The last dance.

Soumya Choudhary

She had osteoarthritis. Her knees swell up each time she made an aggressive movement.But she didn't care. All that mattered to her was dance. The tournament she had been waiting for was close. It was a tribute to her mother. She practiced for months & bore all the pain that came along. She was on the stage, waiting for the music. She danced with all her might, when at the climax she fell. Tears in her eyes, she was on the floor. The judges came to her to give her a hug and an ovation.She won her last dance..

A Dead Life

Naatak Company ^_^

Stage was where she belonged. Dance was her heartbeat. The stage was set. But, there was nobody to watch. The lights were dim. The auditorium was empty. There was no music. The silence was screaming. Yet, she danced. She danced until her soul clapped. It was her last performance. The hole in her heart gifted her death by keeping her alive, away from the stage. .

Spinning balance!


They told me to walk the straight path. To keep my head held high. I followed their correct paths. But why am I still falling behind. Why am I not achieving what I was assured off. I didn't falter on the road. Then..... Then I lifted myself from the ground. Not scared to fall again. I ran, I tripped, I learnt. I found my peace, my balance of life in spinning around. The calmness which I received is indescribable. It looked to the outer how hazy my life was. For me, the spinning brought all the balance..

Give me Red

Renu Kaliyath

As she danced in gay abandon, rhythm and grace personified, she felt an intense gaze on her. She saw a tall handsome superhero watching her. Inviting him to dance with her, they twirled in unison.. He: Are you Red Riding Hood? She: You must be the Big Bad Wolf? He: Didn't your mother tell you not to talk to strangers? She: Didn't yours warn you about woman in red? Smiling he lifted her, flying along with her over the city skylights towards the moon. Her heart danced with happiness and she slipped her arms around his neck..

Invisible wings

Abilekha rane

Dance which gave me my wings, when I dance in the nectar of devotion I unite my soul with the super soul the supreme. Forgetting the body, the world of Maya, I float in the air of purity and peace. With my Bhakti Dance, I conquer my fear.of failure and have control over my all emotions, I am glad who have found these invisible wings to fly and rejoice. .

Dance of freedom

Shrutika Timande

She's a very good dancer, but never wanted to become one. Financial crisis forced her. She dreams to be a wife. He fell in love with her dance. Both got married. She quit dancing. He was upset. She is not the one whom he married. Love got lost in the marriage. Her dream to be a wife came crashing down. They both felt caged. She was not the dancing angel of his dreams; she was not living her dreams. He walked out of her life and she danced like nothing before..

The Swirl

Milez Das

Sometimes I see myself hidden in the darkness with a spotlight on me. Where I am swirling around, capturing myself. My essence. Something which I do in my mind. My dreams. It is a feeling that makes me see a world in a different dimension. Take a swirl and see the world go around you..

"Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting.. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free." “Do a loony-goony dance 'Cross the kitchen floor, Put something silly in the world That ain't been there before.” “Faeries, come take me out of this dull world, For I would ride with you upon the wind, Run on the top of the dishevelled tide, And dance upon the mountains like a flame.” .


Shruthi P

Something is running in my mind from past two weeks, not knowing exactly what it is, I'm struggling hard to find out. It looks vague, opaque, every time I dig deeper it is becoming more and more complex. It appears clear for a moment, but suddenly gets vanished before I grasp and give a thought. Even in my dream blurred picture dances and taunts me for not figuring it out for so long. Never ever happened before like this. What's wrong with my Vision?! Oh no... Please show me your real face!.

‘You won’t dance. That’s it.’ He left the room after putting his stamp of word onto her fate. Something somewhere creaked, a sudden force fall off, as if someone hammered her heart into thousand pieces. Her feet started wavering, eyes palpitating as her existence into middle of nowhere. The energy she had been restricted to herself since ages, connected with an imaginary source. A quick move and she danced. She danced like refusing every direction, every measure, world prompt to her. The wordless expression was enough to reveal that beneath her flesh there was frolic soul of flamingo..


Ullhas B Kulkarni

As she twirled around for the umptieth time, she could feel the balance now. She was getting it - the smooth turns, the perfect posture, one arm, one leg stretched out, while she rotated the hoop with the other arm forming illusory circles, pivoting her body on a single toe of the other leg. She saw her life mirrored in it – the morn till night cyclic routine, keeping her mental balance while she went through the daily cycle of acrobatic tasks. If she could balance herself in her life, then why couldn’t she in this dance step? Hurray! .

A soul stirring performance


He had to match her steps. Recreating legend through smartly choreographed dance moves. His steps shouted Matador, whilst her's the raging bull to be tamed. Oh, wait, there's a twist to the tale. She springs forth brandishing a knife, he dodges it, with ease and swift moves. "Now's not the time, you will have to wait", that's what he wishes to say. In the end, he motions her to lay down and then the moment strikes, for the inevitable to happen. The audience swoons and the demon plays it's tricks, as she wins at impersonating it. .

Dance was something which rejuvenated her always. And at this point of time she wanted to burst- burst in something, burst out something. She wanted to do all that could make her crazy, make her happy. She chose to compete-against her dreams, against her passion, against her ailing pain. It was not the disease which was giving her pain, it was the thought of giving up which was more painful. So she stood and decided to fight. She danced like never before, just in hope of finding that immense peace-peace that would set her free may be forever..

Head Spinner

Hemantkumar Jain

My head is spinning - watching her go round and round. Existence is so complex. I ask myself "why am I here?" and my head hurts thinking about my mission. It was an unfortunate moment when I pulled the short finger for this arduous task of analyzing 'Dance'. So now I am trying to figure out why do these earthlings dance? For people from our planet, this thing called dance is an alien concept and try as much as I do, with each passing day, the confusion deepens for me. Mind Boggling it is. .

The Black Swan

ArNumb Chakraborty

“What kind of dance form is this?!” “How majestically her body swirls like a swan!" Several awestruck spectators resonated with thunderous applauds. The spotlight dimmed, as an ambient tone filled the jam packed auditorium. Scintillating display of body-movements left the audience cheering for more. She obliged with a smile on her face. As the music faded out, the black swan descended with her walking cane and black shades. She chose not to be escorted. The beaming smile on her face narrated tales of satisfaction as she bit her lips to prevent tears of anguish flow from her veiled eyes. .

Spin n Spin - Till the last breath

JP Negi

Bright colour attracting hundreds of eyes and the world seeing you through the tungsten beams marking your boundary, bringing you under the spot. your eyes can't see those eyes fixed on ... only the enthrall of loud applause penetrating through the ears making you spin harder fixing the movements more precisely, such is the addiction of performing live even when vision gets blur with the spin of head body learns to take control of itself..only for the enthrall of applause, what more could an artist have asked for, before getting engulfed into the darkness behind? .