Caught Redhanded


Nirbhay finally got solace as he helped local traffic police catch the most notorious Auto driver 'Auto-Dada'. Auto Dada was caught red handed tampering the Government sealed meter. He had not only cheated passengers but also plundered some tourists. Nirbhay's quest for a 5 minute fame will finally finish as the local paper has promised to print his picture. .

no one arrested kumar

Renu Kaliyath

Kumar, woke up to beatings from a police lathi. Totally frightened he pleaded that he was only an auto driver and on his afternoon break. But they just dragged him to the police station. There he was subjected to all kinds of questionings and beatings. The police refused to listen to his pleas of innocence and locked him up. He was left to rot in the prison, no visitors, lawyers or court hearing. Kumar sat there wondering what his crime was, broken and without hope of getting out. He was a number in the arrest records of the police. .

One Jacked Up Rickshaw


He was rudely awakened from his afternoon siesta, by his co-worker. "Have you heard the latest news, if the PUC reports are anything to go by, vehicles more than 16 years of age, can't run on Mumbai roads", muttered Tyagi, with a tense expression. "Now what will happen of me, my 3 wheeler is now best sited in a spare parts shop", mumbled Tarun cracking his knuckles. Only if his daughter was done with her on the job training, he would be free of such hassles. Ironies of Irony, she was the one who set right the magneto..


Ankita Chauhan

“No! I usually avoid driving in that area...You can ask from other autowallas” he waved hand at her. “But why? It’s emergency.” She said with heavy breathes. “Madam you are looking decent.” “I don’t need your opinions.” “Ok sit. But don’t tell me later...That I didn’t warn you.” She preferred silence. After an hour they both were onto their destination, a rustic place full of greenery, puddles. He couldn’t drive more and asked her to arrange another vehicle. A sudden nostalgia hovered around his head. His drooping eyes made him stop the world for a while and compelled him into siesta-zone! .

Afternoon Siesta

Rahul R

I was not an educated person so I was not so knowledgeable. But the day I arrived in this city for earning a living it was a culture shock for me, no place to live, no friends to share my thoughts. That’s when I started plying an auto on rent on the busy streets of city. Not only did it give me the source of income but also enriched me to the vast knowledge which I got through passengers. Today I own an auto and it’s transforms it self into a bedroom for my afternoon siesta. .

The night shift is taxing, both on pocket and body. Some nights I don't get fare at all, some nights it barely covers the expenses. So I have to work the day shift as well to cover the school fees of my children. I don't get enough sleep, but I can't sleep at night; because that is my shift, that is what I vowed when I started this - to provide fair ride to passengers at night. So what if I can't sleep at night? I will find some shadow in the day and try to complete my sleeping hours..


Naatak Company ^_^

In the middle of the day, he felt exhausted. Helping people to reach their destinations was how he earned his livelihood. Amidst the chaos of life, he often took a break; a break to daydream about reaching his destination someday. That afternoon he did, never to return to this world. Meeting the divine was his ultimate destination. .

It was hot and dusty. I frantically searched for an auto. A little further, I saw this auto parked by the roadside. The driver was fast asleep. A contented smile on his face. May be he was in his dreamland or was it about his dreamgirl!? I envied his peaceful sleep. How can one be fast asleep oblivious of his discomfort and all the noise around?? I hated to disturb him. I shook him gently and asked him "Bhaiyaji chaloge?" A confused-cum-lost look, an embarrassing smile followed and he was ready to face the real life once again!.

For a Happy Ending...

Mahek J

Doctor's words haunted him, everything seemed blur, except his wife's face flashing in front of his eyes. The dreaded illness had befallen her whom he adored as his Queen. With disheveled hair, red eyes, shivering lips and baggage of the news, he strolled street after street, unaware of where he was heading. As his mind was gripped in worries, an abandoned Rickshaw gained his attention. He climbed in, plastered his head to the seat and closed his eyes in hope, hope that he will have his happy ending one day and they shall live happily ever after!.

Flying in blue dreams

Manoj Kini

The damage caused by the calamity was incalculable. I caught myself wandering aimlessly, beaten by the thought of having lost my entire project when I came by the duo, who I found, now only had each other in life. Ricky's owner had woken up to see his house being one mother earth. Life had come back to square one. And yet, here he was sleeping as peacefully as ever. I walked up, hoping to find out his secret, waking myself in the process. The scene was mesmerising. As I made the image, I could bet I caught Ricky smirking. .

Kamlesh: Manya we need to arrange money for Dondya’s school fees. Manya: But how? Kamlesh: Look there is this auto lying idle from so many days, Lets steal the parts and make money for school fees. Manya: But there’s this man sleeping in the auto. Kamlesh: But he is not the owner. Manya: But isn’t stealing crime? Kamlesh: But if we don’t commit this crime, Dondya will ride this kind of auto for life. Manya: Stealing for education doesn’t look good. Kamlesh: If we help him today, he will become jet pilot not rickshaw driver. .

Anim was feeling sick. It’s normal to feel sick since he’s getting older. When people get older, life becomes grayer. Anim’s wife died 12 years ago when his son was little. Anim tried his best to keep a smile on his son’s face. His son went abroad and left him alone. While driving auto, Anim always found some memories to remember. Eating, sleeping, working everything happened in his auto. As of now he has nothing except some memories and his auto. Before going to sleep, he took out a deep breath from inside. People leave but memories never..

waiting pesssenger

Abilekha rane

Wow! I always prefer passengers like this, who pay for the waiting time as well. I can get a quick nap too. Hope this lovely couple have a long conversation so I relax for an hour or so. Hundreds of horses running on the battle field dust around as the air made it impossible to breathe. "Oh I am going down!" "Peep! Peep!" "Let's go Bhaiya, it's getting late.".

Daily Survival

Hemantkumar Jain

I am an auto-rickshaw driver. My earning every day is barely enough to sustain my family and hence I have no savings. A single day of not running my auto can mean no food at home at night. I have no holidays and I can’t afford to fall sick. No one consults me before calling a strike, they don’t care about me. I am neither part of politics nor a voice of the union. All I want to do is earn a modest living. I am an auto-rickshaw driver. I am a human too. Just like You. .

Yellow Auto

Fairy Dharawat

Annoyed that no other auto was available, in a scorching summer heat Radha saw a yellow auto. But the driver was sleeping inside. She went up to him and screeched, "It's an emergency! Please take me to Sagar Nagar." He didn't wake up. Every time, this trick used to work, but not today. She pushed him. He tumbled down. She got scared and yelled. This time, it was an emergency. The auto driver had an heart attack while he was sleeping. .


Akshay Nigam

Passenger: Bhaiyya fast, I have interview, can't miss the flight. Him: Don't worry sir, we will make it, in Delhi there are more cars than the people. Him: Sir, have you done engineering? Passenger: Yes, mechanical. Him: My son did well in class 12th but he couldn't clear IIT, this year he is writing it again. Passenger: Great, has he joined any coaching? Him: Yes, he got scholarship, otherwise it would have been difficult for me. Passenger: What will you do, after your son becomes an engineer and starts earning good money? Him: Sir, I will continue driving this auto..


My First Steal - By Keya Waghmare.

Sejal Waghmare

I was already late for my office and did not have enough time to wait for my bus. So I went towards the auto stand and saw a single auto with the driver fast asleep. I waved at another auto passing by. By then the one who was asleep woke up. Now both the drivers started fighting and neither of them was ready to quit. I wasn't bothered until I saw a crowd gathering. I don't know what stroked me I took the hold of the nearby empty auto and flew away with it. That was my life's first steal. .

Little abode

JP Negi

He drives across the city ferrying passengers to their destination. This is his destination, little abode in open. This is the place where he parks his rickshaw, his little abode outside the fence of upcoming high-rises for wealthies'. He feels his occupied space safe enough to take a nap in the day and sleep in the night, till the high-rise gets ready and residents move in and chase him away to park their luxury cars. Next time he wakes up with a realization that he would have to hunt for another site where he could park his little abode..

The have and the have nots


“That was my project! How could he steal it? All those days & nights of hard work … Heck! I even lost her because of this. No, don’t go there.” His whole body shook with anger and he desperately wanted to punch something or, better someone. With a storm brewing in his head, he walked towards the rickshaw. The driver was sleeping and that made him angrier. “Why does he look so peaceful? What does he have in his life that I don’t?” His heart burned with envy as he walked away. .