Star of my life

Renu Kaliyath

Lucy felt a pang in her heart. David and she had just celebrated their first Christmas after their wedding. Then the war came and David enlisted and had flown to Iraq. One day she got notice from the army HQ that David had gone missing and he might be a POW. Lucy tried to pick her life up after the tragedy, but not knowing where David was made her life miserable. This fifth Christmas too she had decorated the tree and was placing the star when the doorbell rang, Lucy opened the door and screamed....DAVID.

Santa on the way

Abilekha rane

It was Christmas and we decorated the Christmas tree. Alone on the street was I left to die after getting hit by the car which did not stop. I was lying in the pool of blood and prayer of my mother came true. Came the Santa taking me away and cured my wounds and went away. Believing in Santa opened my way to life; that day..

Merry Christmas!

Fairy Dharawat

The silver shiny star was shining on top of a tree. Draped in the golden tiny balls of the chain, the Christmas tree lit up the deranged, albeit a beautiful room which smelled of sulphur and 4 bleeding bodies. The bell rang, there was a happy chatter outside, guests waiting for the party. The young demon smiled, it didn't know that to possess, one needs the body alive. Now no need to be sorry for the tiny massacre, it thought, practice makes perfect. The bell rang again. The door got unlocked. Merry Christmas, the demon smiled..

You Are My Star

Dipti Dhope

Every Christmas, the father and his daughter had a tradition to buy little trinkets for their Christmas tree. Snowmen, santa, bubbles but never a Star. Many a times, the daughter wondered why their tree never had a star. This year when they went shopping she asked, "Dad, why don't we get a star this time?".Her father turned a deaf ear. When they got home, she asked him again, "Why dad? Why can't we have a star on our tree? The father looks at her smiling and says , "It's because there already is one. Nothing brings more brightness into life than seeing you smile. You are my star.".

Grinch Reformed


The residents of Whoville were relentlessly troubled by a miscreant, who did away with their Christmas gifts, all for a bitter incident in the past. He was nothing more than a nuisance; a trickster, who they all despised. He set alight the Christmas tree to get even with the inhabitants of the fictional town. His hollow threats of throwing away the gifts, off the cliff, fell on deaf ears. The Christmas spirit is alive in the hearts of people, that goes beyond material possessions. Loved ones matter, this truth dawned over the thick skinned being..

Shining Star

Naveen Rane

Christopher a school kid of 11 years was in his last stage of cancer, counting his days in the hospital. His friends used to visit him everyday. Christopher told his friends “probably this is my last Christmas”. His friends came up with the idea why not celebrate Christmas in hospital itself. They took up the cleaning and dusting job in their neighborhood so that they could collect money for Christmas tree decoration. Pointing at the star on the tree his friends told him “You are a friend who will shine like a star in our heart forever”. .

Christmas Past

Satyajit Das

Every year I get a little lonely around this time. Do people still find love at Christmas? Once during Christmas it was bitter cold and she was homesick. She was missing her family and friends. She missed having a Christmas tree. So I took two wire clothes hangers, unbent them and reshaped them into a triangle. I found a few silver garlands in the nearby store and wrapped them around the wire tree and hung it from the ceiling. The makeshift Christmas tree glittered in the lamp light. She cried that night too, but for all the right reasons..



It’s the 25th year and I still love her in my mind. Celebrating her existence in my heart as I tend to grow old. She loved all things gold. These beads remind me of the pearl necklace I bought for our marriage. In my mind, she is married and sort of happy as she had told me. I still miss her because every end of the year is the date when we began seeing each other. I can never forget her. Though I have forgiven her. For the betrayal. .


anuja bhor

I still remember, it was the same Christmas evening when she had left me. A sudden call last night from her made me nostalgic. Questions started ringing in my head like cats & dogs – Is she fine? Is she stuck in some issue? Is she married? I am clueless just like that Christmas evening when she had drained away from my life. Today after 4 years I am at the same place, it’s the same evening with mixed emotions waiting for her – Clueless..

She was the most beautiful of all sisters yet alone. Everyone came with families. She loved the toddlers. Her younger sisters had dates too. They found someone just about time. Had she been lucky? Grandmother entered the room on her wheel chair cheerfully wishing everyone. She went up to the Christmas tree and picked the brightest star and handed it over to her favorite. “This is your Christmas present.” As she got home after the feast, she began to undress herself until a voice from behind said, “Shouldn’t you do that after getting to know me?”.

Tree with Silver Star


“This is not some common metal star” boasted Vishu “Really?” questioned curiously Mridul Vish roared “This is the Silver Star awarded to my great grand father when he was in the British Army” Mridul then questioned, “So, your great grand father served Britishers?” Vish calmly replied “Yes, my great grand father died in 1916 on 25th December in Germany” Mridul said, “So sorry to hear that, but If you want to auction it, let me know, I will help you” Vishu responded saying “Bravery is priceless” Mridul then said, “Nothing is priceless, yes, price can be high or low”. .


Ankita Chauhan

"Mommy! I have already pinned silver star and golden pearls on this pine tree." She muttered. "Shh...Just close your eyes" Her mom replied. "Is Christmas such a shy?" She pretended to hide her eyes with soft palms. "Hmm... there is some rules should be followed before magic" Her mother said and unwrapped the box. "Eww..I was asking for white meow, snow-white" she cried. "Sigh! Everyone was picking the white ones, and I thought my kid is generous, more comfortable in loving others despite of their appearance. Aren't you? "Mommy I quite like this one too." She echoed with sparkling eyes..