clue. Not the killing, but disorder - the inner disorder we must do, The mountains are calling, and I must go! .

And that morning She leaned towards the gentler winds Opened her clenching fists— maybe her trimmed feathers And put a tiny step into realm of faith. Though tiny hesitation dangling on her breezy hopes, Yet she was craving for pain— Confronting with real ‘She’. As the sun appeared, She engulfed that numbness —with her opening arms With a deep breath— she felt lighter Floating like a feather, Somewhere —gorgeously painted skin of nature Helped her to conquer her world again, With a new beginning —sailing with a new song. .

My Hero

Naveen Rane

We were childhood friends cum sweethearts. We had dreams of growing old together, tell our grandchildren our story of life. You became my hero the day you wore the army uniform. We had our romantic dates under the same tree from our teenage days which today has dried up and shed it’s leaves. Today here I am at early dawn to embrace the air, the surrounding and say thank you to this beautiful universe which gave me those wonderful memories.Today you are not only my hero but the nation’s hero because you have now become a martyred. .

A Decision

shruti gupta

A solo traveler, a free bird, there are many words to describe her. She was there watching the beautiful sunset while the wind played with her hairs. This was the moment that she decided to live alone, free from worldly bounds and to have more beautiful evenings. Little did she know that there was another pair of eyes, those which saw his past in her. To them the same tree looks shredded; the sunset took all the colors away. A decision that he took and now she took. Same decision but different emotions..

The little light that defines me is eternal. It separates me from the dark world I am forced to live in, the world which restricts me with its norms and apprehensions, the world which forces me to be the shadow of an 'autumn' tree! However, when I make a little effort to move ahead towards the light within, .my shadow gets defined and I can see a free 'me'! Me, well immersed with all shades of life; colourless yet so colourful, incomplete, yet so accomplished!!.

It isn't permanent.

Manoj Kini

I was late, yet again. She was simply happy to be blissfully free, not really concerned about my timings. She knew I would be there sooner or later. "The website had too much traffic. We needed the filing to happen, like yesterday. The client would lose.... erm, Sorry, I got delayed!" "Its ok. But do you ever wonder where your life is headed?" "You see that tree there? Its barren now. It isnt permanent." "And here I was just wondering, why I can't stay angry with you.".

Some Evening

Payal Phayde

"I love you," he said confidently. "Stop joking," I was stern. "You know what I do to things I love" he whispered cynically. "You leave them? No?" I concluded and broke down. He wrapped me in his arms saying things to comfort me that I don’t remember. Everyone came running, "Hey it was a dare, don't cry." I did not believe them, I did not want to. It became a group hug. Damn, why! I declared that I am fine and started walking away, stretching my hands pleading the skies-"Please save him from me, my love will consume him.".

Capture the TOLERANCE


Agent 11 in harsh voice "We must catch her, Isn't She "Tolerance" Agent 12 whispered "Yes but Are you sure" Agent 11 "Don't you know Her capture is very important as our Govt got identified as "Intolerant" ever since she escaped" Agent 12 "Yes, I know that but Why did she escape?" Agent 11 "She escaped because We never cared for her, never praised her and never credited govt for keeping her" Agent 12 "Will anything change after her capture?" Agent 11 "Symbolism is very important, Let us serve our Govt" .

Perspectives and Clichés

Jayakrishnan Pillai

SheRin "You have been here forever. Don't you wish for freedom?" TreeSa "What according to you is freedom?" SheRin "For me Freedom is to do what I want and be where I wish to be." TreeSa "And you think, being at the same place is depriving me of my freedom." SheRin "Yes." TreeSa "Well, maybe you should write for One Frame Stories, It will teach you how to have perspectives and accept people the way they are." .