Renu Kaliyath

Their’s was a friendship envied by the village. Rahul and Riyaz were best friends from kindergarden and their friendship withstood the test of time. They were like twins, speaking each others thoughts simultaneously. They had planned to get into the airforce and fly fighter planes for their motherland. It all changed one sunny day. As the dark clouds of hatred and communal violence erupted in their secular village, Riyaz’s family became one of the many fatalities of the bloodshed committed. Rahul became a police officer and Riyaz a doctor. One to protect lives and the other to save lives. .

The Withering Daffodil

Pooja Venkat

"I want that flower, Papa!". He heard his 5 year old Pihu shriek in the garden with little Tia , while they were out on their Sunday Park Routine. "And whom do you plan to give this to baby?" He asked gingerly, locking eyes with his princess' "For Tia, Papa! She loves them", said Pihu, with her eyes gleaming like pearls. A lump rose in his throat. He was reminded of the Daffodil that lay withering in his poems', the one he had intended to give to someone who still meant the world to him. She was now Tia's mother. But not Pihu's..

Naughty Boys

Naveen Rane

Some where in the country side two friends had this practice of teasing the school girls on their way to home by offering them flowers. One of the girls' father worked with the police department, so he accompanied his daughter to see who are these mongrels who were making the road to their home seem like road to hell for school girls. The moment the one of the boy saw the policemen he told his other friend "come on buddy it's d-day today, lets save our face today" and hunt our prey tomorrow. .

“Besides hard work, perseverance and tincture of luck, what gives us the opportunity to stand here is the unfathomable faith we had in each other. Every passing moment we leaned onto each other’s shoulders, cherished every success together, rebuked each other during pitfalls.” I choked while staring at the last picture of the slide. “This couldn't have been possible without you brother. Thank you for giving me the shoulder. Wish you were here Mr. CEO!” With tear filled eyes, I gazed endlessly at our favorite school photograph as the audience gave me and his garlanded picture a standing ovation. .

Childhood buddies


Playing marbles, after school was their favorite pass-time. Well it was years ago, when they went their separate ways. Still the memories were fresh as if it was only yesterday. Taking a walk by the countryside, an arm placed over his shoulder. During a chance encounter in New Jersey, their old self showed it's way. Their camaraderie drew curious glances on the streets. Culture shock was not a term alien to either of them. Exchanging a few knowing looks, "ciao", was what they said last, before parting..

Teacher Vs Us

Abilekha rane

Year 1993 "Mission Bicycle" is been planned. Post lunch we kept the cracker bomb inside the seat of the Mr. Nagganan Roa's bicycle. Attached a tread to it, we ran we ran past the tree, lit the tread and waited for the blast. Boom! Boom! the cracker burst. Leaving the bicycle seat less, next day a high-school student were punished for the crime and we, the 7th standard students had accomplished the "Mission Bicycle" and the victory was celebrated! .

Anil and Anand were best of friends. They walked to school, played together and fought as well. Years passed by and both completed their matriculation. They got to the same college. There they fell for the same girl. Then started all the woes which they had never seen before. The girl was flirtatious and even pitched one against the other much to the annoyance of the boys till they found she was going steady with another. Such is life lamented the boys as they plodded on..

Some things in life are planned and some things are done impromptu. Here you can see a boy fully prepared wearing a bag whereas another kid is just walking casually. In life problems may come without any prior notice, what matters is that our approach should go hand in hand. One approach wherein we are fully prepared to tackle the problem and another approach is wherein we take some impromptu decision and step to support the first approach. .


Ankita Chauhan

“Stay away. I’m not even sharing road with you.” “I think we’re best friends, don’t we?” “Best friends? You do all the ill deeds and hide away, and teachers bestow all the due blessings on me, Best Friends huh!” “Ill deeds?” “Don’t pretend, you think you put bombs under Miss Marie’s chair and she would kiss you, you were the one who drilled a big whole into Tabla while music class just to check mysterious source of sounds, and aftereffects still ringing in my ears.” “Yellow flowers, sign of friendship, take it.” “You’re the worst friend, you know that?” .


Neeraj Kumar

27 years ago.... Aaqib and Aryan were synonymous. Our homes were adjacent to each other in the village. We were the best friends ever, used to even sit together in the class. Aaqib was the class topper. His quest for knowledge was unsatiating; his aptitude for science was astronomical. In that sense I was always an 'Aaqib' - the follower of Aaqib. We lost touch after I came to Delhi University for studying commerce. Newspaper headlines today read 'Aaqib plans Samba-like Fedayeen attack: Intelligence Bureau'. I had no inquisitiveness to find if he was my Aaqib. .