Shalaka Kulkarni

Christian by birth, he was. Hindu by name, she was. But love was their only religion. First day of honeymoon, the very first post wedding kiss, on the very terrace where their eyes met. Where they laughed and giggled. They deciphered the languages of shapes of the nature. They danced in the rain. Enjoying coffee and her homemade delicacies was their idea of an ideal date. He is an eminent author today. Because she wrote for him. She is an admired dancer. Because he danced with her. The universe always maintains balance. Her Mr. 'RIGHT', he completed her..

He stood erect and she stretched out in front of him. They both stared at each other waiting for the other to make the first move. The moment was intense. Both were wet. Teasing each other. And then she lunged forward not able to control the desire. He in her. The long embrace. They were one..


Renu Kaliyath

She ran to him, eyes closed, he asked her to stand still and open her eyes, and then he blew into her eyes softly. Unexpectedly she got an intuitive shock, she had to travel and discover the world. If he truly loved her, he would let her go. He knew looking at the emotions cross her face that he had to let her go. She had to follow her dreams. True love meant setting her free and if they were meant to be together, she would come. As she walked away, the silver anklet fell at his feet. .


Ankita Chauhan

Jingling of my anklets reached to your heart, You run towards me and encircled my soul into your warmth, Words dissolved into wetness, twinkled into our eyes, A heart-storming silence caught us still, You glanced at my heena dyed footsteps, And a smile emerged from your lips to mine, We shared those thrilling breathes, A moment, 'And definition of our relationship would change its dimensions?' There was fear in my eyes, quenching to survive on a belief You whispered 'This knot wouldn’t change my love for you, not a bit.' And you sealed my trembling eyelids with your lips. .

Love's got to find a way


Her body tersed up, at his slight ministrations. "Let go, it's as if someone's watching", she muttered with slight apprehension. Not a single soul was to be spotted in and around the bushes. A loud din could be heard, as the two love struck beings, were still in an embrace. The rocky terrain near the river was recently in news for shady activities. A team of Eco warriors marched forward and cleared up the place of debris. Coochie cooing couple fled. Whether it be marine drive, the ceased to be lover's point or somewhere else, lovers got raw deal. .

Custom Made Soul Mate

Hemantkumar Jain

Marriages are made in heaven but right here on earth, we dream of the tall, dark and handsome; ignoring the rest. Unfortunately, the actual life partner you end up finding is often miles away from the ‘tall, fair, handsome and rich” fantasy. It's only when we find our soul-mate that we realise that these fantasies are pretty much meaningless and the real thing is altogether different and curiously, it comes in a very different packaging of ‘short, stout and pretty much average looking”. What we should remember is that our soul-mate is custom-made for us by HIM.

First Kiss

Naveen Rane

10 years back our love story started as a teenagers at the same place where we are standing today as a married couple, Mahesh said to Maheswari. Remember Maheswari I had gifted you the payal on your 18th birthday and in return asked you for a kiss which you firmly denied saying that it would our marriage gift. I do remember Mahesh here I am today with the same payal in my legs decorated with mehndi . Here is the moment of our life my love, let us kiss and start a blissfull married life. .

"Let them enjoy their last embrace", thought the mercenary. They stood in the scorching heat as a beggar near the temple eyed them curiously. They lingered on the embrace till courage provoked them to walk towards their future in the big city. "The moment has come," the mercenary thought. He made his move just as the couple walked towards the railway station. Two shots were fired. Two lives were taken. But for the first time in Haryana's history, the headlines read: "Khap panchayat kills two lesbians who eloped village to marry.".