burden of life

Renu Kaliyath

You will not have enough to feed your family, even one meal a day. But when Ganesh Chaturthi comes, you can never complain about lack of money. The idol, puja materials for worship, flowers, prasad everything comes out of the air and the whole family, neighborhood and country celebrates the festival with devotion and joy. As Shyam carried Ganpathy for immersion in the sea, he felt the burden of life hanging on him. Yes, he had fulfilled the festivities, tomorrow he had to face another day foraging for money and food. Maybe he could sell the idol and make some money. .

The cosmos carrier

nandini mitra

Ramlal: "Where are you in these turbulent times? Do you really exist or are you just a figment of our imaginations?" Ganpati: "I've given humans freewill and a brain. I made you capable of making your own decisions, is it my fault that you choose to go against nature's will? Son, right now you're carrying my idol, but have you ever contemplated on who carries you through the arduous path of life and eventually helps you reach your destination? I am, therefore you are." A sense of awakening and enlightenment hit Ramlal and he bowed before Vighnaharta. .

Bappa and his various forms


The 10 day Ganapati festival was drawing to a close. "Whose Gauri?", probed Harpal. "Ganesha's mom", pat came the reply from, none other than Mansi. As these guys belonged to different communities, they had no idea as to why Gauri's idol followed that of Ganesha. They had no clue that the elephant god was after all a mama's boy. .


Roda Noshir Davar

Ganpat was not only oblivious of the heavy traffic but also of the scorching heat beating down on his head. Carrying Mangalmurti, he was engrossed in his thoughts - life was in mess and he felt helpless! Aai was sick and needed treatment immediately. Minu had to be admitted in High School. Mohan's college fees were due. Deva, please help. Reaching home, he placed the idol on Chauki. Baba handed him an envelope. The Union Strike was called off. He placed the cheque at the Lord's feet and bowed his head. His Vighnaharta had come to his rescue!.


Ankita Chauhan

Amidst of the screeches and smoke, he was taking fast steps. The shiny drops of tough life would smear all over his face —Curly hairs full of dust, dusky eyes full of hope. It was hard to say what was he handling...Was that some sculpture or his dire needs? Suddenly he caught himself in someone’s camera. He trembled and trying to conceal his face. This mad world won’t have an idea that Hunger is the new religion. If they catch an image of Muslim with a Hindu’s Idol, he knew that would lead to more slaughtering of humanity. .



As Keshav walked heavily with his beloved Ganpati statue on his head , sweat mixed with tears rolled down his cheeks constantly. His soul seemed to gasp for breath and his mind torturing his heart to blow out of the chest. He was forced to sell his beloved God for buying his son's medicine for cancer for 3 days. He waited for days before realizing that his devotion was not enough to impress Bappa who could magically produce medicine for his son. His conscious is filled with mixed feelings and many questions all directed to God..

Idol Supplier

Naveen Rane

As a boy Murugan ran from his native place because of his drunken father. For his living he started delivering idols of different gods irrespective of any religion on the bicycle. As time passed by he became famous as a idol supplier because idols delivered by him started to get prominence among the clients. He became so famous he started earning more than the sculptor. Today Murugan has his own goods carrier to supply the idols, but he makes it a point that he himself unloads the idol from the vehicle and delivers to the client personally..

Oh, God!


Shiv: Hey. How was your birthday? Ganesh: It was just fine. I loved the celebration and everything. Kartik: Brother, you don’t look happy though. Ganesh: Can’t breathe properly. Doctor says my system could be blocked by plastic or something. Or it could be because of dirty water. Got some tests done, results awaited. Parvati: Oh dear! Sounds like a ‘visarjan’ complication! Can’t we do anything about it? Shiv: The issue was discussed at the recent Global God Rights Meet. Gods across all religions are clueless. What can we do? After all, we are only Gods!.

An Obscure Trade

Gokhul MG

"The Ganeshas have arrived. Unload them Ranjan." Ranjan promptly walked out as I sat inside talking business with Kishore. Ranjan did almost any job that was given to him. He was swift and precise in his works. His prying eyes had a story to tell but none ever bothered to listen to it. Sometimes all you need to do is lend an ear to the stories of the indigent and they trust you with their lives. I did. Now he is an integral part of my smuggling network. We exchanged casual glances while I walked towards my truck..

Extended vacation

Manoj Kini

"Dad, why don't we ever get Bappa to our house?" "Can we please invite him over this year?" "Why doesn't he stay longer?" "Is his vacations as small as ours?" "Stop pestering and look! Or you will miss the view! We can't stay back for long, its already late." "This should make him happy. Hopefully Bappa will change our fortunes too", I thought, as I picked the unbroken idol from the debri carrier that had just arrived from the beach side..

Thine blessing

JP Negi

What price could I have paid? I didn't have that much money. What could I have asked from my Lord in return of the money I could probably have paid, rather Lord does not come with a price tag. After alot of brooding I decided to steal you my Lord and take you home only to pay my devotion sitting in front of you. Taking a bow I pray for thine blessings to all, especially those giving shapes out of mud to earn their living. A plain devotion I could only pay..

Hidden in Plain Sight

Hemantkumar Jain

Looks can be very deceptive. Nothing is what it seems to be in this world. Big machines do little while the little gadgets do a lot. Living beings seem to be active while non-living perceived to be devoid of any activity. I am hiding in plain sight observing people. I am a silent observer and most people don’t notice me. No. I am not that guy in the picture or the idol of his god on his shoulder. I am that old battered Truck in background. Hidden in plain sight. I am a Decepticon. I wait for judgement day..