Gana Chaiwala

Naveen Rane

With a dream in my eyes to become a singer I came to Mumbai thinking I would charm everyone with my voice.. As days passed I came to know this city being competitive will not bestow success on anyone so easily. Our own prime minister being a chaiwala’s son inspired me to start a tea stall to survive in front of studio because I am also a chaiwala’s son and named it Gana Chaiwala.The only regret is that my tea stall is not eco friendly like my father’s who uses mud cups instead of plastic. .

Ek Cutting

tanvi nagwekar

She needed a break. From the stressful life, from the tedious work and from the uncomfortable chair at her workplace. She chose to walk down to the coffee machine and fill herself a hot cup. Standing before the coffee machine made her feel nauseous of it. She was sick of the taste. So instead she walked down the lane in her Aldo heels. She had missed this the most. Being CEO of a company brought about many restrictions. But today she was going to let her hair down. The chaiwala was brewing some tea. She said, “Bhaiya ek cutting dena.” .

Tea and Dreams

Renu Kaliyath

By day he was the quintessential tea brewer . He stood there brewing and whisking hot, frothy ea endlessly from dawn to dusk. By night, he became the story writer. His notebook was filled with stories of the people who came to his stall, spent their time telling him stories of their life while sipping tea. He was the silent listener, busy with making tea, but lending an ear to their tales of friendship, love, betrayal, success, hardship and what not. His dream was to publish his stories one day, until then the tea stall was his bread and butter. .

Sip of need


I wish I could filter out all the atrocities that occur to the innocents like this. I wish I could wipe out the bad elements from my country with a single sip of my lemon tea. I wish and only I wish. I pray that people only drink tea and not each other's blood. I pray the people of my country only boil water and not bodies. I pray people smell of peach, cinnamon, lemon and not of evil deeds. O I pray! Only I pray. .


Aniket Narkar

Life will always full consummation of your potential and it will put forth many challenges from time to time, which may or may not be similar in nature. When you are tested at every step of your life, you explore new competencies in you; which develops you in every aspect. So whenever you think life is asking more from you than you expected, assume that something good is going to happen like you can see the taste of the tea when it is squeezed several times. .

Nostalgia Kills

anuja bhor

Same place after 5 years, everything is still the same. This cup of tea reminds me of him even today. How I started loving tea just for the chance to spend time with him. The first encounter was during a rainy evening, cold outside and a hot cup of tea from him. “Today you are alone didi?” tea stall bhaiyya repeated twice (oh yes he recognized me) and I was still in my thoughts of him - How this chai made my life at that time and left me with mesmerizing memories today..

Tea Tale Signs


It had been her constant companion, all through her sophomore days. Pulling up an all-nighter was an easy task, thanks to, it's magic working on one's attention span. Sipping on almost 6 to 7 cups a day. Getting addicted to it and then developing an aversion to the cuppa. Her eyes averted the sight of the local tea shop, but her olfactory nerves, were swayed by the aroma..


Rahul R

As seven year old boy I was brought to the city as a laborer from Mangalore to be a tea boy who was christened as "Chotu"in my trade. Big buildings, roads and vehicles excited me from the muddy roads of my village. The stars of my life changed, my boss closed down his tea canteen and handed me some money and two tumblers with a blessing “now you need to become a entrepreneur Chotu”. The never say die spirit of the city made me struggle but gave me my identity of being my own boss..

Lights .

Aaryaka Nidhi




They were tea addicts and a common sight at Azam's tea-stall.Since their old age home couldn't afford to supply them with tea more than once a day,,Azam served them tea in the mornings and evenings.They were non paying customers but they had what it takes to attract paying customers.Over their steaming cups of tea,they regaled them with their life's experiences.Their presence turned the tea stall into an ideal place for the tea enthusiasts. Azam infused life in them and they made it a very satisfying experience for Azam,in more ways than one..


Ankita Chauhan

After giving a fair boil, he started filtering that liquid into small white plastic cups. His eyes were keenly observing that dribble but he left his ears on the words, bouncing from radio. The news was terribly painful, about attacks, killings and religion. He glanced at the customers who were waiting for their tea-cups and then he read his sign board, his heart sank. “Khan Bhaiya, One cup…Strong one” someone said. He sighed with great relief and started serving that divine drink with a thought “Is there any problem that tea can’t resolve.” .

one miss and day gone


Well if I don't get my cup of tea. My day is just gone for a toss. .

Teetotaler Group !


A group of Friends claimed to be the "Teetotaler Group" used to spend a lot of time at this tea shop. While ruling out unbaked ideas suddenly they came up with "Teetotalism Campaign". This campaign idea attracted the attention of tea seller more than anyone else. He enthusiastically tried to discourage them but to no avail. Recently Khoju Ram, the sub-inspector of area police has been nominated for solving the 4 charred body case. The group was burnt alive by the Desi Liquor distributor gang. Now, while discussing the case the tea seller often gets sad. .