Finally Hope is Dying!


My “Hope” is dying, said Umesh “Don’t talk nonsense”, murmured Kunti "She can’t die, she can’t" repeated Kunti while grounding on the floor Umesh “How are we going to tell her, that it’s terminal stage of cancer” Kunti said “No need to discuss anything with her ” “No, it is our duty to inform her what she is going to face in the coming days so that she can make peace with her fate” said Umesh Kunti cried saying “She is the only daughter of ours how can we be so insensitive to her” .

Transmutting to other worlds


She laid on the cushion. Slowly her mind drifted and her muscles twitched. The expert was at hand, guiding her through a session of past life regression. Startled she woke to find herself lying a on a patch of grass, lost in thought. The azure skies gave her little to no relief. It was on this very verdure, that she was set free from the bonds of life. A mere peasant. No wonder in this life, she was associated with the green warriors. .

live moments before you die

akshay deep nigam

Him: What is the purpose of life? Other than eating and sleeping. Her: To live moments before you die. Him: Some work so hard as if going to stay here forever. Her: And in doing so they forget to live. Him: Exactly. Her: Can you recall some best moments from past? Him: Very few and see, next month I am turning 30. Her: And I am sure, in none of them you are sitting at office desk. Him: So where are we going next weekend?.



To be or not to be. Poor thing! Unable to choose between her head and her heart. One is logical, rational and calculative. The other, intuitive, passionate and thrilled. The world wants her to follow the mind. She loves to follow her heart. Dualities in life seem inevitable. she seeks help from nature. The vast blue sky, the wet grass blades made her feel alive. The cool breeze and the moist earth take her close to reality. Suddenly, she realizes everything around her was about to perish. Each moment being inevitable, she chooses to follow her heart. .


Shoumik De

She is floating over the surface of a planet. She waves oceans into existence and creates mountains with a thought. She makes the grass grow and the rains fall. But lately she feels discomfort; billions of parasites eating her inside out. Killing her slowly but surely. Trapped with the children of from Mars and Venus. Advika wakes up from her slumber and finds herself in her office. It’s only 1 o clock and still hours to go before she calls it a day. Not that strange recurring dream again! .

"How do you compose your pieces?", the interviewer asked. "I'll show you how." She closed her eyes and the auditorium disappeared. When she opened them, she was laying on the grass. The wind blew across her face. The dew slipped from her fingertips and tickled the grass, just like her hand glides on the sitar during a crescendo. When her clandestine tryst with nature was over, she opened her eyes , only to be received by a thunderous applause from the audience. "This my friends, is how I wrote Indian Summer," said Anoushka..

Where she belongs

Shrutika Timande

She would lie in the fields, the only place known to her and look at the sky for hours together, till she would see a passing aeroplane. With a dream in her eyes, dream bigger than the sky. Dream to fly to a place better, bigger and beautiful than this. Her dream comes true. She is again staring at the sky, with hope in her eyes, hope bigger than the sky. Hope to fly back to the fields, where she belongs. .

The Beginning


Once Mother Earth had opened up to take back her daughter Sita. It’s been thousands of years since. The world has completed yet another cycle of the four 'yugas'. The world has been destroyed and no soul exists. This is the time of recreation. This is the time of rebirth. A crack emerges. It widens. It gets deeper. Flowers rain from the sky. The Earth opens up. The view is shrouded with mist. Gradually, the cracks disappear. The mist clears. Lying peacefully on the ground is Her. This time, we start with the Goddess..

"Can you let go yourself far enough to discover your self? Can silence grip you loud enough to hear your inner calling? I lay here in solitude, transfixed heaven wards. Distant clouds dancing, melted into divine fractals. Wilderness embracing me with open arms, whispered sacred revelations. Nature casting a magic spell, bestowed scintillating visuals. A lifetime’s experience! If escapism were a need, can any other escape compare with that of omnipresence? If not here, where would I be at this magical moment?" An hour had passed before the enchanting mushrooms conquered my wildest imagination. I am re-born! .

Her own


Just like a cave dwelling creature instinctively crawls towards its hole in bright sunlight, despite the dangers lurking in the darkness; she kept going back to him. Determined to break free from his lies, she lay unperturbed under the infinite skies, vulnerable, comforted by limitless possibilities. Facing your worst fear, frees you. There's fear no more. "You'll wake up to memories each morning and think of me in the stillness of lonely nights " he warned. She resolved to wake up to aspirations and cuddle with destiny instead. .


Ankita Chauhan

Lying on the grass She reached at the point where She could measure the horizon of limitless sky With her small fingers She smelt scented roots of earth And heard the curling voices She fetched the blades of grass into her fist And felt the softness of nature She absorbed the murmur of dawn And wrapped the silence of winds closer to her heart When her father ordered her to be devoid of tech world …For a while Something born in those moments that Turned her alive! .


Renu Kaliyath

Lying on the green grass, looking up at the blue sky, I wait for inspiration to strike me. Letting my soul become one with the earth. My mind was fuddled with a million thoughts. The softness of the earth and vastness of the sky makes me wonder at the smallness of mankind and their inability to live with nature without destroying it. When suddenly with a burst of lightening showers a UFO came swirling down, carried her away. Looking down at the receding earth she realized, the grass is always green on the other side. Sigh! .


Silent Musing


“I don’t belong here, among these menial, coarse herds. I belong right up there. with you. In that azure sky soaring like an eagle. Frankly. Fancily. Above everyone and everything. Thriving on new dream-clouds each passing moment. My wings are itching to glide along the new horizons. This feeble entity is too oppressed to even breathe let alone prosper. Why, you beautiful sky, why? Why I can’t touch you? “ She thought sobbing. Suddenly, clouds gathered in the sky. A raindrop plummeted on her face, descended down her cheek onto the ground. There was no stopping them that evening. .

The Things Left Behind

Anuraag Lakshmanan

Late-night conversations. Meetups at cafes. Trysts at seedy hotel rooms. It had been a quick and tumultuous affair. And now he was gone, without a trace, leaving behind only memories, painful yet pleasurable. And one other thing, she thought, stroking her abdomen. One other thing he had left behind..