Roars in Me

Abilekha rane

Inside he roars, sometimes in the dark, sometimes in the day, hurting deep within. Yes, it is the animal which roars finding its way to be free, making me the unwanted frustrating air, suppressing anger, I have been always tied in so tight. Why wouldn't I let it go? But devil in me holds my mind! Each day I try so hard to keep the pious soul and the effort will pay me one day & find a way to send him away..

The combat lasted for less than twenty minutes. The audience recognized the winner clearly within ten minutes of the combat. Brute strength with intrepidity made him the clear victor, and the weaker cowed in submission. At the last blow, the weaker roared in pain and slumped onto the ground in a lifeless mass. As he stood over the beast, his trembling hand threw the weapon on the ground. But the audience's uproar couldn't fill the absence of his murdered child and wife. He was going to have his vengeance. In this life or the next..


Renu Kaliyath

Until yesterday he had been the king, the leader, the strong one. Everyone followed him and his dikkat. He had led his group for years, taking them to safe places, water bodies when drought hit the land, lush mangroves and orchards for food. They had looked upon him with awe and respect. But it had changed suddenly, one day. A new prince arose and challenged his authority. They fought for the group, the family, the throne. Shedding blood and gore. They had fought rough, but he gave way finally. He sat there alone gnashing his teeth in anger and sorrow..



They say I am just an overrated member of the jungle. Just as useless as a chocolate in a teapot. I am the crux to all the troubles. I scream for no reason. I am ugly with termites all over my skin. I am a nomad with no permanent shelter to cover my ugly visage. But little does they know, I am the predecessor to the most cerebral creature ever born in this universe. I am the Baton. I could flip emotions and change colors better than a Chameleon. Watch back and hear me roar..

For he was different

Soumya Choudhary

He was not like others. Others, who just slept, searched for food and then slept again. He wanted to be different from the rest. He believed that life was so much more than just sleeping and eating. Detaching himself from the rest, he went away to be something different, something stronger. He got up at dawn every day and saw the world from a different set of eyes. There was so much more, he thought, so much more..

Monkey Business


"We have decided to stay put and not move an inch", hollered the gang of picnickers. "Hop onto the bus, you all, we are already running late", hissed the Instructor to a bunch of unruly youth. Scratching their heads, tearing at their hairs, they seemed to imitate the simian. A dog too followed suit and stated to bark at the ape. Furious, it let out a screech, reducing their amusement to bits. Next, it coughed hard, enough to let out a mucous like substance out. "Ewww!!" was all they could say..

A Genesis

Neeraj Kumar

I have grown old! Archaism and fragility reflects in my gloomy eyes now. Deserted me..!! I dreamt last night. A flock coming upto me with candles, protecting and enabling their straightened flames. Few crying, for their food was snatched, few for rampant corruption, physical assaults. ’’Deplorable acts have surpassed heights of insensitivity. Only you can protect these ‘flames’”, I' heard.  It poured heavily last night. A divine lightening transmutes metamorphosis. I transformed into "I" - a ‘Yali’ - with a grand trunk, serpent-tail, colossus wings and a superlative might. A new dawn...! A genesis…!! Do you hear "Yali’s" confrontational roar?.


Ankita Chauhan

There, vast sky rejoicing the golden luster of sunbeam but his red-blooded eyes still mourning for the ones, who lost their lives, even his squeaky warning couldn’t save his mates. He would ponder, noticed every inch of green land that engulfed by developed-primates. He would hear the ferocious sounds last night and witnessed, the entire jungle bathed with invisible stains of blood. He would sense the claws of evil on his neck, gnawing teeth of dark shadows, more dangerous than sharp teeth of tiger. And with the poignant scream, the sadness of being homeless echoed in the swollen winds..

There lived a beast who always stationed himself on the cliff of the mountain and just roared through out the day. He had the luxury of living like a king because his master served him the food in the form of human flesh which he got by killing the travelers while stealing their wealth . One day the beast inside the master died and he turned into a monk which eventually made the beast to wander down the mountain for search of food but he himself became the prey of hunters thus enlightening him to moksha..

Roar for Freedom

anuja bhor

I was 9, when introduced to this unknown yet cruel world. A world with no value, no self-esteem, no dignity and most important no Identity. In these 10 years I have been known by many names- Laila, Julie, Chameli, Rose; none of these really belong to me. Caught in this red light - “The BROTHEL”, now I want to move out, out in sunshine, a place with fresh air. Yes now I want to fight and roar out my circumvention like a turbulent Lion for my own rights to live life. .

New World

Mitul Jhaveri

The world now belonged to them. It was the ape apocalypse which took the human generation by storm. The monkeys and apes were aghast with the double standards and the hypocrisy of human beings. They could not believe that such creatures, in reality, evolved from them. They wanted to wipe off the humans off the face of the earth who were bringing disgrace to their kind. Nari, the chief ape inspired the rest of the monkeys to stir up a revolution and with their belligerent attitude and massive numbers, were able to create a new world. .