Naveen Rane

Our forefathers came to this place as workers to earn a living for their family. Though they migrated from different countries they brought with them their culture and tradition and jelled within their own community for the fear of losing their values. But we the present generation don’t belive in religion, country and color of skin. Though our houses are painted in different colors, though our skin color and physical features are different, though we wear different kinds of clothes, though we represent different countries we are bound by the strong relationship called friendship..

A click of Freedom

Abilekha rane

Smile was like lost until this picture came our way.It had been buried under the dust of fabrication work ,gun powder of cracker factory , smoke of tiles chimney , excess fragrance of incense sticks, dye of non-fading colors ,husk of the ply, gum of the lubricant . Mirror was like a dream, but came this camera with sunshine & took away the dark. One day Ngo working for child labour rescued us, Let the flowers blossom “Stop child trafficking & child labour “.

"Pariahdom comes free. All you need to be branded as an outcast, in a mother who's a prostitute and a 'home' in the red light district. If only Ma would have a job that guaranteed self-respect. If only we had a father to warrant for his duties. If only we weren't outcasts. But do you know, what else comes free? Our mothers' love and our smiles.They can't steal that from us!" After this cover story, she underwent severe emotional expurgation. She quit her job as a reporter and worked towards the emancipation of prostitutes in Mumbai..


JP Negi

He called his brother & sister out and shut the door behind, then he quietly called his cousins out from the adjoining room and pulled the door close behind him. He positioned everyone against the wall quietly and asked the passerby to click the picture handing him over the camera while he swiftly fitted himself in the middle. Just before the click cheering cheezeez and.. its CLICK... and the moment is captured. Now it doesn't matter whether his father would scold him for fidgeting around with his new possession. Finally risk is worth capturing the memorable moment. .


Renu Kaliyath

She was looking at the photo, Vikas was an IAS officer now, Arjun a stand up comedian, Prasad had become a dentist, good looking Rishi was the heart throb of the cinema world, Nazar had become a Banker. For her it all changed when she was sold off to pimps in Delhi. Years later, now she was a high priced Escort. Her phone rang. Picking it: Voice: Hello Anjana. She: Who are you? Voice: long ago I made a promise. She: OMG. Rishi! Rishi: Will you marry me? She: i have a past........ Rishi: does not matter. She: (sobbing) Yes. Yes..... .

Kidnapped Kids


All of them are happy in this photo which was taken last year. As they had just won the Golden Grove Award, their smile was more than conspicuous in the picture. But today, Govt awaits the evidence, perhaps a picture of them being alive, as they got kidnapped by a ferocious group goes by the name 'Negotiators'. In this situation, it is apt to say 'Life is Unpredictable' .


anuja bhor

Two nights had already passed, and still I wanted to run away. Engrossed in my despair and I heard it, yes it was the same thing which was missing- laughter, a carefree laughter, a laugh for life.I turned around to find a group of children enjoying their childhood which I never had a chance to. Seeing them bouncing made me nostalgic- yes I ‘was’ too happy but it’s all in past, it’s all “WAS” now. But I wanted to capture this feeling, feeling of Content to see someone else happy, so gathered them all and had this click..

Age of Innocence


As she took a sharp turn into the alley, her eyes met a couple of cherubic faces, their mindless chatter and mirth, didn't go unnoticed from her. A pack of urchins made most of what little they had. Where kids as young as four were busy playing Temple run and the like on their mini tabs, these kids seemed miles apart from such kind of a brood. Their street side games stroked their sportsmanship and imagination alike, like it was back in the late 80's and 90's. Wish they never get messed up in life ever..

Hide and seek

Sanyam Jain

1...2..3..4...5... (Rapidly) Viral counted as everyone started hiding behind the cars,walls and trees. Suddenly the peon dumped a pile of files on his table to break his chain of thoughts.Guess the only games left to play these days were mind games..

All good things must come to an end

Mitul Jhaveri

"He's here!" exclaimed the children of Dharavi. It was that day again. But this was perhaps the last time they were going to meet Mr. Ranjit. Mr. Ranjit, an IT professional and a photographer by heart, created a massive impact in the lives of these children through a one-on-one mentoring program called as 'Green Batti.' This was once in a week chance for the kids to drown themselves in the candor and joy other kids experienced, away from the tumult in their households. They now looked forward to the next 8 roller coaster months with some other 'Ranjit.' .


Ankita Chauhan

The Sky was black. Smoke of crackers wiped all the plans executed into government buildings. I was wandering like a hippie—far…far away from my hometown, alone. Suddenly, few street kids caught my attention, playing at the side of that road. I stared for a while, then don’t know why? I rushed towards them and offered few bucks. They hesitated but a shied girl almost snatched the money from my hands. I was about to turn, leaving the place, but my ears got stuck on their giggles, girl declared while looking at the sky —I’ll buy some plants..


Neeraj Kumar

WE were greatest friends ever. We used to play, sing, dance and even fly kites together. She just loved flying kites akin to her high ambitions. TWELVE years back, she left us and moved to city for education. Brilliant she graduated with honors and got a job too. She gleefully told us last week when she was around. Screams of despair pervades her home today. I stand shell-shocked with tears in my eyes. She lay motionless, coincidentally in her favourite RED dress. They say Maya was subjected to ill-intentions of miscreants. Never did I feel so helpless as today... .

Valkyrie... She is in her own realm.... unaware of materialistic world.... forgetting all sorrows, desires, joys, attractions , lust & everything.! She is living THIS moment... dancing in harmony....yess harmony with universe..syncing her Soul with God through this meditation called Dance.. Red color symbolises her zeal & energy...the blackness around shows her mental stability.. & the careful spin of her body expresses her excellence. She is a Valkyrie... The messenger of The God... who connects the Soul with The Universe... who radiates energy & positivity even if her heart is weeping..

The Homes They Longed For

Asif Shirgaonkar

“What are you lookin’ at honey?” “What do you think about this lil’ one on the right? Cute, isn’t he?” A bittersweet smile crossed his lips as he looked at her. God, how she longed for a kid! But then again, every sweet story has to have some flaws, doesn’t it? “He sure is a charming kid. How ‘bout we go see him tomorrow?” “I’d love that.” said she with a peck on his cheek. “How do you like going home with us sweetie?” “Umm... Will my sis be there too?” That smile just deepened on her face, “Yes!”.