Whole world had come to his footsteps. He brought Zupra and Omag to the province. Zen was tirelessly working on his fantasy child named Neven, the only hope of finding Omag again. His energy gave up and he dozed off inside. Miracles do happen. The story of two sleepy unconscious movements it is. Neven was now fluttering his wings on cloud ninety nine. The time had changed its orbit to a sphere of 0.769 gravity. And Zen, in his unconsciously discovered parallel world was looking at her from a 'distance'. .

Looking Afar

Renu Kaliyath

Yes, I can see far across, green fields, flowing rivers and the valleys and beyond it the dense forest with their beautiful waterfalls and then the ultimate hills and mountains. A road less travelled, and a walk into the wilderness. But then I land back on my feet and my village with its quaint mud thatched homes, dusty roads, cow sheds and vast stretches of rice fields are within my sight. My heart and soul are here and I choose to serve my village. But let me stay awhile, above the ground looking afar at infinite possibilities..

The Gravity In His Universe

Vidyashree Mutteppagol

“Eddie #22 reporting. Do you read me?” “Roger that! Please state the emergency.” “I... Uh… I need you to abort my mission.” The radio stayed static for a moment. “But Eddie, I just don’t understand why you’d… I mean….” “I know Rob… I wouldn’t expect you to understand. It’s her. My uncanniness, my mission or the fact that I don’t belong here, didn’t matter to her. She… She brought gravity to my universe, Rob. I’m not coming back… Am sorry.” And there she came, ending his wait, pulling him down to her while the world witnessed yet another wonder..

No Strings Attached


There hoisted a man, A puppet of destiny, Swung in tides of fate, His memories dangled with threads, He gazed at the world, Seeking for his one and only, Like the waves of the sea, Which collide when they hit the shore, He still gazed on hopeful, That one day he will find what he desires, The puppet knew not of the strings, That held him up to perceive, Because the hands that embraced him so, Steering and adoring to the core, But he kept searching beyond, Not looking up once to realize, What he wanted held him strong. .

In Search Of Greener Pastures


"Come quick, the coast is clear", Zafran called out to his family. He cast his eyes afar on the Greek island, with a distinct hop. As the news about refugee crisis spread, the local police had a hard time dealing with asylum seekers. Their joy was short lived, as he was hurt badly by the baton, brandished by one of the police officers. The ray of hope which had flicked through his eyes, was long gone now. .

The Miracle

Hemantkumar Jain

What’s with people? What they think is a result of facts filtered through their perceptions driven by belief systems and stereotyped personalities ingrained into their tiny puny heads as part of what is called cultural upbringing (phew) Let’s take the simple ‘performance’ of levitation for example. I perform it wearing modern clothes like shirts-trousers and I am called a ‘street magician’ All I have to do is grow a beard and wear saffron robes; Voila!!! I will now be hailed as a ‘baba’ and the act becomes a miracle giving me a huge mindless fan following..


Ankita Chauhan

How often, we fascinate, the illusions tiptoed into our life, ruled over harsh reality. We sense comfort for a while, get lost into the pages of fiction, Authors take us into realm where jinn exist, they fly, some of them slither on the turf like snake. After reading Salman Rushdie, we run on the same old ground and his protagonist that amorphous creature flashes, his shadow inhibit into our sentience. Author’s world deliver us a cocoon, entwined into time of strangeness, we inherit his element. In the fast spinning wheel of realty we teeter on glimpses and his phrases. .

......And Then One Day

Deepankar Goyal

He tried and tried but nothing happened. He stitched his shadow to his feet, threw saw dust in air, even prayed but getting to Neverland was impossible for him. And then one day he woke up from deep sleep and jumped out his window. When his fall was about to break, everything slowed down and stopped. He looked right and he looked left. He knew what had happened. He was finally there. Heaven. Neverland..

Living Shadow

Naveen Rane

Why am I searching for some one when even my eyes seem to be giving away by the strong sun rays and my shadow laughing at me. My shadow seems to be telling me though you are jumping high to see your dream come true, you still need to be grounded when that someone will approach you with the good news that you have been selected to represent your city for supermodel contest. My shadow is my universal truth that I should be humble in my success and be grounded..